Kasper A Vestergaard

Peeople kep say i am a troll!! Trols arent rel they r in feary tails (leik my storys!!)!! and trols culdnt rite as god as i if they weer reel, lol!
— It's all downhill from here.

Kasper is a lesser known Bad Fic writer on Fanfiction.net. He has written 12 stories for a small variety of fandoms. Kasper is most known for his Gary Stu Self-Inserts which incorporate his name in one way or another. He is also one of the few Trolls who puts up his e-mail on his page. And he probably recieves hate mail by the hundreds.

After a while, Kasper was thrown from Fanfiction.net because he was being flamed. But just recently, Kasper stated:"...i shows my writings to my teachers and they say i am realy god and i have my confidence back so i will am keep writing and putting it hear for u becuz i dont car wat you think cuz i no i am better!!"

You can find him on Fan Fiction (and his e-mail) here: Account