Last Stand V 2

Last Stand V2

Last stand V2 is a freeware game in the debugging stage created by Nerd Boy and Retard Man Productions. The main character of Last Stand is none other than the cold, calculating Solid Snake. Solid Snake as a platformer character. Snake has gained some exceptional abilities and weapons which will help him on his quest to save the fictional flat world (Not to be confused with Edwin Abbot's Flatland).

  • Weapons/Abilites
    • Bomb Belt: At last a game where you can blow yourself to oblivion and take your enemies with you!
    • M4: Meh. A military carbine. The civilian designation is AR-15.
    • RPG: Not just an rocket propelled grenade, but a nuclear rocket propelled grenade!
    • DEW (Directed Energy Weapon): One word: Win. This thing tears right through the level as a solid red hot beam of directed energy!
    • MG (Machine Gun): Basically, the M4 with a higher rate of fire.
    • Flame Thrower (What does it sound like?)

  • Enemies
    • Standard (M4)
    • Flame Trooper (Flame Thrower)
    • Grenaider (Nuclear RPG)
    • A Ridiculously overpowered final boss who looks just like a regular enemy
    • Unneccesary Perks
    • The Ability to fly.
    • Multiplayer?
    • Spontaneous Combustion
    • A nifty debugging command console similar to that of Valve's Half-Life 2 and any other Source Engine game.

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This video game provides examples of: