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Juan Jose Ryp
Juan Jose Ryp is a comic book artist from Spain. In North America, he is known for drawing scenes of extreme violence and destruction with equally extreme levels of stomach-churning detail, most notoriously on his Avatar Press projects such as Black Summer, Wolfskin, and No Hero with Warren Ellis. Suffice to say, whatever disturbing thing Ellis can write, Ryp can draw.

He has also done some freelancing for American comics, most notably on Moon Knight, Birds of Prey, and Charlie Huston's Wolverine series The Best There Is. He also contributed covers and some interior art to the Image miniseries Nancy In Hell.

Trademarks of Ryp's art include an astounding level of detail, explicit ultraviolence, a complete absence of discretion shots, and leggy women with absolutely enormous lips. As a general rule, if you have a weak stomach and you see Ryp's name on a cover, you probably do not want to read that comic book.

Tropes present in Ryp's work:

  • Gorn: Even Ryp's work that's friendlier to general audiences, like the issue of Moon Knight he drew, doesn't flinch at portraying gruesome details. Nobody gets out of a Ryp fight scene peacefully unconscious and unmarked on the floor.

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