KDOC First Night

One Thanksgiving day, Jamie Kennedy suggested that it would be fun to hold a New Year's special for the local Los Angeles TV station KDOC. They probably didn't realize what they were getting themselves into: being the person that he is (having participated in a film that deconstructed the horror film, with comedic results, and a practical joke show), Kennedy decided to make it a total deconstruction of the very idea of a New Year's Eve special. The result was, in the opinion of many, a surreal television trainwreck.

But why you ask? Well, it's because:
  • Kennedy opened with a monologue of poor jokes.
  • Walkie-Talkie problems left Kennedy with a Vietnam-grade level of communication with his crew. It got so bad, that he didn't quite know at one point if he was on the air or not (while on the air)
  • Stu "The Jew" Stone interviewed Shannon Elizabeth. A camera goof leaves footage of Kennedy moping on-stage for a few moments.
  • Jessi Cruickshank interviews Drake Bell, and treats his nine awards from the channel he worked for as an accomplishment comparable to winning the Academy Award for Best Actor and an Olympic Gold Medal in the same year.
  • Later on, she talks to Actual Olympian Dawn Harper about a resolution to "get fat", most likely by getting her to eat at a conveniently placed Carl's Jr. truck (however, Harper subverts this by saying that she wanted to get a burger from Five Guys, and later explains her confusion surrounding the fact that Carl's Jr. is known as Hardee's where she lives)
  • And then, she also gets Bridget Marquardt to sexually eat a Carl's Jr. Turkey Jalapeno burger (since allegedly, Carl's Jr. is home to sexy ladies eating sexy burgers).
  • An attempt to show footage of Kennedy's appearance at a comedy club results in nothing but a clip of the club's host introducing him before the clip is cut off, resulting in a few seconds of Dead Air.
  • Stu Stone gives an attendee some time with the mic; he says "motherfucker". Stone hastily turns to another audience member, who claims to be the first interviewee's mother.
  • Stu Stone gets to talk with Ana Rosales about an energy saving program in California, whilst a woman in the background mimes Stone's speech and mannerisms, just to be funny.
  • In a sketch promoting a casino, Jamie Kennedy plays a Mayan (while dressed like a stereotypical Native American, no less) who went to the Commerce Casino to try to regain his people's lost gold in a poker tournament.
  • A potentially drunk Macy Gray slurs through her hits, and decides to count down to midnight at 11:50.
  • Kennedy can't find the countdown clock, and their official countdown to 2013 ends 10 seconds late.
  • An uncensored(!) Bone Thugs-n-Harmony serenades the audience, celebrating the arrival of the year 1999.
  • "It's ending with a fight."
    • And the credits (yes, people actually worked on this!) had no audio at all.

In reality, most of it appeared to be just as planned, in Kennedy's opinion, anyway.

Ultimately, Patton Oswalt ended up discovering clips from this special on YouTube, allowing people across the world to experience Kennedy's, ahem, "masterpiece." Surprisingly, while some people thought it was the worst example of live TV ever at times, some people enjoyed it for its surrealism (especially after learning what Kennedy was really intending).

This special provides examples of:

  • Black Gal on White Guy Drama: Kennedy jokes with a black Big Beautiful Woman that as opposed to never going back after going black, she should go white because it'll keep her vagina tight ("Bleep that! Bleep that!").
  • Erotic Eating: "Are you jealous that I'm hanging out with a really hot Playboy model and a really hot burger?"
  • New Year Has Come: 10 minutes early, the wrong new year, and then 10 seconds late, mind you.
  • Parody Retcon: In an interview with the New York Times, Kennedy revealed that the show was intended to be an antithesis to the typical New Year's show. How this explains several examples of what are almost certainly actual technical difficulties, we will never know.
  • Product Placement: Carl's Jr. and Commerce Casino were the main sponsors.
  • Stylistic Suck: This seemed to be the intent of the show, to an extent.