Jennifer Kirk is the writer of several science fiction and fantasy novels; including her best known novel, ''Bringing Home the Stars''. Her stories often deal with ideas of corporate control of the masses, gender identity, and personal isolation. In addition, she co-writes two webcomics, ''TheLifeOfNobTMouse'' and ''AllOverTheHouse'' while also working as a local radio broadcaster.

She maintains a [[ website]] and blogs a lot.

Her novels are:

* ''Homo Superior''
* ''Countdown to Extinction''
* ''Syndicate Dawn''
* ''The Atlantic Connection''
* ''Daytrippers''
* ''Orb of Arawaan''
* ''Bringing Home the Stars''
* ''Twinkle Little Star''

Her work contains examples of:

* ArtificialHuman - The operatives in her ''Syndicates'' series (''Homo Superior'', ''Countdown to Extinction'', ''Syndicate Dawn'', ''The Atlantic Connection'').
* AuthorGuestSpot - She needed a model for the front cover of a couple of her books at short notice.
* BittersweetEnding - ''Bringing Home The Stars'' has [[spoiler:Dezza leave the Cerberus with only one of his four companions]].
* ClearMyName - The only reason Dezza went back to the Cerberus in ''Bringing Home the Stars''.
* NothingIsScarier - She does not like to show the monster.
* TheyLookLikeUsNow - [[spoiler: The creature]] in ''Bringing Home The Stars''.