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[[quoteright:350:[[Anime/DigimonAdventure http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/kari_sick_3372.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350: Gives new meaning to the phrase "sickeningly cute"]]

->''"The first [witch], by name Asha, was sick of a malady no Healer could cure. She hoped that the Fountain would banish her symptoms and grant her a long and happy life."''
-->-- ''Literature/TheTalesOfBeedleTheBard''
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The ill girl is almost inevitably a [[TheWoobie sympathetically cute girl]].[[note]]Though lately, more and more [[{{Bishonen}} handsome males]] are taking up the role.[[/note]] The disease can be anything from anemia to organ failure. Smart writers avoid such specifics, making it a SoapOperaDisease. It will never disfigure or impair her cuteness, [[HealthcareMotivation but usually prompts an older brother or sister figure into shady business to help pay the medical bills]]. Or prompts them to rush into some dangerous/brave deed while she cheers them on.

A [[DiscreditedTrope common cliche]] is that the dying character is trying to hold on until some distant, significant day has arrived. For example, she might be lying sick in [[EmpathicEnvironment autumn, noticing leaves falling off a tree by the window]], and hoping she will live long enough to see the last one fall. You can see this one [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] in the Creator/OHenry story [[http://www.online-literature.com/o_henry/1303/ "The Last Leaf."]]

This character type is probably indirectly descended from the Western romantic "[[VictorianNovelDisease consumptive heroine]]" (Creator/NicoleKidman's "Satine" in the film ''Film/MoulinRouge'' is a contemporary example). If the afflicted character has any Mary Sue tendencies, she may suffer from what Creator/RogerEbert called [[Literature/EbertsGlossaryOfMovieTerms Ali McGraw's Disease]] (after ''Film/LoveStory''): "Movie illness in which only symptom is that the sufferer [[BeautyIsNeverTarnished grows more beautiful as death approaches]]."

Becoming this character is a common side-effect of VictorianNovelDisease. Only occasionally related to DefinitelyJustACold. See also LittlestCancerPatient, BandageBabe, TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth, IncurableCoughOfDeath, {{Utsuge}} and SoapOperaDisease. SicklyChildGrewUpStrong occurs when a heroic or powerful character is shown to have been this in their youth.



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[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/JushinThunderLiger had to tone down his high flying style due to [[RealLifeWritesThePlot brain surgery]]. He also cannot hear in one ear for the same reason.
* Wrestling/KentaKobashi had a malignant tumor, but he killed it with a burning hammer.
* Wrestling/EddieGuerrero would get addicted to drugs after being in a car accident while working for Wrestling/{{WCW}}. While Eddie would find his way back to sobriety, he never fully recovered from the effects of the drugs he used, which were the direct cause of his death.
* While working for Maryland Championship Wrestling, Wrestling/StevieRichards contracted a lung infection that eventually caused its collapse.
* April Hunter was born with pneumonia and later found out she had "chronic lung disease" when competing in an Iron woman contest lead to her needing an emergency inhaler.
* Wrestling/MontelVontaviousPorter has a heart condition that causes it to beat abnormally fast, which has at times caused him to be removed from cards or have his role reduced, such as on an episode of Wrestling/{{WWE}}'s Smackdown where he was supposed to get beat up by Evander Hollifield but ended up just getting a jab with Wrestling/MattHardy taking most of the beating.
* Wrestling/BobbyLashley's career has been plagued by mono, though he's done pretty well in both professional wrestling and mixed martial arts despite it.
* While reigning as the first Norther Championship Wrestling Femme Fatales International Champion, [=LuFisto=] lost weight, seemingly had a stroke and then was revealed to have a hole in her heart. An operation allowed it to close back up.

* ''Radio/BleakExpectations:'' Parodied with [[MeaningfulName Flora Diesearly]], who a short while into her marriage to Pip Bin suddenly comes down with a mysterious rash of fainting, which Pip's doctor proclaims is a sign of the dread Nonspecific Weakness. Despite Pip's efforts, Flora Diesearly dies (though it is suggested that this is more from the medicine Pip bought, rather than the illness itself).

* It's never explained what her illness is, but Sine from ''Toys/LittleAppleDolls'' died of some sort of illness. She is shown healthy as a young child but a few years later is wheelchair bound. She's described as getting weaker and weaker until she can't visit her favorite orchard anymore, and later she dies.

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