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Humberto Velez
Humberto Velez is probably the most recognized Mexican Voice Actor, in part thanks to his distinctive voice and having voiced Homer Simpson for the Latin American dub of The Simpsons, until he and the rest of the contracted actors were fired for disagreements over payment and exchanged by voices that deeply displease the fandom. (Except one or two who returned from the original early seasons, but talking too much about it would generate a Flame War).

With over 20 years in the trade, he currently dedicates himself teaching the art of dubbing to younger actors interested on pursuiting this career and asisting conventions, when he's not doing the odd secondary voice on Disney Channel. Also, he had his breakout to the American cinema in Fast Food Nation.

Besides his work on The Simpsons, he's the official voice of Winnie the Pooh (yes, he noticed the irony) pretty much the offical voice of Nathan Lane and Danny Devito in Spanish and has dubbed Steve Buscemi and James Gandolfini a couple of times. If your character is a wisecracking Jaded Washout, an arrogant jerkass or a fat obnoxious Bumbling Dad there is a big chance he would dub it.

Some of his notable roles include:

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