Law Procedural
aka: Courtroom Drama

"[W]e should never lose sight of the fact that even a person accused of the most heinous crimes, and no matter the likelihood that he or she actually committed those crimes, is entitled to the full protection of the [law]. Short-cutting or short-circuiting those rights affects not only the accused, but also the entire reputation of the criminal justice system."
Decision of the Canadian Supreme Court in R. v. Burlingham, [1995] 2 S.C.R. 206.

Watch the lawyers do their thing. Also commonly known as a Courtroom Drama, this is a work of dramatic fiction principally about litigation: be it civil or criminal cases, with the latter being more common because it often makes for better drama note . A military courtroom drama is one of the most common subgenres.

Most crime dramas focus on criminal investigations done by law enforcement officers (in the form of a either a Cop Show or a Police Procedural) and does not often extend to anything happening in a courtroom. In such works where courtroom drama only lasts a single or in a few episodes only, it's a Courtroom Episode.

Courtroom Antics are to be expected. Also see The Courtroom Index for a list of common tropes.


Anime and Manga

Fan Works

Film (adaptations or original works)


Live-Action TV (adaptations or original works)

  • The Andersonville Trial
  • Parade, a Broadway musical set around the murder trial of an innocent man.
  • The Broken Jug (Der zerbrochne Krug) by Heinrich von Kleist. The central element is a trial in a rural court.



Alternative Title(s): Courtroom Drama