StockPhrase. Saying "(name) sent me" is the password by which the {{Bouncer}} will let people in to some exclusive nightclub, or for people looking for certain illicit goods or services.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* ComicBook/TheJoker will announce himself this way even when it isn't called for, hoping that they'll then ask "Joe who?" so he can answer "Joe Kerr!" Most guards do this out of fear, because he will murder them if they don't.
** In the Azzarello Bermejo ''ComicBook/{{Joker}}'' graphic novel, he goes through the regular routine, but when the guard asks "Joe who?" he just puts his mouth up near the eye slot so they can see his [[GlasgowGrin distinctive]] [[ smile.]]


[[folder: Fan Fiction ]]

* In ''FanFic/CatTales'', the password to the new nightclub Vault is ''supposed'' to be "[name of the person who told me about Vault] sent me". Due to a mixup in the early stages, it becomes "Catwoman sent me".
* In ''Series/{{Vikings}}'' fanfic ''FanFic/LetMeOccupyYourMind'' by lady_ragnell, Athelstan gets into a kind of BDSM club by showing the bouncer a card that has the words "referral from Siggy" written on it.


[[folder: Film ]]

* The password to get into the "Ink and Paint Club" in ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'' is "Creator/{{Walt|Disney}} sent me."
* The speakeasy in ''Film/SomeLikeItHot'' operates out of the back room of a funeral parlor, so naturally the password is saying you're attending the funeral of a particular fake person.
* ''Film/RevengeOfThePinkPanther''. After his boss is [[NotQuiteDead apparently assassinated]], Cato opens a brothel in their apartment with the codeword for entry being "Inspector Clouseau". Of course the real Clouseau turns up and HilarityEnsues.


[[folder: Literature ]]

* Will uses a version of this when infiltrating an enemy camp in one of the ''Literature/RangersApprentice'' books. Knowing people are less likely to bother him if he looks like he's doing something, he grabs a bucket of water, goes to the cookfires, and says "John said to bring you this water", on the basis that, in a camp that size, there'd be about half a dozen "John"s and the cook wouldn't bother asking every one for confirmation.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* In one episode of ''Series/{{Heartbeat}}'', they tricked a porn dealer by name-dropping Claude Greengrass. "That's not the kind of name you make up."
* Lois tried this trope in ''Series/LoisAndClark'', along with "The Eagle Has Landed" and "[[ThePasswordIsAlwaysSwordfish Swordfish]]", all with no results. ("That Old Gang of Mine")
* ''Series/TheWestWing'' has a variation on this, where telling a Secret Service agent that "you're here for the card game" will let you into an AlcoholicsAnonymous meeting for high-level politicians (up to the Vice President).


[[folder: Music ]]

* "Monster Mash":
-->When you get to my door, tell them [[Creator/BorisKarloff Boris]] sent you
* The song "Green Door" by Jim Lowe details the singer's efforts to get into a party behind the named door. When he tries the password "Joe sent me", one of the partygoers laughs at him.


[[folder: Newspaper Comics ]]

* One of the ''Garfield'' comic strips used this: "Iggy sent me." "Sorry, that was last week's password."


[[folder: Theatre ]]

* "Hernando's Hideaway" from ''Theatre/ThePajamaGame'':
-->Just knock three times, and whisper low\\
That you and I were sent by Joe
* In ''Wonderful Town'', Violet Shelton's clients use the password "Marty sent me." Unfortunately, some of them don't know her address has changed.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', you have to name-drop Jaruut to enter the VIP section of Afterlife.
** One of the people stuck in line outside of Afterlife ''tries'' to say that Aria is expecting him -- only to be told, flatly, that if [[MagnificentBastard Aria]] was expecting him, he would already be inside.
** Then subverted in Kasumi's loyalty mission. The guard phones the person you name and learns you aren't actually authorized to enter, saying "nice try". To actually convince him to let you pass, you need to hack into the communications system so Kasumi can give the guard authorization from the other side.
* Subverted in ''VideoGame/QuestForGloryII''. To meet Aziza, she will ask you who sent you to her. There are various good answers ([[PunnyName Keapon Laffin]] or Rakeesh), but she will then ask you a question relating to that person to make sure you've actually met said person.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Flashback}}: The Quest For Identity'' to get false papers Conrad tells Jack that Ian sent him ([[NoteToSelf he did]]).
* You can't get into a particular room in the first ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry'' game until you give the password, "Ken sent me." The name "Ken" is a reference to Ken Williams, founder of Sierra On-Line. In the original version of the game, some people tried substituting the name of another important guy who worked for Sierra, typing in "[[Creator/AlLowe Al]] sent me." That also worked.
* In the NES AdventureGame ''VideoGame/{{Nightshade}}'', you can access the Pyramid Club by making friends with the food vendor nearby. His brother is a chef who oversees the back door.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* In one ''WesternAnimation/CatDog'' episode, "[=CatDog=] Sent Me" is used for Cat's illegal cafe that serves a recalled brand of dog food.
* An animated Raid bug spray commercial from the 60s has a bug knocking on a nightclub door and saying "Bugsy sent me."
* WesternAnimation/ThePinkPanther is a secret agent in the cartoon "Pinkfinger." An enemy spy enters a room after showing the spy inside the contents of a sheet of paper, which he discards. It says "Tsalb Mih." The Panther tries to gain entrance the same way and is shot in the face by the spy in the door. The narrator wants to look at the paper and laughs when he realizes it says "Blast him." The Panther is not amused.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''. Subverted in "Bart the General". Abe Simpson knocks on a door and a peep slit opens speakeasy style.
-->'''Herman:''' What the password?
-->'''Abe:''' ''Let me in, you idiot!''
-->'''Herman:''' That's it.

[[folder: Real Life ]]

* An annual RoaringTwenties themed fundraiser at Salt Lake City's Catholic high school is called Joe Sent Me.
* TruthInTelevision in some clubs, if you happen to know the owner's name.