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It Could Happen Tomorrow
It Could Happen Tomorrow is a Speculative Documentary series running on The Weather Channel (yes, The Weather Channel actually has some series programs), which looks at the effects of potential weather or other natural disasters (levee failures in Sacramento, another 1906-level earthquake in San Francisco, a tornado like the ones that struck the Midwest US during Spring 2011 striking Washington, D.C., etc.) The point of each episode is that these are not wild predictions of spectacular and unreasonable happenings, but reasonably predictable events for the area of the country they look at that we can realistically expect will happen and we should prepare for them; it might not happen for twenty years, or it could... well, you can guess the rest of the line!

Tropes used:

  • Harsher in Hindsight: The original pilot was to detail what would happen if a Category 5 hurricane hit New Orleans. Then Katrina did just that while that ep was in production. The first episode changed to a category 3 hurricane hitting New York; though Sandy wasn't a Category 3, it certainly did cause quite a bit of destruction as the episode described.
  • Title Drop: All the time. It's almost as if the announcer is paid by the number of times he can get the title of the series into a scene.

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