In a [[CityOfAdventure world filled with superpowered heroes and villains constantly battling overhead]], a world where property damage is common and evil minions run rampant every now and then, have you ever wondered how the [[InnocentBystander normal citizens]] ''cope'' with all that crazyness? In this trope, the story focuses solely on those citizens. Often centres on a police force trying to stop normal crimes and having to put up with {{death ray}}s, or the feeling of inadequacy when the heroes catch perps before they do. FantasticRacism is also a prevalent theme.

Can be seen as a subtrope of PerspectiveFlip. When it's just one episode of a larger series, it's a LowerDeckEpisode.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* The ''Anime/ReCreators'' spinoff ''Re:CREATORS One More'' focuses on a CosplayOtakuGirl who is absolutely stoked that her town is starting to get overrun with fictional characters, and ends up catching glimpses of the main series' plot along the way.
* While ''Anime/KadoTheRightAnswer'' focused on the large scale interactions with Yaha-kui [=ZaShuina=] and his gifts to mankind, the spinoff manga about two highschool students shows the audience a glimpse of how commonfolk reacted to the events of the story.
* ''Anime/RollingGirls'' is about four average teenagers in a world where cities are defended by superheroes.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Many of the arcs of ''Comicbook/AstroCity''.
* ''ComicBook/DamageControl'' is a Marvel series following the construction company of the same name, that specialises in clean-up and general rebuilding after large cataclysmic superhero fights. A slight subversion of the trope, as the company has several superpowered employees to help with heavy lifting etc.
* Since the ''Comicbook/CivilWar'' event, Marvel have been using "Front Line" style tie-ins for all their recent crossover events, to show how those events are affecting the InnocentBystanders of the Marvel Universe (or at least New York...)
* ''ComicBook/GothamCentral'' was a series following the Major Crimes Unit of Gotham City, and all the difficulties of corruption and supervillains in their way.
* ''ComicBook/{{Marvels}}'' is the early days of the Franchise/MarvelUniverse from the POV of a muggle newspaper reporter.
** Its sequel, ''Eye of the Camera'', is much the same way.
** The four-issue mini-series ''Code of Honor'' also provides us with the New York City Police Department's perspective, showing us how all the wild anomalous events of Marvel's universe affect its everyday citizens and their institutions through the eyes of the lowly police officer Jeffrey Piper.
* Before ''ComicBook/GothamCentral'', there was ''Metropolis SCU'', a Creator/DCComics miniseries about the special police squad trained to deal with supervillains in ''{{Superman}}''.
* ''ComicBook/{{Powers}}'' by Brian Michael Bendis is an ongoing series focusing on regular police officers trying to solve crimes when their world is literally ''stuffed'' with crazy superpowers and mad science. Investigations often revolve around the murder of a superhero.
* ''Science Police'', the SpacePolice organisation from ''Comicbook/{{Legion of Super-Heroes}}''.
* ''Comicbook/{{Watchmen}}'' is told partly from the perspective of the normal police officers investigating the deeds of so-called superheroes and an ''actual'' superhero (Dr. Manhattan).
* In ''ComicBook/PS238'', written by the same author of ''Nodwick'', focuses on superhero children, but the closest thing to a protagonist is a non-empowered kid thrown into the middle of the rest and just trying to [[ActionSurvivor survive]]. This is a lesser extent because the comic still focuses predominately on superheroics, and even the protagonist starts to develop into more of a BadassNormal than a bystander.

* Literature/TheExtraordinaryAdventuresOfOrdinaryBoy. The title speaks for itself.

[[folder:Live Action Television]]

* Starting with season three, ''Series/{{Gotham}}'' qualifies, introducing a plethora of powered individuals while Batman isn't yet Batman. Without the technology Batman uses to counter them, it's all up to James Gordon, the BadassNormal police force, and occasionally kid Bruce Wayne to save the day.

* ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'''s ''Mata Nui On-Line Game'' and the following web episodes, as well as ''MNOG II'' followed the adventures of the normal islanders while the comics kept tabs on the heroes. Occasionally, the two story threads still crossed paths, like when the 2001 movie and video game got canceled, and ''MNOG'' had to tie up the main plot along with its own.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/{{Nodwick}}' is a quasi-example of this. While the webcomic has a fully empowered team of main characters, the protagonist of the series is their lackey. Part of the fun of the comic is showing how he deals with being the Mook in a team of heroes.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''Dental Repair'' in ''WebOriginal/CapesAndCowls'' is the story of a dental hygienist in a world full of vigilante superheroes.
* The Literature/WhateleyUniverse story "Crime and Chaos" is a 'Law & Order' pastiche where New York cops investigate the murder of a retired (and less than loved) superhero.
* [[ Karl the Deranged]]'s series "Chaos Descends" occurs in the same universe as ''WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice'', and focuses around a handful of ordinary human [[ReligionOfEvil chaos worshippers]] living on a backwater desert planet.