Informed Power

In many movies, the Big Bad would show off a weapon that he claims to have the potential to destroy the world. However, as the film goes on, the weapon may be charged or activated, but we never see its full potential. Many actionized family movies fall under this trope, simply due to Scenery Gorn and Monumental Damage being a tad too offensive for the Moral Guardians. While in some cases, it may be partly justified (The Hero stops the villain before activating it), other times, the villain for some reason deliberately avoids aiming his weapon at buildings, skyscrapers or etc. While some Scenery Gorn may be added in, we never see its full destructive potential, unless some Fanon adds a customised clip in. However, budget constraints from majority of the work's budget deticated to other stuff would also cause this.

A subtrope of Informed Ability. Sometimes overlaps with MacGuffin. See also: Battle Discretion Shot.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Bleach: In the Final Battle, Aizen — under the effects of the Hogyoku — uses the full power of Hado#: Kuroshitsugi on Ichigo, enveloping him in a tower of darkness. According to Aizen, it exerts so much gravity it can warp time and space. So, it should reduce Ichigo to nothing, Deader Than Dead, or something similar. But no more than five seconds later, Ichigo literally backhands his way out of the spell like he's merely swatting a fly. So, no. We never actually see the "full power".
  • One-Punch Man has a heroic variation: The most effort Saitama has ever put in a battle is during the Boros arc, where the alien conqueror is strong enough to swat him to the Moon, outstripping all opposition seen thus far. After Saitama returns, Boros goes all-out, but is still easily defeated. His last words confirm that Saitama was nowhere near using his full might (and this is someone who can dig out canyons just from the air displaced by his punches, during a training bout).
  • The Evil Malamar of the Pokémon anime revealed a plan to take over the planet by redesigning it with a device that would make it only hospitable to their species. The device was rather handily destroyed before it could do any damage, though beforehand the Malamar had a video diagram handy to demonstrate how the device would convert the world into an inhabitable toxic sphere. The heroes are traumatised by the time the presentation is over.

  • Deadpool: One comic has Deadpool face Spider-Man in a Yo Momma joke battle. As Deadpool is about to reveal the single most destructive one he refers to as Yo Mamageddon that killed at least three people (it apparently doesn't work as well in Hebrew where the listeners just bite off their own tongues), he... suddenly ends the match, claiming he was just being paid to distract Spider-Man for a few minutes.

    Films - Animated 

    Films - Live Action 
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: When Krang had assembled his weapon above New York City, it was mentioned that it can cause massive extinction and destruction, but we never get to see it in action, since the Turtles had disabled it before its activation. Before that, we also see its pieces fly and brush against skyscrapers, but it's never shown shredding apart the NYC skyline.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • Frequently throughout The Dreamstone it was claimed that if the Big Bad Zordrak ever got his hands on the title artefact, then all happiness and life would wither and die. Despite this, whenever Zordrak got his hands on the stone the worst damage he did was ruin a few dreams. Later episodes added a far more fearsome plan to corrupt the stone and take over the universe, though naturally Zordrak never had his hands on the stone long enough to even try.
  • The Adventures of Tintin: In "The Calculus Affair", the bad guys show New York skyscrapers cracking and crumbling in a few seconds before revealing that it was only a model, but that they're working on a full-sized version. Calculus is retrieved before this can happen, although whether they could have gotten him to cooperate is unlikely.