Jew Wario And Psychotaku List

A list of stuff by Jew Wario & Psychotaku.

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     Mario Monologues 

     The Ludus Challenge/Review - J-Dub Reviews 

     You Can Play This 
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4

     You Can Play This Quickie 
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4

     Yanki J Plays 

     I Like Candy! 
  • Anpanman Grape Gummy
  • Gift From The Plum: BoshiUme Taste Tester Packet
  • Gummy Hamburgers
  • Ka Sparkling Karibbean Kola
  • Caribbean Crush
  • Sparkling Rubicon Passion
  • MilkyWay Magic Stars
  • Kinder Bueno White
  • White Maltesers
  • FOX'S Clearly A British Celebration: Raspberry, Blueberry & Cloudy Lemonade Flavour Sweets
  • Rowntrees Pick & Mix: Tooty Frooties, Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Gums
  • Chelsea Butter Scotch
  • Wontan Ame
  • Autocrat Coffee Syrup
  • Coffee Cabinet
  • Pure Maple Candy

     The Psychotaku Show