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Full title Klub Vesyolykh i Nakhodchivykh (Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted people)

Soviet (later Russian) Comedy Programme. Part Game Show, part amateur comedy (mainly Stand-Up Comedy and covers of popular songs with lyrics replaced). Teams of college students compete to be the funniest.

Started in 1961 to replace a similar live-air show with Audience Participation which got canceled for causing a riot.details  Enjoyed great popularity. Got canceled in 1971 because the increasingly strict and bizarre censorship demandse.g.  made the program unfunny; the organizers' attempts to loosen the demands resulted in a lengthy and unpleasant investigation. Resurrected in 1986 by members of the original crew and some of the former participants, continues to this day. Outside USSR (and post-Soviet countries) attracted sizable attention in Israel, Germany, USA, Canada, Britain.

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