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->''"There'll be only two blows struck: I'll hit him, and he'll hit the earth."''
-->-- '''Flip''', ''ComicStrip/LittleNemo'', [[http://www.comicstriplibrary.org/display.php?id=550&full=1 1909-06-20]]

Stock phrase originating... we're not really sure. The internet doesn't seem to know either. Our best guess is ''ComicStrip/LittleNemo'' (see page quote). It's been showing up fairly frequently in the last ten years, making it stock dialogue. The implied threat is obvious: Screw with me, I'll punch your lights out. Obviously, it doesn't have to be the ground, just whatever surface is under your feet. A subtrope of BadassBoast, and related somewhat to ChewBubblegum. Not to be confused with MeteorMove. For when this [[NotHyperbole actually occurs]], see OneHitKO.



* In ''Film/TheBreakfastClub'', Andrew Clark (Creator/EmilioEstevez) says to John Bender (Creator/JuddNelson), "Two hits: Me hitting you, you hitting the floor." Awesomely followed up with him proving it - though the wrestling version, not the boxing version.
* In ''Film/InglouriousBasterds'', Sgt. Donny Donowitz says this to a Nazi soldier when leading him to be interrogated by Lt. Aldo Raine.
* ''Film/TheDevilsRejects'', Captain Spaulding to Otis Driftwood during a tense moment; "Two hits; I hit you, your dick hits the dirt!"
* Subverted in the first live action ''Film/ScoobyDoo'' movie, When Shaggy and Scooby are about to fight each other over [[spoiler:Scooby accusing Shaggy's love interest of being one of the monsters]] Shaggy says;
--> "There will be two hits, I'll hit you, and then I'll hit you again."
* ''Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld'' has a little bit of a variant. "The first click is me hanging up the phone. The second is me pulling the trigger."
* ''Film/KingsmanTheSecretService'': [[AbusiveParents Dean]] threatens this to Eggsy when he confronts him over his, Eggsy's, mother's [[DomesticAbuse black eye]].

* Invoked in ''[[Literature/XWingSeries X-Wing: Wraith Squadron]]'' by Piggy stating that he has "struck several fellow officers in well moderated challenge matches. I have never had to strike one more than once. No one I have ever struck has been able to speak coherently within half an hour of my striking him."

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* A play on this phrase occurs in ''Series/{{Workaholics}}'', where Blake says "There'll be two hits. Me hitting you, and Kid Rock's "Bawitaba" playing in the background."
* Variation from ''Series/{{Titus}}''; Ken Titus says to his girlfriend's gay ex-husband, "There's gonna be three hits; me hitting you, you hitting the floor, then you hitting on the ambulance driver."
* In "The Fight" episode of ''Series/TheOfficeUS'', Creator/SteveCarell's character gets the line just a bit wrong: "Two punches: Me punching you, you hitting the floor."
* In ''Series/MikeAndMolly'', apparently Molly starts a bar brawl at one point. She remarks that it wasn't much of a brawl; she hit the offender once, and the offender hit the floor.
* Subverted in ''Series/{{Community}}'', when Hickey threatens, "If I come over there, there are gonna be two sounds: me hitting you...twice."


* Variation in a Creator/WillSmith song: "Three hits, I hit you, you hit the floor; this track is the third hit, that's for sure!"
* Sick Puppies' song "You're Going Down": "When my fist hits your face; and your face hits the floor"
* Music/MindlessSelfIndulgence's song "Lights Out" is about a guy who enjoys the mindless ultraviolence that can come with this trope: "Punch your lights out, hit the pavement, that's what I call entertainment!"
* Music/GunsNRoses, "It's So Easy": "See me hit you, you fall down!"
* And inverted in Music/{{Metallica}}'s "The Day That Never Comes"
-->You pull away, he hits the flesh
-->You hit the ground
* Titus Andronicus' song "Arms Against Atrophy":
-->It was just the two hits
-->I remember nothing more
-->Only Alex hitting the switch
-->and me hitting the floor

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* OlderThanTelevision: ''ComicStrip/LittleNemo'', [[http://www.comicstriplibrary.org/display.php?id=550&full=1 1909-06-20]]
-->'''Flip''': There'll be only two blows struck: [[TropeMaker I'll hit him, and he'll hit the earth.]]

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* The stage-name of the late Wrestling/BamBamBigelow was derived from this.
* A variation of this comes from Wrestling/HarleyRace: "If I hit him with my left [hand] and he doesn't go down, I will walk around him to see what's holding him up."

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/PunchOut'': "I have a three-step program for you. I punch you, you fall down, I win!"
* In ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'', one of companion Jericho's battlecries is "Two hits, kid! Two hits!" (Oddly enough, his default weapon fires three-round bursts.)

* A variation in ''Webcomic/HowIKilledYourMaster'': "I don't know what it's like to hit a man [[OneHitKill twice]]."

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Kind of a variation from ''OldManMurray'': "You be Sonny Bono, and I'll be a tree. You hit me and die."
* On one of the "Mr. T facts" pages, there was this gem: "If you try to fight Mr. T, it will end in two hits. Him hitting you, and you hitting the surface of the sun"
* ''LetsPlay/Persona4EnduranceRun'': Episode 93. "This will be over in two hits, Yosuke. Me hitting the X button and you hitting the floor."

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* During one music video review on ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead'', Butt-head does this to Beavis when he keeps telling him to shut up. But, being Butt-head, he doesn't quite get how you're supposed to do it.
-->Beavis, there's going to be two hits. My fist hitting your face, and, uhh... my fist hitting your face again.
* In the episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'' "Sven Hoek", a [[TranquilFury tranquilly furious]] Ren says to Stimpy and Sven that "I'm gonna hit ya...and you're gonna faaaaaaall."
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'' episode "Gargamel's Giant", [[IJustWantToBeBadass badass wannabe]] Tuffy tells the Smurfs about the fight he and Hefty got into with Azrael, and Hefty interrupts the story and says there were only two hits: Azrael hit Tuffy, and Tuffy hit the ground. After that, everybody leaves.
* From the [[ShowWithinAShow Film Within A Show]] "Banjo" on ''WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers'', "There's gonna be two shots: Me shooting you, and then me taking this shot of whiskey." *BANG*
* Subverted in the ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' episode, "The Party's Over, Isla de Senorita".
-->'''Party God:''' There's going to be two hits, bro. Me hitting you and the second instance of me hitting you.