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[[caption-width-right:300:[[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E14TheNextDoctor Well, for once]] [[UsefulNotes/{{London}} it's not]] [[TokyoIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse Tokyo]] [[TheTokyoFireball getting rampaged]].]]

->''"There are always giant robots. Always."''
-->-- [[ConsoleRPGCliches49To72 Cliché #54]], ''Website/TheGrandListOfConsoleRolePlayingGameCliches''

Simply put, this is when a work is not about {{Mecha}}, but throws one or more in at some point(s) anyway. Why? [[RuleOfCool Because giant robots are cool]], duh!

Note that perhaps no work absolutely needs mecha, but some works still center around them, especially a SuperRobot show. This is when you can throw out the mecha and still have most of the work intact. But it wouldn't be as awesome, right?

A SisterTrope to LikeThatShowButWithMecha.

Other popular [[GarnishingTheStory condiments]] for when authors feel a science fiction or adventure plot is in need of fresh flavor are [[RentAZilla giant monsters]], [[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons dragons]], [[EverythingsDeaderWithZombies zombies]] and [[GratuitousNinja ninja]].


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'', Sealand asks Japan to making him like a power ranger and Sealand randomly becomes a Super Robot Mecha with a RocketPunch. He has to call Iceland to get the fist back because The Rocket punch just kept going straight to Iceland and Iceland's head was in the way so it couldn't come back.
* ''Laputa: Anime/CastleInTheSky'' has not a trace of HumongousMecha until about halfway through the movie.
* In the last episode of ''Anime/{{Kaiba}}'', three rebels break into the ruler's palace using a giant robot that the [[MadScientist Nutty Professor]] had been saving for the task. It fights off the MechaMooks with a MacrossMissileMassacre while the others make their way to the ruler's chamber.
* The final battle of the SchoolFestival arc in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' throws in mecha just for the heck of it. And Franchise/{{Gundam}} references. [[RuleOfFunny Plenty of Gundam references]].
* ''Anime/BurstAngel''. 'Course, 90% of the the plot is [[RuleOfCool things they thrown in for the hell of it]], so it doesn't stand out too much.
* ''Anime/CodeGeass'' both follows and subverts this trope, ironically enough. The series is a tale of war, oppression, supernatural powers and BlackAndGrayMorality. It also has mecha that are constantly used as the primary weapon of both sides involved in the conflict. However, the manga version of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion attempts to follow the same plot as the anime, except the Knightmares are non-existant. Instead, they wage war using other weapons such as infantry, planes, VTOL-crafts, and ships. Kururugi Suzaku is seen piloting a VTOL-craft (an armed helicopter) most of the time. While this seems like a good idea in theory, the absence of mecha in the manga makes the scale of events look quite a bit weird, especially when Zero and the Black Knights are sometimes reduced to committing simple acts of vandalism on school grounds, which can certainly be considered less awesome than engaging in mecha action sequences.
* ''Anime/GuiltyCrown'' is a story that takes place after a major [[TheVirus viral]] [[CataclysmBackstory outbreak deemed Lost Christmas]] has ravaged Japan and left it under martial law and foreign occupation. Ten years later, a new {{Phlebotinum}} known as the Void Genome has been developed, which allows its user to draw powerful items from people that reflect their personalities. After [[YourTerroristsAreOurFreedomFighters a terrorist group bent on liberating Japan]] steals this weapon, it winds up [[PhlebotinumRebel being accidentally bonded to]] OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Ouma Shu. It's a story that tries to show normal teenagers living under constant threat of strife and death. It also features some ConspicuousCG robots that serve mostly to give Shu some enemies to chop up with his weapon without having to kill anyone. Although prominent in the first episode, for most of the show they are mostly absent or in the background.
* ''Manga/OnePiece''
** Mr. 3 creates one for himself out of ''candle wax''. It's more dangerous than it sounds.
** After the TimeSkip, [[spoiler: Franky has a RuleOfFunny-based GiantRobot with a barrel-shaped body and tiny, spindly legs]].
*** [[spoiler:It's later revealed that its initial appearance was just for laughs and that it actually is an awesome machine]].
* The finale of ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'''s first season had Precia summoning an army of MechaMooks, including a HumongousMecha or ten. Though considering [[Franchise/{{Gundam}} all the]] [[Anime/GaoGaiGar mecha]] [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars references]] in ''Nanoha'', it's more surprising that there aren't ''more''.
* A few years prior, the same director had Kyosuke Date go a few rounds with giant machines in ''Anime/TheSoulTaker''.
* ''Anime/NowAndThenHereAndThere'', an anime about cruelty and child exploitation in an apocalyptic world where the majority of civilization has hit a technological regression, adds in mechas when they're entirely unnecessary. Doesn't stop the show from being terribly tragic, but sort of contradicts the Dark Age atmosphere.
* ''Manga/SoulEater'' is best described as a supernatural-themed FightingSeries. Towards the end, however, there's one fight scene where it manages to pull off this trope in the most absurdly [[CrowningMomentOfFunny hilarious]] way possible. And yes, it was indeed awesome.
* ''Manga/MagicKnightRayearth''. Although the mecha are cool to look at, they don't particularly do anything that the PowerTrio couldn't do on their own aside from scaling up the fights.
* In the High School comedy ''Anime/IMyMeStrawberryEggs'' old lady Lulu has a motorbike that [[TransformingMecha transforms]] into a humanoid firefighting [[MiniMecha mecha]]. There is no valid reason for this other than RuleOfCool.
* In ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'', one of Pain's bodies is [[SchizoTech inexplicably]] some sort of HollywoodCyborg, with rocket boots, a RocketPunch, MacrossMissileMassacre deployed from his other arm, and a [[FrickinLaserBeams laser beam]] from his head. This just seems to be part of his bloodline ability rather than actual technology. [[spoiler:He pulls off the same moves using his own body after being resurrected by Kabuto.]]
** And in the game ''VideoGame/NarutoShippudenUltimateNinjaStormRevolution'', we have a Mecha Naruto and Mecha Kurama. He even transforms into Mecha Kurama ala a SuperRobot Series.
* ''Anime/RedGarden: Dead Girls'' (OVA), Because being hundreds of years in the future isn't interesting enough, Gonzo decided it was time to add some mecha. Looking back on the TV series beginning episodes, one could never imagine this is how it would all end.
* ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic''
** Time: present. Location: Siberia. Scene: a jeep fleeing with two passengers, one of them a victim of illegal Soviet experimentation. As they are nearly safe, a Hind appears and blows away the jeep. The survivor is about to get shot by the Hind's chaingun when suddenly a HUGE knife flies out of the forest and impales the heli. Enter the protagonist in an M9E mecha using equipment that shouldn't exist for about 50 years. Seconds later we are treated to a scene of mechas jumping around like ninjas. Note again: this is the present, not the future.
** This anachronism is actually lampshaded and becomes a major plot point later on.
* Even though ''Franchise/GhostInTheShell'' has Spider Tanks, actual mechas are very rare and rather on the small side. The lobby fight in the first season of ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'' is already awesome, but when the mecha appears on the scene, the awesomeness instantly [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome goes critical]].
** Not exactly a mecha, it was just a fairly large suit of PoweredArmor
* In ''Manga/BusoRenkin'', most of the titular objects take the form of weapons. The boss of the Alchemist Army has his take the form of a giant mecha, which amplifies other weapons and abilities that are used by its other pilots.
* Quite literal in ''Anime/HanamaruKindergarten'': Tsuchida's puppet show is a fantasy fairytale...up until the handsome prince summons his giant robot, which the children think is awesome.
* ''Manga/AirGear'' has had a couple of these lately, starting with Caesar and Nina's AT Armors. Hell, soon enough even [[BadassNormal Kaito]] gets to pilot one
* In ''Manga/ZettaiKarenChildren'', one of the characters ESPer powers involves making toys real and fighting with them. Guess what he tends to fight with? (hint: it's a toy model, starts with the letter 'M' and ends with 'echa'). Aside from pure awesomeness factor, there is no justification for this.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* The ''ComicBook/XMen'' have the Sentinels, which are towering robots meant to hunt mutants.
* The giant Franchise/{{Batman}}[=/=]Franchise/{{Superman}} composite mecha created by one of the many people that go by Toyman. This particular Toyman is a Japanese teenager, so it's at least understandable.
** A version of this character from the future later appeared in Teen Titans piloting [[Anime/UFORoboGrendizer Grendizer]].
* In the ''ComicBook/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' Season 8 comics, Dawn ([[RentAZilla by now a giant]]) goes on a rampage through Tokyo, stomping on vampires and generally causing mayhem. The vampires counterattack with a HumongousMecha version of Dawn [[BewareMyStingerTail with a Godzilla-esque tail]] and the two of them battle it out in the middle of the city, with [[HollywoodNerd Andrew]] giving tactics advice from a helicopter overhead.

[[folder: Fan Works]]
* ''{{Webcomic/Hoofstuck}}'': [[http://mspfanventures.com/?s=484&p=522 LoRaF-tan has one.]]
* [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6771443 This]] ''Literature/WarriorCats'' fanfic declares that the only way ''Warriors'' could possibly be more awesome would be if the cats piloted giant mechs. And so they do.
* ''{{Anime/SailorMoon}}'' could be more awesome if Sarina was, instead of (or as well as) a [[MagicalGirl Magical Girl]], she was a mechwarrior. [[http://foxi-5.deviantart.com/art/Sarina-s-Mech-504073430?q=sort%3Atime%20gallery%3AFoxi-5&qo=3 So thought Foxi-5 at Deviantart]].
* ''{{WesternAnimation/MyLittlePony}}'', on a related note, could also be more awesome. [[http://foxi-5.deviantart.com/art/Rarity-s-Mech-467665191 Now]] [[http://foxi-5.deviantart.com/art/Luna-s-Mech-306019742?q=sort%3Atime%20gallery%3AFoxi-5&qo=39 it]] [[http://foxi-5.deviantart.com/art/Pinkie-Pie-s-Mech-329746746 is.]]
* ''FanFic/HotspringSouls'' is a ''Soulsborne'' (''VideoGame/DemonsSouls'', ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'', ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsII'', and ''VideoGame/{{Bloodborne}}'') crossover comedy fic that plays with the idea of the games' protagonists having a weekend vacation at an inn/hotspring in the countryside. The story starts out like a straightforward HotSpringsEpisode, then [[GenreShift turns into this halfway through.]]
* Theecat's six robotic horses combine into the mecha Lord Equus to combat Paul in ''Fanfic/TheKeysStandAlone: The Soft World''. It successfully kicks Paul across Boidan Valley. However, not long after that John sinks the thing deep into the ground. So much for awesome.

* When [[Film/{{Spaceballs}} Spaceball 1]] became (Dramatic Timpani) Mega Maid.
-->"Its a [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} Transformer]]!"
* ''Film/{{Moonwalker}}'', and the [[VideoGame/MichaelJacksonsMoonwalker two video games modeled after it]].
* Even though ''Film/StarshipTroopers'' is [[TheFilmOfTheBook based on the back cover of the novel]] that originally introduced the whole concept of PoweredArmor, it and its sequels have little to do with the original, and thus don't have the armor. Then ''Film/StarshipTroopers3Marauder'' "introduces" mechs just for the cool of it.
* The first three ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}'' films were conducted at the human scale. ''Film/TerminatorSalvation'' shows giant mecha robots in Skynet's army that are used to round up human survivors.
%%* ''Film/SuckerPunch''. That is all.
* All ''Franchise/StarWars'' films since ''Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack'' have added walkers such as the AT-AT and AT-ST. ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'' even introduced TransformingMecha (specifically, droid starfighters which could shift into walkers when needed.)
* The new ''Film/{{Gullivers Travels|2010}}'' movie has a giant mech. [[spoiler: Except it's used by the Liliputians, and as such is only human-sized.]]
* ''Film/WildWildWest''. Dr. Loveless' giant steam-powered SpiderTank.
* In ''{{Film/Aliens}}'', MiniMecha loading bots are used to help load heavy missiles onto the drop ships. Ripley was trained to use those, and she utilizes it in the final battle against the alien queen, while dropping the PreAssKickingOneLiner "Get away from her, you ''bitch''!".

* The Goliaths from ''[[Literature/{{HIVE}} H.I.V.E]]''

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* The ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E14TheNextDoctor "The Next Doctor"]] has a giant SteamPunk Cyberman trampling through 19th century London. Later on, a reason is given why it wasn't in the history books.
* ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' and ''Franchise/PowerRangers''. Let's face it, they don't ''need'' to include the MakeMyMonsterGrow part every episode, but nobody's really complaining about the giant robots the Rangers pull out in response. The first two Sentai series, ''Series/HimitsuSentaiGoranger'' and ''Series/JAKQDengekitai,'' had no super robots, just Creator/GerryAnderson-esque vehicles, and the latter was not very successful -- it was the introduction of super robots into the show with ''Series/BattleFeverJ'' that distinguished the show from the dozens of other HenshinHero shows at the time and made it a CashCowFranchise.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''ComicStrip/DickTracy'': At the height of the insanity during Locher's run, he introduced a HumongousMecha called TRAZE-R to the strip.

* ''Roleplay/DestroyTheGodmodder'' invokes this trope repeatedly. The [=AGs=] will be going along, trampling the shreds of the godmodder's forces, then suddenly a horde of giant mechs attacks them. Again.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'': "Yeah, Bob, I like the sound of this game where you play the solar-powered demigod, but do you think there's any way we could get, I don't know, giant magic suits of power armour into this? Except we can't really call them that, so...warstriders, yeah that's a good name. Warstriders."
* ''TabletopGame/CthulhuTech'': "People [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu beating the crap out of Cthulhu Mythos creatures]] is becoming a bit too common... What do you guys say we do it ''with mecha'', and make a tabletop RPG out of it?"
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'': "Hey, guys, I just had this awesome idea. Let's make a huuge golem out of flesh and bones, stat it up, and let necromancers possess it with Magic Jar!"
** "Yeah, that sounds great. And then we could have, like, the dwarves or somebody build a walking city, and make it fight [[TabletopGame/DragonMech dragons from the moon...]]"
* ''TabletopGame/GearKrieg'' "All the action and adventure of World War II -- with mecha!"
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' - because what's a massive, apocalyptic battle with without skyscraper-sized mechs that can level cities with a single shot? The newer editions have been critizised for introducing more and more stompy robots to the game, invoking this trope.

* Ladies and gentlemen, [[http://www.geekologie.com/image.php?path=/2012/10/22/disney-robot-large.jpg The "Disney Megazord"]].
* ''ComicBook/{{BIONICLE}}'' takes this to the logical extreme in ''Stars'': one robot is 27 million feet tall and the other one is 40,000,000 feet tall and contains [[spoiler: the ''entire Matoran Universe'']].

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The eponymous ''Franchise/MetalGear'' mechs could be anything, really, considering the themes of the games otherwise are unrelated to giant mecha. They do make for ''awesome'' boss battles, tho'.
** Especially in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4'' [[spoiler: when you finally get to pilot one.]]
** In a nice bit of lampshade hanging in the book of the first game, Snake reflects that Otacon even gave the thing sound effects to sound like a dragon. It doesn't get much cooler than that.
*** Of course, [[MeaningfulName Otacon]] is a [[HollywoodNerd Hollywood]] {{Otaku}} who got into robot engineering for the sole reason that he wanted to build HumongousMecha like in {{anime}}. Of course he is going to want to [[RuleOfCool snazz it up]]. His commentary in [=MGS4=] suggests he and the rest of the engineering team sneaked in a lot of little features like that, [[ThrowItIn just because they had the opportunity]].
* The Knights of the Holy Lance in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 2}}'' are what happens when you throw this on a pot with StupidJetpackHitler. They were supposed to have actual personalities and be ''feminine''.
* [[BossInMookClothing Warmech]] from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI''.
* ''VideoGame/{{Starcraft}}'': The Goliath (and to a lesser extent the Dragoon) could've been a more normal tank-type vehicle, but that wouldn't have been [[RuleOfCool nearly cool enough]]. [[VideoGame/StarcraftII The sequel]] [[UpToEleven adds even more]].
* The first ''VideoGame/DestroyAllHumans'' game's second to final boss. Behold! [[spoiler:The Roboprez!]]
--> '''Crypto:''' That is seriously messed up.
** Also, the titular mecha of ''Big Willy Unleashed'' for the Wii.
* The [[DuelBoss one-on-one duel between Sparkster and Axel Gear]] in ''VideoGame/RocketKnightAdventures'' is fought in giant possum-shaped mecha.
* ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberianSeries'' suddenly introduced the Titan and Mammoth Mk II in ''[[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberianSun Tiberian Sun]]''.
** In ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3'', the Imperial Japanese faction has mecha... well, pretty much solely because it's the Imperial Japanese faction.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'' had the Giant of Babil (which inspired [[HolyHandGrenade Ale]][[SummonMagic xan]][[WeaponofMassDestruction der]] and Barnabas / Barnabas-Z (which was inspired by ''Anime/MazingerZ'').
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV'' had the Omega Weapon as a BonusBoss. And it had an upgrade for the BonusDungeon.
* ''Videogame/FinalFantasyVI'' has Magitek armor, walking war machines powered by magic that are easily twice, maybe three times taller than their pilots. You start the game with you and two soldiers piloting them, and later you get to do it again in an enemy camp.
* ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' features Liberty Prime, a giant robot who memorably spouts anti-communist propaganda in battle (making him a literal PropagandaMachine.) A particularly egregious example, as ''Fallout 3'' takes place in a [[AfterTheEnd post-apocalyptic]] ScavengerWorld where the realistic odds of anybody getting a functioning giant robot are astronomical. The guy is just so damn cool though, that's he's become a MemeticMutation.
** Choosing to side with the Brotherhood of Steel in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}'' gives the Sole Survivor the opportunity to assist with the rebuilding of Liberty Prime.
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' has the Numidium, a [[OurDwarvesAreDifferent Dwemer]]-constructed HumongousMecha designed to be powered by the [[CosmicKeystone heart of a dead god]] (and later powered by what is believed to be that god's ''soul''), which [[RealityWarper distorts reality around it]] whenever it is activated. It played a major role in the series' backstory, where [[TheConqueror Tiber Septim]] used it to complete his conquest of Tamriel, and then shows up in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIDaggerfall Daggerfall]]'' as a major plot point. At the end of ''Daggerfall'', it [[spoiler:causes a TimeCrash which makes each of the game's mutually exclusive MultipleEndings [[MergingTheBranches all happen at once]], though none [[BroadStrokes to the same extent they would have individually]]]].
* ''VideoGame/DarkCloud 2'' has Steve the Ridepod, Maximilian's upgradeable fighting robot.
* ''VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot'' decided that Kirby wasn't enough of a MemeticBadass and gives him a MiniMecha to lay waste to his enemies with from time to time. It even inherits his trademark copying abilities to allow it to utilize all the manner of different types of weaponry.
* ''VideoGame/LiveALive'' devotes an entire chapter to buildup of piloting a giant robot. And it was awesome.
* The ''Franchise/JakAndDaxter'' series has a line of mass-produced (in the distant past) Precursor Robots, used by the minuscule [[MixAndMatchCritters ottsel]] Precursors for much larger-scale tasks.
* As part of an ''Film/{{Alien}}'' ShoutOut in ''VideoGame/DragonFable'', you get stalked and hunted by an alien throughout a [[AnachronismStew castle built on top of an ancient spaceship]]. Eventually, you find a giant mecha and smash it into oblivion.
* ''VideoGame/DealtInLead'' TheCavalry + Mecha = ''Mech-cavalry''. Awesomeness ensues.
* ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}}'' games get CoolShip all over the place as it is, then Gaiden has to go and throw in the Metal Gear-esque Big Ducker boss, which is a huger version of one of the series' staple Mooks. WITH ROCKET SKATES.
* In the Wii ''VideoGame/ABoyAndHisBlob,'' [[spoiler: the EleventhHourSuperpower, available in only three out of 80 levels, lets the Blob turn into a NighInvulnerable mecha that can punch, hover, and break stuff. And punch balls of energy [[PlayingTennisWithTheBoss back at the boss who chucks 'em.]]]]
* In ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle'', one of the bosses is an all-American football player backed by a squad of cheerleader assassins. He pilots a mech shaped like a football. Luckily, the player character (an {{Otaku}}) just happens to have a full-size working replica of the mech from his favorite SuperRobot show lying around. That's the kind of game this is.
* When OtakuSurrogate Sanae saw the titular Hisou Tensoku of ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}} 12.3: Hisou Tensoku'', she immediately assumed this trope. Oh sure, a HumongousMecha would look out of place in a MagicalLand with a FantasyKitchenSink, but as Sanae says, it's a ''MagicalLand with a FantasyKitchenSink'', [[IfJesusThenAliens so why wouldn't there be giant robots]]? Naturally, the fandom [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP-nJxJjL1Y ran away]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS6IT9UMC8U with this]]. [[spoiler:Alas, this gets subverted in the end, as Hisou Tensoku is revealed to be a giant, steam-operated advertisement doll rather than an actual HumongousMecha]].
* The Ride Armor from ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' series.
* Welcome to ''VideoGame/WildARMs'', an RPG based on the wild west complete with horses and steam-powered locomotives. Your Chocobo for the game is a 30-foot tall, ancient, walking death-machine. Enjoy!
* In ''VideoGame/HenryHatsworthInThePuzzlingAdventure'', the titular hero summons a steam-powered robot through the ancient, mystical ritual... of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJzpLAOXMfY Tea Time]].
* The Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Golett and Golurk are very largely based upon golems, though they incorporate HumongousMecha into their design as well. In particular, they're capable of using Fly without any sort of wings.
* The ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}}'' series has always been relatively realistic, so some fans were incensed when the most recent iteration allowed players to build ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Giant Death Robots]]''. This became much less of an objection once it was clear that by the time players had sufficient technology and resources to build them, [[AwesomeButImpractical the game was pretty much over already.]]
** The Giant Death Robot's entry in the in-game encyclopedia repeatedly {{lampshades}} how ''spectacularly dumb'' the whole idea is, while admitting that it's ''far'' too cool to not include.
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'':
** The ''VideoGame/HaloWars'' sub-series has the UNSC Cyclops.
** ''VideoGame/{{Halo 4}}'' introduces the UNSC Mantis, a ChickenWalker loaded with firepower.
** ''VideoGame/Halo5Guardians'' adds the Goblin, an incredibly powerful MiniMecha piloted by the franchise's resident laughingstocks, the [[CannonFodder Grunts]].
* IroncladTactics is "A fast-paced, card-based tactics game ... set in the [[DuringTheWar American Civil War]] ... WITH ROBOTS."
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', the enemy was fine using the YMIR Mech as an all-purpose [[GiantMook Giant]] MechaMook. But in the third game, that wasn't cool enough... so they were replaced with the Atlas, seemingly ''just'' so that Shepard can [[{{Gundamjack}} shoot out the cockpit and steal one]].
* Later games in the ''VideoGame/GanbareGoemon'' series throw in Goemon Impact or some variation on it, because Japan, even in the [[JidaiGeki Edo period]], just wouldn't be exciting enough without giant robots.
* In ''VideoGame/PhantasyStarOnline2'', one of the game's Emergency Quests, "Mining Base: Despair", is, as the name suggests, [[NintendoHard quite the challenge]]. Evening the playing field for the players, thankfully, is the A.I.S. (ARKS Interception Silhouette), a PurposelyOverpowered MiniMecha outfitted with a [[{{BFS}} giant sword]], [[MoreDakka chaingun]], [[MacrossMissileMassacre rocket launcher]], and [[WaveMotionGun beam cannon]]. The main downside to these mechs is that they only operate for about a couple minutes at a time, but you can take out bosses and whole volumes of baddies in such a short time with this baby!
** Some quests place the player in control of A.I.S. for their entire duration to combat a gigantic boss of some sort. The first pits the mechs against the towering [[EldritchAbomination Magatsu]]. The second has them facing off against a replica of the battleship Yamato. Yes, ''that'' [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII Yamato]]. Though for the sake of fairness, they've taken some [[BeamSpam creative liberties]] regarding its arsenal...
* ''VideoGame/WarOfTheMonsters'' is about a bunch of {{Kaiju}} [[CaptainErsatz knock-offs]] duking it out in a FightingGame... except for Ultra-V and Robo-47, who are Japanese and American-styled [[GiantMecha Giant Mechas]] respectively.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Lunarosse}}'', we have Yliandra's ultimate weapon, the Bijelined Dreadnought. Big enough that its innards comprise a dungeon.

* ''Operator'': Take World War One. Add mecha. Add a bionic Sharingan. Then forget the UsefulNotes/WorldWar1 part.
* ''Webcomic/{{Adventurers}}'': [[http://www.adventurers-comic.com/d/0194.html "Since when did we have giant robots?"]]
* ''Webcomic/TheInexplicableAdventuresOfBob--''Bob fights a [[http://bobadventures.comicgenesis.com/d/20090811.html giant robot lion]] for no apparent reason.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In ''Literature/BabeRuthManTankGladiator'' the narrator does this to the story of Creator/BabeRuth.
* The Literature/WhateleyUniverse is arguably one of the settings where despite the best efforts of human and mutant engineers, giant mecha canonically just plain don't ''work''. (Power armor exists, but is much more to human scale.) And yet, during the big Halloween 2006 battle, perpetual school project Tiny Tim gets a personal CrowningMomentOfAwesome once it's been brought to the surface -- not under its own power, mind -- by demonstrating that while it may not be able to walk worth a damn, at least some of its ''guns'' are quite operational...

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Mecha-Streisand, Barbra Streisand's [[Franchise/{{Godzilla}} Mecha-Godzilla]]-[[CaptainErsatz esque]] form, in ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''. She shows up in episode 12 "Mecha-Streisand" before vanishing for years... until episodes "200" and "201" a full 12 years later (1998 to 2010).
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Reboot}}'', but was justified, as it was in an episode parodying Power Rangers.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''. When Peter bans cripples from his restaurant, they come together to form "Cripple-Tron" (which, ironically, can walk).
** When Peter becomes the producer of Lois' directorial debut of ''Theatre/TheKingAndI'', Peter drives Lois so insane that she just gives him the director's seat out of frustration, and he eventually writes the role of Anna into A.N.N.A, Automoton Nuclear Neo-humanoid Android, ''a (male) sword-welding mecha'' when the previous actress drops out.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb''
** Parodied with [[CloudCuckoolander Norm, the Giant Robot Man,]] [[AffablyEvil a killer robot with the personality of a mild-mannered white-collar suburbanite.]]
** The trope appears again with the tree houses that turn into giant fighting robots in "Tree to Get Ready".
** "A Hard Day's Knight" has a fight between a fire-breathing robot dragon and a mecha in the shape of Queen Elizabeth I, which has ''laser eyes''.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents'': Timmy's Dad made a mecha out of his car to battle his next door neighbor.
* ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'':
** The eponymous character builds plenty of them.
** When Dexter went to Japan, everybody had a Mecha from the school bullies to the teacher of the class.
* In a ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' parody, the water tower in ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'' becomes a HumongousMecha.
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold''
** The Batmobile can transform into a robot!
** A [[UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfComicBooks Golden Age]] ComicBook/LexLuthor pastiche (on an alien world where Bats had {{Superman}}-esque powers due to the environment) voiced by Creator/ClancyBrown had RaygunGothic evil robots. It was even more awesome than it sounds.
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans:'' In the ''ComicBook/TeenTitansGo'' [[RecursiveAdaptation comic adaptation]], the various vehicles used at different times by the cast can combine into a robot. We do ''not'' see this every day, and of course their cartoon and mainstream comic counterparts get along just fine without it.
* ''Franchise/GIJoe'':
** The original ''WesternAnimation/GIJoeARealAmericanHero'' cartoon managed to have giant robots ''made of water''.
** While M.A.R.S. Industries in ''WesternAnimation/GIJoeRenegades'' would like to introduce you to their ''new'' line mech-suits, complete with UnstoppableRage feature.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'':
** There are Steampunk mecha owned by Hiroshi Sato, in a series about ElementalPowers. They even play a key role in [[spoiler:attacks on Republic City]].
** Taken UpToEleven [[spoiler:in the GrandFinale, the plot of which centers around [[BigBad Kuvira]] invading Republic City using a giant robot with an arm-mounted laser cannon. And it is ''awesome''.]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/BubbleGuppies'', a monster truck appears for one episode, Humunga Truck, and at the end it turns out to also be a TransformingMecha.
* In ''WesternAnimation/WeAreTheStrange'', the plot seems calm and suspenseful, only to suddenly end with a gigantic mecha battle.
* The ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' episode "Back to the Barn." has two characters, Pearl and Peridot, settle who is the best engineer by building, competing in, and finally fighting in two mecha.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* There is a real, life-size Gundam model in Japan. It was finished in July 2009 and pulled down in September. Then it was put up again in July 2010 but with a beam saber. Oh, and it also moves a little bit. Unfortunately, the 2011 earthquake collapsed it. Fortunately it was rebuilt in 2012, and was exhibited at Hong Kong in 2013.
* According to [[https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/04/mega-bots-kuratas-battle-august/ Ars Technica]], a real life showdown between the American MegaBots Mk.III and a Japanese Kuratas, was scheduled for August 2017.