I will not rest until every television, train and shower curtain has a self destruct button.
Kizzsprite is a kernelsprite encountered in Fan-Session #257 of Sburb. He was prototyped with Kizzycocoa's deceased chinchilla pet and a "GLaDOS entity".

Kizzsprite has a very cold and factual personality. He often utilises complex words and semi-dark humour. He has a lack of interest, yet obsession over human life, switching only when it is politically important. While this psychological behaviour is worrying, his kernelsprite programming keeps him mostly in check.

Kizzsprite has an apparent lack of emotion. He is very formal and factual about what he sees, speaking his mind, often sparking fear and annoyance around him. He does, however, seem to have limited capacity for emotion at times, usually snideness, or anger in extreme situations.

Kizzsprite types in a light-blue text colour. He prides himself of spelling and grammar. He often advertises items, adding copyright and trademark symbols to obscene and crazy products, all of which he claims to be real. More than often, these products sound dubious, or are outright dangerous.

After taking complete control of his player's session, defeating Derse and a demon intent on killing him, Kizzsprite took his entire session's planets to the real universe, and proceeded to take over his entire universe, taking an extremely long time doing so.

He currently claims to be residing above earth inside a spaceship, claiming to have a hand in present and future events, mainly of a political nature, using social media to explain his plans, relying on the public's skepticism, and his network of paradox servers to choose the best path forward.

Tropes for Kizzsprite:

  • All Is Well That Ends Well: there was a Genocide of Dersians at Kizzsprite's hands, which seems to be completely forgotten soon after.
  • Amusing Alien
  • Bigger Is Better: Using hundreds of other sessions to defeat one demon, when he lands the final strike with a surprise laser he created.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: Every single plan he has ever had.
  • The Cynic
  • Eccentric Mentor
  • Fiction 500: Where does he get the money or resources to make an entire android army out if nothing? And what about that space ship that just appeared?
  • Forgot He Was a Robot: displays emotion, despite priding himself on lacking emotion.
  • Hypocrisy Nod: Often uses the methods he decries to achieve his goals.
  • Loophole Abuse: The entire spacetime continuum is routinely abused by Kizzsprite like this.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste
  • The Omniscient: Only because of his network of servers existing outside of time and space, and of his dead-man's switch.
  • Perfect Health: He seems to have no way to get sick. at all.
  • Plot Armor: quite literally. He owns a server network, designed to tell him whenever he is supposed to die in an alternate timeline, so that he can avoid it in the alpha timeline.
  • Rodents of Unusual Size
  • Rule of Empathy: he is a misguided "evil" genius who despises emotion over all else, but who wouldn't want to hug a great big chinchilla?
  • Unstoppable Rage: Activates whenever Kizzsprite stops supressing a virus inside him. generally causes the timeline to be destroyed, creating a branch alpha timeline.
  • Victory Is Boring: Always moving from planet to planet to universe etc, but never achieving anything other than military control. His androids take over diplomacy and continued order, he never has any prize for his efforts, essentially like colouring an entire piece of paper with a felt tip pen.