Konstantin Khabensky

Хабенский, Константин Юрьевич.
Konstantin Yurevich Khabensky (born 1972) is a Russian actor best known to Western audiences as the star of Night Watch. He was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), and acted in theater in the 1990s before moving on to film acting in the 2000s. He and his wife Anastasia had a son Ivan, but Anastasia died of a brain tumor in 2008. Khabensky is still acting, though, and divides his time between living in Moscow and living in Petersburg.


  • Deadly Force (1999-2005) as Igor Plakhov
  • National Security Agent 2 (2000) as Rashid
  • Empire Under Strike(2000) as Grigory Gershuni
  • Peculiarities Of National Policy (2003)
  • Lines Of Fate (2003) as Kostya the musician
  • Night Watch (2004) as Anton Gorodetsky
  • State Counsellor (2005) as Grin
  • Fall Of The Empire (2005) as Lozovsky
  • Day Watch (2007) as Anton Gorodetsky
  • The Irony Of Fate 2 (2007) as Kostya Lukashin
  • Russian Triangle (2007) as Denis Maltsev
  • Admiral (2008) as Admiral Alexander Kolchak
  • Wanted (2009) as the Exterminator
  • Stepa nRazin (2010)
  • Frills (2011) as Slava Kolotilov