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Iron Gaia
As the amnesiac test subject designated Number 898462138069001 (as you later learn, structural engineer Armand Carter) you awaken aboard the enigmatic Iron Gaia mobile space station, your memories shattered. As the only human awake on board the rapidly decaying station, controlled by an insane artificial intelligence with delusions of deification, is up to you to unravel the mystery of your own identity, and to answer the crucial question: what is the Iron Gaia?
— Story summary, from the game's website.

The Iron Gaia series is an indie sci-fi RPG series of games, about a structural engineer, named Armand Carter, who wakes up on board a space station with an AI that does not have its passengers best interests at heart. He has to find a way to escape.

The Systems Malfunction setting serves as a sequel-of-sorts to these games, detailing the galactic civilization that emerged from the ruins of the GAIA after it crash-landed.

The games can be downloaded at:

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