Jackpot Knockout

No casino would be complete without its one-armed bandits, and no fight scene in a casino would be complete without somebody being knocked into a slot machine. This invariably sends the reels spinning into a triple 7 jackpot, resulting in a waterfall of coins raining down on the unconscious foe.

This is definitely not Truth in Television — as modern slot machines rarely dispense actual coinage (preferring in-house chips or paper printout tickets that can be redeemed at the casino cage instead) and are primarily electronic instead of mechanical (so there are few moving parts that a physical impact could jostle). Besides, if getting a jackpot really was as easy as bashing it, everybody would be doing it, right?

But given that the jackpot itself is a Million-to-One Chance, it sure looks cool when it happens.


  • Appears in the climax of The Mask: Big Bad Dorian Tyrell is knocked into a slot machine, which flashes Jackpot.

Live-Action TV
  • A similar, but slightly different, situation. In one episode of M*A*S*H, Frank gets drunk in the Officer's Club, starts dancing with, as I recall, Nurse Kellye, gets Father Mulcahy (at the piano) to play a faster song, and Frank ends up hurtling into the nearby slot machine, which jackpots. Frank is pretty much unconscious by the time the jackpot triggers, though.

Western Animation