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Korol is an upcoming Freeware RPG by Amateur Game Dev Team Sun Moon Games. While still in an early build physically, stacks and stacks of concepts have been built up over the months. With the sheer size of the plot, it might even be closer to call it a Visual Novel with an RPG side.

The grand city of Kota Asal hosts more capable mages than any other place in the world. It's regarded as one of the best and safest places to live, however it is also the most notorious. Children who show a great talent in the magical arts are drafted into a special section of the military, The Magic Knights.

Talric's parents were skilled magic knights who were killed while defending against an invasion ten years ago. He is taken in by the family of his childhood friend, unhindered by the death of his parents he's trying to make a good future for himself.

Eventually dark events happen around the town and he is pressed to learn the truth about his parents, and the Magic Knights.

Korol contains examples of:

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