House Of The Night

The House of The Night series, written by PC and Kristin Cast (a mother daughter pair), focused on Zoey Redbird, who in the first book is 'Marked', meaning she's going to become a vampyre. As a result, much to the chagrin of her intolerant mother and stepfather, she has to attend a special school for fledgling vampyres, where she finds out almost immediately that she's different - she's been specially chosen by the Goddess Nyx, and is set to become the most powerful High Priestess ever known. But first, she has to deal with numerous challenges, both mystical and personal.

NOTE: The series is actually named House Of Night, and has a separate page under that name. Please add new tropes there.

Tropes in "House of the Night" include:

  • Became Their Own Antithesis - Eric and Lucie have moments.
  • Heel-Face Turn - happens to several characters, the first one being Aphrodite.
  • Our Vampires Are Different - there's no way to predict who will become a vampyre, and they all have crescent-shaped marks on their foreheads. And then it turns out that there are two different kinds of vampyres, signalled by the presence of blue or red crescent marks, and the red ones are Undead while the blue ones aren't.
  • The Chosen One - one of the better versions, because Zoey's personality actually seems to fit the responsibilities she's meant to take on, and she's not constantly angsting.
  • Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World - Zoey is not only dealing with many mystical issues threatening the vampyres, but also juggling multiple boys and a couple of men (both of them bad guys).