Jungle Warfare

The Jungle doesen't take anyone's side.

So you have a Hungry Jungle. And then you have soldiers, guerillas, insurgents, etc. trekking through it. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as two or more factions struggle against dwindling supplies, scarce food, the enemy at every corner, the elements, and of course, the jungle itself. Jungle Warfare is what it says, fighting that takes place in a remote jungle or lush tropical rainforest, usually on a remote island or somewhere far away from civilization. When there are civilians, they're usually confined to a small village, usually near a river.

In these kinds of situations, expect elite troops, usually those specialized or experienced in trekking through remote and hostile environments, sending patrols deep into remote enemy territory, rebels or enemy soldiers planting different kinds of booby traps, and communication and supply problems. If tanks are involved, expect them to be bogged down in mud during a monsoon, knocked out by anti-tank traps, or simply unable to plow through thick vegetation. Expect a mix of Scenery Porn and Scenery Gorn, depending on how bad the surrounding vegetation is removed, and with it the use of Flamethrowers or other forms of flame-based weapons. Often involves soldiers wearing camouflage over their uniforms either moving slowly through the jungle or waiting in ambush, as well as men, guns, or vehicles concealed by trees.

In Real Life, it's usually associated with The Vietnam War, as well as World War II's Pacific and China-Burma-India Theater, where such fighting was all too common.

Compare and contrast with Urban Warfare and Winter Warfare, where fighting takes place in cities / towns and in cold, snowy conditions, respectively. Thanks to the climate, a Battle in the Rain is expected almost half the time.


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     Anime And Manga 
  • Black Lagoon has the Lagoon Company teaming up with a NSA-backed special forces unit "Gray Fox" alongside Garcia and Fabiola to locate Roberta in the jungles of Myanmar. Gray Fox and Roberta fought each other to a near standstill.

     Comic Books 
  • The Punisher : The occasional story sends Frank into a jungle setting, mostly providing a Vietnam-themed Mook Horror Show.
  • Most Commando stories set in the CBI and Pacific during World War II, and, to a lesser extent, French Indochina and Vietnam, will have this as a staple.


     Live-Action TV 
  • The Pacific has the first half of the series full of this trope. Guadalcanal and Cape Gloucester, as well as the beaches surrounding Peleliu's airfield, involve Marines struggling between the Japanese, shortage of supplies, disease, and the islands themselves.
  • In Arrow, prior to the start of the series, Oliver spent several of his years stranded on the island of Lian Yu where he is caught up in the many dangers including militant groups and criminals. He eventually finds allies on the island and partakes in wars with the other side to thwart their plans.

  • In the Animorphs novel "The Forgotten", the Animorphs are inadvertently trapped in the Amazon rainforest in the recent past after a mission to take the Yeerk Blade ship to the White House to expose the Yeerk invasion goes horribly wrong, and they have to fight off both the Yeerks and the jungle's inhabitants in order to return to their own time.

     Tabletop Games 

     Video Games 
  • Rising Storm has the Guadalcanal and Burma maps, where US Marines and US Army troops battle against the Imperial Japanese army in thick jungles and low visibility.
    • It's sequel, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, even moreso, thanks to all the maps being set in The Vietnam War.
  • Most of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault takes place in the jungles of the South Pacific. Of course, the Japanese, who are more experienced in trekking through these jungles, use a number of tactics well-suited for the environment, including laying dead.
    • Medal of Honor: Rising Sun also has Guadalcanal, with the addition of the China-Burma-India Theater as one of the late-game levels.
  • Peleliu, and to a lesser extent, Makin, in Call of Duty: World at War, at least when the vegetation isn't razed by artillery fire or fighting takes place in or near Japanese holdouts. Okinawa is a downplayed example, as the environment is instead a sub-tropical rainforest, but a lot of the elements of this trope still apply.
  • "Victor Charlie", "Crash Site", and "Payback" in Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is set against the backdrop of The Vietnam War .
  • Empire Earth: The expansion's Pacific theater campaign has several maps taking place in dense jungle, one of which features disease outbursts, mines, and snipers.

     Real Life 
  • World War II has several examples, as mentioned above, mostly fought in the Pacific Theater and CBI, between the Allies and the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy. The most prominent examples include Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, New Guinea, and Burma.
  • The Cold War has The Emergency and Konfrontasi, which had British-led military forces hone their fighting skills against the Malayan National Liberation Army and by Indonesian-back separatists. The experience was later used by Australian and New Zealander forces in the Vietnam War, which led them to be "Ghosts" by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army.
  • Also mentioned above, The Vietnam War, where practically the majority of fighting takes place, at least when it isn't Hue City during the Tet Offensive.