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[[quoteright:350:[[Webcomic/MenageA3 http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/jizzed_in_my_pants_7316.png]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:... that and do a load of laundry.]]

->''"I jizz right in my pants, every time you're next to me,''\\
''And when we're holdin' hands, it's like havin' sex to me,''\\
''You say I'm premature, I just call it ecstasy,''\\
''I wear a rubber at all times, it's a necessity."''
-->-- '''Music/TheLonelyIsland''', ''[[TropeNamer Jizz In My Pants]]''

Bob, being the loser virgin or horndog he is, is... easily overstimulated-- so much so that he ejaculates in his pants without even having sex, or in extreme cases, just from Alice talking to or brushing up against him. If he's in public, expect [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity to Ensue]]. If he's in private, expect Alice to be either extremely disappointed in Bob or proud of herself, depending on whether or not it was her intention.

In anime, a similar situation usually causes an explosive {{Nosebleed}}. Compare to RagingStiffie. Contrast with TheLoinsSleepTonight. The end result of a NocturnalEmission. A man ejaculating too quickly while making love is SpeedSex. Often combined with TheGruntingOrgasm.


[[folder:Anime And Manga]]
* Scam in ''Manga/{{Rainbow}}'' walks past a whorehouse, sees one of the girls standing in front of it, and declares his intention to "become a man." But her room is on the second floor, and she goes up the stairs in front of him, wearing a very short skirt that provides occasional glimpses of her rear . . .
* In ''Anime/VanDread,'' one episode ends with Hibiki looking rather... drained while [[GenkiGirl Dita]] is bouncing up and down, excited after winning a battle (their combined mecha essentially having her sitting in Hibiki's lap). The next episode has Hibiki going to the bathroom but because Dita is stalking him he complains that "even the stuff that normally comes out won't come out."
* Occurs constantly with Takara in ''Manga/RisingXRydeen''. Takara is a stranger, a superpowered human, and his power is that he can release a [[VisualInnuendo slippery white gel]] from anywhere on his body. While he can control it for the most part, it always seem to activate when he's extremely aroused, usually by getting {{glomp}}ed by or finding himself in a sexually suggestive position on top of a girl. The end result is both him and the girl covered in suggestive white gel.
* ''Master of Mosquiton'': Near the end of the second episode, Mosquiton [[KissOfTheVampire bites Inaho]] to empower himself to face the pyramid guardian. The bite causes Inaho to [[LuminescentBlush blush deeply]] and go weak-kneed, as she orgasms quite visibly (complete with a close-up of it staining her shorts, til it trickles down her inner thigh). After which, Mosquiton casts her aside and [[CurbstompBattle demolishes the pyramid guardian.]]
* ''[=KissxSis=]'': Ms. Yuuzuki and her student, Keita, [[TeacherStudentRomance wound up making out]] in one of the storerooms, during the school's Culture Festival. She got so aroused, that she abruptly broke the kiss to run to the Women's Room; thinking she had urinated. It wasn't until she removed her panties to clean herself that she noticed the smell was different, which is when she realized [[spoiler: Keita had made her squirt]].
* ''Manga/MakenKi'':
** It happens to the unnamed waitress in the 70.5 omake chapter, after she accidentally drops her serving tray and spills tea on herself. When Espada sucks some of it of the waitress' fingers, it causes her to have an orgasm while still in uniform.
** And in chapter 79, Espada has one while wearing her school uniform. She takes a direct attack from [[spoiler: Azuki's newly evolved Maken]], that was strong enough to [[BloodFromTheMouth draw blood from her.]] Espada becomes so aroused by it, that she smiles with a full faced blush and [[spoiler: squirts]]; complete with sound effect hiragana and a ♥.
* Happens to Mizuki in chapter 11 of ''Manga/BokuGirl'', due to standing directly above a long rope and having both sides pulling at it vigrously. Having recently been {{Gender Ben|der}}t into a girl and being unfamiliar with the sensations, Mizuki initially thought it was a case of PottyFailure.
* After Ainz's first proper face-to-face with the Floor Guardians in ''LightNovel/{{Overlord|2012}}'', everyone notices Shalltear's been very quiet and, when asked, explains that Ainz's presence caused her "underwear to undergo a crisis". Albedo's jealous reaction pretty much confirms this trope was the one in play.
* ''LightNovel/{{Shimoneta}}'':
** In chapter 10, Tanukichi mistakes Oboro for a member of Gathered Fabric and wrestles her to the floor. But his foot ends up pressed directly between her legs, which is when he realizes something [[UnsettlingGenderReveal is 'off']], so he [[CrotchGrabSexCheck to double-checks]] to be sure. It confirms his suspicion, but also inadvertently causes Oboro [[TheModestOrgasm to get off from it.]]
** Midway into the anime's first episode, Ayame causes the entire auditorium at school to jizz themselves by doing an ecchi voice-over to a clip of two flies mating. The students go weak-kneed and collapse admist a montage sequence of [[StockVisualMetaphors geyers and volcanoes erupting, and rockets lifting off.]]
** Anna does it with such regularity, that she quickly gained meme status. In episode 5, she becomes so ecstatic from watching Tanukichi eat the cookies she made for him, that she soaks her skirt while gleefully telling him she [[spoiler: mixed her "Love Nectar" in the dough]]!

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/{{Viz}}'', this often happens to Billy No-Mates the Antisocial Teenager, such as when a female shop assistant measures him for a new pair of trousers.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* In the Hetalia fic General Relativity:
-->"And for the very first time since high school, Matthew came in his clothes."
* In ''[[http://jeconais.fanficauthors.net/This_Means_War/index/ This Means War]]'', Voldemort sends Narcissa Malfoy to spy on [[Franchise/HarryPotter Harry]] by [[HoneyTrap seducing him]] under the guise of being a dance teacher. In reality, this is all part of Harry's plan, with Narcissa working for him all along. So after a couple of meetings she brings a lot of false information to Voldie... claiming it was obtained when a seduction attempt failed because of this trope, and the embarrassed Harry started babbling about his plans.

* In ''Film/AmericanPie'', Jim does this just before he tries to have sex with Nadia, ruining his chance. ''Twice''.
* In ''Film/ForrestGump'', Forrest has a... moment with his girlfriend when she puts his hand on her bare breast, except he isn't wearing pants, and says "I think I ruined your roommate's bathrobe." Even worse, said roommate is in bed nearby, and has overheard what's going on.
* ''Film/ShaftInAfrica'' revolves around a French plot to bring underpaid Africans to work hard labor in Europe. The bad guy's girlfriend is in his car as they pass by Black street workers. She shivers and rips a big O apparently just from their appearance.
* Happens in a {{flashback}} in ''Film/AllThatJazz''. When Joe Gideon was a boy, he performed a dance act at a burlesque show. One day just as he was about to go onstage a couple of female dancers started physically flirting with him and he had an accident. He had to go out and perform with a stain that caused the audience to laugh at him.
* In ''Film/ShesOutOfMyLeague'', this happens to the male lead right before he meets his new girlfriend's parents.
* Non-humorous version happens in the SlasherMovie ''Film/TheFunhouse''. The deformed killer strangles the woman who made him go off too early and later starts hunting the protagonists who witnessed the whole thing.
* ''Film/TheKentuckyFriedMovie'':
-->''One of the most frequent problems encountered during the sexual act is that of premature ejaculation. Should premature ejaculation occur, the Joy of Sex album comes equipped with *BOOM* BIG JIM SLADE. Big Jim, former tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is outfitted with various whips, chains, and a sexual appetite that will knock your socks off! Big Jim has satisfied women throughout the world, and the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln!''
-->''You'll cream in your jeans when you see ''[[RealTrailerFakeMovie Catholic High School Girls in Trouble]]''.''
* In ''Film/RevengeOfTheNerds,'' Poindexter has this happen while watching footage from a video camera the boys snuck into the {{Alpha Bitch}}es sorority house.
* In ''Film/LifeAsAHouse'' the girl that Sam has a crush on decides to join him in the shower and he (understandably) gets a raging hard on. Sam, obviously being controlled by a stronger force than himself at this point, asks her if he can kiss her. She agrees on the condition that they be JustFriends afterwards. All this stimulation causes him to jizz all over the shower. Of course, weird as this whole scene is for everyone involved it does result in one of the movie's best CrowningMomentOfFunny when she replies with: "You're cleaning that up."
* ''Film/BadTeacher'': Music/JustinTimberlake's character. Considering that he's well known for his collaborations with the group who are the TropeNamers, this could also count as ActorAllusion.
* In ''Film/{{Blankman}}'', the title character has so little interaction with the opposite sex that a "thank you" kiss gets this reaction.
* The Orgazmorator in ''Film/{{Orgazmo}}'' causes this to whoever it is fired at, male or female.
* Poor Milos in ''Film/CloselyWatchedTrains'' suffers terribly because it happens to him all the time when he tries to have sex with his girlfriend Masa, and he considers sex to be [[SexAsRiteOfPassage a rite of passage]]. He refers to it with gratuitous Latin as ejaculatio praecox, and asks people for advice. They include trying to find [[MrsRobinson an older experienced woman]] or [[ThinkUnsexyThoughts unsexy thoughts]]. When it doesn't go away, he attempts to commit [[DrivenToSuicide suicide]].
* Happens to the protagonist in the Czech movie ''Tank Battalion'' when he's with an officer's wife. He's embarrassed, but she views it as an invitation. Afterwards he kicks himself for not putting the moves on her a year earlier.
* Happens to the main character in ''Film/DonJon'', after he and his love interest engage in some dry-humping outside her apartment. We later see this isn't the first time something like that has happened to him.
* Happens to Zack when he gets a lap dance from Nomi in ''Film/{{Showgirls}}''.
* In ''Film/TheSessions'', this is the closest Mark had gotten to sex as a combination of the effects of polio and his strict Catholic upbringing. With Cheryl, he gets much further, but it's very difficult.
* The Creator/SvenHassel movie ''The Misfit Brigade'' (aka ''Wheels of Terror'') the Soviets in the trenches opposite put up a large screen and project a ridiculous propaganda movie showing the German soldiers that if they surrender [[BlatantLies they'll be lavished with wine, woman and song]]. On seeing a beautiful naked woman inviting them to come over, one of the soldiers jokes that he already has.
* In ''Film/FriendsWithBenefits'', Dylan mentions that whenever he has an orgasm, he sneezes. Later, when he's making out with Jamie, he sneezes in her face.
-->'''Jamie:''' Really? Already?
-->'''Dylan:''' Just kidding.
* In ''National Lampoon's Senior Trip'', [[Creator/TaraStrong Carla Morgan]] hits on a nerd and asks if he wants to screw her. He immediately jizzes his pants and runs away, annoying her.

* Occurs in the ''Literature/ParrishPlessis'' series. Parrish tries to ShowSomeLeg to get past some security guards. It doesn't work until she taps into TheCorruption to supernaturally boost her sex appeal, at which point it works a bit ''too'' well.
* In Creator/StephenKing's ''Literature/TheDarkTower'' series, serial killer Jack Mort ejaculates whenever he kills someone by either pushing them in front of cars or dropping bricks from high windows.
* In the novelization of the ''VideoGame/{{Descent}}'' series, this happens to St. John on a routine flight, without him even noticing at first. He did discuss some sexual topics on the way there, but he notes that it takes a lot more than just talk to get him going. He suspects, but never confirms, that it's a side effect of some recent brain surgery he had.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Averted in ''Series/{{Friends}}'':
** When Ross and Rachel have their first date he takes her on a "picnic" in the museum's planetarium display. As they get more intimate, Ross slowly rolls on top of Rachel, when she suddenly gasps.
--->'''Rachel''': "Oh, God!"
--->''They roll to their sides, and Rachel tenderly caresses Ross's face.''
--->'''Rachel''': "Oh... honey... oh, that's okay."
--->'''Ross''': "What? Oh, no, you just rolled over the juice box."
--->'''Rachel''': "Ohhh, thank God!"
** Overlapping with a NoodleIncident, as their relationship is collapsing and they're having one of their more epic fights, Ross storms out angry, Rachel opens the door and screams out after him, "And just so you know, it's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy, and it ''is'' a big deal!!!" although she might have been referencing [[TheLoinsSleepTonight a different problem]].
* Happens to Mark in ''Series/PeepShow''. [[spoiler:Dobby]] was "accidentally" dry humping him at the time.
* Actually a plot point and ChekhovsGun in ''Series/{{Glee}}'': Finn's problem with premature ejaculation is what leads him to believe that he impregnated his girlfriend, even though he's never had sex with her. [[spoiler:It's actually his best friend's baby, and he most certainly ''did'' have sex with her.]]
* In ''Series/SexAndTheCity'', Carrie once dates a guy (whose family she adores) who always finishes before they even get it on.
* Kenny Powers does this in an episode of ''Series/EastboundAndDown''. [[spoiler:He's drunk and making out with April in her bedroom.]]
* ''Series/TheFastShow'''s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZkBbIGwOjw I've just come]] character.
* Played for drama in Season 2 of ''{{Series/Deadwood}}'', when psycho mining expert Francis Wolcott has Carrie the New York Whore brought out to the camp. The audience finds out, one episode later, that he will ''only'' allow her to get him off through his trousers.
* ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' had the "Orgasm Guy" skit starring Rob Schneider, with the joke being the various nonsexual things that caused him to lose control (his favorite baseball team, beer in a bottle rather than a can, Jim Kelly's no-huddle offense, Szchezuan chicken, etc.)
* Invoked in the ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' riffing of ''Film/{{Hobgoblins}}'' when the phone-sex obsessed teen meets his (literal) fantasy woman:
--> '''Mike:''' Oooooh boy, this is gonna be great this is gonna be--oh. I'm done.
* In one episode of ''Series/NotGoingOut'', Lucy attempts to seduce Lee into impregnating her, despite his objections. Fortunately for him, this trope happens the moment she takes her clothes off, despite him claiming repeatedly that he could never become aroused under stressful conditions.
--> '''Lee''': (''Watches as Lucy strips'')...HOLY CHRIST!!!.
--> '''Lucy''': Are you still telling me this won't work?
--> '''Lee''': No...in fact, I'm afraid it just HAS!...''sorry!''
* Seems to happen to Karen's husband [[TheUnseen Stan]] on ''Series/WillAndGrace'': they have phone sex (or rather, Karen stands there fully clothed and says "Yeah, I'm naked") and after a moment or two she says "Oh, already? Good for you!"
* ''Series/NoahsArc'': This is what happens to Noah during his and Ricky's sexual experience in a flashback.
* Happens to a few characters Creator/BilliePiper seduces every now and then in ''Series/SecretDiaryOfACallGirl''.
* On ''Series/{{Everwood}}'' Ephraim was making out with his girlfriend when she reached over his head to get some condoms. This reaching [[MarshmallowHell pushed her boobs into his face,]] and she kept wiggling on top of him to get to the condoms. They were quickly unnecessary.
* [[DeconstructedTrope Deconstructed]] in ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' when JD recounts how exactly he got his girlfriend Kim pregnant before their third date. He never actually had sex with her, just got overly stimulated and "fired his cannons" too early.
-->'''Turk''': [trying and failing to contain snickering] What you're trying to tell us is that you never actually had sex with her?
-->'''J.D.''': [after a brief pause] I didn't have a condom.
-->[Muffled giggles from Turk, Carla, and Elliot]
-->'''J.D.''': And uh, we decided not to have sex because, here's the kicker, I didn't want to get her pregnant.
-->[Carla, Elliot, and Turk break out in hysterical laughing]
* In ''Series/{{Californication}}'' Charlie Runkle gets off in a strip club while seated during a lap dance. He tries to [[IllTakeThatAsACompliment present it as a compliment]]. The stripper doesn't respond so well either way.
* On ''Series/DharmaAndGreg,'' the pair run into a girl Greg knew as a teenager, and whom he'd supposedly lost his virginity to. Her husband hears about this [[TheBrideWithAPast and gets angry]], because apparently she told him that she was a virgin when they got married. Eventually Greg confesses that the two ''almost'' had sex, but this trope happened instead.

* Music/TheLonelyIsland's "[[TropeNamer Jizz In My Pants]]" deals with exactly this. It eventually gets more over the top, to the point that merely finding out the [[TwistEnding twist]] of ''Film/TheSixthSense'', and eating a grape causes one. The protagonist ends up resorting to wearing a condom at all times as a safety precaution.
* In Music/StephenLynch's Live At The El Rey performance of the song "Superhero," he asks the audience to call out superheroes of their own, resulting in him doing a skit about Premature Ejaculator Man...
* Music/RoughTrade's "High School Confidential": "It makes me cream my jeans when she comes my way".
* Actually happened to [[Music/HiroshiMorie Heath,]] bassist of Music/XJapan, during a performance at Lollapalooza 2010. No underwear + a vibrating bass?
* Suggested in Music/AliceCooper's "Nurse Rozetta".
* One of the most infamous verses in Lalo Rodriguez's "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ven,_Dev%C3%B3rame_Otra_Vez Ven, devórame otra vez]]" translates as "I wet my white sheets while remembering you".

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/ADanceWithRogues'', one optional sidequest involves a sexually frustrated mage offering to teleport you into the Dhorn barracks to retrieve some potentially damning evidence of your identity in exchange for sex. You have the option of making a show out of stripping down, which causes him to ejaculate prematurely and teleport you (naked) into the Dhorn barracks in a fit of rage.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* This is the result of Hisao's first H-scene with Emi in ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo''. Emi straddles a shirtless Hisao, then strips down to her panties, and basically they dry-hump on her bed until they come. This supposedly started as a game to see who could make the other one blush first, but needless to say they forgot about that pretty quickly.

* See ''Webcomic/{{Loserz}}'', [[http://the-qlc.com/loserz/go/55 this strip.]] The reason? Seeing the ''Film/SpiderMan1'' movie. (And Jodie suffers it too.)
* In ''Webcomic/MenageA3'':
** One strip shows how long various men have lasted with [=DiDi=]. The last is listed as "Negative 30 sec" and still has his pants on in the picture.
** Suffered by Gary when Zii [[http://www.menagea3.net/d/20100622.html demonstrates her lobe-nibbling technique.]]
** Yuki showed Gary that she could do it to Zii by targeting her [[AffectionateNickname "super secret cream-your-panties happy fun spot"]] -- Zii's big toe. Yuki made her collapse almost instantly by sucking on it, causing Gary to pass out at the same time, with a {{nosebleed}}.
* Occurs in ''Webcomic/TheNonAdventuresOfWonderella'': [[http://nonadventures.com/2010/02/13/premature-evacuation/ here]].
* In ''Webcomic/{{Sunstone}}'', Anne gets a geek at a convention to suffer this by describing the sex games she'll partake of with Ally and Lisa that night. Lisa notes afterward that Anne can be really evil when she wants to be.
* ''WebComic/VampireCheerleaders'':
** [[WebComic/ParanormalMysterySquad Stephanie and Charlotte]] put on a "nerd burlesque show" by cosplaying as different video game characters, in an attempt to free Leonard from Lori's enthrallment. But it takes the sight of Katie hula dancing in a [[ChainmailBikini Slave]] [[Franchise/StarWars Leia]] costume to do the trick. Which [[http://www.vampirecheerleaders.net/strips-vc/aloha_oe caused him to drool uncontrollably]] until he passed out and invoked the trope:
-->'''Katie: (smiling)''' [[LampshadeHanging "Still, there's definitely something going on in his pants.]] [[http://www.vampirecheerleaders.net/strips-vc/take_it_from_anime Big white wet stain, in fact.]]
** During the ''"Adventures in Space... and Time?!"'' arc in vol.4, Zoe got so excited to see Suki again, that she tackled her to the ground and humped her leg, while she was wearing her park employee uniform. So [[http://www.vampirecheerleaders.net/strips-vc/big_finish_zoe when she finally got herself off]], she soaked her hot pants.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Music/JonLajoie's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=839DO8-0cY8 "Too Fast."]] One of the shorter songs in his repertoire.
* In ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'', Yusei is constantly having this problem because he's spent so much time [[CargoShip riding his motorcycle]] that it's given him "a hair-trigger down there."
* In the ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'' review of ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4'', after describing Snake and Otacon's "friendship," Yahtzee remarks that all the world's SlashFic writers just experienced the female version of this trope.
* WebVideo/RayWilliamJohnson of Equals 3 has the spoken version: "EPIC FACE, EPIC FACE, EPIC FACE, EPIC FACE, [[PunctuatedForEmphasis JIZZ. IN. MY. PANTS.]]" Usually, this is set to a series of bizzare paused faces from the reviewed video.
* Eggman in ''WebAnimation/SonicForHire'' has this in response to Sonic's death.
* One episode of ''WebAnimation/NeuroticallyYours'' has a fat Germaine wear an extremely revealing costume out in public as she waits in line to buy a copy of a new video game. The recurring pizza guy stalker behind her sees the revealing outfit and winds up completely ejaculating in his pants as a result.
* ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse'': Can be the result when a {{Glamour}} is pushed a bit too far; Fey finds it disturbing and tries to avoid it, but Cytherea (the incarnation of Aphrodite) has no such compunctions, such as when she tried to persuade the mostly-female-bodied but male-gendered Phase to invite her to his off-campus birthday party:
--> '''Phase''': At any rate, I had to concentrate on blocking that aura. She really wasn’t being that discriminating, because the guys at the table behind me were beginning to drool and babble. Okay, it was worse than that. I think two of the guys actually popped their corks. In the middle of the cafeteria. Yuck.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Reverend Putty from ''WesternAnimation/MoralOrel'' does this in "Numb" when Orel's mother flirts with him.
* In ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', Quagmire does this after walking in on Peter and Lois being nudists.
-->'''Quagmire:''' Do any of you guys have a towel?
** In another episode, Lois becomes a flight attendant and the two get locked in a cramped airplane bathroom together. As they struggle to get free, Peter (but not Lois) joins the MileHighClub.
* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'': At a church group for born-again virgins, a character tearfully admits that while getting a massage at an arts and crafts fair, he "sinned his pants", then gets kicked out for being an actual virgin.
* This shows up in gags in ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'', one involving [[Franchise/SpiderMan Peter Parker]] and another involving a fan at a ''Franchise/StarTrek''. And yet another when being told about how Episode 7 (all focused on [[EnsembleDarkhorse Boba Fett]]) should be done... a few years ''before'' [[HilariousInHindsight Disney announced plans to make one]].
* On ''WesternAnimation/{{Chozen}}'', Troy does this after Tracy kisses his cheek, much to his mortification.