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Korean Pop Music
aka: K Pop
Korean pop music, or K-pop, is an umbrella term for music originating from South Korea, usually similar in genre to pop in the United States. Usually known outside the country for the numerous Idol Singers, and idol bands in the industry. K-pop and other Korean based entertainment such as Korean Dramas have recently become very popular throughout Asia, in a phenomenon which has been nicknamed the "Hallyu Wave".

Notable Korean Pop artists:

  • 100%
  • 24K
  • 2AM
  • 2NE1
  • 2PM: Two singers from this group crossed over into acting in 2010's Dream High.
    • Jay Park, former leader turned R&B solo artist.
  • 4minute
  • 8eight
  • AA (Double A)
  • A Pink
  • After School
    • After School RED
    • After School BLUE
    • Orange Caramel.
    • Former member Kahi has turned solo artist.
  • AOA (Ace of Angels): A hybrid group that are part-band, part dance. They initially promoted together before trying out each unit separately; end of 2013 onwards, they are currently promoting as just the dance unit.
    • AOA Black - the band unit, which consists of 5 members, 1 who is the only member not in the dance unit.
  • Ailee
  • A.Kor
  • B1A4
  • B2ST
  • B.A.P
  • BBde Girl
  • Big Bang: Rapper T.O.P had one of the leading roles in the immensely successful Iris, as well as some other gigs.
  • Block B
  • BoA: Has actually experienced immense success in Japan as a pop star, as well; some even argue that she's more popular in Japan than in her native Korea.
  • Boohwal
  • Brown Eyed Girls: Both as a group, and for their members' (Narsha, Ga-In, Miryo and JeA's) solos.
  • BTOB
  • BTS (Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boy Scouts)
  • Chocolat
  • Clazziquai
  • CN Blue - leader Jung Yong Hwa starred in the popular drama You Are Beautiful as well as Heartstrings.
  • Crayon Pop
  • CSJH (The Grace): Basically the female Dong Bang Shin Ki, on indefinite hiatus as a group, but members Dana and Sunday have created their own subgroup (The Grace: Dana and Sunday), and Stephanie has released her own single.
  • D Unit: Member Ram's older sister is Boram of T-ARA.
  • Dal Shabet
  • Davichi
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki (aka TVXQ) - An extremely successful boyband in Asia, holding records in Korea and Japan for album sales and two Guinness World Records. Now famous for their break-up and the drama it generated that continues till today.
  • Epik High
  • EvoL
  • EXID
  • EXO: split into two sub-units, EXO-K and EXO-M.
  • Fiestar
  • Fin K.L. (member Lee Hyori is now a solo artist)
  • FT Island - Singer Lee Hong Ki also played Jeremy in You Are Beautiful.
    • FT Triple, which comprises 3 members that make up a smaller band.
    • Former member Oh Won Bin was a soloist under the same company, but is now an actor under the agency "Lydus Contents Company".
  • f(x) - the Girl Group, not the algebraic function. Notable for having Girls' Generation's Jessica's younger sister Krystal as a member.
  • Geeks
  • G.NA
  • Girl's Day
  • Girls' Generation (AKA "SNSD")
    • TaeTiSeo.
  • GLAM
  • g.o.d.
  • GI (Global Icon)
  • GOT7
  • Hello Venus
  • History
  • H.O.T
  • IU - Also acted in Dream High.
  • Ivy
  • Jewelry
  • Juniel
  • Kara
  • Kim Beom-Soo
  • Kim Gun Mo
  • K.Will
  • Ladies' Code
  • LED Apple
  • Lee Hi
  • Lee Hyori
  • Lee Jung Hyun: The "Britney Spears" of Korean techno pop.
  • Lee Sora
  • miss A - The maknae of which (Suzy) crossed over into acting with the 2010's Korean Series Dream High.
  • MyName
  • Nine Muses
  • Norazo
  • NS Yoon-G
  • NU'EST
    • NU'EST-M - Sub-unit consisting the original 5 members, added with Chinese member Jason.
  • Park Jung-Hyun
  • PSY (Currently the most well known K-pop artist worldwide)
  • Rain - Known for his international stardom (and rivalry with Stephen Colbert). Acted in the Korean Series Full House in 2004. He's also been in the film I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK, and western movies like Ninja Assassin.
  • Rainbow
  • RaNia
  • Red Velvet
  • Se7en
  • Sechs Kies
  • Secret
  • S.E.S.
  • SHINee
  • Shinhwa
  • Sinawe
  • Sistar
    • Sistar19
  • Sunny Hill
  • SS501 - Leader Kim Hyun Joong starred in Boys Before Flowers and Playful Kiss.
  • Son Dam Bi
  • Spica
  • Super Junior - Aside from making their own movie, singer Siwon was the lead in Oh My Lady in 2009 and a supporting actor in Athena: Goddess of War in 2011. Other members have also since appeared in musicals and TV shows, started their own businesses, and hosted radio programs. Also known for pioneering large boy bands they started out with twelve members—member composition of the group is currently a topic of hot debate).
    • Super Junior-M - arguably their most popular and most controversial subgroup; currently composed of six Korean members and two Chinese members
    • Super Junior-T - has focused on traditional Korean trot music
    • Super Junior-H - bubblegum pop sub-unit
    • Super Junior KRY - ballad and R&B sub-unit, composed of their top three vocalists
    • EunHae - also known as Donghae & Eunhyuk
  • T-ara
    • T-ara N4
    • QBS
  • Tahiti
  • Tasty
  • Teen Top
  • Topp Dogg
  • U-Kiss
  • Ulala Session
  • Urbanalog
  • VIXX
  • Wassup
  • Winterplay
  • Wonder Boyz
  • The Wonder Girls - Their current status is uncertain as their leader Sunye is now focusing on her new family life as well as missionary duties, and Sohee left JYPE to pursue her acting and modelling career. The remaining members are now focusing on solo activities - Yubin and Hyerim on acting, and Yeun on her music solo debut as HAT:FELT 2014 onwards.
    • 4Minute's Hyuna was initially a member but left very early on due to health issues.
    • Sunmi, a former member, made her music solo debut in 2013.
  • YB
  • Younha
  • ZE:A (Children of Empire)

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