"Spike lips! Lips of Spike!"

Some people appreciate being kissed. But then there's the one who is Allergic to Love, or even a Grumpy Bear, a Jerkass, or a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. If this person is kissed by a person that he does not like (or sometimes even a person he does like), he will react with exaggerated disgust: he'll start spitting, for example, or rush off to wash off his mouth. It also doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic kiss; with an Accidental Kiss, both characters may have this reaction. The title is a portmanteau of the words "kiss" and "disgusting".

Contrast Post-Kiss Catatonia and Kiss Diss. A He-Man Woman Hater is likely to do this. This is not a bystander being grossed out by two people kissing; that's Sick and Wrong or Too Much Information.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In one of the Code Geass sound episodes, Suzaku ends up accidentally kissing Lelouch. Lelouch freaks out (and Rolo screams), but Suzaku actually seems okay with it.
  • Naruto and Sasuke have an Accidental Kiss in one of the earlier episodes/chapters and react with disgust.
    • And Naruto still reacts with disgust upon remembering it years later. It doesn't help that no one ever lets him live it down.
  • A classic example happens in Neon Genesis Evangelion when Asuka makes out with Shinji for a solid minute and then feels grossed out when Shinji forceably pulls away to breathe, and runs off.
    • This one's a subversion: she ran away because he didn't hold her during the kiss.
  • In Airmaster Nagato asks Kinjiro to kiss him to make his pain go away and he does. Nagato feels better afterwards, Kinjiro¨ however feels sick.
  • Urusei Yatsura: Thanks to a lipstick that draws the lips of the people using it together, Ataru and Handsome Lech Mendou end up in a full-frontal smooch by mistake. Both are promptly disgusted — a dappya fish monster even offers the readers three panels to recover from this shock. The participants of the kiss think they require more.
  • Kaname in Full Metal Panic! after Leonard steals her Sacred First Kiss.
  • Rito and Ren in To Love-Ru have an Accidental Kiss and react by gagging in disgust.
  • Sailor Moon is kissed by Prince Diamond in the manga and she reacts by slapping him.
    • Also, at the very start Usagi gave Luna a kiss to apologize for stepping on her. Luna promptly scratches her hard.
  • In FAKE, Ryo had this reaction when he was kissed by Berkley and immediately punches Berkley. This lack of reaction to being kissed by Dee is one reason he concludes he may actually have a thing for Dee.
  • Rave Master, Elie's reaction to getting kissed by Lucia. She wipes her mouth, but breaks into tears afterwards as it was, as far as she knew, her first kiss.
  • In Jojos Bizarre Adventure, when Dio steals the Sacred First Kiss of Johnathan's Love Interest Erina, Erina's immediate response is to wash her mouth out...with muddy water from a puddle on the side of the road. Needless to say, Dio is exactly as offended by this as you would expect.
  • In the Sands of Destruction, after Rhi'a kisses her (because she smells like Kyrie), Morte backs up so fast that she slams into the ship's mast, then finds some mouthwash to gargle with.

    Fan Fiction 

    Films — Animated 
  • An accidental example shows up in Quest for Camelot, between the two-headed dragon Devon and Cornwall.
  • The Emperor's New Groove: Pacha tries to give Kuzco mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and then Kuzco wakes up. Cut to the next scene with Kuzco gargling to get the germs out and Pacha insisting that it wasn't a kiss.
    Pacha: For the last time, it was not a kiss!
    Kuzco: Well, whatever you call it, it was disgusting! And if you'd done what I ordered you to do in the first place, we all could have been spared your little kiss of life.
  • In Superman: Doomsday, Lois has to get close to Lex Luthor in order to inject him with a sedative. She uses the obvious method. As soon as he's out, she spits.
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire: The picture of Preston Whitmore and Thaddeus Thatch immediately post-kiss. They're both recoiling in disgust. And it's Whitmore's fault.
    Mr. Whitmore: I told him "Thatch, if you actually find that so-called journal of yours, not only will I finance the expedition, I'll kiss you full on the mouth." Imagine my embarrassment when he found the darn thing.
  • Both Merlin and Wart do this in The Sword in The Stone when their respective old lady squirrel and young girl squirrel kiss them on the lips for the first time.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bachelor Party: after Gary learns that the female escort he was making out with is really a man we see him standing in the shower desparately washing his face, and his crotch. To quote the script:
    Gary feels filthy. He rips open the [bathroom] cabinet, takes out tooth paste and toothbrush and vigorously brushes his teeth. He rips off his clothes and jumps in the shower and scrubs as if he's scraping barnacles off a hull of a tugboat.
  • Occasionally in The Three Stooges when Curly would kiss Moe, he'd spit and say "I'm poisoned!"
  • Beetlejuice introduces himself to Barbara with a big sloppy kiss (then drops her on her butt) - she yells angrily under his lips, then gags and spits afterward (imagine how he must taste!)
  • In the 1997 film Kull the Conqueror based on Kull, Witch Queen Akivasha kisses General Taligaro in an attempt to seduce him to her side. As soon as he turns away he wipes his mouth in disgust, all too aware of what she really is.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit. When Eddie Valiant hides Roger Rabbit from the Toon Patrol, Roger is appropriately grateful.
    Roger Rabbit: Jeepers Eddie, that was swell! How can I ever repay ya! (Smooch of Victory)
    Eddie: (wiping his mouth) For starters, don't EVER kiss me again!
    • Eddie does kiss Roger at the end of the movie however, to show he's begun to lighten up.
  • In the Spanish comedy-horror film The Witches of Zugarramurdi (released in the U.S. as Witching and Bitching), the young witch Eva at one point toys with her captives, Jose and Tony, by forcing them to "kiss and make up" for her amusement. They are visibly appalled through the whole thing, and after she releases them, they refuse to make eye contact.
  • Conquest of Space (1955). The Ms. Fanservice wife of the Plucky Comic Relief sends a message via newsreel to her husband on the Space Station. Unfortunately she inadvertently gives away that she's having an affair. When she blows him a kiss, he angrily pretends to wipe it off his face.

  • In the Russian novel Dead Souls, protagonist chichikov is "kissed" (well, licked) on the mouth by a dog. Understandably, he spits out after this.
  • Shows up three times in The Dresden Files. One time, Dresden wakes up from unconsciousness to find his nemesis/parole officer Donald Morgan performing CPR on him. The second time, he needed to kiss a succubus to fuel a spell, and plays up his reaction to piss her off. The third time, he is greeted by his dog, who happens to be about four feet at the shoulder, 250 pounds bone dry and very happy to see his master.

    Live-Action TV 
  • A mild one in Smallville, Hug. Chloe is mind controlled into acting out her heart's desire, which involves a Forceful Kiss on Clark. He immediately starts wiping his mouth afterwards. She didn't know what happened, but that tipped her off. Very sensitive, Big Dumb Alien.
  • Done in the Deep Space Nine episode "The House Of Qwark". Due to the peculiarities in Klingon law, a wife of a lord had to marry Qwark, as he was the lord's presumed killer (it was really an accident during a drunken bar brawl). The ceremony ended with a kiss, which she spit out. After he helped get her house back properly, she gave him a proper kiss.
  • Dick from Veronica Mars gets seduced by a call girl hired by his little brother. Cassidy's revenge kicks in when we see Dick bursting out of his car, screaming and spitting "What the hell is that?!", to which the deep voice call girl says "What do you call yours?" much to Dick's chagrin.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • When Chuck kisses Casey in an ill-found attempt to save his life (They had both been poisoned, Chuck had ingested the only dose of antidote, and he thought it might be transferable by saliva), both react with disgust. Casey spits while Chuck makes a face.
  • In Fawlty Towers, when Basil kisses Sybil on the cheek:
    Sybil: (shocked) What are you doing?
    Basil: I'm kissing you, dear.
    Sybil: Well, don't!
  • Dollhouse. A middle-aged female client has her personality implanted into the much-younger Echo, and ends up being suddenly kissed by her son who's unaware of this. Her reaction is as you'd expect.
  • DoctorWho: After an exuberant Eleventh Doctor plants one on Rory Williams, Rory grimaces.
  • On The Bold and the Beautiful, as Bridget tells off her cheating husband and throws him out (she'd just discovered that not only has he been having an affair with her mother, but that he's also the father of her baby) she holds up one of his ashtrays and declares, "Kissing you was like licking one of these. I hated it!"

    Newspaper Comics 

     Professional Wrestling 
  • At ECW Barely Legal, Francine had this reaction when she woke up and realized that the masked man who kissed her was not "Ravishing" Rick Rude, but was the less desirable "Bulldozer" Brian Lee.note 
  • Bubba Ray Dudley once expected to get a kiss from Torrie Wilson during a mixed tag team match on WWE SmackDown!, only to receive one instead from the flamboyant Rico. His reaction upon opening his eyes was priceless.
  • Invoked by "Mr. Beautiful" Rudy Russo in River City Wrestling after Mercedes Martinez started gagging upon hearing his 'Red Baron'. (invoking this trope got him power bombed)
  • At a live TNA event in San Fransisco, Winter slumped over on referee Earl Hebner after being slugged by Mickie James, who woke her up with a kiss at the crowd's prodding. Being on this page you can imagine her reaction. Later Earl and Mickie shared one, which turned out to be a little much for them both.
  • Pepper Parks, when trying to save his wife from the irresistible charm of CZW's resident Kavorka Man, Greg Excellent, ended up himself falling for it when he got between them and kissed Excellent. Both Pepper and Greg were disgusted (Excellent can't help who he pulls in).
  • This was MsChif's reaction at Chick Fight V, when she was kissed by Sumie Sakai.

     Video Games 
  • In Final Fantasy X, Yuna is forced to marry Seymour Guado. She is visibly discomfited during the entire scene and cringes during the wedding kiss. The moment she breaks free she quickly wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. Kissing Seymour is doubly disgusting for her since a) he's a manipulative murderous jerk and b) he's an Unsent, meaning he's already dead.

    Western Animation 
  • During Total Drama World Tour, Cody reacted this way when Sierra kissed him.
  • On an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman acted this way when Poison Ivy kissed him. Justified in that she's known to use poisoned lipstick.
  • Bart does this at the end of The Simpsons episode "Bart Gets an F", Bart impulsively kisses the teacher, and regrets doing so afterward.
    • Another example is in "Flaming Moe's", when one of Lisa's friends pounces on Bart to kiss him on the mouth on a dare, and he spits twice in response to this.
  • Billy the Cat
    • Seen when a human girl is turned into a cat, and Billy has to choose whether she can be turned back into a human or he can; Billy decides to let her have the human-transformation instead, and in gratitute, the girl kisses him on the mouth while she's in human form, and he's in cat form; instead of enjoying it, he just wipes his mouth with his paw and mutters, "Ugh, girls."
    • A borderline example (as his discomfort is somewhat mild) is from when Billy frees several female cats from captivity in a boat, and afterwards they are all shown kissing him. This shows that his discomfort at being kissed by human girls can't be attributed to being a cat; or at least not exclusively; as he doesn't exactly enjoy the affection from feline females, either.
  • Kick Buttowski Kick does a Fake-Out Make-Out move on Kendall in one episode, and he reacts by coughing and washing his mouth afterwards. Kendall, however, was thrilled.
  • In an episode of The Mask, when Dr. Pretorius takes control of the Mask's body, he forces The Mask to kiss Mrs. Peenman (For the Evulz). After this, both of them scream and The Mask runs away, gargles an entire tube of mouthwash, and chews and spits out an entire package of gum.
  • Superman: The Animated Series has it as well. Pretty but wicked Mala kisses a handsome soldier, who wipes his lips on the back of his hands when she isn't looking, thoroughly revolted.
  • In the first episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Coconuts kisses a picture of Dr. Robotnik, and the expression on the picture turns into one of disgust.
  • In The Powerpuff Girls, toward the end of the first episode featuring the Rowdyruff Boys, the girls destroy them by kissing them. Buttercup is shown to be very reluctant with this. At the episode's conclusion, Buttercup was puking her guts out, while Blossom and Bubbles didn't find the experience bad.
    • Subverted in the follow-up episode "The Boys Are Back in Town", where the girls' kisses make the Rowdyruffs grow in size after Him makes them immune to the girls' feminine wiles.
  • In Jimmy Two-Shoes, Heloise and Beezy once share an Accidental Kiss and both react by making disgusted faces and saying "BLEGH!"
  • Family Guy: Meg kisses Stewie on the side of his head and once she leaves the room, he barfs into a plant.
  • On Jabberjaw, this is Shelly's usual reaction to being kissed by a shark.
  • When Danny Phantom is put under a love spell, Sam realizes that the only way to snap him out of it so he can focus on beating the Monster of the Week is to Break His Heart to Save Him and plants her lips on Dash Baxter. Both recoil in disgust.
    Dash: Aah! It tastes like geek!
    Sam: Aah! It tastes like failure!
  • Darkwing Duck: Darkwing spits after kissing Launchpad while dreaming about Morgana.
  • Mr. Bogus:
    • In the second act of the episode "Et Tu, Brattus?", Bogus has this reaction to being kissed by Aunt Bogunda, after she entrusts him to look after Brattus, though the reaction is subtle.
    • In the second act of the episode "Bogus to the Rescue", Bogus, in his superhero persona Super Bogus, manages to save Bogetta from Baddus's clutches. Bogetta is so grateful to Bogus for saving her that she gives him a big kiss, but Bogus is disgusted by the kiss as he quickly flies away afterwards.
  • Motorcity: Claire has the reaction after kissing Chuck in order to snap out of her hallucination. Julie, on a minor note, has this reaction toward Texas, even though the "kiss" is over a screen.
  • Right after Spinelli and T.J. do their Test Kiss in the Recess episode "The Experiement", after a brief second, they become disgusted by it (Though it's implied they enjoyed it).
  • Gargamel gets a disgusting smother of kisses from Hogatha in The Smurfs episode "Hogatha's Heart Throb" when he masquerades as Hogatha's dream date in order to get his hands on her magic whistle which is actually her bird call. Even the Smurfs are totally disgusted watching Hogatha smother Gargamel in kisses.
  • Chester from The Fairly Oddparents is so Allergic to Love that he breaks out in hives when in contact with girls. A kiss on the cheek is enough to burn him.
  • In the pilot of The Ren & Stimpy Show, Ren unknowingly kisses Stimpy and goes to wash his mouth with toilet water afterwards.
  • The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "The Beauty of Kootie": Kootie Pie kisses Luigi, disguised as Casanova Koopa, who is revolted by her affection. When she accidentally uncovers his disguise, she spits out his germs.
  • The owner of the cat and dog in the Looney Tunes short "Hiss And Make Up" make them kiss each other on the lips to instill peace in the house. The two animals do it and are immediately repulsed.
  • Zig-zag: in the debut episode of Beetlejuice, "Critter Sitters," Lydia is so overjoyed at getting a spider necklace from B.J. that she could kiss him—until she sees the bugs in his green, moldy teeth. She settles for a hug.
  • Yogi's Treasure Hunt: After peace is declared in the war between Bearzil and Dickaragua (episode "Yogi's Heroes"), the mainland figures—shaped as the faces of Yogi Bear and Dick Dastardly—reluctantly kiss each other on the lips.
  • Dino Boy (a secondary feature from the 1966 Space Ghost show) is repulsed after the cave girl he rescued kisses him.
  • In the Heckle and Jeckle cartoon "Blind Date," Heckle has Jeckle dressed as a millionaire's long lost girlfriend in order to collect a big reward. Horace, the rather dense-witted millionaire, kisses Jeckle on the side of his beak and Jeckle is naturally disgusted by it.
  • In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Lucy is understandably freaked out when Snoopy gives her a Take-That Kiss on the nose.
    Lucy: Augh! I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Get hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!
    Snoopy: Bleah...

    Real Life 
  • Almost any little boy in the single-digit age group will react this way if a girl kisses him. The reverse is also normal for that age.
  • A completely normal reaction to any unwanted, but intentional, and sexually motivated kiss. For the same reasons why a rape victim will want to take a shower immediately, even though that destroys evidence: Washing helps the brain cope with emotional disgust.