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[[caption-width-right:350:[[AC:[[http://www.robotuprising.com/ Crush! Kill! Destroy!]]]]]]

->''"Two robots walk into an eating establishment... and destroy all humans!"''
->-- Robot Stand-Up Comedian, ''WesternAnimation/FairlyOddParents''

A {{robot}} or other physically autonomous machine guided by a [[AIIsACrapshoot level of intelligence]] and a homicidal urge to KillAllHumans. Prone to ending sentences with exclamation points as well as SpockSpeak. Killer Robots are so common because AIIsACrapshoot.

Humanoid killer robots abound, such as the [[TropeNamer original]] ''Theatre/{{RUR}}'', or those in ''Series/DoctorWho'''s subtly named serial ''[[Recap/DoctorWhoS14E5TheRobotsOfDeath The Robots of Death]]''. However, killing machines come in all shapes and sizes; from robotic dreadnoughts in space to airborne robo-fighters, through small drones and down to microscopic or even {{nano|machines}}scopic [[GrayGoo killers]].

Although the traditional versions of this trope were robots built in a MadScientistLaboratory who TurnedAgainstTheirMasters, today a more common plot involves the villain finding and [[MoralityDial turning the switch]] on a kid's RobotBuddy from "good" to "evil", forcing the cast to destroy them. Especially [[NightmareFuel scary]] because this was a good friend who has become completely heartless and bent on death.

MechanicalLifeforms are capable of veering into this, but generally tend to skimp on the SpockSpeak in favor of something a bit more colorful.


* AIIsACrapshoot
* CrushKillDestroy
* CyberCyclops
* GrayGoo
* HumongousMecha
* MechaMooks
* MechanicalMonster
* MoralityDial
* RoboticPsychopath
* RobotWar

See SecondLawMyAss for a milder form of this behavior.