ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: You have action A, which will have consequences. These consequences [[CaptainObvious will ensue]]. This is either the natural outcome of an action or an unexpected one. In both cases, it'll probably be played for laugh.
* CoitusEnsues: You expected chastity. The plot comes to a screeching halt as sex happens.
* HilarityEnsues: Someone does something that sets off the motions of making you laugh.
* HumanityEnsues: Regardless of your expectations, a character gains a human form.
* IntoxicationEnsues: A character gets stoned.
* MortalityEnsues: An immortal character becomes mortal.
* RealityEnsues: You expected something to play by fiction rules. It didn't.
* RomanceEnsues: Two characters are alone together, and, well, [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment romance ensues]]...