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[[caption-width-right:330:Doesn't every woman go camping in a [[PrettyInMink white mink coat]] while [[WineIsClassy sipping chilled wine]]?]]

->''"In the evening Popov and von Kartzov drank champagne and dined sumptuously. Though Popov would never know it, von Karstoff's real name was Kremer von Auenrode, an educated and wealthy aristocrat from Trieste whose main objective was to get through the war with maximum pleasure and minimum danger."''
-->--'''Ben Mackintyre''', ''Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies''

Whether OldMoney, NewMoney, [[RoyalBlood royalty]], or [[BlueBlood nobility]], these people just spend their time living off their vast sums of money they earned, or their family's sums of money.

Not to say they just sit around doing nothing (usually). They have too much of their free time taken up by travelling, going to parties and galas, attending horse races and polo matches, keeping up with the latest Society gossip, choosing [[UnlimitedWardrobe which clothes]] [[TheFashionista to wear]], spoiling MisterMuffykins rotten, and occasionally doing at least some token work in their family business. So they can't really be too idle. They're too rich to be.

The threat of PassedOverInheritance is particularly powerful against the younger members of the family in this set.

Now this is some TruthInTelevision, as some real life people have acted like this (such as during the "Gilded Age"), as do {{Socialite}}s today. And the ErmineCapeEffect long gave the impression of this among royalty and nobility.

A RichIdiotWithNoDayJob [[ExploitedTrope exploits this image]] to hide their superhero activities.

A SuperTrope to:
* RichBitch
* RichBoredom
* RichInDollarsPoorInSense
* RoyalBrat
* {{Socialite}} (even those with a job rarely have particularly strenuous ones)
* SpoiledBrat
* SpoiledSweet
* UnclePennybags
* UpperClassTwit

Compare PrincessClassic, ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney, RecliningReigner.

Contrast NonIdleRich, RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething, RebelliousPrincess.


* According to a Groupon commercial, there are two kinds of people in the world: the "haves", and the "have-dones". The "haves" are depicted as luxurious people who just stand there, while the "have-dones" are people with active lives.

* Bruce Wayne poses like an Idle Rich playboy in public. But at night he is the Franchise/{{Batman}}.
* Paulie in ''ComicBook/{{Circles}}'' inherited a ton of money from his mother's side of the family and doesn't work because he is retired.

* Denmark's Prince Edvard of ''Film/ThePrinceAndMe'' shirks his princely duties (including opening a cabinet meeting) by instead racing sports cars. Paige knows exactly who he is. He's a spoiled, little rich kid who sees college as a detour on the way to an easy life. No character. No accomplishments. Just a royal pain in the ass.
* ''Film/TheIdleClass'': [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Almost everyone except the Little Tramp]], particularly [[IdenticalStranger the husband who looks exactly like the Tramp]].
* Creator/HaroldLloyd typically alternated feature films between this type of character (at least at the start of the movie) and his more well-known [[GoGetterGirl go-getter]] boy.
* ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'': For a whole decade, Past Charles Xavier hasn't done anything the least bit productive, although he has an excuse; the events of the previous movie were rather hard on him, and he isn't so much Idle Rich as Clinically Depressed Rich who's [[DrowningMySorrows self-medicating with liquor.]]
* In ''Film/TheMadMissManton'', all the debutante girls are viewed this way by the public---in a way, they are--- but they do a lot of charity work, and try to solve a murder-mystery.
* The rich socialites in ''Film/SinTakesAHoliday'' do nothing but dance or have dinner parties.
* Very deliberate in ''Film/InTime''. Since time is ''literally'' money, and the rich by definition have a lot of it, doing everything very slowly is their version of ConspicuousConsumption.
* Paula from ''Film/TheExMrsBradford''. She writes mystery novels and lives the idle lifestyle except when there's a murder to solve.
* Joséphine de Beauharnais' introduction in ''Film/{{Napoleon}}'' explicitly describes her as such.
* Natacha and Michael from ''WesternAnimation/{{Sahara}}''. They own a picturesque patch of land watered by an oasis, lounge around and eat fruit all day, and are on good terms with other wealthy snake families in the area.

* Deconstructed with Tom and Daisy in ''Literature/TheGreatGatsby'': sure, they donít work, but they are constantly chased by all kinds of ConMan (Biloxi), TheThingThatWouldNotLeave (Klipspringer) and NouveauRiche (Gatsby). Without a job, they have plenty of time for RichBoredom. Both of them are LonelyAtTheTop, they cheat on each other without any passion, Tom is clinging to his GloryDays as a football hero because he knows he will never top that, and Daisy is a StepfordSmiler.
* Arabella Yount and the other bankers' wives in ''Literature/{{Capital}}''.
* When Jerin gets a taste of real wealth in ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'', he quickly finds that for him the idleness is enforced, it's confining, and he's bored. He and his sisters end up reading a newspaper "to death" and have to be rescued by friends.
* In Creator/GeneStrattonPorter's ''Literature/MichaelOHalloran'', Douglas recounts how a friend of his is training an orphan waif to follow him in his business, because while he has sons, his rich wife is training them to be "men of wealth and leisure".
* In Creator/DorothyLSayers' Literature/LordPeterWimsey novel ''Have His Carcass'', one professional dancer speaks with contempt of women who resort to the high life rather than making a life for themselves.
-->''"L'amour! These ladies come and dance and excite themselves and want love and think it is happiness. And they tell me about their sorrows -- me -- and they have no sorrows at all, only that they are silly and selfish and lazy. Their husbands are unfaithful and their lovers run away and what do they say? Do they say, I have two hands, two feet, all my faculties, I will make a life for myself? No. They say, give me cocaine, give me the cocktail, give me the thrill, give me my gigolo, give me l'amo-o-ur! Like a mouton bleating in a field."''
* In Creator/AndreNorton's ''Literature/{{Catseye|1961}}'', Tikil is full of {{Blue Blood}}s far from the planets where they get their money, living a life of luxury.
* Ivan Vorpatril in ''Literature/VorkosiganSaga'' is a subversion. He wants few things more then to be idle and to convince everyone else he is idle. But unfortunately the antics of his cousin Miles always prevent that.
* The Tusaine King in ''Literature/SongOfTheLioness'' (who is one of the few examples in the Literature/TortallUniverse). He lounges around and parties while his brother and cousin run the country. When said brother and cousin are captured in the brief war (which they started), the King immediately sues for peace with Tortall so they can go back to running the country for him.
** King Roger was this prior to the start of the ''Literature/ProvostsDog'', even being nicknamed "Randy Roger'', leaving his brother Prince Baird to run Tortall for him. By the start of the trilogy, he no longer is, as his second wife, Queen Jessamine, was raised to be RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething, and convinced him to be the same.
** Also, in the ''Literature/CircleOfMagic'' series, Sandrilene fa Toren and her great-uncle (the ruling Duke of Emelean) admit that the former's parents were pleasure-seekers who traveled around frequently solely for their own and their daughter's amusement.
* Colin, the wealthy, sophisticated, care-free protagonist of Boris Vian's ''Literature/FrothOnTheDaydream''. [[spoiler:Too bad this state doesn't last.]]
* Practically ''all'' of the characters in ''all'' of the novels of Creator/PGWodehouse.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Mr. and Mrs. Hart from ''Series/HartToHart'', a modern day Nick and Nora Charles, were this. True, they usually got involved in some crime mystery, but that was just what they did for fun.
* ''Series/GilligansIsland'': Mr. and Mrs. Howell were this.
* Jack Donaghy in ''Series/ThirtyRock'' refers to this as "Trust Fund Kid Syndrome"; however, his definition of it expands to include anyone born to wealth who uses that to do something other than accumulate even more wealth.
* Many of the rich women in ''Series/DeviousMaids'', most notably Evelyn and Genevieve.
* On ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'', [[spoiler:Quark's favorite barfly Morn]] turns out to be this when it's revealed that [[spoiler:he's been keeping a bank's worth of latinum in his second stomach]].

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Space 1889}}'' played straight. People with social class 5 or 6 (on a scale to six) are independently wealthy and get money without working. You can still choose to put your characterís free time to good use, though, but he or she will probably consider real work for money, particularly if it is some form of manual labor, beneath him or her.

* ''Theatre/TheMoonIsBlue'' has David Slater, who probably never worked a single day in his life and won't have to for the foreseeable future. He wins $600 in a game of gin with a "bloated capitalist who grinds the faces of the poor," who turns out to be Don.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In VideoGame/CrusaderKings most courtiers that don't have titles or duties will be this. It is especially important to avoid for Muslims as idle men will spend their time drinking and partying and raise the dynasty's [[DeadlyDecadentCourt decadence]], paving the way for invasion by other Muslim rulers. [[DownloadableContent The Republic]] also introduced this as all adult men of the dynasty was given a share of the profits [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential (resulting in players killing useless dynasty members).]] A later patch [[InvertedTrope inverted]] this by limiting the number of trade posts to the number of adult men in the dynasty.
* Towards the end of the Imperial Agent storyline in ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'', the Agent attends a party of rich good-for-nothings on Correllia who are so fed up and bored with their carefree life that they chose to party away for as long as they can before their planet is destroyed by the fighting between the Republic and the Sith--not even attempting to do anything about it.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Torbjörn from ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'' is implied to have been this before his family's RichesToRags episode, as his flash-back has him consider that having to get a job at all was a sign of how poor they have become.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Toki, as would be implied by at least a few stories, considering that we don't have many mentions of her having a job, despite her being so wealthy. Averted in her twin sister, Doki's case, as she's mentioned to be working as a nurse but would be wealthy by extension.