Though beats are sometimes considered an afterthought in rap music, Instrumental Hip-Hop makes them the main focus. Vocals--when they appear at all--are either [[{{Sampling}} sampled]], or by guest artists. There are a number of different approaches to Instrumental Hip-Hop, from the more jazzy, downtempo sounds of DJ Vadim, to the genre-hopping Music/DJShadow, to the synthesizer songwriter Music/{{Rjd2}}. But in general, Instrumental Hip-Hop will usually incorporate a number of musical styles (what styles exactly depends on the individual act), but all rooted in hip-hop. Sampling is also quite common in this particular genre of music. Turntablism is a subgenre focused solely around use of the Turntable as an instrument, and TripHop can be considered a cousin. [[ThemeNaming Many instrumental hip-hop acts have names with "DJ" in them.]]

!!Instrumental Hip-Hop Artists[[note]]Include a link to a song or two if possible.[[/note]]

* Damu The Fudgemunk: [[ Brooklyn Flower]]
* Music/DJKrush: [[ Kemuri]]
* Music/DJShadow: [[ Organ Donor]]
* Music/DJVadim: [[ The Next Shit]]
* El-P (His Mixtapes, his full albums are all rapping): [[ Drivin' Down the Block]]
* Music/FlyingLotus: [[ Zodiac Shit]] ['''Seizure Warning''']
* Music/GrandmasterFlashAndTheFuriousFive (TropeMaker): [[ Grandmaster Flash's Adventures on the Wheels of Steel]]
* Hermitude: [[ HyperParadise]]
* Music/JDilla: [[ Lightworks]]
* Joe Boyd Vigil: Probably best known for [[ his work on Toonami]].
* Paul White [[ Alien Nature]]
* Rjd2: [[ The Horror]]
* Music/{{Nujabes}} (he specializes in instrumental beats but sometimes has a rapper or singer over them): [[ "Counting Stars"]] and [[ "Aruarian Dance"]]