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Jo Clayton
Jo Clayton (1939-1998) was an American Speculative Fiction author. Born and raised with her parents and two sisters in Modesto, California, she graduated from the University of Southern California in 1963. After that, she took on a job as a teacher in Bell, California. In 1969, she converted to Catholicism and moved to Louisiana to join the Sisters of Mount Carmel, a religious order in New Orleans. She left the order three years later. While in New Orleans, she painted people's pets in addition to writing. In the late nineties, after developing multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow), she was confined to a hospital, but this didn't stop her from writing a novel and a half. She succumbed to her disease in 1998, but not without leaving thirty-five novels and multiple short stories behind her.

Her work, classified by series, is listed as as follows.

  • The Diadem Saga
    • Diadem from the Stars
    • Lamarchos
    • Irsud
    • Maeve
    • Star Hunters
    • The Nowhere Hunt
    • Ghosthunt
    • The Snares of Ibex
    • Quester's Endgame

  • Shadith's Quest
    • Shadowplay
    • Shadowspeer
    • Shadowkill

  • The Shadowsong Trilogy
    • Fire in the Sky
    • The Burning Ground
    • Crystal Heat

  • The Skeen Trilogy
    • Skeen's Leap
    • Skeen's Return
    • Skeen's Search

  • The Duel of Sorcery Trilogy
    • Moongather
    • Moonscatter
    • Changer's Moon

  • The Dancers Trilogy
    • Dancer's Rise
    • Serpent Waltz
    • Dance Down the Stars

  • 'Soul Drinker''
    • Drinker of Souls
    • Blue Magic
    • A Gathering of Stones

  • Wild Magic
    • Wild Magic
    • Wildfire
    • The Magic Wars

  • The Drums of Chaos
    • Drum Warning
    • Drum Calls
    • Drum into Silence

She also wrote two standalone novels, A Bait of Dreams and Shadow of the Warmaster.

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