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[[caption-width-right:300: By the time you've earned this, [[BraggingRightsReward there won't be any evil left to use it on]].]]

->''"Franchise/FinalFantasy games give you a choice: you can either spend forty hours playing underwater foosball or watching chocobos screw or whatnot, which eventually gives you your ultimate weapon so that you can defeat the final boss pretty handily. Or, you can spend those forty hours actually fighting the final boss. It's up to you. You want a quick game, go play pinball."''
-->-- '''Creator/LoreSjoberg''', ''[[http://www.bookofratings.com/ The Book of Ratings]]''

The very best weapon in the entire game -- even better than the SwordOfPlotAdvancement and the InfinityMinusOneSword. But, you'll never get it by just sticking to the game's main story. If you want it, you've got to [[TakeYourTime put the plot on hold]] and embark on a five-hour {{sidequest}}! That, or find the enemy that RandomlyDrops it (which will likely be a MetalSlime or BossInMookClothing from the BonusDungeon, and the drop rate may be just 2 percent, or 5 percent with a RandomDropBooster).

One would think that the time needed to finish the subquest could be better spent on LevelGrinding, so the '''Infinity +1 Sword''' is often more useful because it has other associated stat bonuses, unique to the character, rather than merely being stronger than other weapons (or so strong that even leveling up can't give you that kind of strength). Also, it's unlikely the dungeon the sword is in will be uninhabited; in fact, the monsters there tend to be very XP-rich ''anyway''.

Sometimes the sword has not been forged yet -- if that's the case, you need to find the UltimateBlacksmith so he can make it for you.

If the bosses you need to defeat for it aren't optional, that overlaps with LastDiscMagic.

As noted, this doesn't actually have to be [[ILikeSwords a sword]].

Of course, a RulesLawyer will always be able to use their intimate knowledge of set theory to speculate on the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleph_number cardinality]] of the Infinity.

If it's only possible to obtain this once every challenge in the game has already been overcome, it's also a BraggingRightsReward.

Compare PenultimateWeapon, InfinityMinusOneSword, ArmorOfInvincibility, and OlympusMons. Do not confuse with MoreThanInfinite. InfinityPlusOneElement is this applied to ElementalRockPaperScissors. Likely to be LevelLockedLoot.



* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'':
** ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaLinksAwakening'':
*** The ''boomerang'' is the Infinity Plus One weapon -- it can kill almost anything, ''including the final boss'', in one hit, and if you still have the magic rooster, one can throw the boomerang and then fly around invulnerable. Although the Magic Rod, a mandatory weapon, is pretty much as good, if not better against certain enemies. Compared to most examples, it's very easy to obtain--you have to complete a lengthy ChainOfDeals first, but you have to do that to complete the game anyway, and afterward you just have to visit a nondescript cave at the beach where the game started and trade away a less-valuable item.
*** There's also the Level 2 Sword, which you get by hunting around for 20 Secret Seashells all over Koholint and then turning them in at the Seashell Palace. Not only does the Level 2 Sword deal twice as much damage as the regular sword, but if your health is full, the famous sword blast from the original game makes its return.
** The Biggoron Sword in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime''. The sidequest required to get it has several GuideDangIt events in it, particularly giving the saw to the carpenter's boss, where it is only vaguely hinted that the gray-skinned man possessing the saw was his son, and to boot, he's in a location (Gerudo Valley) that it is unlikely you would visit at the time you start the quest, so by the time you would finally get it, you would have missed out on using it in more than half the dungeons. If you know what you're doing, however, you can get the sword immediately after becoming an adult and winning [[PowerupMount Epona]], then use it in every adult dungeon, turning it into a DiscOneNuke.
** ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOracleGames'': The Master Sword, which was an InfinityMinusOneSword in most of its appearances (except for its series debut in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast''), gets more respect here (gameplay-wise, as it is not [[SwordOfPlotAdvancement plot-relevant]] in these games), in which it can be (optionally) obtained by linking the two games together and completing a sidequest. (The InfinityMinusOneSword in these games is the Noble Sword.) However, this requires one game to be completed, so it doesn't have much use in that game after it's obtained. (Nothing stopping players from replaying the games in the other order to get more use out of the Master Sword, though.) The Biggoron's Sword appears as well and is obtained similarly to the Master Sword, but it is swung more slowly than the standard one-handed swords and prevents Link from being able to equip anything else without unequipping it.
** The Magic Armor in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess'', which can be a major GameBreaker during boss fights. It lasts as long as you have rupees, because when you run out it becomes an ArtifactOfDoom, slowing Link down. The player can get around this restriction by [[spoiler:collecting all the poe souls, which breaks the curse on Jovani and rewards Link with infinite rupees.]] Of course, without a guide book around, it takes several hours of scouring Hyrule to complete this sidequest, which renders it pretty pointless in a game where the boss battles aren't exceptionally difficult.
** ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword'':
*** Being the OriginsEpisode of the [[spoiler:Master Sword]], the game has variants of it as both the InfinityMinusOneSword ([[spoiler:in the form just called the Master Sword]]) and InfinityPlusOneSword ([[spoiler:in the form called the True Master Sword]]). Both of them also count as the SwordOfPlotAdvancement, and must be obtained to progress through the game.
*** The Hylian Shield, which, unlike the other three shields you can get, doesn't actually take any damage. This is the best shield in the game, and is earned after beating 8 [[DoWellButNotPerfect (and only 8)]] bosses in the Thunder Dragon's challenge.
** In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds'', finding two pieces of Master Ore and bringing them to the blacksmith in Hyrule means he will reforge the Master Sword into a [[InfinityMinusOneSword Red Tempered Sword]], then taking two pieces of Master Ore to the blacksmith in Lorule nets you the Golden Tempered Sword. So the base Master Sword is an [[InfinityMinusOneSword Infinity -2 Sword]]?
** The Master Sword in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'' manages to be both an infinity +1 and -1 sword at the same time. When you first get the sword, its attack power only has a meager power of 30 and its energy gets drained if you "break" the sword, rendering it unusable for 10 minutes. The Master Sword is the only weapon that is reusable this way, which puts it miles ahead of other weapons, yet its low attack power won't be suitable for strong enemies. If you're in the presence of an enemy that's under the influence of Ganon, the sword's attack power doubles to 60 and its energy takes a lot longer to be fully depleted. Fully completing the Master Trials in the first DLC pack has the Master Sword powered up to 60 attack power permanently and gives the enhanced durability to boot. While you can easily find stronger weapons, they'll eventually break while the powered up Master Sword will take a long time to be depleted.
* ''VideoGame/{{Okami}}'' features the String of Beads, which basically turns Amaterasu into even more of a god than she already is. It gives you infinite health and ink (the game's equivalent of magic power) and ''ten times'' attack power. To get it, you must collect all 100 stray beads, which entails completing pretty much every sidequest in the game, among other things. Naturally, this a huge GameBreaker, but since the final bead is received upon beating the game, it is a NewGamePlus-only item. Incidentally, this is also an instance of OneHundredAndEight, since the beads are the "stray" small beads from the rosary of the mythical Princess Fuse, which broke when she committed suicide (though she's alive and well in the game world). The eight big beads are the power orbs held by her canine warriors.
* The Spur in ''VideoGame/CaveStory'' (not so much the Sword part as the Infinity Plus One part; it's the most powerful weapon in the game). It's an upgrade to the starting weapon: the Polar Star. To obtain it, you must [[PathOfMostResistance avoid trading it in for a superior weapon until you reach a certain point]].
* ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'':
** ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight'':
*** The game contains a well-hidden sword called the Crissaegrim that attacks with four near-simultaneous blows at once, can strike as fast as the button is pressed, and deals significant damage with each individual hit. It also allows you to walk while attacking, whereas most other weapons don't allow you to. And you can [[DualWielding wield two of them]]. However, it is found on only one very weak enemy in one location that has [[RandomlyDrops a small chance of dropping the sword]], and thus only a few players end up getting one without knowing about it.
*** There's also the Mourneblade, which is randomly dropped by Azahgals. It has the same attack as the Crissaegrim, except it only hits once. Instead, it heals 8 HP per strike, which breaks the game wide open. You don't even have to ''dodge'' the final boss: just hop around like an idiot swinging the sword and you'll recover more HP than he deals.
*** The Ring of Varda, the "[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Golden ring to rule over all!]]". [[ShoutOut Yes, that is the item's description in-game]], and appropriately so. The ring gives you ''ridiculous'' stat bonuses which [[GameBreaker absolutely unbalance the game]]. And if one isn't enough, you can equip ''two'' of these things! It's so awesome that the game only allows you to collect it if you [[NewGamePlus started a new game after you've beaten it at least once]]. Otherwise, the monster that drops this item will drop the similar-looking Turquoises in place of a Ring of Varda, which can be sold to the librarian, but is mostly useless.
*** The Alucard Shield, when used with the Shield Rod, becomes the strongest weapon in the game. If you put the Alucard Shield and the Shield Rod in each hand, press both buttons at the same time, and you can drain enemies' life away just by touching them with the shield.
*** The Duplicator can be bought from the librarian for 500,000 gp, and is also only available after beating the game at least once. While equipped, it allows unlimited use of all items that would otherwise be consumed when used. (Although it does reduce your stats, but that can be fixed by the Ring of Varda.)
** ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaAriaOfSorrow'' offers up a Crissaegrim-like weapon with slightly shorter range called the Valmanway. Unlike the previous game, where the Crissaegrim can be picked up halfway through the game if you've got the bravery and the time to waste, the Valmanway can ''only'' be picked up as a reward in Boss Rush Mode, which isn't unlocked until you beat the game at least once.
** ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaDawnOfSorrow'': The Valmanway is still the ultimate (crown) sword weapon, but now it's only available through item crafting. The downside? It requires ''two'' boss souls, which you can only get one of per playthrough. So if you make the Valmanway, you have to give up two useful and relatively unique souls. It's incredibly worth it, though, as the Valmanway, despite limited range, absolutely destroys every early boss and most end bosses.
*** Death's Scythe. It requires you to get the Golden Axe first, a very powerful overhead weapon that can only be crafted with a very rarely-dropped soul. Once you have it, though, and once you have Death's soul, you can fuse the two together and get this weapon.
*** The Gungnir. In addition to being a source weapon that can be picked up as you go through the game (meaning you do not even have to build it up from the paltry spear), most of the souls required to build the Gungnir are enemies that are ''easily'' farmed (and it requires no boss souls, meaning you still have a shot for the Chaos Ring). The final soul, which is in the Pinnacle, can be farmed almost comically, because the bugbears needed come neatly lined up in a row for you to kill. And once you've forged it, the normal attack hits twice and has a long reach, and the charge attack goes all the way across the screen. That's right, its attack reach is even LONGER than the gun. The only thing stopping it is off-screen damage.
*** The Claimh Solais needs to be crafted, and is much slower than in Aria, but is still one of the best weapons in the game. It has a special attack that covers most of the screen and does ludicrous damage, at the cost of a fair bit of MP.
** ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaHarmonyOfDespair'':
*** The Valmanway returns yet again and continues to be the single most broken weapon for Soma, an already broken character when maxed out. With the correct soul combination he can use it for what is basically [[GameBreaker health regeneration with every hit and infinitely floating in one place out of many a boss' attack ranges with the correct soul and accessory combinations.]] And the InfinityPlusOneSword gets an infinity plus one version with the Valmanway +1. It makes the game incredibly easy for Soma, but insanely boring for anyone who ends up grouped with a Valmanway Soma. Which is likely, as 80% of players online use him for some stupidly boring reason. [[DualWield Oh, and did we mention you can dual-wield them?]]
** ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaPortraitOfRuin'':
*** The game hands you a ridiculously powerful sword, the Royal Sword, for a fairly simple quest early on (A-Rank Hunter). It's one of the strongest weapons in the game, boosts ''several'' stats, and has only one disadvantage -- a slow swing speed. Its only competition is... the Vampire Killer, which starts out ponderously weak but can be boosted with the defeat of a relatively simple BonusBoss. The Vampire Killer is weaker than the Royal Sword, but it's a lot faster and has the quite-useful Holy elemental affinity.
*** If you have a wireless connection, you can use the Nintendo WFC shop to buy a Rose Stem Whip for the low, low price of 4,800 gold, long before you would find it otherwise. It's the strongest non-elemental whip in the game.
*** Alucard's Spear and the Final Sword. Alucard's Spear is given to you by Wind, the guy who gives out sidequests, if you managed to master the Javelin subweapon (basically killing nearly a thousand enemies with it); the Final Sword is a [[RandomlyDrops rare drop]] from a giant armored warrior that, while having only 50 hit points, is resistant to ''everything''.
** ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaCurseOfDarkness''
*** Each category of weapons (except maybe for the joke ones) has a top-tier one, with the greatest damage output and combo. Namely, there are the [[CoolSword Laser Blade]], [[RoyalRapier Estoc]], [[{{BFS}} Feather Sword]] (for swords), [[PowerfulPick Zaghnol]] and [[SinisterScythe Death's Scythe]] (axes, with the latter being the strongest weapon in the game), [[BladeOnAStick Chauve-Souris]] for spears, and [[PowerFist Force Gloves]] for knuckles.
* The Mace in ''VideoGame/LaMulana''. To get it, you must solve a puzzle involving weights and balancing a scale out. This puzzle requires combining six hints scattered throughout the ruins, plus weighing yourself on a scale in another area (and figuring out how to translate the numbers on the scale, and that it ''is'' a scale), and parts of the hints have eroded away (requiring you to guess at one pair of gems). If you fail the puzzle once and didn't keep a backup save, [[PermanentlyMissableContent it's gone for good]]. If you succeed, it's got the highest damage per second and per hit in the game, with or without the software combo that boosts it further.
* ''VideoGame/{{Alundra 2}}'' has a quest to gain the most powerful sword in the game, where you must do a [[ChainOfDeals Trading Quest]] all over the world.
* ''VideoGame/BeyondOasis'' has a hidden dungeon with 100 floors, each filled with progressively stronger enemies. At the bottom is the Infinite Omega Sword: an unbreakable version of the strongest sword type in the game. ''It sets things on fire.''

[[folder:Action Game]]
* The Flamethrower from the SNES version of ''VideoGame/ZombiesAteMyNeighbors''. There's only one of them in the entire game (400 shots), so once you run out of ammo, that's that. And it's pure GuideDangIt to find. But it does fry up Giant Spider Bosses quite nicely!
* The UV 9 "Pulsar" ultraviolet laser rifle from ''[[VideoGame/{{Crusader}} Crusader: No Remorse]]'' can only be bought from Weasel once late in the game and takes a lot of cash. You need to restrain yourself from desintegrating enemies throughout the game to have the money to get it when it's possible. However, the thing can strip all the soft tissue from any living target in one hit and blows up the strongest robots in three shots that don't take a lot of energy compared to the more common [[MoreDakka plasma gun]]. Keep in mind that the micro missile launcher is even more destructive, but its ammo is very rare [[CruelAndUnusualDeath and it's not nearly as much fun.]]
* ''InfinityBladeII'' has an Infinity Plus One ''Ring'' -- the Holy Band gives you a level 10 spell (other spells currently max out at 8) which does irresistable damage and heals you for the same amount. Getting it, however, requires you to possess the Infinity Blade, defeat 4 powerful bosses (two in a row without any rest), and use two treasure maps to locate hidden items; obtaining the ring proves you don't need it to succeed.
** But there is an even greater weapon which is called the Solar-Trans, which allows any gem put in it to receive a bonus of x10. Combine this with the fact that you can get a +5000 rainbow attack, which comes to a total price of 146 million in game credits! To put that into perspective, going through the whole game twice will give you about a million.
* In ''VideoGame/TheTowerOfDruaga'', the best weapon is the Excalibur or Hyper Sword, found on floor 45. It's an even trickier GuideDangIt than most treasures, requiring two other treasures (one unusually placed on the same floor) to keep it from turning into a Potion of Death or an Infinity Subtracted From One Sword that does no damage.
* Naked Jehuty in ''VideoGame/ZoneOfTheEnders'', the form of Jehuty that you get only in the very last level (outside of NewGamePlus, that is). With greatly improved stats and infinite subweapon energy, Naked Jehuty can plow through former bosses like they were mere {{Mooks}}.
* ''VideoGame/ArmoredCore'':
** The MOONLIGHT laser blade and the KARASAWA laser rifle usually falls into this category, at least in the earlier games. The former could potentially shave off half an AC's health with one hit and its blade wave produced an explosive energy burst. The latter, with the right parts, made the game laughably easier. The KARASAWA, despite its recurring status, got the nerfbat after ''[=AC2=]:AA''. The MOONLIGHT lost a bit of its destructive power but instead got a significant increase in blade length. Both parts in the first game have to be found in difficult and risky areas.
** In Project Phantasma, however, both get one-upped by the FINGER part, which you unlock once you top the Arena. One of the lightest parts in the game, but ridiculously overwhelming with its wide-spread, but tightly concentrated rapid fire which gives it extreme close-range power and doubled by the fact it carries 3,000 rounds. Phantasma alone can be killed in less in a minute with this thing.
* In the Virtual Reality demo game ''Spellfighter VR'', near the end of the game's only dungeon, you find the "Green Skull of Lasers" along with a note stating that it should never be assembled. Using it requires both hands; one to hold (and aim) the skull, the other to hold the jaw. If the jaw is touched against the bottom of the skull, it fires extremely powerful green lasers out of the eyes that can tear most enemies apart and makes completing the demo nearly effortless. The only drawback is that the lasers fire for a few seconds, then require a few seconds to recharge. Obviously, you can choose not to take the skull if you prefer a greater challenge, but there's no penalty for using it.

[[folder:Adventure Game]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Nethergate}}'' has Infinity Plus One spells. The Nether Circle spells can only be found in certain dungeons, and to cast them, you must be able to cast the highest-ranked spell of their associated spell circle.

[[folder:Beat Em Up]]
* The "Fist of God" punch in ''VideoGame/GodHand''. Not only does it do 100 damage, it can be charged to do four times as much -- and this is without releasing the God Hand, which adds another multiplier to the damage. A single hit from a fully utilised Fist of God can kill bosses in one or two hits! Appropriately, the move is only available through NewGamePlus and costs 600,000 gold, which is about as much as an average playthrough of the game will net the player, making obtaining it a matter of either ignoring all the powerups to save money, or spending a rather long time in the casino.

[[folder:Driving Game]]
* In the N64 game ''VideoGame/BeetleAdventureRacing'', you can unlock a police Beetle. In addition to having the best possible stats, it has a siren instead of a horn, which you can use to make all CPU cars slow to a stop while they're within hearing distance! Of course, to get it, you have to unlock every other car (including the damn-good-but-not-quite-the-best car, the Alien Beetle), meaning that all you have left to do is find the hidden bonus and cheat boxes around the tracks (which there's no point in doing with any ''other'' car).
* In ''VideoGame/FZero Maximum Velocity'', there is an Infinity Plus One ''car'' that also functioned as an Infinity Minus One as well. To get the Jet Vermillion, you had to A: beat every league (4) on Master difficulty. With the first 9 cars you unlock. You could also do B: race on the Championship Circuit 255 times. That is, all 5 laps, 255 times. You could also take a 3rd option: cheat. Either gameshark it or use the ingame password system. What makes this an infinity + -1 object is that the car itself is horrible on paper but awesome in practice, because of the one stat not listed in-game: The time it takes to decelerate after a boost runs out. Case in point: it's the car that holds the world records on every course but one, due to its inability to make one jump for a shortcut.
* ''[[VideoGame/GranTurismo Gran Turismo 5]]'' features the [[http://www.topspeed.com/cars/2012-red-bull-x2010-ar102912.html Red Bull X2010]], created as a joint project between Polyphony Digital and Red Bull Racing. The idea behind the car was essentially "let's go build a race car that isn't bound by any stupid league restrictions!" The car features over 1400 horsepower and weighs only 550 kilograms, and can achieve lateral acceleration levels of 8.75 G's (in comparison, real-life F1 cars get anywhere from 2-4 depending on speed) and has a top speed of over 500 km/h. It is so fast that there is zero competition for it from any AI racers in-game and it is disallowed in all 'serious' online racing rooms. Acquiring the X2010 requires you to score at least Bronze on three time trials that feature the X2010 - the time is actually easy for anyone with simulation racing experience and a wheel, [[NintendoHard but scoring Gold is the hardest challenge in the entire game]]. Only a handful of people have gotten Gold for all three trials with a standard [=PS3=] controller.
** On the other hand, you can actually unlock the car by either reaching A-Spec level 40 or raising your B-Spec driver to 35. It'll take a while after level 30, but hey, at least you won't have to laboriously attempt to complete the 3-race X2010 Time Trial event.
* T.T. from ''VideoGame/DiddyKongRacing''. He has the highest acceleration and top speed of any character, and middling handling, which makes almost every race in the game an utter joke -- but to get him, you have to have beaten the entire game already, then beat very challenging times on ''every track in the game''. It's a refreshing challenge in an otherwise fairly easy game, which upon victory then makes the [[ShapedLikeItself easy game even easier]].
* In ''[[VideoGame/ChoroQ Road Trip Adventure]]'', acquiring all the stamps gives you access to the Devil Parts. The parts comprise mainly of the Devil Tyres and Engines. Their stats are given as "unimaginable" and can take you from 0-349km/h in a matter of seconds and can stop to a standstill from the maximum speed instantaneously. They are also able to reverse to speeds of 700km/h, making the act of driving backwards faster than driving normally. They can be considered as a GameBreaker, although all races, challenges, and mini-games have to be completed before being able to unlock the demonic Devil Parts.
* In the "Story" mode of ''FinalLapTwin'' on the Turbografx 16, you can't buy the best car parts, you have to find them. Once you do, your car becomes the [[InfinityMinusOneSword Infinity Minus One Car]]. Getting all the legendary parts and taking them to a mad scientist gives you the [[InfinityPlusOneSword Infinity Plus One Car]], which hits the top speed without turbo, has almost limitless (and functionally useless) turbo fuel, turns without skidding no matter how fast you're going, and all but flies through the air when it hits a ramp. And the final race in the game is still extremely difficult, because the guy you're racing against ''has the exact same car''.
* ''VideoGame/MidnightClub Los Angeles'' has the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saleen_S7 Saleen S7]]; it is the fastest car in the game (can achieve 221 mph without Nitrous) and is probably the only vehicle in the game which can match the [[GameBreaker fully tuned Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14]]. When using Nitrous, it can reach 251 mph, can tackle corners like if they were nonexistent, and sticks to the road like it's made of glue. And without the need of slamming in performance upgrades! However, the car costs 580,000 dollars, which means you must [[LevelGrinding hysterically play the game]] to get your hands on one of them. Couple it with the fact that this game is even harder than NintendoHard...
** A probably easier method to get one of them is: Step 1. Defeat the final boss. Step 2. Raise a million dollars. Step 3. Go to Karol's mansion and give him the million bucks. Step 4. Profit!
*** Don't get it? If you spend this million dollars, EVERYTHING IN THE GAME (the Saleen S7 included) will be totally free of charge.
* Recent ''Franchise/NeedForSpeed'' games, such as ''[[VideoGame/NeedForSpeedMostWanted Most Wanted 2012]]'' and ''Rivals'', tend to treat the Koenigsegg Agera and its derivatives like this. Despite being the fastest cars in the games, they still manage to be quite agile '''and''' resilient to damage. The fact that it's usually the last car to be unlocked means by the time you've gotten it, you're skilled enough to not mess up with it. ''Rivals'' in particular made the Koenigsegg One:1, an even more game-breakingly Infinity-Plus-One Car, a ''DLC Car''. Woe betide anyone who has to face one in a multiplayer match.

[[folder:Fighting Game]]
* ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'':
** Each character has exclusive weapons, equippable only at Level 100, that are tailor-made to improve their unique aspects, and are usually the best weapons those characters can use (though there are some non-exclusive Level 100 weapons that are more useful). However, none can compare to Exdeath's ultimate weapon: Enuo's Scourge. Aside from its stats (which are good, but just as good as the other ultimate weapons), it has, like the other Exclusives, added effects based around the character. For Enuo's Scourge, those bonuses are Brave Point boost on block, and an effect called Riposte, which makes every attack a critical hit if done to a staggering character. Exdeath's abilities are based around blocks and counterattacks, meaning virtually EVERY hit he does will be done to a staggering opponent, reeling from their attacks being blocked. Boosting his Attack rating will make his critical hits do absurd damage, ensuring you'll be doing ''several thousand'' points of damage with each of his counters. And this is with a character designed to counter ''everything.''
** Several of the heroes' [[SuperMode EX Modes]] involve wielding their classic "best weapon". Cloud's Buster Sword becomes Ultima Weapon, Squall's gunblade becomes Lionheart, etc.
*** An odd case with Prishe, during her EX mode she equips Destroyers, which on her original title are inferior to both the weapons used for her unique level 90 (Sphairai) and level 100 (Glanzfaust) weapons on Dissidia. However the Destroyers were the best weapon a Monk could realistically obtain for a long time. (See the Relic and Mythic entries under Final Fantasy XI below)
* The driving forces behind the events of the ''VideoGame/SoulSeries'' of fighting games are the twin swords Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. The Soul Edge was a legendary sword sought after by countless warriors. Unfortunately, said sword is actually an ArtifactOfDoom, whose hobbies include devouring souls, slaughtering innocents, and becoming its wielder's SuperpoweredEvilSide. The Soul Calibur was a sword created to destroy Soul Edge. The swords are often the ultimate weapons of the characters. Ironically, the motives of many characters revolve around destroying one or both of the swords, rather than claiming them as their own.
** In most of the games, each character can unlock a version of one or both swords - in ''Soul Calibur II'', for example, every character has Soul Edge, but only a few have Soul Calibur. Generally, though, Soul Edge will leech off your lifebar - would you expect otherwise? - and those characters who don't have Soul Calibur generally have another really souped-up weapon. Sometimes these weapons not only increase attack strength but ''refill your lifebar at an insane rate'', [[SNKBoss making this the bane of your existence if you encounter the CPU wielding such a weapon in the story mode]].
*** Inverted with the joke weapons, like Mitsurugi's bokken, Taki's tobacco pipes, Seung Mina's broom, and Link's bug-catching net. They make weird sounds in place of the usual slashing or swooshing sound effects, e.g. the broom reminds the player of [[Disney/SnowWhite a certain animated film]], the tobacco pipes sound like hollow tubes being swung around, etc. The game's description of these weapons always includes something to the effect of it lulling an opponent into a false sense of security and self-assuredness, making said opponent easier to take down with these "weapons".
** In ''Soul Calibur Legends'' for the Wii, the main character wielding a fully-powered Soul Edge with a certain amount of spirit power/mana or whatever you call it can activate a special attack that does nearly half a bar of damage to an opposing player. It IS the Soul Edge we are talking about...

[[folder:First Person Shooter]]
* ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2'':
** The Sniper Rifle and Laser sight can be considered one such weapon. The base Sniper Rifle kills any non-special infected in 1 shot, and most specials in 2 or 3. It also has semi-auto fire capability. The problem is, if you walked and fired with it (which, given the game's gauntlet crescendos, will be very often), the accuracy is so pathetically diminished you'd be wasting more ammo than with a full automatic rifle. However, getting the Laser sight almost completely erases this problem, and it effectively becomes a shotgun (the only other non-special weapon that can cause a kill with one shot to anywhere on the body) with 300 bullets (the tier 2 shotguns all have only about 130 bullets).
** In The Passing campaign, there's the [[{{BFG}} M60]], a huge machine gun that never has to be reloaded, kills common infected in a single shot, and can shred a Tank fairly quickly thanks to its firepower and no reloading required. The only downside is the gun cannot have its ammo replenished and it can only be found once or twice in the whole campaign.
** The Mutation Game Mode "Gib Fest" is basically ''a whole mode built on this trope''. You start off with the aforementioned M60 machine gun as your primary weapon with the Magnum as your secondary. The clincher is the M60 has infinite ammo and never has to reload. You can literally go through the entire game holding down the trigger button (which incidentally is the best way to earn one of the harder achievements) and even better if you can somehow find a laser sight somewhere along the way.
** The GrenadeLauncher tops all other weapons in the game. It's rare to find and its ammo cannot be replenished, but direct blasts to the infected kill them in a single shot and all other infected who are in the way. The weapon is the only one in the game that can cause infected to stumble, including the resident OneHitKill Witch. Only the Tank and the Charger are immune to being stumbled from the weapon.
* The [=FarSight=] from ''VideoGame/PerfectDark'': an ImportedAlienPhlebotinum sniper rifle that's [[OneHitKill massively overpowering]] and features tremendous penetration to the point of being able to shoot through almost any wall and barrier, coupled with an InfraredXRayCamera scope that ''tracks other players for you''. Yes, that's right: it can see through walls. The only disadvantages to it were a slight SniperScopeSway and a slow firing rate, but the rest of its attributes more than made up for it.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Quake}}'', the lightning gun comes close to such a true weapon, especially when Quadded, and approaches a GM-level, Not Meant For Mortals level of weapon. If you include the 2x Rune from the quasi-official Capture The Flag mod, and yes, it did make it 8x, then no player could survive the briefest of swats from it. In fact, not much short of Superman or the magically, AKA mathematically, invulnerable could survive 8 lightning bolts at once, or, in game terms, approximately 800 dps, continuous. And that's in Quake terms, where a fighter with max armor (armor = hp there) and double health had about 450 hp equivalent. 900 hp, if you count the damage-halving rune from CTF. 1000 hp if he had that and chugged two of the max-health power ups, thus they'd last a little over 1 second under the strain. Scale that to the top end tank in the game of your choice.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'', any legendary item can qualify. The first game had the Hellfire, a powerful fire SMG that just decimated all in its path. The second game brings it back, and adds the Bee shield. What makes it so unique is that it's an amp shield, a new type that increases the damage of the first shot fired while the shield is charged at the cost of draining the shield. The Bee, however, ''doesn't'' drain when amping a shot, ''and'' has the highest amp damage in the game, making it able to pump out metric craptons of extra damage. It was ''so'' broken, that it has the dubious honor of being the first specific piece of equipment to have its stats alter in a patch.
** There is also the Norfleet, a reward for fighting certain Raid Bosses, and can quickly cover an entire battlefield with a metric f--ktonne of elemental damage, the only downside being that you might be in the blast radius...
** The blast radius of the Norfleet works to your advantage with the Sham, an infinity+1 shield. The Sham has between a 76% to 94% chance to absorb ammo shot at you; when using the Norfleet, the insane blast radius counts as a rocket that is absorbed by the Sham almost all the time. This allows for near INFINITE rocket launcher ammo. Putting these items together turns the Norfleet from an infinity+1 sword to an infinity times 10 sword (or rocket launcher, as the case may be).
* ''VideoGame/NosferatuTheWrathOfMalachi'': It's only possible to get the Machine Gun late in the game. While individual shots do less damage than other guns, it has 31 bullets in a clip and fires extremely fast, and reloads quite quickly as well, allowing it to bring down any enemy with relative ease. Since you've been collecting ammo for it throughout the game, you're unlikely to run out, provided you don't use it excessively.
* ''VideoGame/{{DeusEx}}'' has the Dragon Tooth sword. It's the strongest weapon and you can get it halfway through the game. Of course, the drawbacks of a melee weapon compared to shooting weapons are obvious.

[[folder:Four X]]
* The Aldrin Springblossom corvette in ''[[VideoGame/{{X}} X3: Terran Conflict]]''. It's [[LightningBruiser faster than any fighter except the Aldrin Spitfyre, has the shielding of a small capital ship]], and has the cargo capacity required to kill capital ships by either MacrossMissileMassacre or DeathOfAThousandCuts from ammo-consuming guns (most weapons are EnergyWeapons). Getting it requires you to finish the main plot, then laboriously gather up weapons to fit it with -- it can't mount standard Commonwealth or Terran weapons, only the [[FlawedPrototype Aldrin prototype weapons]] -- which often requires manually resupplying the factories due to a shortage of traders in the system where the weapons are produced.
** [[EliteArmy AGI Task Force]] ships in ''X3: Terran Conflict''. ATF ships are capable of [[PurposelyOverpowered stomping almost every other comparable ship]], due to their combination of [[LightningBruiser speed, shielding, and raw firepower]]. On the other hand, the only way to acquire ATF ships (until ''Albion Prelude'') was to, ahem, "[[BoardingParty permanently borrow]]" them, which is no easy task when ''every'' ATF ship is part of a massive flotilla of ships, and ATF ships are the secondamost heavily reinforced ships against boarding, almost as much as the [[AIIsACrapshoot Xenon]] capital ships, so boarding them requires a huge investment in marine training and an expensive [[MacrossMissileMassacre Missile Frigate]] for its BoardingPod. You then need to escort the crippled ship out of Terran space while every ATF ship tries to gun your prize down, ''then'' get to try and equip it with the rare and expensive Terran weapons, when the Terran economy is in an [[ArtisticLicenseEconomics eternal state of collapse]] unless the [[ItsUpToYou player props it up]]. Plus, if you piss off the ATF, [[HeelFaceDoorSlam you cannot repair your relations with them]].

[[folder:Hack and Slash]]
* The sword Hymir's Finger in ''VideoGame/{{Drakengard}}''. It is only unlocked by completing the InevitableTournament, accessible in a side-story unlocked for the third ending, in under five minutes. It is a gigantic {{BFS}} that, when fully upgraded, deals about twice the damage of the second-most damaging weapon in the game and one-shots two thirds of the game's enemies, has one of the longest reaches, can hit multiple enemies per swing, and knocks over enemies with every blow. The only problem is that it's slow, but the aforementioned advantages make up for this.
* ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors'':
** Starting in ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors 3'', all the playable characters can obtain an extra fourth weapon aside from the normal three. These weapons in any version can be a real case of GuideDangIt, as each character must play on one particular stage, completing a series of various tasks. This must also be done on the hard difficulty setting, which makes things even more challenging. Each weapon would give HUGE stat boosts to various different stats, which are different for every character. Also some of them added an element to the character's moveset. But, of course, that wasn't enough for Creator/{{Koei}}, so instead they decided in the Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends update to add in fifth weapons! Same rule of obtaining them, but on a different stage, and this time you have to do it on the new VERY HARD DIFFICULTY! Good luck getting them all!
** In the XL version of ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors 4'', fifth weapons are obtained by playing each character's Legend Mode on Very Hard and getting the best rating.

[[folder:Massively Multiplayer Online RPG]]
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI'':
** Relic weapons literally take ''years'' to get, and that's if you have a crapton of money. [[http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Relic_Weapon#A_Word_of_Warning The upgrade process is so convoluted]] that the developers have [[WordOfGod actually stated]] that only the most insane players can get them.
** Mythic weapons require climbing a BonusDungeon to get a weak version of the weapon, killing a bunch of {{Bonus Boss}}es, some of which appear at the end of another BonusDungeon, followed by collecting things that require completing the same content over and over (with one item in particular that has the drop rate of a Pink Tail, yet THIRTY THOUSAND is needed), and this is followed by a series of {{Fetch Quest}}s and BonusBoss battles all leading to get three items that also have a Pink Tail drop rate. And if these items don't drop, the whole series of {{Fetch Quest}}s needs to be restarted. This is capped by a final BonusBoss where, if failed, will require another set of the three items mentioned earlier. The kicker is that the Mythic weapons are seen as ''less'' useful and ''less'' powerful than the comparably easier to get Dynamis relics. We're still trying to find out what the developers are smoking, because there are time-sinks, and then there are ''BottomlessPits''.
** The Empyrean Weapons currently do not possess particularly impressive stats outside their damage rating... except that they come bundled with a token weapon skill that threatens to desensitize us to discrete values. The Masamune's Tachi: Fudo has been reported to hit for 10,000 damage on an Adamantoise Boss, which is probably more than a majority of players could even parse over the course of the entire fight. Considering this is only their midstage form, that would make them Infinity Plus Two weapons once they're completed.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV'' uses this to the letter. Once you've completed the quest chain to obtain your relic weapon, you unlock the ability to trade items in to turn your relic into "(Relic Name Here)+1" with enhanced stats. Patch 2.1 renamed the souped up relic weapons so the +1 is no longer used, and subsequently ''more'' powerful upgrades have since been introduced. WordOfGod has stated that no matter what new content is added, the relic weapons will ''always'' be among the strongest weapons in the game.
** As of Patch 2.51, the relics have advanced to their final stage, Zodiac Zeta. Up to this point, Relics were always the ''[[InfinityMinusOneSword second]]'' most powerful weapons in the game, behind whatever dropped from the latest iteration of the [[BrutalBonusLevel Coil of Bahamut]]. This final part of the quest makes Relics firmly best in slot for their class... [[DesignItYourselfEquipment as long as you gave it a half-decent set of stat bonuses halfway through.]] You can readjust them even if you didn't, though.
* ''VideoGame/RagnarokOnline'' has the godlike equipments. Each is made by a quest that takes certain almost unattainable items dropped from the castles, so only the leader of a guild can get them. AND, if that wasn't enough, the quests themselves are unlocked by having yet another uncanny quest completed by 50 diferent players. And the items ARE worth it, even.
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'':
** There is a set of weapons that are extremely difficult to acquire. So much so that they have their own rarity category, Legendary. Some of these items drop from certain bosses at ludicrously low rates (Illidan's Twin Glaives of Azzinoth, Thori'dal), others require a number of pieces of the item that drop from bosses at a high rate which combine to form a broken version of the item that has to be repaired through some sort of quest (Atiesh, Val'anyr), others combine the best of both worlds and require multiple items with ludicrously low drop rates that the player must use as part of a quest to form them (Thunderfury, Sulfuras). Additionally, the Kael'thas fight in Tempest Keep temporarily grants the entire 25-player raid fighting him a number of these items (which fade in 15 minutes or when you leave the area) as a sort of EleventhHourSuperpower.
** Updates to Wrath of the Lich King added two more Legendary class items: Val'anyr, a mace for use by healers that must be crafted from rare drops from Ulduar bosses, requiring a number of trips through the instance to gather them; and Shadowmourne, the sister-axe to Frostmourne, the sword borne by Arthas himself. It can only be obtained at the end of a very long questline requiring many trips through Icecrown Citadel to gather rare crafting materials and feeding the nascent axe the souls of 1000 inhabitants of the instance, culminating with the defeat of many of the hardest bosses in the instance while the wielder of the nascent axe does special actions during the battle.
** The Cataclysm brought 2 more weapons. The first being Dragonwrath, a new caster staff that requires going into Firelands for mats and in the Nexus dungeon up in Northrend. Said staff can also grant the wielder its own unique flying mount. The 2nd is the Fangs of the Father, a pair of daggers made only for a Rogue. The questline requires going into the Dragon Soul raid to gather the mats and going to Ravenholdt and Gilneas for the specific questlines.
** ''Legion'' gives a unique weapon to each specialization of every class. Besides growing more powerful as players advance, players acquire each one by going through a (usually) unique scenario tailored to their class and/or specialization.
* ''VideoGame/{{Runescape}}'':
** The very best gear in the game are Primal weapons and armor, Saggitarian weapons and armor, and Celestial weapons and armor, and also the Hexhunter longbow, at tier 99, except for the Hexhunter longbow, which is tier 98. However, all of these items can only be used in Dungeoneering.
** In the rest of the game, the very best two handed weapons currently are the Zaros Godsword, the Seren Godbow, and the Staff of Sliske, at tier 92.
** The best shields in the game currently are the Malevolent Kitshield, the Vengeful Kiteshield, and the Merciless Kiteshield at tier 90.
** The best one handed weapons in the game currently are the Ascension crossbows, the Wand of the Praesul and Imperium Core, and the Kopesh of Tumeken and the Kopesh of Elidini which are tier 92 except for the Ascension Crossbows, which are tier 90.
** The best power armors in the game currently are Malevolent armor, Sirenic armor, and Tectonic armor, which are tier 90, although these armor sets do not include hand and foot items.
** The best tank armors in the game currently are Achto Telalith armor, Achto Tempest armor, and Achto Primeval armor.
** The best cape in the game is the [[OneHundredPercentCompletion Completionist]] cape, which has better stats than any other cape and has the abilities of most of other capes in the game except for the Skill capes, which you can combine up to three of which with the Completionist cape to give it their abilities.
** The Godsword, a two handed level 75 melee weapon, for a long time was the strongest weapon (there were no other weapons requiring a skill that high) before it was overtaken by the chaotic weapons at level 80. The introduction of chaotic weapons made it possible to kill a boss solo that formerly required a group. It is the most powerful melee weapon in the "Old School" version of ''[=RuneScape=]''.
** The most powerful items available to players in the free version of the game are the Corrupt Dragon items. They have the same stats as the Member's Only Dragon items, but they disintegrate after being worn for 30 minutes.
* ''VideoGame/PhantasyStarOnline2'' has the Austere weapons, which have the highest ATK stats in each of their individual weapon categories. They can only be obtained through one of two methods: Clearing the raid event "Progeny of the Apocalypse"/"Perennial Apocalypse" and receiving it as a RareRandomDrop, or trading for it through an NPC named Zieg. The latter method will always give you an Austere with decent Abilities and 30 Light element, but the method to acquire one is ''exhausting''; it requires you to first play the aforementioned raid event enough times to collect 100 Caligula stones and 100 Excubes to get a weaker version of the goal weapon. To actually get an Austere, you then need to farm not only that raid event more, but you also have to farm a ton of other endgame content, including Extreme Quests, Ultimate Quests, and Challenge Quests for items needed for the trade, on top of the weaker version you bought earlier. The worst part is, to finish upgrading it using the easy method, you need '''two'''; the second one is required to bring its elemental value to 60 Light, which will significantly boost its maximum damage potential. Ironically, it's only marginally better than the InfinityMinusOneSword, the Orbit series, which deals a few less percent in damage but has a far more useful Potential.

[[folder:Platform Game]]
* ''Franchise/RatchetAndClank'':
** ''[[VideoGame/RatchetAndClank2002 Ratchet & Clank]]'': One could simply purchase the [[FunWithAcronyms R.Y.N.O.]], the most powerful gun in the game... for a whopping 150,000 bolts. The price for the different versions of R.Y.N.O increases with each game.
** ''VideoGame/RatchetDeadlocked'' gives us the Harbinger/Supernova, created by Dreadzone after one of its top gladiators stated that the ''R.Y.N.O.'' was a "Weak sissy from the sissiest place in Sissyland." To top it, not only is the Harbinger/Supernova absurdly powerful, it has a special Omega version that can be upgraded a grand total of 99 times, and have a damage rating of '''10,000.''' The thing is (possibly because it's a major GameBreaker), you can't pick up any ammo from ammo crates; you have to buy it at the vendors.
** In ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureToolsOfDestruction'', one cannot even buy the R.Y.N.O. IV and must run around looking for pieces of the blueprint. The reason for this is because Gadgetron deemed the weapon too dangerous and not only discontinued it, but scattered the blueprint throughout the galaxy (the guy who gives you the thing in exchange for the complete blueprint even casually mentions it's banned in '''three''' galaxies). Seeing as how this same company had no problems with making and selling a ''portable black hole launcher'' (point away from face), it should come as no surprise that the new Rip Ya a New One is a major GameBreaker.
** ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureACrackInTime'': The trend is continued with the RYNO V. Good news, there's less schematic pieces to collect, and one can locate them all with the updated Treasure Mapper Gadget (though the last piece is found right before the final fight with Nefarious). More good news, it's also a major GameBreaker.
** ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankAll4One'': RYNO VI can only be unlocked if one completes all of the secret lab challenges. Fortunately, it can be used during the final boss fight (but it'll still take tons of shots).
* ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'':
** ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2'' first gave players access to Super Sonic after gathering all seven Chaos Emeralds in the bonus stages. Completely invincible, superfast, and with ludicrous jumping ability. Hell, even touching him makes quick work of bosses. The ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure'' games made him into an EleventhHourSuperpower, due to him being too broken to use during regular gameplay.
** ''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'' gave Tails and Knuckles a Super form as well, neither of which have been seen in-game since. Combining ''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'' could get you Hyper Sonic (assuming you got both Chaos and Super Emeralds), which is Super Sonic with a dash ability that could clear all enemies from the screen. If Super Sonic broke the game, this shattered it into microscopic pieces. No other game in the franchise has seen Hyper Transformations since. [[spoiler:In ''VideoGame/SonicMania'', the next game after ''Sonic 3 & Knuckles'' in the series' chronology, reveals that the Hyper Transformations were so powerful that the power they exerted completely drained and shattered the Super Emeralds themselves after the events of ''Sonic 3 & Knuckles'', ''finally'' answering a lifelong question of why they've never made any future appearances after that game.]]
** After a long time, ''VideoGame/SonicColors'' brings back the Super Form and introduces it into 3D, something previous Sonic games haven't done. While it's more a BraggingRightsReward as it requires you to gather all the red rings and beat every Sonic Simulator stage, it makes getting S ranks much easier, since being in the form will grant you points every few seconds. Only catch, you can't use it in boss fights.
* ''Franchise/MegaMan'':
** The Metal Blade in VideoGame/MegaMan2. Not only does it defeat most minor enemies in one hit, it ''cuts right through them and keeps going.'' Nearly every boss is weak against it, the most hilarious example being ''Metal Man himself,'' who dies from a single hit with it. On top of all that, it has an extremely high ammo capacity. Many players beat Metal Man first and then play through the rest of the game using this as their primary weapon.
** The ROM hack ''VideoGame/Rockman4MinusInfinity'' has the ?Dagger, which you must do a NoDamageRun up through Wily 4, then fight [[spoiler:[[ThatOneBoss Shadow Man]]]] in ''one life'' (dying invalidates the NoDamageRun, and thus you don't get to fight him) to obtain. It turns ''every'' hit into a CriticalHit, making the rest of the game a breeze.
** ''VideoGame/MegaManZero''
*** The first game has the Jackson cyber-elf, which grants invisibility.
*** In ''Zero 3'', entering cyberspace in the penultimate level forces you into a BonusBoss battle with the first game's Phantom. The reward for defeating him is the Ultima Boots, which possesses all the abilities of the other Foot Chips.
** ''VideoGame/MegaManZX'' had the Omega biometal, which you could only acquire by either beating the {{Bonus Boss}}es (accessed by [[OldSaveBonus plugging in two]] ''Zero'' games) or Omega himself on normal and then beating the game. Its special ability is an infinite Overdrive to get a [[BattleAura crimson aura]] similar to Omega's. All of the special sword attacks have elemental properties. All normal shots are instant charged blasts, and on top of that, infinite usage of Zero's old Giga Crushes, including the [[Videogame/MegaManX6 Rekkoha]].
** ''VideoGame/MegaManX3'' has the Gold Chip, which you get after obtaining all armor pieces, Ride Armors, Sub Tanks, and Heart Tanks but ''don't'' take up any of the special chips, grants you all of the abilities of the four chips you passed up and arms you with a protective barrier when you get hit. But, you can only get it at the first Sigma stage.
*** There's also Zero's Saber, for which you have to keep Zero alive throughout the entire game until you get to a certain boss and have Zero beat him.
** ''VideoGame/MegaManX4'' has the Ultimate Armor, which you get... with a code and going to the first capsule you can get to. It gives you all of the armor abilities, infinite Nova Strike, and both X-Buster versions.
** ''VideoGame/MegaManX5'' has the Ultimate armor and Black Zero armor once more, this time as unlockables in-game. To get the Ultimate armor, one has to defy all sense and enter Zero stage 3 with regular, unarmored X and slide into a fake wall to find the capsule.
** ''VideoGame/MegaManLegends'' has two. One is the Shining Laser, your reward for completing three drawn-out events near the end of the game and spending a metric crap-ton of zenny to fully upgrade. It's basically a big glowing beam that pierces through enemies, has huge range, unlimited ammo, and will kill even the final boss in about three seconds. The other is the Active Buster: homing missiles that fire like a machine gun and, again, have unlimited ammo. You find the parts early on in the game, but it costs even more than the Shining Laser to upgrade, so good luck even doing so at all without playing for hours.
*** The sequel has the same two as above, but also adds the Crusher to the mix. It's basically a grenade that creates a huge freaking ball of electricity that annihilates any Reaverbot dumb enough to enter it (Read: all of them). It's considerably cheaper to upgrade than the above two (one of which costs 9999999 Zenny for the unlimited ammo upgrade).
* ''VideoGame/{{Kirby}}'':
** ''VideoGame/KirbysAdventure'' featured the very rare UFO which couldn't be taken between levels and let the player fire one of the most powerful attacks in the game at will.
*** It is possible to take the UFO ability outside the level it's obtained in by means of a [[GoodBadBugs glitch]]: [[spoiler:Hit Start and Select at the exact same time so that Kirby releases the ability, but the indicator on the bottom still says "UFO". Exit the level from the pause menu, and while the indicator will say "Normal", Kirby will still be in UFO form.]]
** ''VideoGame/KirbyAndTheAmazingMirror'':
*** The Smash and Master Copy Abilities, the two best ones in the game by a mile. They are also the only two abilities in the game that can perform all three ability-specific actions: cut strings, break gray blocks, and pound pegs.
*** Smash gives Kirby "[[MythologyGag familiar fighting moves]]", specifically his moveset from his appearances in the ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' series, which includes attacks from several other abilities. For most of the game, it's only available by beating a Master Hand or Crazy Hand miniboss, until you hit every big switch in the game to unlock the copy ability room.
*** Master, an upgraded Sword ability, [[EleventhHourSuperpower is given to you for the final boss battle]], and after clearing the game, it becomes freely available in the HubLevel. It can take down nearly any regular enemy in one hit, as well as taking out minibosses in a matter of seconds. More importantly, it can [[SwissArmyWeapon break blocks, pound posts, cut ropes, light fuses, and anything else you'd need]] to solve any puzzle in the game, encouraging you to [[HundredPercentCompletion hunt down any treasures you missed]].
** ''VideoGame/KirbySqueakSquad'' also featured the Ghost ability, which allows Kirby to take control of any enemy. However, by the time you get it, it is useless, as you've already cleared most of the levels and the ability itself has limited usage.
* ''VideoGame/WarioLand 4'' has the Black Dog/Big Lips/Big Fist/Black Dragon items, which can be bought for about 20 mini game coins before any boss battle. However, this isn't merely an equippable weapon that's powerful; nope, you just enter the boss battle, and get to watch the item being used to send the boss to literally two health points from death before the battle even begins. And each of them is actually super-effective on a specific boss.
* ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'''s Null Driver requires collecting every ribbon and finding every secret poster (many of them GuideDangIt), as well as beating every sector in Sudden Death mode. Then you have to make it through the entire BonusDungeon with a single hitpoint. However, the item is a literal GameBreaker.
* The Legendary sword and armor in ''VideoGame/WonderBoyInMonsterLand'', the former of which is obtained by defeating the well-hidden King Demon boss. In the sequel, ''VideoGame/WonderBoyIIITheDragonsTrap'', you start out with the Legendary equipment [[BagOfSpilling and lose it after being cursed]], but you regain it towards the end of the game.
* The Water Sword in ''VideoGame/PrinceOfPersiaWarriorWithin''. To obtain it, the player must complete an optional nine-part "quest" which spans the whole game. On top of that, the plot actually forks, depending on whether the player enters the final boss battle with it or not.
** The final sword in ''VideoGame/PrinceOfPersiaTheSandsOfTime'' can also count, as it automatically kills enemies (removing the need to stab them with the dagger).

[[folder:Real Time Strategy]]
* ''VideoGame/CompanyOfHeroes'': [[TankGoodness Jagdpanther and King-Tiger]]. They become more so when you realize that both of them are only attainable if you select a certain doctrine (Tank Destroyer Tactics and Terror Doctrine, respectively) and only come into play very late in the Skirmish games.
* ''VideoGame/DawnOfWar 2'':
** The Terminator Armour suits. [[spoiler:There are 3. One you get in a main quest mission. The other 2 you can get in 2 side quest missions, that are the most difficult missions in the entire game (the last mission is a walk in the park after this). One involves killing an insanely powerful Warboss after going through waves and waves of looted tanks and nobs. This is the easy one. The hard one involves killing an Eldar Avatar of Khaine that is invulnerable to all melee weapons short of power fists and some ranged ones, after going through scores off Fire Prism tanks to get to him. And both of them have at least 100 times more hit points then all your units combined. And they heal.]]
** Avitus. One of the reasons for this is another IPOS: Neverending Hail of Destruction. This godly Heavy Bolter can do ungodly amounts of damage to almost everyone (except against Monstrous Creatures or vehicles, for which the punishment is reduced, but your team will have other stuff to counter these problems anyway). If you bring it to the final battle and turn on Focus Fire frequently, Avitus can basically hold a section of the line on his own. You can't use it while wearing Terminator Armor, however.
** From the expansions, there's the Golden Armour of the Custodes and the Golden Cage for your Force Commander in Chaos Rising, a set of Powered Armour and Terminator armour, respectively; they are extremely nice to have, but are also rather hard to find and require you to be [[IncorruptiblePurePureness fully faithful to the God Emperor]] to use. Certain Chaos-corrupted armour of similar rarity and which requires you to [[DrunkOnTheDarkSide have sold your soul to the Chaos Gods]] also counts. In the second expansion, ''Retribution'', we get the absolute craziest example in the Daemon Sword for Lord Eliphas the Inheritor, which has the absolute highest melee damage of any weapon in the game and which can allow him to slaughter Terminators in one hit on any difficulty, go toe to toe with bosses and emerge unscathed, and which also allow him to regenerate a massive amount of health with any hit.
* Frostmourne in ''VideoGame/WarcraftIII'' is said to be this. Near the end of the Human campaign, Arthas and Muradin believe it is their only hope of defeating a powerful demon. When they finally find it, however, Muradin reads the description on the dais and realizes that [[spoiler:[[UnholyHolySword the blade is cursed]]]]. Arthas then proceeds to take the sword anyway, caring more about revenge than his own well-being. The ice around the sword explodes, "killing" Muradin. Arthas successfully uses Frostmourne to kill the demon [[spoiler:(though ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' reveals it to be NotQuiteDead)]], but [[spoiler:the sword steals his soul and turns him into a Death Knight]].
** It fits in terms of gameplay, too, though it's only usable in one level. While wielding it, Arthas gets a boost to his damage dealt and his basic attack becomes Chaos-type, which means it tears buildings apart just as easily as regular units. When combined with Divine Shield (which, as you've maxed his level out by now, makes him invulnerable for 30 seconds), it lets Arthas actually destroy Scourge bases on his own.

* The Trident of the Red Rooster, from ''VideoGame/AncientDomainsOfMystery'' (aka ''ADOM''), is unquestionably the best weapon in the game; it grants immunity to every element as well as see-invisible and a massive mana boost, has especially awesome damage and accuracy with useful slaying properties, and also automatically returns when thrown. It is also necessary for the [[MultipleEndings best endings]]. Unfortunately, it is gained after finishing a series of GuideDangIt sidequests, many of which are also pretty [[LuckBasedMission Luck Based]]. It's kind of amazing anybody's ever collected it at all.
* ''VideoGame/ShirenTheWanderer'':
** The most powerful sword in the game cannot be found in dungeons or on monsters; it has to be created by finding the most powerful sword you ''can'' find in dungeons or on monsters, upgrading it to the maximum level, and then have a blacksmith upgrade it ''again'' to turn it into said sword. That's ''still'' not the best weapon in the game, though. The REAL InfinityPlusOneSword is the result of many dungeon runs and a painstaking amount of ItemCrafting. After getting the sword, you need to acquire every weapon in the game that has a special property and fuse it to the sword with Fusion Pots in order to get what you want. And you ''really'' need to tell the difference between a [[BreakableWeapons normal pickaxe]] and an [[UnbreakableWeapons indestructible pickaxe.]] Since the entire process probably requires you to complete everything in the game, and the use of warehouses means that this can only be used in the main dungeon that you will have already completed, this is also an example of BraggingRightsReward. (And possibly TooAwesomeToUse, unless you're playing the SNES version and have a Dividing pot and two Withdraw scrolls.) But hey, at least you got yourself a sword that has a [[NoSwastikas swastika]] on its hilt and a blade that looks like an impossible energy burst, right?
** A Rasen-Fuma shield that halves explosion and fire damage, prevents theft of your items, cannot rust, slows hunger, increases your chance to dodge normal attacks, reflects magic, and returns half of any normal damage done to you.
* ''VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon''
** ''[[VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorers Explorers of Sky]]'' has the Space Globe, a held item presumably made by [[OlympusMons Arceus]] itself that doubles the power of all your moves with no drawbacks -- except it's at the top of [[BrutalBonusLevel Destiny Tower]], a massive dungeon that you [[BonusDungeon randomly unlock via Spinda's Café]]. Your level is reset to one, you can't bring [[ThisIsSomethingHesGotToDoHimself any teammates]] or [[NoGearLevel items]], and you can't recruit anyone in the dungeon itself. [[MarathonLevel Complete all 99 floors]], and laugh as your weakest moves tear foes a new one (and your strongest moves become downright mean).
* ''VideoGame/FTLFasterThanLight'':
** The Glaive Beam. It takes four bars of power and a whopping twenty-five seconds to cool down, but it can cut through shields and can OneHitKO enemy ships. Getting one is a matter of luck or having a small mountain of scrap lying around.
** The [[GatlingGood Vulcan Cannon]]. It's a single shot laser weapon that also takes four power bars and takes 11.1 seconds to charge. However, the fire rate speeds up and after five volleys its charging time is reduced to 1.1 second, faster than any shield's recharging speed. This means that given enough time, this single weapon can take down any enemy, ''including the final boss.'' This is also one of the rarest weapon in the game, requiring a lot of luck to obtain.
** In the same vein, the Weapon Pre-Igniter, a ship augment that lets you start off each battle with a cheery full barrage of weapons at the enemy ship. Skipping the long load times of your weapons will save you a fortune in repairs. Again, getting your hands on one requires either a random event or finding one at a store and having the cash to buy it.
* ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac'' has one amazing, unlockable offensive item for each major update or remake thus far:
** Before the Halloween Update, the best offensive item was probably Dr. Fetus, which would shoot high-damage bombs at enemies while also making placed bombs almost meaningless. To get it, you must beat what was then the game's TrueFinalBoss six times, meaning you need to be very good at the game in order to unlock it. This one got majorly nerfed in ''Rebirth'', now becoming one of the worst items in the game.
** The Halloween update adds Mom's Knife, which is DifficultButAwesome that leans heavily towards the Awesome side. Unlocked by beating the new TrueFinalBoss as Isaac, you would throw a high-damage knife that hit frequently.
** The ''Wrath of the Lamb'' DLC adds Epic Fetus, unlocked by beating one of the new challenges. One-upping Dr. Fetus, it allows you to drop missiles onto enemies. What's also neat about it is that, unlike Dr. Fetus, it did not get nerfed inn ''Rebirth'', and it's still one of the best items in the game.
** ''Rebirth'' has as its ultimate offensive item Godhead, which is unlocked by [[spoiler:beating Boss Rush, Mom's Heart, Isaac, Satan, ???, and the Lamb on Hard with a One Hit Point Wonder.]] It is an adjusted version of Sacred Heart, the InfinityMinusOneSword of ''Wrath of the Lamb'', with the added bonus of adding a full-damage, multi-hitting, large-radius halo around all tears.
** ''Afterbirth'' ramps it up even further: beating the TrueFinalBoss with every character unlocks the Mega Beam, which is the longest-cooldown active item in the game. [[WaveMotionGun It creates a long-lasting beam that persists between rooms and instakills all enemies including bosses.]]
* ''Videogame/SunlessSea'':
** The Memento Mori is the ultimate Forward gun, being essentially a SchizoTech death ray powered by [[LanguageOfMagic the Correspondence]]. Obtaining it requires ferrying around some of the rarest items in the game and zailing to remote lands as you put the pieces together, but is overall not too cumbersome compared to some other tasks.
** The Fulgent Impeller engine, on the other hand, has one of the most difficult quest chains in the entire game, including extremely expensive ransoms or difficult rescues of a certain prisoner at [[TheAlcatraz Wisdom prison]], buying off one of the rarest products of [[MechanicalAbomination the Dawn Machine]] using either the Memento Mori or ludicrous amounts of supplies, crew and tactical info, snatching a secret from [[EldritchLocation Frostfound's deepest chambers]], and ferrying massive amounts of KrakenAndLeviathan bones to Kingeater's Castle, one of the most feared places in the setting. The reward, however, is an engine with amazing fuel efficiency that can also propel a large frigate at modern motorboat speeds. Long zee voyages become almost trivial with this thing equipped.
* ''VideoGame/{{Nethack}}'': Grayswandir is likely the most popular artifact (i.e. unique) weapon; there are others of similar strength, but most of them have inconvenient downsides, such as occasionally destroying your own items. It's also the only artifact that does [[SilverBullet silver damage]], and most of the tougher late-game enemies are vulnerable to it. Actually getting this sword, like most other things in this game, is a LuckBasedMission, as there are no scripted instances of it in the standard game.

[[folder:Role-Playing Game]]
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfHeroesTrailsOfColdSteel'': To get the best weapons you have to buy the second best, then upgrade them with a Zemurian Stone. One can be made from three shards found in the final dungeon, the others are exchanged for hideously huge amounts of missable collectables like books.
* ''Franchise/BreathOfFire'':
** According to the game info in ''VideoGame/{{Breath of Fire|I}}'', the hero's best weapons are, in order: Dragon Sword, Emperor's Sword, Tri-Rang. The player will realize during gameplay that the order actually goes: [[InfinityPlusOneSword Tri-Rang]], [[AwesomeButImpractical Emperor's Sword]], [[DiscOneNuke Dragon Sword]]. The Tri-rang is the 2nd strongest of the 3 weapons, but is the second lightest AND hits everyone on the screen. To get it, take Adult Nina (and her Great Bird form) behind a tower at the top of the world map. No level grinding, no epic sidequests, just find the tower, press B, pick up Uber-weapon. Of course, if you didn't read the FAQ, you [[GuideDangIt won't know it's there]].
** ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireII'':
*** Spar's ultimate weapon, the [=9-TailWP=], can only be won from a certain enemy called the Zodiac in the Infinity dungeon. However, the random drop rate is only 1-in-256, and even worse, the Zodiac will usually drop an [=ArmyGL=] instead, a much more common piece of armor.
*** The same goes for most of the other characters; their ultimate weapons (and some other equipment) are also 1/256 random drops from specific enemies. Ryu, on the other hand, gets the Emperor Sword, which is obtainable from a highly remote fishing spot that's {{Permanently Missable|Content}} once you open the door to Infinity.
** ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIII'': The Goo King Sword can only be obtained from the Goo King. First of all, these enemies don't show up often. Then, unless you're faster than lightning and manage to steal its beloved Green apple, it'll flee. If you succeed, you must fight it, and it is the hardest normal monster in the game. Also, you get the weapon [[RandomlyDrops by chance]]. Yes. You have to beat it and HOPE you'll get it as a reward. The best way to ensure a better chance... is to fight TWO of them... and even then, you'd be better off just moving on a little while ahead and fighting the BigBad.
** ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV'': The ultimate weapon for Scias, the Render, can only be acquired after repetitive fishing for tens of hours, and when acquired isn't actually that great, since its power depends on how many enemies you've fought. Then there's the Slayer, which can only be bought '''after''' the game is over from a cameo character from the third game, and starts out as a "Rusted Sword". This sword has an abominably low attack power, and you need to kill no less than 1000 enemies with it before it turns into the Slayer!
* ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'':
** Frog has as his central life's goal the acquisition of an "ultimate" sword called Masamune. Of course, since it is obtained as part of the plot relatively early on, it is supplanted by vastly superior weapons as the game goes forward. One of the endgame quests that can be undertaken before the battle with Lavos is a quest to refine the Masamune into an even ''more'' ultimate sword, which is truly Frog's best weapon. However, since both the acquisition of the Masamume and the upgrading of it are plot-based, it doesn't carry over to NewGamePlus, and as such, a savvy player will not sell the [[InfinityMinusOneSword Brave Sword]] upon upgrading the Masamune.
** Giving a certain stone to Melchior late in the game will allow him to create the Rainbow Sword for Crono, arguably ''the'' most powerful weapon in the game, with a ridiculously high critical hit ratio (70%!!).
** The DS Remake rewards you for defeating the new BonusBoss with an even more ultimate weapon (The Dream Blade/Dreamseeker) for Crono with an even more ridiculously high critical hit ratio (''90''%!!!).
** About half the characters in ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'' get these. Before you can get the Rainbow Sword, for example, Lucca uses that same stone to create the Wonder Shot, a gun with randomized damage output which is, on average, the strongest weapon in her arsenal, by far.
** At the end of his personal end-game sidequest, Robo picks up two weapons: the Terra Arm and the Crisis Arm. The Terra Arm is his best weapon by stats alone. The Crisis Arm has the potential to be even stronger then that. Its damage algorithm is decided by the last digit in his current HP count. If that number is 0, it does nothing. If that number is 9...
** Ayla, who [[BareFistedMonk fights with her bare hands]], starts out with her weapon classified as "Fists". LevelGrind her enough and that will change to "Iron Fists" which confuse enemies on a hit. Level grind her even more (almost to the level cap), and these turn into "Bronze Fists" which will score [[{{cap}} 9999 damage]] on a critical hit. ''Every. Single. Time.'' In the DS remake, you can earn an accessory from the first BonusDungeon that can only be equipped to Ayla. The Valor Crest not only gives her a 50% counterattack rate when hit, but it boosts her critical hit rate. Now, imagine the possibilities of combining that with the Bronze Fists.
** Also in the DS remake, Robo can obtain a weapon with the same effect as the Bronze Fists.
** Marle's is the Venus Bow. Unlike the others, it always does 777 damage. While this tends to be less impressive in the late game (Crono's swords tend to do more than twice that with a critical), it means she does 777 damage to every enemy, ''including'' those with enormous defense or outright immunity to weapons. That [[MetalSlime Wonder Rock]] that takes damage in tens and twenties, and throws a volcanic eruption as a counterattack? Yeah, it's ([[ThatOneBoss finally]]) going down.
** By playing through the game multiple times, you can outfit all three girls with a tiara that reduces ''all'' damage to one third, and gives them a speed boost.
** Lucca's ultimate armor grants her complete protection from every elemental magic there is. She can solo Spekkio if you have the patience and ethers for it.
* ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'':
** The spirits that inhabit the Masamune (plus their older sister) transmigrate into that game's main character's weapon, becoming a weapon even ''more'' ultimater than the one Frog got. AKA the Mastermune.
** Glenn (who happens to be named after Frog's human form) can acquire the legendary holy sword, Einlanzer. This seems to be his InfinityPlusOneSword, until you go to a parallel reality and get ''that'' world's version of Einlanzer -- after which Glenn will use ''[[DualWielding both at once.]]''
* ''VideoGame/EvilIslands'': [[spoiler:An equipment made of diamond.]] An odd case since you don't really need to work for them, as [[spoiler:Tka-Rik]] hands them to you on a silver platter, for free, just before the final battle.
* ''VideoGame/{{Faria}}'': The Muramasa, the most powerful sword, is also by far the most expensive item in the game. The Super Armor can't be purchased; for that, you have to find Zelos and be able to talk to [[LizardFolk his kind]].
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'':
** The various Ultima (or Celestial) Weapons in the games. Sometimes requires the completion of a really long side quest, or clearing the BonusDungeon.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI'' has a lesser example: Masamune, the most powerful weapon in the game (it gave by far the highest attack and accuracy bonuses, had the highest critical hit rate, and, unlike virtually all other top-level weapons, could be used by any class) was acquired on the penultimate floor of the final dungeon, but only if you took a relatively long detour, making it still an example of this trope.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyII'' again has the Masamune hidden in a secret room in TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon. The GBA remake adds exclusive weapons for each of the Soul of Rebirth heroes that give massive attack boosts and maxed-out stats, and the PSP version gives the four main heroes their own exclusive Infinity+1 Sword.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'': The final dungeon (which takes place on the moon) has an optional sidequest, where you must get a Pink Tail from a Pink Puff to acquire Adamant Armor, the best armor in the game, bar ''none''. It's helped by the fact that everyone can equip it. The only problem is that the tail is so rare, you will spend hours aimlessly walking around their very small spawn area because the combined [[RandomEncounters encounter]] and [[RandomlyDrops drop rate]] is around 1 in 16082. This subquest was expanded in the DS remake: now there are several critters that drop tails at ridiculously low rates. Even the Treasure Hunter augment doesn't really help much (as all it does is double the drop rate). That said, there is a bonus to doing the expanded quest: the gear you get from it is the only gear that you can take with you in a NewGamePlus.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV'':
*** Even though some of the Twelve Legendary Weapons are the best of their type, some, like the Excalibur, are outclassed by weapons like the Ragnarok. Then there's the Brave Blade and the Chicken Knife, whose power falls and rises respectively depending on how many times you fled battles. The Chicken Knife is the more popular option, though.
*** The Excalipur/Excalipoor, a sword used by an anticlimactic boss near the end; while its attack stat was incredibly high, it would usually do a ridiculously low amount of damage. That is, unless you [[GoodBadBugs threw it or used it with Goblin Punch]], either of which ignored its special effects...
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI'':
*** What is actually ''named'' Ultima Weapon is the Infinity + 1, but its mechanics keep it from being useful until the final dungeon, even though you can acquire it relatively early in the game with little effort. Its attack power depends on the user's max HP and level and it ignores defense, so at higher levels, it'll do several thousand damage a swing. and with the right stat bonuses, it can easily do 9999 damage.
*** The Lightbringer. It has 255 power, boosts Speed, Strength, Stamina, and Magic by 7 (+ 7 is the highest boost any equipment piece gives), and + 50 Evade and Magic Block. It also automatically scores a critical hit at the low cost of 20 MP per attack, and has a random chance to cast [[HolyHandGrenade Holy]] to do even more damage. You get the Lightbringer by betting the Ragnarok in the Colosseum, which is also a very good sword in its own right, though inferior to the Lightbringer. Originally, the weapon was translated into "Illumina" which may be the more prolific name among the English community.
*** The Advance bonus dungeon introduces a new Infinity Plus One Weapon for each character, including the swords Apocalypse and Save the Queen.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'': Ultimate weapons are remarkably easy to come by. In the most extreme case, you have to kill an optional boss. Some of them have bits of GuideDangIt, but there literally isn't a single one that doesn't have the requisite hints in the game itself. Level 4 [[LimitBreak Limit Breaks]], on the other hand, are either stupidly simple to get, or require acts so bizarre as to make you wonder what the hell the developers were smoking. The worst is Tifa's Final Heaven, which requires you to play a piano in a flashback, choosing a particular option, then a minimum of ''twenty hours later'', go back to that same piano and play the same tune from memory. And if you don't have Tifa in your party, it doesn't work. Whoops.
** The weapons themselves don't become ultra-powered in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'', but Squall's final weapon gives him his final Limit Break: 17 consecutive hits that almost always do 9999 damage each. If he gets an 8-hit wind-up, that's 250,000 damage -- more HP than the final boss has. Squall will always get the full range of hits on Ultimecia, because he gets a special Renzokuken attack sequence for the final boss.
** Subverted in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'', where Steiner's InfinityPlusOneSword is supposedly the Excalibur II. In practice, however, his Ragnarok is the '''real''' InfinityPlusOneSword, since the Excalibur II is more of a BraggingRightsReward than anything else. This is because you can only get the latter sword by going go from the start of the game to a point roughly halfway through the final dungeon and search in a specific area, ''in less than 12 hours''. In a game that spans '''''four discs'''''. This time limit is infamous for making it almost impossible to get the sword on the EU version due to the game not having been adapted to the European 50Hz refresh rate, which makes it run a bit slower while the timer (which is linked to the PSX clock) runs normally. The only way to still get the sword in those versions is to exploit a bug and open the console's disc hatch whenever a video cutscene starts, which allows you to skip them and saving you ''just'' enough time to get the sword, if you are lucky. Note that to do all this, you will miss out on a huge amount of other content for the game-the Excalibur II really doesn't count as an InfinityPlusOneSword because it is all but ''impossible'' to get if you play the game normally.
** The ultimate weapons in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' come in three parts each, some of which are fairly simple to uncover (you'll stumble on Auron's almost by accident) and some of which are legendary in their [[GuideDangIt frustration value]]. Auron's in particular is nearly a GameBreaker -- it boosts his damage based on how injured he is, making it possible to deal maximum damage (and one-hit-kill most compulsory bosses) at a relatively low level if he's badly injured.
*** Yuna's Nirvana is also relatively easy to acquire and power up (and since the quest involves acquiring all the aeons, which are GameBreaker heaven, it should probably be done anyway) and it allows her to cast any spell for 1 MP. Dang.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2'' has an Infinity+1 Dressphere in the Mascot Dressphere. It has powerful abilities that are unique to each party member, great stats across the board, total immunity to StandardStatusEffects, and allows each party member to access abilities from two other dresspheres. It can only be obtained near the end of the game if the player gets a chapter complete in all five chapters and requires extensive leveling up, but it's worth the effort.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'':
*** It features several weapons that are only made available through completing difficult subquests, most of them involving gathering rare items that [[RandomlyDrops only drop from certain monsters once in a blue moon]]. These weapons include the Ultima Weapon (of course), the Danjuro, the Whale Whisker, the Tournesol, and the Zodiac Spear. Ironically, the Zodiac Spear, most powerful of them all, is actually the easiest of the game's uber-weapons to get...[[GuideDangIt provided one has a strategy guide so one knows which chests not to open in the early part of the game]].
*** The most ridiculous is the Wyrmhero blade; you have to kill [[MarathonBoss Yiazmat]] and [[ThatOneSidequest Omega Mk XII]], and then [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking complete a fishing mini-game]] to get the components for it. Of course, [[AwesomeButImpractical now there's nothing to use it on]].
** In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'', any weapon can be an InfinityPlusOneSword but you have to level it up and use an item that costs '''2 Million Gil''' or farm a certain BossInMookClothing (there is a trick to make this easier) and pray for a drop. Using these weapons gives the AP + 1 ability in the addition to the weapon's normal effects... this is the only way to get this ability. Even though these are the Ultimate Weapons, more upgrades are available. Leveling the sword to maximum power requires an additional 1.6 Million gil, though this is hardly necessary; a fully-leveled team can quickly defeat the final BonusBoss using fully-powered Tier 2 or basic Tier 3 (Ultimate) weapons.
** In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2'', the Odinblade and Odinbolt are the {{Infinity Plus One Sword}}s... but they only hit full power once you've collected all 160 fragments. Each character also has a special weapon that can't even be purchased until after beating the final boss. Even then, the necessary components require prolonged farming of Yomi, a nasty BonusBoss that is as tough as anything else that the player will face in the game.
** Completing the four trials in the endgame of ''VideoGame/LightningReturnsFinalFantasyXIII'' gets you the Ultima Weapon and Ultima Shield, which have stats insanely above all other gear. Once you get to Hard Mode in NewGamePlus, you can upgrade weapons to get stats even higher than the Ultima gear.
** Vaan's Anastasia sword in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings'' starts out as a fairly average weapon (he'll probably have better ones, especially if you've been crafting, and you should). After going through an incredibly grueling BonusDungeon [[spoiler:with freaking ''Yiazmat'' as the BonusBoss]] ''ten times'', the Anastasia becomes the most powerful weapon available to Vaan. How powerful? He'll be able to take down the aforementioned BonusBoss ''by himself''. It doesn't even stop at ten times; in theory, with enough grinding, it's possible for Vaan to become enough of a powerhouse that he'll even one-hit-kill the final boss fight's level 100 bahamut ([[TacticalRockPaperScissors which his attacks are usually ineffective against]]).
** The four mystic weapons are one of the many optional collections available in ''[[VideoGame/SaGa3 Final Fantasy Legend III]]''. They seem to have a unique element associated with them that bosses (and Dwelgs, for some reason) are weak against. There's even one boss that can only be killed with the mystic weapons.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyCrystalChronicles'' had a set of Infinity Plus One equipment for each of the four races. The problem? To get items created, you have to get an item's crafting scroll, and the right materials, and then take them to a blacksmith and have it made. All of the ultimate weapons require a rare drop, sometimes multiples, from the boss of a particular dungeon, and virtually require you to own a Game Boy Advance to know how to get enough points to have a chance of that drop set appearing. This is mitigated by the consolation prize: Even if the item you want doesn't appear, there's still some good loot to be had.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV'' has the the Balmung. This sword can only be obtained after finishing the main questline and unlocking the post-game hidden dungeons. The player then has to go into one of these dungeons and fight in a number of rooms, killing at least 5 Tonberries, before finally finding the Balmung on the ground.
* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'':
** ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsI'' has Ultima Weapon (Sora), Save the King (Goofy) and Save the Queen (Donald).
** In ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII'', you can create each of these (using a somewhat more streamlined system) ''and'' acquire the Fenrir Keyblade, which is slightly stronger than Ultima Weapon, though the latter has useful magic bonuses. And just to go over-the-top, once you've made these things, you can make them ''again'', this time adding a "synthesis enhancement" ingredient, to make the Infinity Plus '''Two''' versions. (Not so much for Ultima Weapon, as there isn't enough {{Orichalcum}}+ in the game to even make it once; you have to induce a normally optional item that cuts the materials in half.)
** ''[[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep Birth by Sleep]]'' has the Ultima Weapon again, and a Keyblade made out of ice cream called Sweetstack that is slightly weaker but has a 100 percent Critical rate. The US version of the game adds No Name, which is more magically inclined than the Ultima Weapon, and the Final Mix adds the Royal Radiance, which is truly the strongest weapon in the game, combining the best qualities of all of them, and having the unique ability to fill the command gauge faster.
** ''[[VideoGame/KingdomHearts3DDreamDropDistance Dream Drop Distance]]'' also has the Ultima Weapon again, which has magically-inclined stats, and Overdrive, which has strength-inclined stats and the best critical and Reality Shift rates in the game.
* The Devil's Arms from ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' had variable attack power based on how many enemies the character in question had killed throughout the course of the game, and you could even save the kill-count for NewGamePlus for truly insane power. However, their true power was only available [[BraggingRightsReward after beating the game's toughest boss]].
** For Presea and Regal, once they get to level 80, you can obtain their strongest axe and greaves; the Gaia Cleaver and Dynast respectively.
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'' had the Catalyst Weapons, which worked roughly the same way: weak as hell when first acquired, attack-power-based-on-kills after beating the most powerful boss in the game. Additionally, said boss also holds the best Capacity Core in the game; you can only acquire this by stealing it from her, and you can only steal from her when she's staggered, which, as you might guess, does not happen often.
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'':
** The Fell Arms work the same way. After you defeat the TrueFinalBoss, the Fell Arms' strength increases by the number of kills that the character has acquired. Combine this with the [[spoiler:cape you receive from defeating Dhaos in the 200 man melee that transforms Destruction Field into a massive attack known as Dhaos Blast]] and Yuri becomes an absolute monster in battle. The difference here is you can keep the activated weapons on a NewGamePlus and they ''remain activated''. Fortunately the ability to save the kill-count was removed, or they'd be the mother of all {{Game Breaker}}s. As it is, it still takes a good while to grind enough kills to make them the best weapons again in a new game. The [=PS3=] version added the ability to save the kill count to the grade shop, and isn't particularly expensive either. To compensate (though barely), if you power up all the Fell Arms, the final boss gets a new third form. Also, even with the extreme attack power they can rack up, it'll barely be enough to fight the Spiral Draco.
* In ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld'', Emil has the Nether Traitor, which, in addition to the highest attack power of all of his weapons, has the incredibly broken Accelerate trait that allows him to lock an enemy into a permanent combo. The Regenerate 3 trait, which restores a sizable chunk of his HP periodically, is just gravy. Marta's Kismet has the highest physical and magical attack of any of her weapons, and will automatically revive her once per battle if she gets knocked out. [[RandomDrop Good luck getting it.]]
** Though not a weapon, the "Star Breaker" Gauntlets and the "Healer's Ribbon" errr...Ribbon, give you the Technical 3 skill, which means ALL ARTES cost just 1 TP. Couple that with Marta's broken speed casting late game, and you've got an infinite photon/prism sword/divine saber combo, which can trap the final boss, making sure he never TOUCHES YOU.
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia'' has the Fell Arms, as well. They all drop from separate optional bosses that can be found wandering around specific field and dungeon maps, and the full potential of the weapons is only unlocked after beating the Golden Mage Knight in the bonus dungeon. However, they're practically required if you want the later boss fights on Unknown difficulty to conclude in a reasonable amount of time due to the sheer amount of HP and defense they have.
** ''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia2'' continues the tradition; however, they're instead obtained by beating the postgame EX Tag Arena with the corresponding party members. The damage is now based on the number of times the character has performed a link attack, which makes it take longer to increase their damage up to the max, but unlike the prequel, getting them to this point ''will'' make you destroy absolutely everything in seconds regardless of the difficulty setting.
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia'' has Excalibur, a sword better than the game's purported InfinityPlusOneSword, the Eternal Sword. To get it, you need to visit the secret dungeon below the Morlia Mineshaft (which has the most powerful enemies in the game, TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon notwithstanding). Conveniently, you also get the spear version of this, a weapon you've had once before but had it confiscated, and the most powerful summon in the game -- three Infinity Plus One Swords for the price of one dungeon.
* In later ''VideoGame/{{Tales|Series}}'' games (except for ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'', [[spoiler:the prequel of ''Phantasia'']]), the Eternal Sword itself was the InfinityPlusOneSword, generally won by defeating Cless, the protagonist of ''Phantasia'', in some kind of arena. He's generally [[GoodIsDumb a lot stronger and faster than he was back then.]] For extra fun, turning the difficulty up adds in either ''Phantasia'''s WhiteMage or witch. (Keep in mind, the WhiteMage can ''stop time''.)
* In ''VideoGame/TalesOfEternia'', the Eternal Sword was only the ultimate weapon in terms of sheer power, sacrificing other stats for it. Not to mention its Time element weakens it against certain enemies. The game had a few other weapons like it too. The true InfinityPlusOneSword was the Last Fencer. While not as strong in terms of sheer strength, it had no element, and the advantage of raising all stats at once. It also may or may not be [[ShoutOut named after one of the titles]] Cless gets in ''VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia''.
* In ''VideoGame/RomancingSaGa'', there is a Special quest reserved for the IneffectualLoner (he is the only one who can hear the spirit of the sword) that involves you actually forging the InfinityPlusOneSword known as the Demonbrand. Also, it starts off as a rusty katana perhaps better suited to cutting food. [[http://youtube.com/watch?v=Tu6tWlIz8zk Video]].
* In ''VideoGame/RomancingSaGa3'':
** There are a few Infinity Plus One weapons for each weapon class. The best one is probably the Dragon Spear, which has awesome damage and an exclusive waza that also deals a lot of damage. It's also the hardest one to get, as it RandomlyDrops from Dragon Rulers.
** You can get a two for one deal if you are playing as Harid and going for his strongest weapon; the boss guarding the InfinityPlusOneSword is a Dragon Ruler! You can net both Sword and Spear in one go.
** This can also be true in the Ice Galaxy, since the guardian of the Ice Sword (best 2 handed sword which also damages the enemy that attacks the wielder) is a Dragon Ruler also.
* In ''VideoGame/StarOceanTheSecondStory'', the final weapon of the main hero is the "Eternal Sphere", which can only be made through a certain path of upgrades from a unique sword gained from the InevitableTournament. If you sell off that sword after acquiring a better one, unaware of the inherent and entirely unmentioned potential, you can say bye-bye to the InfinityPlusOneSword. The upside? With a bit of luck and a little more SaveScumming, you can aquire the InfinityPlusOneSword as soon as you can leave town.
* You can only get Roddick's (and Ashlay's) best sword in ''VideoGame/StarOcean [[VideoGameRemake First Departure]]'' if you use his [[ItemCrafting Customization]] skill on a sword only available while within a single particular dungeon (when you leave that dungeon, the required sword is taken from you unless you customize it into another). It's a very real possibility that, unless you decided to spend a while mid-game grinding up levels for skill points, Roddick will have barely touched Customization by the time you get to this dungeon. Even then you may have to [[SaveScumming Save Scum]] a bit to make sure you don't botch the customization. Even better? If you don't get Roddick's InfinityPlusOneSword and settle for the second-best available through plot and Customization later on, the second-best sword causes elemental damage that ''heals'' the TrueFinalBoss, just to rub it in a little bit - and you had to sacrifice the ''real'' second-best weapon for fighting him to make it in the first place! Other characters have an easier time getting their own best weapons if they also learn Customization, as a character can only customize their own weapon type.
* The four Infinity +1 Weapons of ''Videogame/EarthBound'' can be earned as random drops from defeating a certain type of enemy (different for each), with some ItemCrafting required in one case. It's a grind, however: the weapon only has [[RareRandomDrop a 1 in 128 chance of dropping]]. Ness's is actually found after the PointOfNoReturn, and you can't even save with it without backtracking to the beginning of the last area, and can't use it for anything but ''that'' area and the final boss. (He at least has an InfinityMinusOneSword, but that's beside the point.) The Sword of Kings, which is particularly notorious for being {{Permanently Missable|Content}} after beating the boss of the area having the enemy that might drop it, is actually the only weapon which Poo can equip to advantage.
* ''Videogame/ShadowHearts'':
** Each game has sidequests for each character to obtain their best weapons, best armor, best transformations, unique accessories, and the most powerful skills. These often require actions being taken throughout the entire game, in addition to the main storyline.
** Unfortunately, these weapons are usually only a little better than the next strongest weapons. The real [[InfinityPlusOneSword Infinity Plus One Equipment]] tends to come in the form of accessories like Anne's Cross, a Karin-specific item in Covenant that makes her immune to all status ailments, recovers a small amount of health every turn, and gives a moderate attribute boost.
** Each of the Valentine family member's ultimate armor is obtained through the lottery, requiring you to track ALL the members and play at least one game with them. Some are hidden in dark dungeons, behind scenery, and saying certain things to them. You need a ticket to play the game, which aren't common. The first game even required you to activate a scene first before meeting the lottery member. The good thing is that member has Margarete's ultimate weapon.
** Yuri's ultimate weapon can only be obtained if you play a minigame to hit the Judgement Ring ten times while it speeds up at a insane rate. However, considering that Yuri fights [[ThatOneBoss Those One Bosses]] on his own to obtain [[GameBreaker his ultimate transformation]] which he can keep in the NewGamePlus it's worth suffering through.
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona'':
** ''VideoGame/Persona3'' has the Monad Block, a BonusDungeon only accessible the first time in January. The best weapons of each type are found in rare (yellow) chests on specific floors. They usually have 400 attack power and 99% accuracy, as well as an additional effect. Persona 3: FES, however, has even ''better'' weapons, which are created via the game's new ItemCrafting feature, which top out around 450 attack and have powerful special abilities.
** ''VideoGame/Persona4'', unfortunately, is a little more annoying about it. The true best weapons for each character cannot even be found except in a NewGamePlus, and even then can only be collected by beating down a randomly appearing BonusBoss. It's not a terribly ''hard'' bonus boss, if you prepare properly, but each time you beat him, he'll only drop ''one'' item. This means that to get ''everyone's'' weapons, you'll have to beat the exact same boss ''seven times''. Then seven times again if you want to get everyone the best armor in the game.
** ''VideoGame/Persona5'' has a few weapons and accessories that you can only get by turning your Personas into items. Among these is "Judge of the Dead" for Makoto, which increases all of her stats by 10, more than even the protagonist's ultimate weapon.
*** For Personas, there's Satanael. His stats are the highest in the game, and his elemental affinities are the game's best; he blocks Bless, absorbs Curse, and is resistant to everything else (except Almighty). [[spoiler:He even gets some GameplayAndStoryIntegration by literally one-shotting the FinalBoss after he's summoned.]] To get Satanael, you've got to spend a ridiculous amount of yen, and find just the right Personas throughout the entire game. Mementos makes this a little easier, but it's still extremely unlikely you'll see Satanael outside of the time you're required to see him except on a NewGamePlus run.
* Technically not a weapon, but still increases your characters' powers to ridiculous levels, the Sheriff Star is an accessory in most ''VideoGame/WildArms'' games that you obtain after fighting Ragu O Ragula, the most difficult BonusBoss in the largest BonusDungeon in the games.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Wild ARMs 4}}'', ''[[VideoGame/WildARMs5 5]]'', and ''[[VideoGame/WildARMsXF XF]]'', you could make your own Sheriff Star. It was usually very pricy and often required use of the Black Market, which you shopped with character levels instead of money. This [[http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/918840/43941 graph]] shows how hard it was to make a Sheriff Star in the fourth game from scratch, without relying on stealing or random drops. Yes, you read that right, 8080 levels and near 1.5 million gella.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}} Episode 1'', the AG-05, the final and most powerful A.G.W.S. available for purchase, sells for 300,000 G, a truly ridiculous sum in that game. It is certainly possible to buy it, but by time you've killed enough enemies to have that kind of money, your characters are invariably so high level that they're more powerful on foot than in the A.G.W.S. anyway!
* In ''VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}}'', there's the [[spoiler:Monado III, which is obtained in the final battle]]. It can be carried over into a NewGamePlus, which ends up making multiple cutscenes look rather ridiculous, as they'll play out as though Shulk were using whatever inferior weapon he would normally have at those points, leading to silliness like you hitting a Mechon for massive damage, [[CutsceneIncompetence only for Shulk and/or others to exclaim "It's not working!" in the cutscene that ensues]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Fable|I}}'':
** The Frying Pan weapon can either be this or a JokeWeapon, depending on whether or not you acquired all the clues needed to find it; if you do, you'll get a massively-powerful weapon with four augmentation slots, but if you don't, you'll get a weapon with no slots which does 0 damage.
** There's also Skorm's Bow, the best longbow in the game, which you can only acquire by sacrificing someone at Skorm's temple at the right moment in the night. Although you can do this at the very beginning of the game, before getting even a single experience point, so it's really more of a GameBreaker.
** The Sword of Aeons in ''Fable'' if you're evil, or Avo's Tear if you're good, although Avo's Tear only appears in the expanded re-release of ''Fable''.
** There is also the Wellow's Pickhammer, though perhaps obtainable a little early depending on how evil you act up to that point. It doesn't look all too threatening at first glance, until you notice it has two piercing augmentations on it. This weapon shreds through the health of any enemy, regardless of their armour, and even special units like the Balverines, which normally require a Silver augmentation to deal any real damage to it, will still take decent damage from this thing.
* ''VideoGame/FableII'':
** The Red Dragon pistol. You get it by completing with a perfect score in the shooting gallery. It does immense damage with a single shot, but in manual aim mode, its [[MoreDakka true power is realized...]] yeah, it fires as fast as you can smash the Fire button.
** The Daichi. Only the Master Axe and Master Hammer have a higher attack damage, but even so, they're both extraordinarily slow in comparison. In the time it takes for one of their swings, the Daichi does just about three. By the time a character using those is halfway into the battle, the Daichi is done. It also doesn't hurt that its augments boost the damage, add shock damage, and make the hero more attractive.
* ''VideoGame/ValkyrieProfile2Silmeria'' has an InfinityPlusOneSword that epitomizes the "so hard to get that it becomes useless" issue. Getting the "Angel Slayer" requires completing the bonus dungeon ten times, each time being harder then the last. The only challenge higher than a tenth playthrough of the bonus dungeon is to start a new game on a higher difficulty -- and you lose the sword when you do that. It does possibly help you fight the [[KillerRabbit Hamsters]].
* ''VideoGame/ValkyrieProfile'' also has the Angel Slayer, which is acquired in the same way, but there's a huge catch to it - it has an Attack Trust of 1, which means that every hit randomizes just what percentage of the listed attack power is used, meaning any attack could be for just one damage, or it could one-shot almost any enemy in the game. There's also the Glance Reviver, which is only a shade less powerful, but has an Attack Trust of 75 (meaning the attack is, at worst, at 75% power) and has a chance at an instant kill.
* ''VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG'':
** Obtaining the Lazy Shell equipment involves a bizarre FetchQuest that requires going ''way'' off the beaten path, but the end result is the best weapon for Mario and the best armor for Peach.
** The Frying Pan, although not as good as the Lazy Shell, is still a very powerful weapon, enough to allow Peach to do damage on par with Bowser. It can be bought, [[GuideDangIt if you know where to look.]]
** Also, the Super Suit, which is ridiculously powerful armor. The only way to obtain it, however, is to get a one hundred hit combo with Mario's Super Jump and talk to the Chow in [[MonsterTown Monstro Town]].
* The Dragon Bracelet in ''VideoGame/BlueDragon''; to get it, you have to find, kill, and collect a fang from each of five dragons, four of which don't even appear until you've talked to Elder Bauhm, whose village can only be reached by the [[GlobalAirship Mechat]].
* ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou'':
** Most of the Gatito threads, which you can get after beating the main game (with the exception of [[NiceHat Pi-Face's Cap]]); as well as the samurai gear, and some of the weirder clothing you get while collecting the Secret Reports.
** And the Black Planet pin set (also known as the Darklit Planets). The Black Planet pins are pretty good by themselves, but put all six of them in one deck and you've got what is possibly the most destructive pin set in the game, because all of them deal substantially more damage if all six are in the deck together. The catch? You only get one of the pins from [[spoiler:Hanekoma, though if you try putting the cartridge into different DS's, you might find another one to buy there]], and you have to hunt down the rest by getting Noise to drop them. [[ThatOneBoss Incredibly powerful]] Noise, who can only drop them on the highest difficulty level, and you have a snowball's chance in hell of [[RandomlyDrops them dropping it without setting your HP incredibly low or chaining battles together]]. Alternatively, [[GameBreaker mingle with someone who has the whole set and buy it off of them]].
** And the [[FanNickname HP Hax Feather]] gives 30 attack, 30 defense, [[UpToEleven 2000 HP and three fusion stars.]] Anyone who says they don't use it, either hasn't finished the BRV grinding yet or is LYING.
* ''[[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne]]'':
** Not a weapon, but the game's unique spellbook/armor combination parasite, the Masakados Magatama will make him immune to EVERYTHING except Almighty attacks, plus the ability to learn Repel Phys, and gives him + 10 in all stats except Luck. First, you need to get every other Magatama in the game, then go to the Cathedral of Shadows to collect the Lord's Blade, proceed to Masakado's temple, struggle past the resident monsters and hunt down and destroy the four monstrously strong guardians. Worth it though.
** ''Nocturne'' has one other possible contender for this title: Completing the Burial Chamber special battles in the required number of press turns awards you with perhaps one of the games greatest prizes on the second run-through: the Demi-Fiend's second Press Turn. Makes Hard Mode significantly easier after [[ThatOneBoss Matador]].
** But while either of these things might be an InfinityPlusOneSword in any other game, this one is so hard that even both of them together won't make it a cakewalk.
* ''VideoGame/EtrianOdyssey IV'''s weapons fabrication system (you sell the materials to the general store, you can instantly purchase it, plus the same amount of materials per forge slot if you want to make use of the forge options to increase the versatility) makes it ''exceedingly'' difficult to complete one of these - the ingredients necessary to create the Ultimate Weapons alone are conditional drops from the sixth labyrinth's brutal BonusBoss, and he drops one of it every single time. It takes fourteen days in-game for a boss to respawn, and each ultimate weapon has ''eight'' forge slots, meaning you'd need nine of the boss' items to create a single fully-powered Ultimate Weapon - of which there are ''several''.
* In ''VideoGame/UltimaVII: The Black Gate'', the game didn't even come with the Infinity Plus One Sword, the Black Sword -- it was added to the game through an expansion pack, ''Forge of Virtue''. As Infinity Plus One Swords go, it ranked right up there, making the rest of the game ridiculously easy -- including such things as Instant Magic Recharge, one-shot kills on ANY creature, etc. It had to be created in the expansion pack, and was useless without the demon who was trapped in the hilt. In the game's sequel, ''VideoGame/UltimaVIIPartII: Serpent Isle'', you wind up having it teleported away from you, and when you find it again, you must release the demon inside in order to escape the dungeon you have been imprisoned in.
* There's also a Black Sword in ''Videogame/{{Ultima Underworld}}'', located behind a secret door in a hidden tomb that you can normally only find by obtaining a magic crystal shard from one of the prisoners, or failing that, by casting Reveal at the right place. It's also guarded by a Shadow Beast, which is invisible half the time without the crystal. The sword does approximately the same damage as the [[{{sword of plot advancement}} Sword of Justice]], but is super-accurate.
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''
** ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind Morrowind]]'':
*** Goldbrand, one of the best swords in the game. To acquire it, one must swim down to an unmarked and destroyed offshore statue and talk to it's head. The head will tell you to that it wants to be rebuilt, but only by this one crazy orc. Once you find the orc, he tells you that he needs a book that is only available from one bookseller. Once you recover the book and bring it to the orc, you still have to wait two in game weeks before the statue is finished and you get the sword.
*** Furthermore, Goldbrand can be upgraded to Eltonbrand--an even more awesome sword, but only if you're a vampire and complete a certain quest with a certain exact amount of gold in your inventory[[note]]the fact that you get the message "Go to hell, Carolina" when you do suggests it was meant as an easter egg rather than a GuideDangIt moment.[[/note]].
*** Despite all of that, the Black Hands Dagger is still more powerful. Each attack is guaranteed to deal three times as much damage as Eltonbrand and can even do much more sometimes. Also it blinds your opponent and heals you for as much damage as it deals... considerably more powerful than any other sword in the game (including ones you enchant yourself).
*** The first expansion to ''Morrowind'', Tribunal, gives you TWO of the strongest swords in the game at the end of the main quest. You have to beat a living god to get them, though.
** ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion Oblivion]]'':
*** It is possible for players to create their very own InfinityPlusOneSword by doing a custom enchantment on a regular weapon. This involves finding the biggest possible type of soul gem and filling it, which practically qualifies as a sidequest in itself and is something only very high-level players, or players who are "clued in" by various quests can accomplish. Then, the player has to either complete a long string of side quests or pay real money for the official "Wizard's Tower" mod, and game money for the appropriate equipment. With all that done, he can finally put a custom enchantment on his weapon. A common choice is both weakness to magic and magical damage enchantments, which is a GameBreaker.
*** Additionally, one of the game's official downloadable content mods adds Mehrunes Razor, a dagger with, among other things, a chance to instantly kill anything it hits. The dagger is found at the bottom of a nine level dungeon.
*** Shivering Isles introduces the Dawnfang/Duskfang, which deals heavy base damage, heavy additional elemental damage based on time of day in-game, instantly recharges when the weapon transforms, both the dawn and dusk forms can transform into even more powerful versions of themselves when you kill a certain amount of enemies, and the fact it's a longsword means one could combine this sword with the 100% Chameleon trick to become an unstoppable juggernaut to boot.
* The Spirit Sword in ''VideoGame/GrandiaXtreme''. To obtain this weapon, the player must beat the game, travel to some of the bottom floors of a 100-levels randomly-generated dungeon in which the player can only leave every five floors, and can only return if such an "exit" was made into an entrance, at which point the exit cannot be used and the player must advance five ''more'' levels down just to make an exit. Making matters worse is that the sword is the [[RandomlyDrops rare drop]] of a fairly difficult enemy which is (thankfully) not rare on these floors. The only "easy" method of ensuring the player gets it is to equip one of the more useless characters with a ridiculous rabbit-themed set of armors and skills which are likewise rare drops of equally ridiculous, and nearly impossible to kill, cute rabbit-like enemies. Even then, you will be seeing an ''awful lot'' of the common drops. This is not the only time the game does this to the player.
* In ''VideoGame/GrandiaIII'', the Spirit Sword makes a return as the Infinity+ 1 weapon, and has an extremely similar method of acquisition, with the exception that the player must defeat the enemy, and cannot resort to stealing, running away, reentering battle, stealing, etc (as can be done in Xtreme). Luckily, this enemy is right next to a save/recovery point. Unluckily, this enemy is extremely difficult for no apparent reason.
* Neither of the first two ''Grandia'' games have secret weapons that could be considered Infinity+ 1 Swords. However, if one hacks items in the first game, an item called the 100 Sword will appear. It would be an Infinity+ 1 Sword had it been included in the game proper as the final weapon (the Spirit Sword) has only 70 + STR while the aptly-named 100 Sword has + 100 STR. There is also a 100 Fire Mace in the game files for no reason in particular.
* The Might Sword in ''VideoGame/LufiaAndTheFortressOfDoom'' bests even the legendary Dual Blade. It's a random drop from Hydras, which can be encountered in the Old Cave long before you even reach the Dual Blade.
* ''VideoGame/LufiaIIRiseOfTheSinistrals'':
** Protagonist Maxim spends roughly half the game in search of Dual Blade, a weapon which will magnify his energy enough to challenge the titular villains. Yet the Dragon Blade, a prize offered at the Forfeit casino, offers much better stats (though at the cost of a weaker IP ability).
** Lufia 2 has the Infinite Plus One Ring in the form of the Egg Ring, which one gets from defeating the [[BonusBoss Egg Dragon]]. But how to fight the Egg Dragon? You have to find all the Dragon bal....err.. eggs scattered throughout the world multiple times. After granting your wish several times, he'll fight you instead, and is one of the most vicious bosses in the game if fought legitimately, or can be [[GoodBadBugs killed in one round]]. The Egg Ring grants whomever equips it with maximum stats and will pretty much guarantee that person will NEVER die and always do max damage.
** Then there's the weapons from the Ancient Cave. Some of them are the strongest weapons (and armor) for different characters, but if you get them is completely random and you can spend hours after hours trying to.
* ''VideoGame/LufiaTheLegendReturns'' has sealed equipment for each of the twelve party members. Several characters receive extremely powerful weapons, such as Randolph's Luna Blade (with an attack stat of 666) or Wain's Maxim Blade (which has a chance to do '''400%''' damage).
** The game also has an Infinity+1 SecretCharacter: [[spoiler:the Egg Dragon]], with 999 in every stat.
* The strongest weapons and armor in ''VideoGame/LufiaTheRuinsOfLore'' are found in the deepest levels of the [[BonusDungeon Ancient Cave]]. Since their appearance is entirely random and the Ancient Cave is quite NintendoHard, most players settle for the [[InfinityMinusOneSword Infinity-1]] Zircon equipment instead.
* ''VideoGame/LufiaCurseOfTheSinistrals'', along with Ancient Cave goodies, has two ultimate swords obtainable by beating {{Bonus Boss}}es that can only be fought in NewGamePlus. Iris' Sword gives a massive boost to magic damage and comes with the three best spells in the game and the Egg Sword bases its attack power off of its wielder's level, becoming more powerful than the Dual Blade by Level 70.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** It has some items like this for certain Pokemon. Pikachu has the Light Ball, which turns it into a GlassCannon. Cubone and Marowak have the Thick Club, and Farfetch'd has the Stick. The former two only have a 5% drop rate, but they both double the attacking power of their respective Pokémon, which in Marowak's case, raises its to one of the highest out of Pokémon, being beaten mostly by Mega Evolutions and Legendaries. The Stick only raises critical hit ratio, however.
** None of those items are even banned or feared as much as Soul Dew, which turns Latias and Latios from Uber-level Pokemon to absolute Gamebreakers. This was [[{{Nerf}} nerfed]] in Gen VII, Soul Dew is now allowed in OU.
** Wobbuffet, seriously. Finding, catching, and leveling one is ridiculously annoying in normal playthroughs, but it is the one Pokemon that acts as a counter to '''everything'''.
** In addition to items, legendary Pokémon are basically the InfinityPlusOneSword combined with BonusBoss or ThatOneBoss. Especially event Pokémon like Mew, which is capable of learning any move in the game.
** Mewtwo in ''Pokémon Red'', ''Blue'', and ''Yellow'' versions was a straight example of the trope. It had the highest base stat total in the game, but could only be obtained after fighting the final bosses the Elite Four, at the bottom of a treacherous cave filled with high level Pokémon, and was notoriously difficult to capture when encountered. Fortunately, the game's ''other'' InfinityPlusOneSword, the Master Ball, would capture Mewtwo without fail. There was also the fact that, in those first-generation games, Psychic-types effectively had no weaknesses due to some programming errors. As the strongest Psychic-type, Mewtwo was so powerful in that generation that putting it on your team was [[GameBreaker almost cheating]].
** The move Return can function as a mix of this, DiscOneNuke, and MagikarpPower due to [[PowerOfLove how it works]]. HeartIsAnAwesomePower indeed.
** Some Pokemon can become [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe Infinty +1 Shields]], with notably high Defenses and/or Special Defenses, although offset by having either physical or special defense and/or having poor stats in other areas.
** An odd example is a level 1 Pokemon, particularly if they have Endeavor, Quick Attack, and a Focus Sash (used particularly on [[ComMons Rattata]]). The result is a David vs. Goliath scenario where the level 1 Pokemon brings the higher level juggernaut to 1 HP and defeating it with a well-placed Quick Attack, which can be pretty embarrassing if a trainer falls for this. Luckily, this has been avoided in the competitive scene by smarter trainers using indirect damage or faster moves.
** With the debut of Generation VI, the new mechanic of "Mega Evolution" was introduced, which are a temporary [[SuperMode Super form]] which will redistribute and/or boost up the user's base Stats and maybe switch round the abilities as long as they are holding their [[PowerCrystal Mega-stone]]. However, come Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Players can get their hands on a [[OlympusMons Rayquaza and Deoxys]] [[spoiler: if they complete the Delta Episode]], while Deoxys already can have ridiculous stats from it's different forms, Rayquaza gets a Mega form, to which there is a reason Smogon (one of the leading authorities behind competitive battling) put it in a new AG (Anything Goes) tier, above the previous Infinity+1-group Ubers, due to it's huge base stats, lack of need for corresponding Mega-stone and ability that covers for it's one big weakness.
*** Yes. Mega Rayquaza was banned from the banlist. Let that sink in.
* ''VideoGame/MurkonsRefuge'':
** There are two Items of Specialness for each character class. You most likely won't find them until you reach the deepest dungeon levels, and even then you have to dive into pools and hope that you're [[RandomlyDrops lucky enough to get one]]. Even rarer than the Items of Specialness is the Rod of Catastrophe, an item that casts one of the highest Sorcerer spells in combat with no loss of {{Mana}} points and can be used multiple times in combat.
** There's also a literal sword, far rarer than the rod, but not as handy as a bottomless supply of free [[spoiler: CHAOS]] spells.
* In some games, particularly Book I of ''VideoGame/{{Ys}} Book I and II'', and ''Ys IV: Mask Of The Sun'', the Infinity Plus One equipment doesn't work against the FinalBoss, so you have to switch to [[PenultimateWeapon a certain lower level set of equipment]].
* ''VideoGame/GoldenSun'':
** The Sol Blade in ''Golden Sun: The Lost Age'' is one interesting example, as it lies in an easy-to-find treasure. Yet, all other weapons pale in comparison to the sheer damage-output of this weapon. The only two swords that come close are Excalibur and the Tisiphone Edge. (The former needs an UltimateBlacksmith, the latter is a rare drop)
** This is ''VideoGame/GoldenSun''. There are no "rare" drops, only drops that are harder to engineer[[note]]Golden Sun's "random number generator" can be influenced[[/note]] than other drops.
** Although Excalibur has a 5% forge rate and the material used to make is found in chests and dropped by Sky Dragons in the BonusDungeon.
** There's also the accursed Darksword, which is even more powerful than the Sol Blade, and if you got the Cleric's Ring out of Crossbone Isle in the first game, the only drawback is losing the Sol Blade's devastating unleash.
** The Sol Blade is back in ''Dark Dawn'', and it's no less powerful. However, a set of Infinity Plus One ''Equipment'' exists in the form of the Umbra Gear, and not only do they make Sveta an anti-elemental tank (each gives 20 points to two Resist values, and the knuckles are her best weapon bar none, and that's ''not'' counting the massive stat boost Beastform grants), they are all ''required'' to complete the game. The Sol Blade is, too, but it comes in at the final dungeon anyway.
** There are three Sveta-specific weapons stronger than the Umbra Knuckles (a "rare drop", a rare craftable, and a cursed weapon). However, the Umbra Knuckles are required to complete the final dungeon, so the stronger weapons are best left for the bonus dungeons ([[BrutalBonusLevel you'll need them]]).
* ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'':
** There is the Experimental MIRV, a cannon that [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill launches eight miniature nukes at once and kills anything it hits in one shot]]. As well as the huge cost of a single shot making it AwesomeButImpractical, getting it requires finding the place it is hidden in and finding the five password tapes for it scattered around the wasteland.
** The Mysterious Stranger's .44 Magnum would also fall into this category, as it causes roughly the same amount of damage as the MIRV in one shot. The disadvantage is that it's only available through hacking or sheer dumb luck.
** A more practical Ultimate Weapon would be Lincoln's Repeater.
*** It's the only .44 Magnum rifle in the game, it can be repaired with ordinary hunting rifles, it does a lot of damage and sneak attacks can [[BoomHeadshot one-shot-kill]] most enemies. About its only drawback is that ammunition for it is relatively scarce, but it doesn't need very much anyway.
*** Sadly, Lincoln's Repeater becomes a lot worse in the new DLC Broken Steel. Granted, you'll still be an unstoppable force of mass destruction until about Level 18, but its main appeal has always been either sniping or use in V.A.T.S. in combination with the perk Grim Reaper's Sprint, which makes you pretty much invincible as long as you can kill your enemies in one V.A.T.S. sequence. However, when regular enemies start having 1.5 times as much health as Deathclaws - who are still quite lethal - and survive your assaults quite easily, you'll be pretty much a sitting duck for the Feral Ghoul Reavers and Albino Radscorpions with the powerful, accurate but horrendously slow Repeater and those Big Guns and Combat Shotguns suddenly become a lot more appealing! The dart gun is still quite broken though...
*** What can easily rival the Repeater in terms of usefulness is the Gauss Rifle added in the ''Operation Anchorage'' DLC. Deals nice damage (even some splash damage!), has a sniper scope and scoring a critical hit even knocks down the target for four seconds. And it uses microfusion cells for ammo which are plentiful late in the game, unlike the extremely rare .308 used by sniper rifles. Only problem is the low rate of fire as it must be reloaded after every shot. And it uses the Energy Weapons skill which can present a problem for characters leveled towards using conventional guns.
*** Said DLC also earns you the Infinity +1 PowerArmor, which due to a [[GoodBadBugs programming error]], has ridiculously high durability and will not degrade noticeably over the course of gameplay.
*** ''Fallout 2'' also had a Gauss Rifle which fits this trope perfectly. Landing a critical to the eyes WILL kill most enemies, no questions asked. To quote the Fallout wiki: "the [[LudicrousGibs Bloody Mess trait]] is seldom necessary to see the most violent death animations" (which in this case means [[CruelAndUnusualDeath blowing a sizeable hole in the target's torso]]). Another excellent weapon is the [=YK42B=] Pulse Rifle which, while very short-ranged, deals the highest damage of all single-shot weapons in the game, even without criticals. Scoring a lethal critical literally '''vaporizes''' the target!
*** ''Point Lookout'' has the Backwater Rifle. Although it has a 5 points less base damage and critical damage than Lincoln's Repeater, it makes up for that with a 5x critical chance multiplier, uses the much more common 10mm ammo, and is more durable. Which you'll need as everyone in that DLC has extra unblockable damage against you (and only you) with every shot.
** [[http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/The_Terrible_Shotgun The Terrible Shotgun]]. From the [[http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_Wiki fallout wiki]] "CriticalHit damage with this weapon is actually applied individually on each pellet the weapon fires in a shot outside of V.A.T.S.. If all nine pellets critical hit at the same time (such as in a point-blank sneak attack critical attack), the weapon's total critical damage is 9 x 40 = 360! And with the Better Criticals perk, it can go up to 540. Add in the base 80 power of the weapon, and then double the whole thing because of the sneak attack bonus, and the weapon's total damage turns 1240, quite close to that of the Fat Man itself! In fact, if the damage is increased further with a [[BoomHeadshot head shot]], this weapon's destructive power against a single target becomes [[UpToEleven even greater than the Fat Man]], being able to [[OneHitKill kill]] even a Super Mutant Behemoth with [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcTdbkF-Jys a single sneak attack critical head shot!]]" To reiterate, under the right conditions this weapon can be more powerful than a nuclear explosion!
** There's also the "Liberty Laser", Liberty Prime's Laser Vision. Ever wanted to throw a big, badass, 5000+ damage dealing Lazorbeem at an Enclave trooper? Now you can!
** ''Broken Steel'' also has [[Film/DirtyHarry Callahan's Magnum]], however the only way to get it outside of hacking is to [[MoralEventHorizon betray the Brotherhood]] and use the Enclave's KillSat on their Citadel [[BraggingRightsReward in the final quest]].
** More easily obtained is the Blackhawk magnum, which is earned if you find sheet music for Agatha during her sidequest.
** Helping Harkness escape in the "Replicated Man" sidequest, [[DiscOneNuke which can be done early on]], earns you a unique Plasma Rifle.
*** ''FNV'' also has a unique plasma rifle, the Q-35 Matter Modulator, that can be obtained from the REPCONN HQ with a high-enough Lockpick skill.
** Sidney's Ultra 10mm SMG, which can either be looted from her dead body, or earned by finding the note from her father during "Reilly's Rangers".
** The Gatling Laser is already very powerful in its own right, but an even better unique version, [[ICallItVera entitled Vengeance]], can be found at the bottom of Deathclaw Sanctuary. It's the most damaging Big Gun in the game, but somewhat AwesomeButImpractical thanks to chewing through ammo and being hard to keep in good repair.
** Also in the Deathclaw Sanctuary is the Infinity Plus One Melee weapon, [[ICallItVera Jack]] [[PunnyName the]] [[ChainSword Ripper]]. It hits 30 times per second and has an insane [[CriticalHit crit]] rate, allowing it to chew through Super Mutants like wet paper, but it also breaks down very quickly, making it AwesomeButImpractical and a fully-upgraded and perk-enhanced [[FlamingSword Shishkebab]] [[InfinityMinusOneSword a more sensible option]].
* ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'':
** The YCS/186, a unique Gauss Rifle which is even more powerful than the Anti-Materiel Rifle. As for small arms, there's the Gobi Campaign Sniper Rifle. Not as much base damage as the AMR, but is easier to handle and acquire ammo for, and has bonus critical chance and damage. Even better, Christine's Silencer Rifle from ''Old World Blues'' is the most powerful .308 weapon in the game, and has the added benefit of a silencer as its name suggests.
** That being said, the Anti-Materiel Rifle definitely makes a strong case for being an Infinity +1 gun itself, if only for its versatility. It can be modified to the point where it barely weighs any more than an SMG, equipped with a silencer for more covert long range kills, and takes 3 kinds of special ammo on top of its already highly damaging default ammo. One of these ammo types is the explosive round, exclusive to the .50MG class of ammo, which significantly ups the damage to absurd levels. With the right perks and skills, the explosive rounds can take down the X-42 Giant Robo-scorpion,the most tanky enemy in the game, in just 5 shots.
** The Gun Runner's Arsenal add-on adds the Bozar, a hyper-accurate Light Machine Gun with an integrated scope purchasable at the Gun Runners kiosk. Very expensive, however.
** Also from the [=GRA=] add-on is the Sprtel-Wood 9700, a unique Gatling Laser which is pretty much the ''New Vegas'' equivalent of Vengeance from ''3''. And it can be found at a more accessible location in the game (i.e. [[spoiler: not from the Brotherhood-owned Hidden Valley Bunker but at the Silver Rush store in the Freeside outskirts of New Vegas]]), though it is offset for its very costly price tag.
** For armor, there's the Gannon Family Tesla Armor (the only Medium-weight PowerArmor), the Reinforced Sierra Madre Armor from ''Dead Money'' (best Light armor), and the Elite Riot Gear from ''Lonesome Road'' (best non-powered armor).
** The 12.7mm SMG is hands down the best automatic weapon in the game, combining the second-highest damage per second with the weight and Strength requirement of a 10mm SMG. Add the silencer and laser sight (GRA) = total ownage.
*** The [=CZ57=] Avenger minigun is a close second. Highest rate of fire and DPS of any weapon, twice as accurate as the standard minigun, and 50% more durable. The only drawback is the high strength requirement for optimum performance: 10 without the Weapon Handling perk, 8 with it, as well as literally half the ammunition capacity of the standard minigun (120 versus the standard's 240).
** The Pulaski axe Knock-Knock is arguably the most powerful non-DLC melee weapon in ''FNV'', and can be [[DiscOneNuke obtained early]] by a side trip to Searchlight immediately after Nipton. Bring plenty of Rad-Aways, though.
** When it comes to DLC added melee weapons, one that takes the cake, arguably, is the Blade of the West. In most cases, it acts as a sort of Infinity Minus One weapon to some of the perceived stronger weapons, outperforming the previously mentioned Knock-Knock on base value. However, it truly shines when given to the right Courier build specifically one designed to both utilize the knock down ability of Super Slam! (This Perk gives weapons that use two hands a 30% chance to knock down an opponent, effectively paralyzing them) and critical hits. With a higher than normal critical hit multiplier of 1.5, you can get a 48% chance to critical hit on attacks, and as a special bonus with the weapon, you get a knock down for each critical hit, with both knock down chances stacking. Just think about that.
* Ester is hands down the hardest hitting weapon in the game, which you would expect with it being a legendary version of the fat man and all. You can pretty much one shot anything using this weapon, the right perks, and the right ammo. Its surprisingly versatile due to the special ammo added by the DLC. It also grants extra armor and rad resistance, something no other weapon does.
* ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}'' has:
** Spray 'n' Pray, a silenced submachine gun that packs double the ballistic damage of its vanilla counterparts, plus 15 points of ''explosive'' damage, further boosted by the Demolitions Expert perk. Can be [[DiscOneNuke bought early on]] from Cricket if you have the caps.
** The Overseer's Guardian, a unique Combat Rifle that has the special ability Two Shot. It's slightly less accurate than a normal combat rifle, but it does twice the damage of a regular combat rifle if both bullets hit. While it is usually sold with some variety of automatic receiver, enough ranks in Gun Nut will allow you to mod the thing for either an automatic build or a Rifleman build. And though it ''can'' be used as a sniper rifle, the weapon truly shines in mid-range combat, especially if you take a hit of Jet before blasting off. And like Spray 'n' Pray, it can be bought quite early on from Alexis Combes in Vault 81, provided you have the caps.
** Big Boy, a unique Fat Man. Like the Overseer's Guardian, it has the special ability Two Shot: it's slightly less accurate than a normal Fat Man, but every time it fires it launches two mini nukes while only using a single shot. It's also considered both an explosive and a heavy weapon for the purposes of damage bonuses. With even a few ranks of either perk, its damage gets pumped to the point where there will be very few enemies who can withstand a single strike from it.
** In the Nuka-worl DLC, the combination of Aeturnus and X-01 Quantum allows you to basically tank any damage, fire unlimited dreams of glowing red lasers, and basically shred, cook and curbstomp any enemy you come across. makes it even more fun if you're level 3000+ and nothing short of a full-scab nuclear explosion can take you out.
** The Last Minute, a fully outfitted Gauss Rifle that deals bonus limb damage, purchasable from Ronnie Shaw after the completion of "Old Guns" for the Minutemen.
** Elder Maxson's Final Judgement Gatling Laser, which has a 50% faster rate of fire, and deals twice as much damage. However, [[BraggingRightsReward it only becomes available near the very end of the main quest line]], and only if you side with the Institute or the Railroad.
*** Aeternus added in the Nuka World DLC might be the most powerful weapon in game for the shear fact that its a Gatling Laser that doesn't burn through ammo due to how the game interprets its legendary effect. It may be technically outclassed by other weapons (especially with sneak criticals and what not) in terms of raw power, but they all require exotic ammo or the be point blank range. And on hard mode where ammo has weight, a pipe pistol with unlimited shots would be welcome much less a freaking Gatling Laser.
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'' actually makes it quite easy to acquire the {{Infinity Plus One Sword}}s:
** ''VideoGame/MassEffect1''
*** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'', all you need to unlock the Spectre-grade weapons is to acquire more than one million credits. Though there are actually Infinity Plus Two weapons as well which don't appear until your character nears level 50, as there are two tiers of Spectre weapons, and then the Infinity Plus One Bullets and weapon mods... All of which are available at a fraction of their usual price for finishing the [[DownloadableContent Pinnacle Station DLC]]. Good thing, too, as those guns will be needed to not make playing a flurry of perfect decisions or TrialAndErrorGameplay while playing [[IdiosyncraticDifficultyLevels Insanity or Hardcore difficulties]]. Needless to say, starting a new character on those difficulties will be quite rough.
*** At around the same level that the Master Spectre gear becomes available, players can also begin to obtain Colossus Armor, which surpasses every other armor type in terms of damage resistance. Other armors are better in shields and/or resistance to enemy powers, but those factors aren't important. Unlike the Master Spectre weapons, Colossus Armor requires the player buy a specific license, and then ''hope'' they appear in shops or item containers. Fortunately, the ''Bring Down the Sky'' DLC allows the player to choose one of any of the three human versions, or the quarian version for completing it. Even the light version has such high damage resistance that a SquishyWizard can sustain several seconds of enemy fire on Insanity. They'll need it. And that's not getting into the Infinity +1 armor mods.
*** Every class except the Soldier can equip a Bio-Amp and/or an Omni-Tool. Most amps and tools focus on one or two of three factors. The Savant variation gives the maximum bonus on all three factors. The only reason to use any other amp or tool over a Savant is if you don't have enough to go around. Similar to the Colossus Armor, they require a certain license, and have a notoriously low spawn rate. Fortunately, completing the ''Pinnacle Station'' DLC allows the player a strong chance to buy one at a relatively low price, and a player with a high enough persuasion skill can also get a Savant X Omni-Tool for completing ''Bring Down the Sky'' if they feel they don't need the armor. An Adept or a Vanguard with a Savant X Bio-Amp, an Engineer or Infiltrator with a Savant X Omni-Tool, or a Sentinel with both, will immediately see their abilities skyrocket.
** ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'':
*** The Infinity Plus One weapons ''and'' armor are '''[[BribingYourWayToVictory for sale]]'''; the stuff available from the {{DLC}} packs are better than any of the gear available in the game itself.
*** In-game, however, there are the special weapons certain classes can choose to take aboard [[spoiler: the Collector ship]], chief among them the Widow Sniper Rifle. With the right combination of points and ammo (warp is your best bet), it's possible to one-shot almost any enemy in the game, even on higher levels. Its slow firing rate and low ammo capacity makes some people argue for alternate sniper rifles, but they're kidding themselves. Widow's where it's at. For the soldier class there's the Revenant machine gun, which packs more firepower than most of the heavy weapons and so much ammo that you can effortlessly hose down rooms of enemies without reloading. It's only balanced by a lack of accuracy, but once you have the assault rifle precision upgrade there's nothing in the game that poses any real threat.
*** DLC weapons do manage to avoid BribingYourWayToVictory. All of them are significantly more difficult to aim than your other weapon options, which means they take more actual playing skill to use, which gets rewarded with a damage upgrade.
*** And ''then'' there's the AwesomeButImpractical Cain heavy weapon. Also known as the Nuke Gun, although technically speaking it isn't nuclear. It is the biggest heavy weapon ammo hog in the entire game-- each shot consumes '''100%''' of your base heavy weapon ammo capacity, and most maps only contain enough ammo to fill 60%-ish of your capacity, so you can't even fire it once every mission! It takes several seconds to fire. And it can wipe out entire rooms of enemies (or an entire stage of the end boss) in a single shot.
** ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'':
*** Not a type of weapon, but it still applies: the Phantom armors from The Citadel DLC. 80% total boost to a variety of stats (for comparison, the default N7 armor + custom parts typically add up to a 50% boost, maximum 65% with certain parts, while most armor sets add up to 60%), only available by [[spoiler: breaking the score {{Cap}} at the Armax Arsenal Arena]], limited to 1 per file. (The only other armor to reach the 80% mark is the Cerberus Ajax Armor, but [[BribingYourWayToVictory that's another story altogether]].
*** There's also the Spectre-specific weapons, most notably the Black Widow sniper rifle - essentially the Widow from ''2'' with vastly more ammunition and three-round clips instead of the Widow's "bang, reload" philosophy. In the hands of an Infiltrator and fitted with the right upgrades and fully upgraded Disruptor Ammo, it can kill a Brute in three shots. Of course, it doesn't have the bonuses of the Javelin, which can - with the right upgrades - shoot clean through any cover in the game, but unlike the Javelin it's {{Hitscan}}.
*** The M-11 Wraith synergizes with the Vanguard in much the same way that the Black Widow does with the Infiltrator. Other Shotguns may cause more damage per hit, but the Wraith has the best damage-to-weight ratio of its weapon type. Fully upgraded, the Vanguard has a powerful weapon while still keeping their power recharge bonus at 200% even with a light assault rifle as a backup weapon, allowing the Vanguard to Charge around the battlefield with maximum efficiency. With a Smart Choke and a High Caliber Barrel, the Wraith can even function as a strong mid-range weapon. The Wraith's eight-pellet spread also synergizes well with the Explosive Burst evolution of the Vanguard's Incendiary Ammo, averaging an extra 400 damage per shot without power damage upgrades and allowing for frequent Fire Explosions from the Vanguard's iconic abilities.
* ''VideoGame/EnchantedArms'' has the Omega Golem, with [[GameBreaker the ability to reduce ANY and all enemy's HP to exactly 1, regardless of defensive Enchants]]. This is offset by the fact that you have to do 4 sidequests before you can do the actual quest to go through 50 (or was it 40?) floors of doom, all guarded by the toughest monsters in the game as {{Random Encounter}}s, which will sap the ever so vital Vitality Points from your characters. The boss himself is tougher than any other boss, boasting no elemental weakness, 99,999 HP, 9,999 EP, said GameBreaker, and the standard attack deals OVER 1700 HP worth of damage, AND can nail you to the floor. Even IF you beat him, [[AwesomeButImpractical the core for said Golem requires 275 of EVERY kind of gem, he comes up at level 1 only 15 or so VP, and he takes up a good amount of the field]]. Suffice to say, if you are willing to get and train said Golem, ALL boss fights will be a breeze.
* ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2'' - Taken to ridiculous extreme with a [[http://www.gamebanshee.com/cgi-bin/search/banshee_search.pl?_layout=NWN2_Items_Page&_cgifunction=search&NWN2_Items.id=1141 Enchanted Papyrus Blade (paper sword?)]]'' that actually makes you good at using that kind of sword.'' True, its appears to be a hidden bonus but the main point of the game is also to put a ridiculous powerful sword back together, the Sword of Gith, used to save the world.
* ''VideoGame/RivieraThePromisedLand'' has the Fanelia, a one-use weapon that deals 999* 8 damage (though each individual shot has a chance to miss), which is far more than any other weapon in the game. It's actually not that hard to gain, but requires some unconventional thinking as [[spoiler:it was hidden in the ground in Undine Springs after you complete mission 5 or 6. You need to dig it 5 times, while 4 times before you will be prompted that there's nothing there]]. There is also Longinus, a NewGamePlus exclusive weapon of similar power and similarly one-use only. It is possible to keep both weapons until the FinalBoss, but since the game limits you to 15 items maximum (including mandatory ones), it's usually not worth it.
* ''VideoGame/TheWitcher'':
** A legendary ARMOR with all the trappings of an infinity plus one sword, such as a famous wielder/wearer, it must be reassembled from various fragments, an explict quest is required to gain it and it was crafted by Gnomes.
** It's possible to get two Infinity Plus One steel swords, which are still practical because oils with different effects can be applied to each and the player can switch between them. It's also possible to get Infinity Plus One silver swords, but only one can be kept and there's only one optimal oil for silver anyway.
** Unlike most Infinity Plus equipment, the armor and swords don't come on the verge of the final fight, but the player is given a goodly chunk of story and action to make the most of them.
* ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiI'' has sword fusion, which allows you to fuse certain swords with demons. There were a few nice ones, including one that required you to fuse three elementals to the blade in succession, and one that required a component you could only obtain just before fighting Maou Asura - i.e. at the very end of the game. The sequel took this even further - you now had even more combinations and possible swords. At the very end of the tree, you had the sword Hinokagutsuchi, which scored three hits, had amazing accuracy and damage, and turned its targets to ''stone''. To get it, all you had to do was follow a convoluted expert-level fusion process that consumed seven original swords and sixty-seven demons. ''For even more fun'', the sword could be further fusioned to create the Brahmastra, the best gun in the game, or the four pieces of your female companion's ultimate armor. (Which, bad graphics aside, looks downright {{stripperiffic}}.) To sum things up, in order to get the best equipment ever, you need EIGHT [[InfinityPlusOneSword infinity plus one swords]], so you have to bind five hundred and thirty-six demons, and obtain fifty-six baseline fusionable swords. Oh, and did I mention those swords are random drops? Have fun!
* ''VideoGame/TheGranstreamSaga'' has the Onimaru, which is twice as strong as the 'best' sword you would get normally. Surprisingly, you find it very early in the game, [[spoiler: if you use the Cat's Eye somewhere in the west wall of the church basement in Arona.]] It sometimes causes instant death to enemies if it hits them while they're performing long attacks. The icing on the cake? The instant death thing even works on bosses.
* ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiPartnersInTime'':
** It has an InfinityPlusOneSword in the Ulti Free Badge. What exactly does this equippable item do you may ask? Gives you an INFINITE supply of attack items, which, considering the massive power of them (up to 999 damage for many, and infinite for others), allows the user to literally flatten the opponent under a barrage of hugely damaging special attacks if they have even just one of the item they want to use. It can also, thanks to this pretty much kill the [[MarathonBoss final boss]] in about ten minutes.
** To a lesser extent, the Supreme Slacks and [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin 100-Point Pants]], which are both dropped very rarely by certain enemies in the final area.
** Multiple exist as some useful special moves in ''[[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiBowsersInsideStory Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story]]''. You've got the Magic Window and Mighty Meteor attacks for the bros (the former is easy infinite hit, latter gives free ultra powerful items are every use, and is good in the Gauntlet) and Magikoopa Mob/Brogger Bonker for Bowser, which are extremely powerful but also extremely easy to use to well.
** When it comes to the main gear (Overalls and Shells) in ''Bowser's Inside Story'', two of each qualify. For the Bros' Overalls, you have a choice between the Master Wear, which increases Defense and SP and powering up Special Attacks, that can be gotten as early as activating the Air Pipes and defeating [[spoiler: the Shroobs]], which makes all the special attacks for the Cholesteroad availible. Getting A Rank on all gets you this. In addition, there is the A-OK Wear, which increases all stats and makes the wearer immune to status ailments, which can be bought at the Star Shop, which unlocks at Level 25. For the Shells, there is the Ironclad Shell, found in the first Bowser area of the game, Cavi Cape, but requires an ability that comes in the final area. It increases Bowser's Defense by a whopping ''300.'' Also, there is the King's Shell, which increases Defense (not as much as the Ironclad Shell, though), Attack, and SP with the side effect of increasing the power of Bowser's punch, which requires all of Bowser's special moves except for Shy Guy Squad and Broggy Bonker, though Magikoopa Mob is found in the final area. Broque Madame gives it to you after getting A Rank on all four Special Attacks used.
* ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam'' has a few. There's the Zee Egg and Star Rocket, Mario and Luigi's most powerful attacks. The former can hit the entire field for massive damage, the latter can hit a single enemy for that and they're both extremely easy to use and look awesome to boot. However, you need all Pi'illos saved for the former and the attack pieces from the final dungeon for the latter, so it'll be quite late in the game before you get them. There's also the last two badges (the Gold and Miracle Badges), which have quite devastating effects like freezing time (but are only available before about the second to last area) and pretty much everything gained in the Rainbow Rank shop. All extremely powerful, all kind of difficult to obtain and all able to make the final boss about half as difficult as he'd usually be.
* In ''VideoGame/PaperMario'', the quite useful Lucky Day badge can only be obtained after delivering a chain of 14 letters, requiring at least thirty minutes outside of the main plot. Not to mention how long it takes to get all of Chuck Quizmo's 64 Star Pieces for all badges and 100% completion!
* ''VideoGame/ParasiteEve2'' has two of them. The first is the Gunblade, which with the right ammunition, will deal damage in the thousands. The other is the Hypervelocity railgun. While it does have a 10 second charge up time, it also deals damage in the thousands. Both are rewards for getting the best rank in the game (which you can only do in the NewGamePlus)
* ''VideoGame/DarkCloud'':
** You get the best of them by beating the game and then completing an extra 100 floor dungeon. For extra points, you can then level up said weapon, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin granting it the suffix '+ 1']].
** Worth mentioning is that due to the weapon upgrade system of ''VideoGame/DarkCloud'' and its sequel, it's entirely possible to upgrade ''any'' weapon to Infinity Plus One status, except for the starting weapons in the first game.
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'':
** Erdrick's Sword, which, while not required to beat the FinalBoss (except in the first game, where no other weapon will hurt the boss), certainly makes it considerably faster/easier. And of course, there's Erdrick's Infinity Plus One Armor, which not only protects the hero from poison swamps and barriers, but restores his HP with every step. From ''VideoGame/DragonQuestII'' onward, the true Infinity Sword is always capable of extreme damage, but always cursed in some way.
** Later titles have the Metal King Sword which can be obtained from extremely rare drops from Metal King Slimes, collecting enough mini medals, or buying at the casinos.
** There's also the [[EpicFlail Flail of Destruction]], which while typically having less power than the Metal King Sword, hits every enemy in battle with standard attacks.
** Once upgraded twice at the Fashion Forge, the [[SwordOfPlotAdvancement Sword of Ramias]] in ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVI'' becomes the strongest weapon in the game. The Fashion Forge is not difficult to find, but fully upgrading the Sword of Ramias will cost you quite a lot.
** ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVIII'':
*** The Liquid Metal Sword, the most powerful sword in the game, is created by [[ItemCrafting alchemizing]] a unique Rusty Sword with two rare items. Many players eschew it in favor of [[InfinityMinusOneSword the Über Falcon Blade]], which is only slightly less powerful and requires more common materials to craft.
*** The Hero's Infinity Plus One Spear is the Metal King Spear. Since the [[InfinityMinusOneSword Infinity Minus One Spear]], aptly named Hero Spear, [[LifeDrain heals the Hero as it deals damage]], some players continue to use it even after obtaining the Metal King Spear.
*** Yangus' Infinity Plus One Axe is found in a treasure chest only accessible late in the game.
*** Jessica's Infinity Plus One Whip, the Gringham Whip, can only be obtained by grinding for an obscene amount of casino tokens. It can be worth it, as it has significantly better stats than the second-best whip and hits all enemies instead of just a group.
*** Angelo's Infinity Plus One Bow, the Odin Bow, is created by combining three lesser bows: the Eros' Bow, [[InfinityMinusOneSword Cheiron's Bow]], and the Great Bow. It is refreshingly easy to obtain, requiring no grinding or ultra-rare ingredients.
* ''VideoGame/BaldursGate'': The two-handed sword +3 in the bottom level of Durlag's Tower. It is one of the few +3 weapons you will ever see in the game, and found in the bonus dungeon you usually won't see the bottom of unless you're at the highest level already.
* ''VideoGame/BaldursGate II'':
** Anything with a +5 modifier is essentially this. The crafting system (accessed through Cespenar in the ''Throne of Bhaal'' expansion pack) allows you to make these weapons with the requisite components and/or money. Each weapon class has one ultimate version:
** Carsomyr: A Paladin-only greatsword that grants magic resistance and can dispel an enemy's magical barrier, ''and'' can be upgraded to +6 in ''Bhaal''.
** Although the Crom Faeyr in ''Shadows of Amn'' is the best warhammer in the vanilla game, it is superseded in ''Bhaal'' by the Runehammer, which grants a maximum +5 THACO, more damage, a ridiculous amount of bonus damage to undead enemies and several enchantments that can be cast once per day. It also sets the wielder's strength stat to 25, which is the absolute maximum possible. Only dragons and other godlike beings have this amount of strength.
** The Flail of Ages: A multi-headed flail that does several types of elemental damage at once. Was originally a + 3 in ''Shadows of Amn'', but ''Bhaal'' added more heads to increase it to +5. In addition, [[DiscOneNuke the + 3 version can be obtained fairly early in the game]].
** The Vorpal Blade a.k.a. Silver Sword. Despite being only +3, it nevertheless is capable of one-shotting anything it hits.
** Watcher's Keep has a whole host of Infinity +1 Swords throughout its five level structure (all of which can be upgraded to +5 versions), including the best axe (Axe of the Unwielding), bastard sword (Foebane), bow (Taralash), crossbow (Firetooth), dagger (Dagger of the Star), longsword (Angurvadal), mace (Storm Star), short sword (Short Sword of the Mask), spear (Ixil's Nail) and staff (Staff of the Ram).
* ''VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia: Legends'':
** There is a sword for [[TheHero Vyse]] that requires you to fulfill a ridiculous number of requirements to get, of which the three hardest are getting 90% of treasure chests in the game, finding every discovery, and killing 2500 enemies. Getting every moonfish in the game is another difficult requirement. Fortunately, you can get [[InfinityMinusOneSword the second-best sword for Vyse]] just by recruiting the UltimateBlacksmith, getting a rare mineral, and then paying him to make a sword out of it.
** Final Cupil is another example of an Infinity Plus One Weapon. You see, the WhiteMagicianGirl's main weapon is a RidiculouslyCuteCritter that can shapeshift into a weapon. The strength of the weapon it can shapeshift into increases as you feed it these things called chams. In order to get it to its strongest form, you have to find all thirty normal chams, plus all three super chams. One of the super chams requires you to finish a [[ChainOfDeals ridiculously long fetch quest]] in order to get it. The upshot is that the WhiteMagicianGirl goes from having the weakest primary attack in the game to having the... second weakest! Final Cupil is stronger than Aika's ultimate weapon, as it should be considering the difficulty in getting it. Final Cupil can usually do more than 600 damage per hit (never mind that at this point, Vyse's Cutlass Fury might be doing 9999 damage per hit). Though statistically, Final Cupil is stronger than even the above sword for Vyse; it's just that it's not being used by someone meant as a fighter.
* ''Franchise/DragonAge'':
** In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'', this role was fulfilled by Starfang, a sword forged for the Warden out of ThunderboltIron, which is easily the best longsword/greatsword available in the module. Unfortunately, because it was only attainable with the Warden's Keep DLC, you couldn't import it to ''Awakening'' or any other DLC campaign without the aid of mods.
** ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOriginsAwakening'', however, lets you (well, not you, but Wade, but you have to find the materials for him) craft Vigilance. You only have to kill a powerful BonusBoss for one of the key components needed to forge it; the rest of the components aren't terribly difficult to make/buy/find. It gets better; the sword can be customized -- it can be either a longsword or greatsword, made to have better accuracy and cold damage or better power and fire damage, and the blacksmith offers a choice of other extra bonuses too. This is on top of the basic bonuses the sword provides. It even has a unique appearance (which is unfortunately bugged if you installed the Warden's Keep DLC too). The sword is so awesome it even gets mentioned in the ModularEpilogue [[spoiler: and seems well on its way to becoming a Soul Edge expy.]]
** ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' had LevelScaling for items, meaning that however powerful a weapon or armor you just found was, it would probably be outpaced by RandomDrops after the next level up. However, if you played the game and its DLC packs in the release order, the Hawke's Key from the ''Legacy'' DLC fits the bill. Depending on the PlayerCharacter's class, it is either a MagicStaff, a dagger, a bow, or a sword that is customizable akin to Vigilance and only usable by Hawke. Or an [[GoodBadBug exploit]] can be used to give it [[GameBreaker all twelve potential bonuses at once]].
* In ''VideoGame/{{Exile}}''/''VideoGame/{{Avernum}}'', there are multiple weapons that are made for a specific monster to kill. The top example being Demonslayer, a sword that you have to find the parts of. [[spoiler:Due to how the damage caps, technically, ''fists'' are the strongest weapon.]]
* The Level-10 guns in ''VideoGame/{{Freelancer}}''. You can only get them by looting a few far-flung derelict fighters, or by going trough a [[CoolGate Jump Hole]] to an EldritchLocation and fighting Nomads, the nastiest enemies in the game. They aren't the most amazing weapons due to their slow refire rate and bad long-range accuracy...but the Nomad guns actually ''consume no [[ManaMeter power]]'', meaning that if they make up enough of your weapon loadout you can fire forever, and they're ''deadly'' at close range.
* ''VideoGame/MegaManBattleNetwork 5: Double Team'':
** To unlock super powerful Bass Cross Mega Man, you first have to complete the game on GBA so that you could complete it on Nintendo DS with a couple of bonuses.
** Some of the Giga Chips are possible Infinity Plus Ones. Many of the [=FortePlus/BassPlus/BassAnly=] chips deal far too many hits ''not'' to be used with Attack+ 10's, and you get them from the inevitable fight with him at the end of the BonusDungeon. From [=EXE3=], [=FolderReturn=] cost a fortune in Bug Fragments and [[GameBreaker broke the game into little tiny pieces.]] In ''[[Videogame/MegaManStarForce Star Force]]'', drawing one of the AM-seijin Giga Cards is a fantastic "kill all enemies" button.
** [=FolderReturn in EXE3=] wasn't the GameBreaker, [=NaviRecycle=] was. The general consensus at the time was that, if you needed to use your folder more than once to win, there was something wrong with your folder. [=NaviRecycle=], on the other hand, was essentially a replay button for the last Navi chip (essentially summons, and powered up to match), including any bonuses attatched to it. With the right 5 chip combo and a bit of luck and timing, any enemy in the game could fall to it, and that's assuming it survived the first shot...
** [=FolderReturn=], however, additionally acted as [=FullCustom=]. Theoretically, a user could continuously end the round immediately through the aforementioned chips, until the opponent no longer had chips available. The user, on the other hand, would still have their entire folder to work with. Combined with a certain [[GameBreakingBug glitch]], as well as legitimate customization in the game itself, the chance of this happening isn't as small as one would think.
** Oh dear god Hub.BAT. ''Battle Network 3'''s is such a perfect example it hurts. It requires getting to Secret Area 3 (which in itself requires [[GottaCatchEmAll half the Standard library and at least one Giga chip]]), fighting your way through a long, twisty path full of horrid RandomEncounters (with a nerfed character - thanks, Press Program!), and finally fighting a twenty round chain battle with some of the most annoying monsters the game had to offer. And once you had the thing, you had to know [[GuideDangIt the style-specific enabler code]]. ''And'' to make it worthwhile, you also had to know the compression command. However, just tossing it onto Mega Man made you ''ridiculously'' powerful, to the point that practically every metagame Mega Man was wearing it, halved HP or no.
** Its predecessor, [=HubStyle=]/[=SaitoStyle=] in ''Battle Network 2'', is also a prime example. It had most benefits of Hub.BAT / Saito Batch, plus no elemental weakness. However, to get it, you had to S-rank every V3 Navi in the game, which in turn required completing the [[BonusDungeon WWW Area]] first, which itself had several requirements.
* ''VideoGame/InazumaEleven 3'' has a number of special abilities served as this such as Omega the Hand, Maximum Fire, and Prime Legend, though it's quite acceptable since you still get to do a lot of things after you beat the final boss.
* ''VideoGame/EpicBattleFantasy 4'' has the Equilibrium sword. It reduces the damage taken from Holy and Dark by 50% each - Holy is the hardest element to resist, and Dark is generally the most dangerous. It negates enemy Dispel 100% of the time, in a game where status buffs are ''extremely'' important to keep. Its raw power is second only to the Anarchy sword, which [[GlassCannon drastically reduces the wielder's defenses]] - Equilibrium doesn't. It counter attacks with the third strongest non-LimitBreak attack in the game, when the second-strongest [[DeathOrGloryAttack harshly debuffs the user's attack afterwards]] and the strongest outright [[SuicideAttack kills the user]]. It inflicts the Syphon status condition when it hits an enemy, which prevents the enemy from using any abilities that require MP at all. And if all this wasn't enough, it grants the user AutoRevive status between turns. The catch? Not only is this weapon found at the top of the BonusDungeon, which is only accessible [[BribingYourWayToVictory with real cash]], but it requires you to beat '''four consecutive {{Boss Rush}}es''' on top of fighting your way through said BonusDungeon, and it's no pushover.
* ''VideoGame/SouthParkTheStickOfTruth'' has the [[KatanasAreJustBetter Sweet Katana]] which is... a completely run of the mill steel forged katana. But since the game's setting is a giant LARP most of the weapons are 2X4 wood mechanisms or blunt weapons, the Katana's standing as a legitimate bladed weapon makes it the strongest one you'll get.
* ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' has the Real Knife, which boost your ATK by a whopping ''99'' - for comparison, the second-strongest weapon only gives a 15-point boost. It is also absolutely useless, since by the time you get it there are no more random encounters and the one boss it could have feasibly been an advantage against was a long ways back. The only actual boss fight after you get the Real Knife is with a OneHitPointWonder who makes up for it with their insane dodging skills- you can't hit them once in the entire battle until an opportunity finally presents itself to make a sneak attack. In a normal run you wouldn't get this boss and would instead get two later bosses whom the Real Knife would be really useful on... but in the run you get the Real Knife in, they're essentially killed in cutscenes. It's almost like the game is mocking you for your desire to powergame and get the strongest weapon there is.
* ''VideoGame/FallenLondon'' has the Waxwail Knife, a weapon that boosts your Dangerous attribute by a whopping 20 levels (for comparison, the next-best Dangerous weapons in the game increase your Dangerous by 12 and are available only to players who have certain Professions or are willing to [[BribingYourWayToVictory pay Fate]]). To get it, players need to accumulate a massive number of Prize Tokens in [[PlayerVersusPlayer Knife-and-Candle]] by either sacrificing equally massive amounts of Notability or beating a huge number of other players in combat ''and'' avoiding losing these hard-earned Prize Tokens in defeats.
** The incredibly expensive Overgoat and twice-as-expensive relative Ubergoat qualify as Infinity Plus One Companions as their respective +20 and +30 Watchful boosts far outstrip any other Watchful equipment in the game.
* ''VideoGame/LegendOfDragoon'': The [[spoiler:Dragon Buster]] obtained prior to the final boss fight is easily the single most powerful weapon int the game giving the user a whopping +100 to attack power and while more of a SuperMode than a Sword the [[spoiler:Divine Dragoon form]] also obtained right before the last boss strips its user of their elemental weakness when in use as well as has the largest modifiers of any of the [[spoiler:Dragoon forms]] as well it comes with a massively powerful AOE spell and an even stronger single target spell both non-elemental
* ''VideoGame/LegendOfLegaia'': In the second game each character has access to a set of Infinity plus one gear gained via forging and the use of items called heavens secrets the most notable and useful is [[TheHero Lang's]] Judgment Day a weapon that gives you 220 str and 50 int but most importantly can inflict petrification on enemies and as it happens there is one status effect that can be inflicted on the final boss

* In ''VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird'', you can get the special ASP tank if you beat the mission "http://deckers.die". It's virtually indestructible, can smash anything in its path, and has really powerful infinite ammo. The only downsides are that it only holds one person, and that it doesn't have a radio, so you can't play music while you're in it, although the latter can easily be fixed with PC mod tools.
* In ''VideoGame/SidMeiersPirates'', the Ship of The Line is the largest ship in the [[LightningBruiser Frigate]] class; it has the largest maximum gun complement of any ship, the fast speed when sailing with the wind that all in the Frigate class have, and durability second only to the sluggish Flag Galleon. There is no guaranteed spawn for a Ship of The Line, and they only appear as "New Warships" or, more rarely, really heavy-duty pirate hunters; both of which require you to ''really'' savage one of the non-Spanish national powers to induce. By the time you might actually get one, you will likely have no need for its thunderous 24x2 gun broadsides, and might opt to reduce its gun complement to that of a basic Frigate (32 guns total, still nothing to scoff at) so you don't accidentally overkill your targets, and [[MundaneUtility use the extra space for more storage of captured spoils]] so you have less need to tug other ships along for cargo overflow.
* ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}'': Everything the [[FinalBoss Moon Lord]] drops is going to be the strongest of that class. The magic, melee, and ranged weapons it drops are, bar none, the best of their type (with the exception of the [[JokeItem Celebration]]). Of course, since they're only obtainable after the final boss, they're pretty much {{Bragging Rights Reward}}s
** Star Wrath: Essentially a Starfury on steroids, each swing of this weapon rains down three highly damaging stars that pierce enemies.
** Meowmere: The melee weapon with ''the'' highest melee base damage in the game, it fires out bouncy rainbow-trailing cats with each swing, dealing incredible damage in closed spaces.
** Terrarian: The strongest yoyo in the game with the second-highest base melee damage, it has an infinite flight time, and like the Flairon, it spews out powerful homing shots rapidly from the yoyo.
** SDMG: Basically the Megashark/Chain Gun on crack, this weapon has an extremely high rate of fire, 50% chance to not consume ammo, a much higher crit rate, and hurts even more than the other machinegun-type weapons.
** Lunar Flare: An upgraded Blizzard Staff, this magic weapon deals heavy damage with splash and can be aimed at any point the user wants it to hit for powerful precision damage. Not even walls are a problem with this weapon.
** Last Prism: The highest-DPS weapon in the game, it fires six streams that converge together to form a single beam that deals 6x the damage. It absolutely ''shreds'' almost anything that's not behind a wall. Its only drawback is the insane amount of mana it guzzles.

[[folder:Shoot Em Up]]
* ''VideoGame/RType Final'' features several extremely powerful ships which require ''two hours'' of game-time with the previous ship in the series, meaning by the time you get them you're probably good enough that they're entirely useless.
* The eponymous weapon of ''VideoGame/HeavyBarrel''. One always felt compelled to collect the pieces to get it - though playing without it was more fun than playing with it.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Hydorah}}'', the last weapon can only be gotten by going through several out of the way levels. Oddly enough for the genre, this weapon is an actual sword.
* ''VideoGame/RaptorCallOfTheShadows'' has the Twin Laser gun. The most powerful weapon in the game, it has a rapid rate of fire, can pretty much destroy most any Mook in one shot as the beams are HitScan, and it can also take down bosses in less than five seconds of fire, save for the [[CoresAndTurretsBoss Cores and Turrets Bosses]] in the Outer Regions episode.

[[folder:Simulation Game]]
* ''VideoGame/AceCombat'':
** Almost all of the superfighters have hard-to-achieve requirements, usually including NewGamePlus, but they are [[GameBreaker Game Breaking]] enough that the demands are almost justifiable.
** The Falken in ''VideoGame/AceCombat5TheUnsungWar'' only required the player to destroy several hangars located in out of the way locations in missions to obtain. More specifically, it requires completing the story mode no less than 1 and a half times, as the hangars are located in Yes/No level paths, so you have to choose one side, then the other on the next playthrough. After that, you still need about 570,000 credits to buy ''one''. If you're lucky, you can sell off all your planes to earn this much just in time for the final level on the 2nd playthrough. Totally worth it though.
** The X-02 Wyvern can be unlocked in ''VideoGame/AceCombatZeroTheBelkanWar'' [[OldSaveBonus simply by having a save from]] ''VideoGame/AceCombat04ShatteredSkies'' on the same memory card]]. The price is prohibitive but is still possible to purchase on the first playthrough [[DiscOneNuke provided you managed your money and scored enough kills to afford it]].
** If you have the ([[RevenueEnhancingDevices real]]) cash, you can get the Prototype (fixes the stability problems of the stock) or Razgriz (hardens the armor, fixes stability, looks cool in black) CFA-44 Nosferatu as DLC in ''VideoGame/AceCombat6FiresOfLiberation''. Normally, you would have had to slog through the campaign on Hard mode, but you can get it at the beginning of the game (complete with [[MacrossMissileMassacre ADMMs]] and [[WaveMotionGun railguns]]). Oh, and while you have to buy the stock planes with your in-game cash, any DLC planes you purchased are free.
** ''VideoGame/AceCombatAssaultHorizon'' offers the Nosferatu as DLC, but it's weapons have been nerfed and brought more in line with the rest of the game. After completing the story mode though, you gain access to the PAK-FA for free missions and online play. The [[FantasticNuke Trinity]] weapon is one of it's special weapons. While you only get three of them, they'll destroy anything (including you if you don't fly away). Unfortunately, it's an unguided bomb (good for ground targets), and the majority of the game is fighting against other planes in the sky.
* ''VideoGame/AirForceDelta Strike'' features over-powered aircraft from various other Konami games such as the [[VideoGame/{{Gradius}} Vic Viper]] and [[GameBreaker Jerry Mouse]] as bonus planes.
* The [[VideoGame/HarvestMoonBackToNature Mineral Town]] and [[VideoGame/HarvestMoonDS DS]] flavors of the ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon'' series gives you Infinity Plus One ''Tools'' in the form of the Mythic tools. It takes effort to get all six: you have to level up your regular tools to full, then find the cursed tools via mining, ''then'' lift the curse on each one, turning them into Blessed Tools, ''AND THEN'' you have to pair them with [[{{Unobtanium}} Mythic Stones]] and a boatload of gold to the local blacksmith (Saibara or Gray, depending on the game) to gain the Mythic [=Hammer/Axe/Watering Can/Sickle/Hoe/Fishing Pole=]. Made harder in DS by the fact that you can't [[SaveScumming save scum]] the mines until you have six Mythic Stones - you can only posess one of them at a time. Although a few are more powerful than they're worth: A fully charged Hammer will destroy every poundable object on screen... including your fencing. Ditto the Axe (in DS) and your fruit trees.
* In ''VideoGame/PrincessMaker 2'' the war gods sword is the most powerful sword in the game. If you can beat up the war god you can beat anyone else in the game in your sleep. It does have one effect however, it's required for the "Hero" ending.

[[folder:Stealth-Based Game]]
* The later ''VideoGame/SyphonFilter'' games has a funny example in the E.P.D.D, which is a long-range, sure kill, stealth weapon with infinite ammo that you can only unlock by getting the best rating in certain tasks, such as performing non-lethal [=KOs=] or stealth kills. Why is it funny? Because in the first game, it was called the Air Taser and served as your ''default EmergencyWeapon''. Unsurprisingly, less broken weaponry like combat knives and short-ranged tasers were used in its stead in later games, but they still kept it as a hidden weapon, making this one of the rare instances that an item found itself on both sides of the power spectrum.
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3''[='s Patriot is simple -- just clear the game=]. ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4'''s on the other hand ''requires'' a no Alert, no Continues, [[TechnicalPacifist No Kills]] (of humans; tranquilizing an enemy who falls to his or her death counts, but [=GEKKOs=] and Scarabs don't), no recovery item (normal and [[spoiler:iPod]]-assisted natural regeneration is fine), no special item (Stealth Camo or Bandanna), {{Speedrun}} on [[IdiosyncraticDifficultyLevels The Boss Extreme]]... where ''everything'' that's not a "Now Loading" screen (but the "Press Start" prompt ''does'' count!), between-Acts install time (including the "Press Start" prompt), and a post-Act results screen counts towards the 5 hour time limit. Yes, ''even the Start menu and the [=PS3=] home screen''.
* ''Franchise/AssassinsCreed'':
** Both ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'' and ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedBrotherhood'' have the Sword of Altaïr, the games' only "primary" weapon with maxed-out stats. (''[=AC2=]''[='=]s Papal Staff requires [[GameBreakingBug poisoning]] [[spoiler:the Pope]], [[{{Unwinnable}} preventing you from clearing the story]]). In ''II'' it is automatically unlocked when you clear Sequence 8 (about two-thirds through the story, or four-sevenths with the [=DLC=]), but can only be bought at the Monteriggioni blacksmith and is the game's most expensive weapon at 50,000 florins. In ''Brotherhood'' it's [[ATasteOfPower only usable during the first Core Memory]] (story mission), but if you complete all of the Assassins Guild challenges it's unlocked at the Tiber Island Hideout and does not need to be bought. Story-wise it can be unlocked about halfway through the game after recruiting one's first two Assassins, but completing the challenges may require grinding (mainly for Arrow Storms and signaling Apprentices ''during'' combat). The Armor of Altaïr was ''[=II=]''[='=]s Infinity Plus One Armor, granting as much Health as a complete Missaglias armor set but unbreakable, and only unlocked by clearing the six Assassin Tombs, which were mainly platforming missions.
** ''Brotherhood'' also has the Dagger of Brutus, a Short Blade with maxed-out stats, unique kill animations and a hidden effect making enemies more likely to flee an encounter. It's acquired along with the Armor of Brutus (equivalent to the Armor of Altaïr) when the player clears all six of the Lairs of Romulus (equivalent to the ''[=AC2=]'' Assassin Tombs) and then goes to the underground cell where the Armor and Dagger are stored.
** ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedRevelations'' has both the Master Assassin Armor and Ishak Pasha's Armor, though the former can be obtained as soon as you can recruit and level assassins, the latter requires a certain story mission to be beaten that unlocks an area where one of the collectibles for the armor is contained. In the case of weapons there's Yusuf's Turkish Kijil, the Almogavar Axe and Altair's Sword.

[[folder:Survival Horror]]
* ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'':
** THREE (in post-Gamecube versions, ''FOUR'') of these. The Infinite Rocket Launcher and Chicago Typewriter are available for a million [=PTAs=] at any merchant after completing the main game once, and getting a five star rating on every level in Mercenaries earns the Handcannon, which can be upgraded to do the most damage of any weapon in the game and have infinite ammo. Beating the game on Professional mode earns the Plagas Removal Laser.
** Technically, every weapon can become one of these when fully upgraded. When all upgrades are bought, a ridiculously expensive one becomes available. For instance, the Striker gains an ammo capacity that takes roughly an hour to empty, the SMG gains damage equal to several pistol clips per bullet, and the Broken Butterfly magnum gains damage rivaled only by the Rocket Launcher and the Handcannon. Restarting the game with a NewGamePlus using these weapons is terribly fun. Oh, and bear in mind the Handcannon is terrible without all its upgrades. Without them it uses an ammo that is very hard to find, selling the ammo to make money for the upgrades is a simpler option.
** Believe it or not, the ''Shotgun'' can be this. Yes, the same shotgun you found in Pueblo that you quickly sold to buy the Riot Shotgun becomes a GameBreaker if you upgrade it all the way. It's full customization negates the dispersion effect. At long range even a single ''pellet'' from the barrel does full damage, meaning it can instantly kill an entire hoard of Ganados in one or two shots max.
* In ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilTheDarksideChronicles'', the Linear Launcher fulfills this trope in terms of power, but is much easier to get then the average InfinityPlusOneSword. All you need to do is beat every level on Hard difficulty (admittedly, the Operation: Javier 4/6, which are full of tough enemies, including a number of {{Demonic Spider}}s, and end with ThatOneBoss, with you taking roughly 1.5 damage in 4 and double damage in 6, aren't exactly cakewalks), and your reward is a weapon with S rank Attack and Stopping Power (both of which can be raised to [[RankInflation S+ ]], the best rank in the game, for 22000 gold each), a massive splash radius, and infinite ammo. It does need to charge between each shot, but once you've upgraded that to its maximum, it's roughly 2 seconds between shots that can wipe out any non-boss enemy on the screen.
* The first ''FatalFrame'' game has an InfinityPlusOneSword in the form of a camera upgrade. If you photograph every ghost in the entire game, which at best can be completed early through a second playthrough, the Zero function makes the game ridiculously easy -- rather than have to spend time charging each shot, your camera stays at full charge all the time. It's basically the equivalent of upgrading from a flintlock rifle to a minigun. Oddly, this isn't the hardest upgrade to get; the reward from getting perfect scores in battle mode is much more challenging and virtually useless, since you're limited to equipping only one upgrade at a time.
* ''VideoGame/DeadSpace2'' has the Hand Cannon, which basically turns the game into a walk down easy street, no matter the difficulty, seeing as it has unlimited ammunition and kills in one hit. And if it doesn't kill in one hit, it'll most likely kill in about three. So what do you have to do to get it? [[HarderThanHard Beat Hardcore mode.]] And what is it exactly? [[spoiler:[[LethalJokeItem A red foam finger which Isaac "shoots" by yelling "Bang! Bang!" or "Pew! Pew! Pew!"]]]]
* ''VideoGame/DeadRising'':
** The small chainsaw. The absolute king of weapons that could kill most bosses in six hits and the EliteMooks of the game in one or two. And if you gather the right books, it will won't break until after 2160 hits, meaning you can essentially use nothing but the small chainsaw for the entire game (except for the sniper rifle for early bosses, and the Assault Rifle or "Machinegun" for Special Forces / later bosses).
** [[VideoGame/DeadRising2 The sequel]] has two: The Six-Shooter and the Knife Gloves. The Knife Gloves are basically this games small chainsaw: only difference is that they can be built (i.e. you can have more than one of them) and no books boost its durability to GameBreaker levels. The Six-Shooter on the other hand holds sixty rounds, has ridiculous accuracy, and does very good damage. Pulling it out in any boss fight is basically an instant "I win".
* ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'', all games pre ''Resident Evil 4'', has the Rocket Launcher, a weapon that can instantly kill anything in one shot. It usually appears towards the end of the game to use against the FinalBoss as a flashy finish. Depending on how well you do, you can unlock the Rocket Launcher for your NewGamePlus with infinite ammo, making the entire game a cakewalk.
** The infinite launchers from the oldschool games have one very critical drawback, though: you can't point them up or down, so some enemies are either extremely difficult or outright impossible to hit with them.
* The VideoGame/{{STALKER}} series has the Gauss Rifle. It's very accurate due to the scope and does damage roughly equal to dropping a good-sized house on the target. It's also very heavy and has a long time between shots. Unfortunately, in the first game, you only get it very late in the game and ammo is scarce, and a sniper rifle isn't of much use at close range or indoors, where most of the fighting is at that point. In the second game, you get it literally at the end of the story and really only use it on one person. In the third game, unless you save the lion's share of the content for the post-story gameplay, you have access to it for about a half-dozen jobs.
* Certain unlockable-by-beating-the-game weapons in the ''Franchise/SilentHill'' series, such as the katana in [[VideoGame/SilentHill1 the first game]], the Unlimited SMG in [[VideoGame/SilentHill3 the third]] (It's as [[GameBreaker broken]] as it sounds), and all of the unlockable weapons in ''VideoGame/SilentHillOrigins''. Others, [[PowerupLetdown sadly]], range from just badass to so-so to lame. If DifficultButAwesome counts, there's also the [[spoiler: Great Knife]] in [[VideoGame/SilentHill2 the second game]].
* ''VideoGame/RuleOfRose'' has multiple ones. The gun is the most powerful, on top of being a ranged weapon, but you need four perfumes in exchange for the key to it. The secret costumes come each with their own melee weapon, but they require a NewGamePlus; some of them also require an easy fetch quest, but they're functionally the same. The Knight Sword is a combination of the two: you need to kill five special Imps, which then drop a knife each, which then are traded to get the Bronze\Rusty Sword, [[RunningGag which then]] must be traded back in a NewGamePlus. And you need to do all that again if you want it in the ''next'' playthrough; the only consolation is it's only slightly less powerful than the Gun, but has infinite uses.

[[folder:Turn-Based Strategy]]
* ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'':
** In the series nearly any weapon in the game can become extremely powerful by fighting in its Item World. However, the true Infinity Plus One Sword of the games can only be found within the deepest levels of the best items.
** The original InfinityPlusOneSword was the Yoshitsuna. A sword that was stronger than the mightiest axe (axes were the most powerful weapons but decreased your accuracy and could hit only one enemy at time), more range than guns, and increased almost all your others stats by a lot to boot.
** ''Disgaea'' also has the Hyperdrive, which allows any character that equips it to teleport anywhere on the battlefield save for the Dimensional Gate in Item World maps. In the original, it was awarded for going through all 100 levels of an ultimate item and defeating the Item God 2 (which is level 6,933) on the 100th floor, while in the PSP and DS remakes, it is only awarded if all 100 levels are done in a row without exiting out in between. Note that the only way to revive a fallen party member is to exit out.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance'':
** A set of infinity plus one equipment: The Sequence Sword, the Peytral armour, the Sapere Aude Rod and the Acacia Hat. Each of them were capable of growing by one point in their main stat every time a certain repeatable quest is completed. These quests didn't occur very often, however it was also possible to do two-player co-operative missions that also awarded both players (or just one in the case of hunting missions) with equipment growth.
** Only the Sequencer and Peytral return with the same mechanics in the sequel, ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2: Grimoire of the Rift'', but instead are powered up a point whenever ''any'' character uses an Opportunity Command, even before getting the weapon. On top of that, the two missions you get them for aren't even that difficult later on in the game.
** The original ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'' has the Knight Swords, weapons only equipped by Knights, Dark Knights, and certain special classes. While Defender, Save the Queen, and Ragnarok are nothing special (they're good, but not jaw-dropping), the two standout weapons are Excalibur, which grants permanent Haste to the wielder, and Chaos Blade, which has the highest power of any weapon, grants permanent Regen, and can petrify an enemy on contact. And they're all one-handed, meaning you can [[GameBreaker equip both of them with the right ability]]. You can get one Excalibur in normal gameplay (at the moment when difficulty in the game becomes strictly optional, as [[GameBreaker Orlandu]] is equipped with it when he joins you), but Chaos Blades can only be acquired in the BonusDungeon.
*** ''FFT'' also has the secret Javelin II, not to be confused with the base-tier Javelin. While its attack power is lower than the Chaos Blade, its attack formula is based on Strength alone without factoring in Brave as Knight Swords do—and with Jump, a unit carrying the Javelin II is near-guaranteed to land [[OneHitKill One-Hit Kills]] every turn.
* ''Franchise/FireEmblem'':
** While the final weapons for the main Lords don't really match this trope exactly (well, it is technically possible to 'miss' some of the Lord weapons like Falchion in certain games...), each game generally comes with a half dozen to a dozen S ranked weapons you can get (but don't need...unless this is ''The Binding Blade'', see below). To kick this up a notch, ''Radiant Dawn'' has 13 SS Ranked weapons that you can hand out to your party. Granted, ''Fire Emblem'' games are often NintendoHard and while you don't NEED them in a technical manner, you do need them in an "Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die!" manner.
** And the gold medal of this trope goes to the Naga Tome, from ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemGenealogyOfTheHolyWar Genealogy of the Holy War]]''. It's only usable against 13 enemies, by a single character. Said character [[LifeDrain is already broken as-is]]; with the Naga tome, she's [[InvincibilityPowerUp nigh unstoppable]]. She could easily defeat the FinalBoss (who even [[MadeOfIron cuts your characters' power in half]] [[TurnsRed and gets guaranteed critical hits under half HP]]) single handedly, without even gaining a level in her life, due to the tome giving her insane stat buffs and negating the boss's debuff. (It's also completely missable- while the game tells you "Go get this weapon ''[[{{Unwinnable}} or you]] [[SNKBoss will die]]''", [[spoiler: poor Princess Julia is BrainwashedAndCrazy (and trying to kill you) the moment before you can pick it up- forcing you to deal with quite a hurdle before you can get it, and if, perchance, you kill her...]])
** In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheBindingBlade'', you must get every one of these weapons if you want to get the TrueFinalBoss, and unlocking the side chapters they're found in often requires beating a chapter under a certain amount of turns, and all three require leaving certain units alive. If you're late, or one of your required units is killed, the weapon is [[PermanentlyMissableContent lost forever]], and a MiniBoss will often show up to add insult to injury.
* ''VideoGame/PhantomBrave'':
** Clever use of random dungeons, bottles (an enemy monster type that makes it easier to acquire items you summon your phantoms into), titles, and a number of otherwise "useless" job classes means that you can do this with any weapon you hold, and you can deck your entire party out with their own DiscOneNuke if you so choose. And since ''Phantom Brave'' has a WeaponsKitchenSink, this means that you can make yourself an Infinity Plus One Sword...or Book...or Loaf...or even Fish.
** If, however, you want the item ''described'' as the Ultimate Sword; the Divine Blade Yoshitsuna; you have to go through 99 stages of a high level Dungeon without restoring the game; and then there is a 5-15% chance that the Dungeon Boss will have it; which you then have to [[VideogameStealing steal.]]
* ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'':
** Not a weapon, but the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Haro]] equipable part can turn any mech into a game breaker or HPHGCP in Alpha Gaiden, which is capable of doing the same. Same for the W-Up unit in the few games it appears in, because it grants a buff dependent on how many parts slots a mecha has. Mount one of these things on a four part slot mech and watch the carnage. It's even worse in Impact, where you can get TWO and mount them on the same unit.
** Some of the unlockable mecha pass into this, like Great [[GameBreaker Zeyormer]] in J, [[Manga/GetterRobo Shin Getter]] and [[LargeHam Sanger]] [[EverythingsBetterWithSamurai Zonvolt]] and his [[ThisIsADrill Thrud]][[BigFancySword gelmir]] in Alpha Gaiden, the [[MechaExpansionPack HM]] [[Anime/MartianSuccessorNadesico Black Selena]] in [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsReversal R]], and the [[ChestBlaster Gespenst]] [[DynamicEntry Type]] [[SuperPrototype S]] and [[KatanasAreJustBetter Visaga]] in [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Original Generation.]]
** You get most without doing anything! Usually, these either are obtained later on or they're MagikarpPower.
*** In ''Anime/TurnAGundam'', it unlocks all its abilities in Z, (it was meh to average in Alpha Gaiden)
*** Zeyormer in ''J'' and ''MX'' is gotten early on and it's near unstoppable (though using it on J unnecessarily will cause you not to get Great Zeyormer, but the regular version is GameBreaker incarnate as it is).
*** Ideon in ''Alpha 3''
*** The Nirvash Spec 2, [=Spec3=], and Aquarion in ''Z''.
*** Usually, Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter are the strongest things you'll get, and you don't have to do anything for them. (Except in ''@ Gaiden'' for Getter but it's very easy, which makes its [[GlassCannon disappointing]] [[AwesomeButImpractical stats]] even more annoying considering you get something like [[GameBreaker Mazinkaiser]] alongside it). You pretty much start the game with tons of Infinity Plus One Swords in hand. Of course, they need upgrades as you go along.
* Original Generation has the Shishioh blade a powerful equip able katana that has immense damage output and zero EN cost usually behind some hidden requirement such as getting a certain number of battle masteries and and defeating a boss that retreats at a certain damage level.
* In alpha one you have the SRX while given to you midgame by the end you will get the R-GUN and either Villeta or Levi/Mai as a pilot with the proper upgrades this endgame version of the SRX can one-shot the FinalBoss with no issue.
* In ''VideoGame/TacticsOgre'' and ''[[GaidenGame Knight of Lodis]]'', this is the Snapdragon. It turns a party member into a sword that is based off their own stats, giving insane boosts to the stats of whoever wields it.
* In ''VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown'', the Blaster Launcher. Absolutely staggering blast radius, can shoot around corners, and massive damage. Getting ''one'' requires taking down a Battleship. The joke is by the time you get the Blaster Launcher, you've proven you no longer need it.
** The launcher was powerful enough to blow holes in downed or landed [=UFOs=], allowing your flying units to gain ingress into poorly guarded areas of the ship instead of having to walk them in through the front door.
* The single-player campaign of ''VideoGame/TelepathTactics'' has four, most of which get [[ICallItVera special names]]. Fangiss Ka, the best mace, is part of Silithis Predat's starting inventory; the [[{{Steampunk}} Steam Crossbow]] is dropped by a late-game boss and can only be used by a promoted crossbowman; and Lyrio, the best bow, is a rare drop potentially found in an optional sidequest. There is also Aravel, an amazing rapier that grants a wide variety of stat boosts; however, it's used by a BonusBoss who doesn't drop her inventory when defeated, so it's not obtainable...[[GoodBadBugs unless you exploit a developer oversight]] and kill her in an earlier fight, in which case she ''will'' drop it.
* ''Videogame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic'' has a slew of powerful artifacts and artifact sets. The third game has a few particularly potent ones:
** Armageddon's Blade, which offers decent stat bonuses, adds Expert Armageddon to the wielder's Spell Book, and ''grants immunity to Armageddon to the hero's own army''. The stats provided by the Blade make casting Armageddon even easier too.
** The Angelic Alliance is a Set Artifact created from every artifact that offers stat bonuses to all four primary stats. The Alliance not only retains those bonuses (+21 total to every stat), it also removes the Morale penalty from mixing good and neutral troops together and casts Expert Prayer at the start of combat. The opponent could neutralize the Prayer with Expert Dispel, but this does nothing to the huge stat bonus (and good luck getting a chance to cast Dispel in the first place since the speed boost from Prayer will likely grant the army the first strike anyway -- and the attack boost may very well ensure it's also the ''last'' strike).
** The Cloak of the Undead King is the best friend of any Necromancer or Death Knight hero. While Necromancy normally raises skeletons from defeated foes, the Cloak allows a hero to raise stronger undead instead. A hero with Expert Necromancy and the Cloak will raise ''Liches'' (the 5th level shooter of the Necropolis army!) instead of skeletons. An army of 1000+ skeletons is already intimidating -- imagine a legion of liches. The Cloak is also a Set artifact made of three Necromancy boosting artifacts, meaning it also increases the number of undead raised.
** The Armor of the Damned is yet another Set artifact. While the stat bonuses from the combined artifacts are nice, the Armor's ability to cast Expert Slow, Curse, Misfortune, and Weakness at the start of each battle is even nicer. While the target could neutralize the debuffs with Expert Cure, the same debuffs also make it less likely they will get the chance to do it.
** The Power of the Dragon Father is a Set artifact that combines every Dragon themed artifact. On top of the bonuses provided by said artifacts, it also adds +6 to all stats, and grants units in the hero's army immunity to all level 1~4 spells. While this means they can't be buffed with spells it also means they can't be debuffed, and the only spell that can even hurt them is the fifth level Implosion.

[[folder:Visual Novel]]
* ''VisualNovel/BlissStageLoveIsYourWeapon'', based as it is on the TabletopGame, requires you to complete the {{Romance Sidequest}}s to get these... wink wink, nudge nudge, [[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus say no more guv'na!]]
* ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' has Ea: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Sword of Rapture]]. When used at low power it seems just a WaveMotionSword, but the one time Gilgamesh used its true power [[RealityWarper reality was warped in its proximity]], and a Reality Marble (basically an infinitely large pocket dimension) [[EarthShatteringKaboom was shattered by earthquakes]]. Whatever you do, kill Gilgamesh before he pulls that out...
** There's also Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia. Just own it and it is just a source of HealingFactor, actually activate it and it's far more ridiculous. Avalon essentially shifts the user between dimensions. It's literally impossible to beat it - not even Ea at full power can harm its user. Your only hope is to prolong the fight to drain the user out of [[{{Mana}} Prana]] so Avalon will be deactivated, cause nope: nothing's gonna get past Avalon.

!!Non-video game examples
%%Moderator Note: Infinity+1 Sword is about weapons that are obtained optionally after very %%difficult sidequests. It is not about any uber-powerful sword. Examples from non-interactive %%media are limited to lampshades, discussed and invoked examples.
[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In the "Waking the Dragons" arc of ''Anime/YuGiOh'', Yugi faces a snake that has infinite attack, in a duel where both he and his opponent have 0 life points (yes, it's weird). He loops the attack of two knights making them have infinite attack, then combines them, to make one knight with an InfinityPlusOneSword. Literally.
* In the LightNovel version of ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'', the <<Holy Blade {{Excalibur}}>> is considered the strongest weapon ever in the VR{{MMORPG}} Alfheimr Online. The only way to get it is by moving through all of the impossible dungeon of Jötunheimr, which is the home of the Evil-God Class monsters. One Evil-God Monster requires a party of more than 20 people with the best of equipment just to stand ANY kind of chance. You can imagine how hard it is to get it. The first time we see it, however, is when [[spoiler: Kirito uses the MasterConsole to summon Excalibur. In a supreme insult to SmugSnake Sugou, he gives him Excalibur while Kirito sticks with his great sword. Kirito STILL [[CurbStompBattle brutalizes]] him, ending with cutting Sugou's head off and impaling the thing on his sword... with the Pain Restrictions COMPLETELY OFF. [[AssholeVictim He got off easy.]]]]
** A later story (adapted into a short 3 episode arc for the anime) covers Kirito and his friends doing the dungeon dive for Excalibur. However, their quest is complicated by [[spoiler: the in-game plot, inspired by Myth/NorseMythology, which turns the quest into a race against time to clear the dungeon and claim Excalibur before Ragnarok is set off in-game.]]
* In ''Anime/OnePiece'', the most powerful and rarest Devil Fruits are the Logia, which grant ElementalPowers to the user. Only twelve varieties are known (or fifteen, if you count anime-only ones) the users some of the most feared and potent warriors in the world.
* The Aquarion Logos Genesis from ''Anime/AquarionLogos'' uses a sword capable of going on forever, providing more overkill to its already gigantic arsenal of powers.
* Excalibur of ''Manga/SoulEater'' is the most powerful weapon in the world and is also what inspired the creation of [[EquippableAlly Demon Weapons]], and unlike Demon Weapons, which can only be used by someone the weapon can synchronize with, he can he can be used by anyone. Some of the known abilities he grants his wielder are Heavenly Wings, light speed movement, the ability to slash everything with ''[[StuffBlowingUp gigantic explosions of golden fire]]'', and cuting open dimensional portals. But almost nobody would ever want to wield Excalibur because he is an unlikeable egotistical lunatic.

* The White Sword in ''Literature/TheFabledLands''. Has +8 attack and you cannot ever lose this sword, even if you are robbed, captured or killed. Fitting since it's a [[PalsWithJesus personal gift to you from the god of death]].
* ''Literature/LoneWolf'': The Sommerswerd, the Sword of the Sun. You get it in the second book, which seems somewhat game-breaking, but its later [[RuleOfCool awesomeness]] makes up for it by far. To get its full potential out, you require certain Kai skills during that book: Sixth Sense gets you a description about how the sword improves your Sixth Sense, and having Weaponskill (with the sword) gives you the "extra" CS bump of + 10 instead of + 8. Some of the later books have weapons that are either even stronger than your solar blade (e.g. the Death Staff) or don't create near as much attention when trying to deal a preemptive strike (e.g. the Ironheart Broadsword). For the most part, however, the Sommerswerd is the best you're going to get, due to being unable to keep the more powerful weapons at all.\\\
''The Prisoners of Time'' and the infamous Chaos Master deserves special mention. (The other foe where the Sommerswerd is a handicap is Zakhan Kimah, but there are ways around this.) As mentioned before, the Chaos Master will be a lot stronger if you fight him with the Sommerswerd than if you don't have it and are able to obtain the Ironheart Broadsword. The problem is that if you ''don't'' have the Sommerswerd (you can't keep the IB), the LAST battle, a doubleheader against the condemned Sommlenders and Vonotar, will be nearly impossible to survive. Any way you look at it, 1) a mighty sword of the gods being weak against two enemies out of the dozens you'll face doesn't come close to justifying doing away with it and 2) completing ''The Prisoners of Time'' by ANY means is an Infinity Plus One task regardless of what kind of hardware you have.


* Fred Saberhagen's ''Literature/BookOfSwords'' gives each of the twelve eponymous swords a superpower. One provides uncanny luck, another instills loyalty, and a third creates illusions. Several tend to kill their wielders. And then there is Shieldbreaker, which instantly detonates any weapon used against it (spells and ''demons'' count as weapons), including other Swords, and makes the wielder immune to other Swords' effects like the aforementioned luck and illusions. Its weaknesses are small enough to be the surprise conclusion to both ''Swords'' series. Doomgiver also qualifies, as it gives the wielder a virtually impenetrable AttackReflector that can be used against the other Swords, and its only weakness is Shieldbreaker.

[[folder:Live Action]]

* ''Series/KamenRiderExAid'' is video game themed, so naturally this trope ends up being a major plot point. ''Kamen Rider Chronicle'', the DeadlyGame every BigBad builds their plan around, has the Power of Cronus as this trope, which would take playing the game for ''16 years'' to build up the proper antibodies in order to use without dying, obtaining a Bugvisor Zwei (which, with the game's set up, would require defeating Kamen Rider Poppy, who's stats are around Level 50), and defeating all the Bugster bosses. This is even ''more'' difficult as the average Ride Player starts with stats below Level ''1'' while the weakest Bugster is Level ''10''. It's also necessary to defeat the FinalBoss Gemdeus. The result is being able to become a Kamen Rider with strength eclipsing Level 99 and [[TimeMaster the ability to freeze time.]] Unfortunately, the BigBad [[spoiler:Masamune Dan]] went a SequenceBreaking route and claimed it before any of the heroes, forcing [[spoiler:the BoxedCrook Kuroto Dan]] to create ''another'' one of these to counter him and Gemdeus: the ''Hyper Muteki'' Gashat.


* In ''ComicStrip/FoxTrot'', Jason comes across [[http://www.blogcdn.com/wow.joystiq.com/media/2006/12/ft060129.jpg Doomulus Prime]], which is essentially a one-handed version of this page's image. However, [[spoiler:he gets DC'd from the server just as he is about to click on it.]]
%%Moderator Note: Infinity+1 Sword is about weapons that are obtained optionally after very %%difficult sidequests. It is not about any uber-powerful sword. Examples from non-interactive %%media are limited to lampshades, discussed and invoked examples.

* All kinds of crazy powerful weapons exist in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', but the one that fits this trope the best is Dave's sword Caledfwlch[[note]]This is another name for Exalibur, and is pronounced "Cal-ed-Fool-ch"[[/note]]. Obtaining this sword required going through a complicated sidequest. Dave first finds the sword stuck in a stone which he is unable to remove it from, so he gets just the bottom half of the sword by breaking it. The broken half is then used to make a new sword called Royal Deringer, [[RunningGag which Dave also ends up breaking]]. Much later, the broken Royal Deringer is combined with a magic cue ball to recreate Caledfwlch. Caledfwlch is revealed to be one of the only weapons capable of harming the otherwise [[CompleteImmortality completely immortal]] BigBad, Lord English. During [S] Collide, Dave shows just how powerful Caledfwlch is when he uses it to [[spoiler:[[BeyondTheImpossible break the Unbreakable Katana]] and decapitate three people, one of whom was Lord English's avatar]] in one stroke.

* ''Podcast/TheAdventureZoneBalance'' has the Flaming Raging Poisoning Sword Of Doom, an deliberately super-overpowered weapon submitted by an eight-year-old fan of the show. Griffin decided to include it in the Fantasy Costco as a shout-out to the fan, but to ensure that the heroes would never actually get to use and abuse its power, he put an unattainable price point on it. He underestimated [[GuileHero Taako]], however, who manages to abuse a ChainOfDeals to ultimately con Garfield the Deals Warlock out of it.
%%Moderator Note: Infinity+1 Sword is about weapons that are obtained optionally after very %%difficult sidequests. It is not about any uber-powerful sword. Examples from non-interactive %%media are limited to lampshades, discussed and invoked examples.

* In ''WesternAnimation/RandyCunninghamNinthGradeNinja,'' the [[BigBookOfEverything Ninjanomicon]] has the Ultimate Lesson, which is advised not to be taught until [[ForbiddenChekhovsGun Randy’s training is complete,]] which is about four years. [[spoiler: [[SubvertedTrope There is no Ultimate Lesson, though.]] Attempting to learn it [[LaserGuidedAmnesia causes one’s memories to be transferred into the Ninjanomicon]] so it can retain the wisdom of every Norrisville Ninja ever [[LegacyCharacter and teach it to the next Norrisville Ninja.]]]]
%%Moderator Note: Infinity+1 Sword is about weapons that are obtained optionally after very %%difficult sidequests. It is not about any uber-powerful sword. Examples from non-interactive %%media are limited to lampshades, discussed and invoked examples.