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Kosuke Fujishima
A Japanese mangaka known as the author of two bestselling manga stories, You're Under Arrest! and Ah! My Goddess, and a relatively obscure series, éX-Driver. He began his career as an assistant mangaka to Tatsuya Egawa, (of Golden Boy and Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari fame) and as an editor of Puff, a manga magazine.

He is also responsible for the character designs of Piano, Sakura Wars and the Tales Series.

Fujishima-sensei is an automobile and motorcycle enthusiast, which is reflected on almost all of his works. All of the three stories he authored heavily featured real models of cars and motorcycles (to Technology Porn levels), especially in éX-Driver, where cars are actually relevant to the plot. He was also able to show off his expertise in machines as the meahcanical designer of the PS2 game Gungrave.

His few but prolific and acclaimed works include:

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