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Ian McDonald
Science fiction and fantasy writer, living in Belfast.

Many of his books are Mundane Dogmatic (though he has spoken against the Mundane Manifesto, himself). Some (including Desolation Road and Hearts, Hands, and Voices) have elements of Magic Realism.

Not to be confused with the author of Bruno the Bandit.
  • Desolation Road (1988)
  • Empire Dreams (1988) (short stories)
  • Out on Blue Six (1989)
  • King of Morning, Queen of Day (1991)
  • Hearts, Hands and Voices (1992, US: The Broken Land)
  • Speaking in Tongues (1992) (short stories)
  • Kling Klang Klatch (1992) (graphic novel, illustrated by David Lyttleton)
  • Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone (1994)
    • Cyberpunk
    • Brown Note: The tattoos on the protagonist's palms—one causes memory loss, the other causes death.
  • Necroville(1994, US: Terminal Cafe)
  • Chaga (1995, US: Evolution's Shore)
  • Sacrifice of Fools (1996)
  • Kirinya (1998)
  • Tendeleo's Story (2000)
  • Ares Express (2001): Set in the same universe as Desolation Road.
  • River of Gods (2004)
  • The Djinn's Wife (2006)
  • Brasyl (2007)
  • Cyberabad Days (2009): Set in the same universe as River of Gods.
  • The Dervish House (2010)
  • Planesrunner (2012)

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