Idea Ding

The Idea Bulb is a visible indication to the audience that someone has had a bright idea.

Sometimes, though, the idea will be a sound notion, so we hear the Idea Ding.

It's a simple one-note Sting sound made on a xylophone or glockenspiel or something else that sounds light and metallic.

Often appears with its Sister Trope Idea Bulb. Also related to Audible Gleam. Compare Palm-Fist Tap for a Japanese Media variant.

The same sound is often used for Love at First Sight, but that's a different trope.



  • Happens in-universe in the Australian children's books Bottersnikes And Gumbles. It's limited to one character, Tinkingumble, and the loss of his "tink" is a plot point in one book.

Western Animation