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* See TVTropes' own compiled charts: Winter2014Anime, Spring2014Anime, and Summer2014Anime.

* ''Batman: Year One''

* ''The Scrimshaw Pirates'' (new Creator/{{Kudos}} "Saturday evening family show" project for Creator/TheBBC)
* ''Day One'', forthcoming NBC sci-fi series from former ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' producer Jesse Alexander.
* ''The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore'': ''Series/TheDailyShow'' spinoff set to replace ''Series/TheColbertReport''.

* ''Halo 5'': The second installment in the Franchise/{{Halo}} series' "Reclaimer Trilogy" (by 343 Industries)
* ''Guardians Of Middle Earth'' (by Creator/MonolithProductions)
* ''EuropaUniversalis IV'', the latest Clausewitz Engine grand-strategy game from Creator/ParadoxInteractive.
* ''Jazz Punk'', A ''Necrophone'' spy comedy recently released via AdultSwim Games.

* ''WesternAnimation/MilesFromTomorrowland'': A soon-to-be DisneyJunior animated series
* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/StarC0mmander Star Commander]]'': A soon-to-be Creator/AdultSwim animated series from Geoff Cook.

* The purpose of YouKnowThatThingWhere is the sponsorship of soon-to-come tropes, and sometimes UsefulNotes as well.