In a broad sense, the word is the name of a Web site owned by a Hungarian modding team, who were responsible for the Fan Translation of Starcraft I and Warcraft III, as well as their respective expansion packs.

In a restricted sense, this is the name of their first project, an unofficial, unauthorized, nonprofit expansion pack made for Starcraft-Broodwar. While there were several unofficial expansion packs released for Starcraft that were eventually authorized by Blizzard, Huncraft is notable for several unique features. First off, it takes the form of a legitimate expansion pack, with its own single-player menu, not just a collection of single player scenarios and multiplayer maps. Secondly, the entire game is in Hungarian, including unit speeches, menus and tooltips. Finally, it introduces one new unit and soundtrack per race, a couple of campaign-only buildings and several custom heroes with new portraits and quotes. The expansion works independently from the original Starcraft, but it's compatible with the later released Hungarian fan translation.

The story takes a different direction from the official Blizzard canon, and therefore, does not fit into the official Starcraft continuity. It takes off directly after the end of Broodwar, with Kerrigan hunting down the remains of the UED and planning to invade Shakuras with the aid of her cerebrate and a rogue protoss Mojo. The plan fails when Duran takes control, and it falls to Raynor and Artanis to clean up the mess and save Shakuras, as well as the entire Koprulu sector Guild Galaxy, while dealing with the remnants of the Dominion and the New Conclave of Aiur.

The story involves several original characters including:
  • Cerebrate Gzorn: a cerebrate cloned by Kerrigan from the remains of the second Overmind, to act as an advisor to both her and her personal Cerebrate.
  • Hudson Reims: admiral in charge of the UED remnant. He is killed while attempting to escape with his fleet from Char.
  • Fenidus: a cunning old protoss templar who fought the New Conclave and later Duran's Zerg.
  • Mojo: a rogue protoss who sided with Kerrigan during the invasion of Shakuras. Later, he pretended to join forces with Artanis and Fenidus, to act as a mole for Duran.
  • Roby: Raynor's personal adjutant, and part time comic relief.
  • Tom Kazansky: Leader of a faction of Terrans from Earth, who are somehow connected to Raynor.

Huncraft provides examples for the following tropes:

  • Adaptation Expansion: Broodwar ends with an ending cinematic where the Zerg catch up with the UED fleet and an epilogue saying the entire fleet was destroyed. Half of the Zerg campaign expands on this.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The new units are introduced this way. The Zerg Scantolisk (basically a mobile anti-air turret) first shows up in a mission where you must fight off an entire fleet of battlecruisers. The Protoss Psi Templar (long ranged support unit) appear just when Mojo splits the protoss on Shakuras and Dark Templar become unavailable. The Terran Phantom (bomber jet), while lacks such introduction, has the game's most complex mission where you must steal it's schematics.
  • Alternate Timeline: The timeline diverges from the official one with Kerrigan's decision to invade Shakuras.
  • And Then John Was a Zombie: Raynor gets infested. Then he leads his men to bring down the remnants of the dominion AND the Zerg Swarm, while his sanity is still intact.
  • Anticlimax: The epic showdown between Artanis and Mojo consists of Mojo running while Artanis is chasing after him and gunning him down with his fighter. What makes this even more ridiculous is that the moders managed to turn Raszagal's unused corsair into a rather capable ship for Mojo, which could fight Artanis on more or less equal ground. Why they didn't use it is anyone's guess.
  • Anyone Can Die: And how?! By the end of the story, Artanis is the only named character from the entire cast who's still alive.
  • Big Bad: Samir Duran.
  • Creepy Twins: The Darkeners.
  • The Dragon: The Cerebrate becomes this after Duran takes over the Zerg Swarm.
  • Gratuitous English: All over the place.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Duran makes infested Raynor explode... Right next to him.
  • Off Model: Many 3d models used. The three single player campaign figures are most noticeable. The new units also stick out a lot. Mainly because they don't have any shadows.
  • Shaggy Dog Story: Much of the Terran Campaign involves this. It starts with you stealing the schematics of the Psi Disruptor and collecting resources to rebuild it. While you do that, Admiral Kazansky is captured by the Zerg, which leads Raynor to lead a rescue mission which ends with him getting captured, then the Psi Disruptor is deployed in the attempt to rescue him and is subsequently destroyed. The only thing that changed in the course of 5 missions is that Kazansky is now infested.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Kerrigan didn't think Mengsk would be stupid enough to trust her again seeing how she tricked him once. Turns out he really WAS that stupid.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle: After destroying all remaining UED bases and killing Mengsk, Kerrigan declares that the UED saga is finally over. The next mission has her fighting off the fleet of UED admiral Hudson Reims.