Just a Stitch

Okay, so we have a standard Sick Episode. So far, Alice has started periodically doubling over with a pain in her abdomen. The audience knows where this is going. More likely than not, this will end with a Ruptured Appendix.

But when Bob notices Alice doing this and asks her what's wrong, she says it's "just a stitch". She might actually believe this, or it could be done in an effort not to worry him. Often he'll believe her until it becomes obvious that it isn't so minor.


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    Live Action TV 

  • In an episode of "The Saddle Club", Lisa is brushing her horse when she feels the pain. When Carol asks her if she's okay, she says it's "just a stitch".
  • In "The Big Valley" in the episode "Last Train to the Fair", Audra says this in response to Jarrod's concerned query.


  • In a Monkees fanfiction called "Night of the Gig", this is what Mike's cousin says to Davy when he asks her.