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Jurassic Park Chaos Theory
You can't predict it any more than you can control it.

Jurassic Park Chaos Theory is a fanfiction by Tommy Davidson, illustrated by photos of action figure dioramas.

It's actually pretty good.

Because of a series of Velociraptor attacks in Costa Rica, a plan to destroy Isla Sorna, InGen's Site B, has been approved. James Ludlow, half-brother of Peter from The Lost World, has assembled a team of experts that includes film characters Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Sarah Harding, Nick van Owen, and Roland Tembo to go to Isla Sorna and find out how raptors are getting off the island. However, there's a more sinister plot at work that involves Lewis Dodgson of BioSyn.

Despite some occasionally clunky writing and a few cheesy photoshop jobs, it's a very enjoyable read that closes up the series quite nicely and has great continuity with the films.

Check it out here.


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