[[caption-width-right:325:[[http://americanvendetta.deviantart.com/art/Posh-Satanic-Ritual-338013432 Artwork]] by [[http://americanvendetta.deviantart.com/ americanvendetta]].]]

You know you're looking at Hollywood Satanism when you see Satanism portrayed as a ReligionOfEvil with bizarre, often [[{{squick}} disgusting]] rituals parodying Christian services and a particular fondness for [[HumanSacrifice human sacrifice]] and/or sex orgies. Common hobbies of the Hollywood Satanist include [[BadPeopleAbuseAnimals sacrificing your cat]], slipping [[SubliminalSeduction backmasked messages]] into popular music to corrupt the youth, and engaging in carefully-calculated [[TakeOverTheWorld world-domination schemes]] that have been in the works since the [[AncientConspiracy beginning of time]] (which usually involve breeding {{The Antichrist}} -- extra points if he's [[{{Ghostapo}} Aryan]]!).

Hollywood Satanism [[OlderThanTheyThink actually goes back to Medieval Europe]], when it was believed that witches made a DealWithTheDevil to gain their power and engaged in rituals intended to mock Christianity just for the heck of it. Basically, it was thought that Satanism ([[NewerThanTheyThink which didn't actually exist at that point]]) was essentially reverse Christianity, and the idea stuck. ''Film/RosemarysBaby'' gave it a shot in the arm in the 60's, and during the 70's-90's the [[WitchHunt Satanic]] [[EveryoneIsSatanInHell Panic]] ensured that many of the tropes associated with it became ingrained in the public consciousness.

Individual Satanists are often presented as criminals, unless they're outwardly respectable politicians or public figures, or [[TownWithADarkSecret the whole town]] and of course a single ritual performed by drunk teens will ''[[ReligionIsMagic always]]'' make [[{{Satan}} the Big Guy himself]] (or one of his minions) show up to [[JustForPun raise hell]].

RealLife Satanism can be divided into two categories. One of them, sometimes called "[=LaVeyan=] Satanism" after [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton_LaVey one of its more famous figures]], doesn't believe in Satan as a physical entity, and instead refers to him as a symbol for freedom to [[UsefulNotes/EthicalHedonism follow your own desires]] and/or for [[RebelLeader fighting]] [[YourTerroristsAreOurFreedomFighters against]] [[GodIsEvil tyranny]]. The other one, which is called "Theistic Satanism", [[SatanIsGood worships or reveres Satan as a deity]]. Both of them, generally speaking, view Christian morality as self-destructive for both individuals and society. It's a religion whose followers, generally speaking, are no more or less likely to be evil than the followers of any other religion, [[BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad though their sense of what constitutes right and wrong is]] [[BlueAndOrangeMorality likely to veer far from the mainstream]]. In reality, it is more akin to the Pagan religions of old, their primary belief being that Satan and the demons are a corruption of the old [[Myth/MesopotamianMythology Mesopotamian,]] [[Myth/EgyptianMythology Egyptian,]] and [[Myth/ClassicalMythology Greek and Roman]] gods. And no, human sacrifice is not a widely accepted practice in most branches (though ''symbolic'' sacrifices may be -- but that is NotSoDifferent from the Christian Communion, which is itself a symbolic sacrifice of the body and blood of UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}}).

Of course, if the work of fiction portrays its Satanists as part of a SecretCircleOfSecrets, then the above objections can arguably be handwaved: if such a secret society existed, then we [[FridgeLogic wouldn't know about it]]...

Note that just because a Black Mass or any other such Satanic activity is held in secret does ''not'' make it an example of this trope. {{Real Life}} Satanists have every reason not to boast about their religion, especially if they happen to be an influential politician or a movie star, even if personally they are some of the nicest people you'd ever encounter, unless they wish to have their careers flushed down the toilet and receive dirty looks from passers-by and media until the end of time.

Compare ReligionOfEvil, AlwaysChaoticEvil. Also compare YourTerroristsAreOurFreedomFighters. Also compare HollywoodVoodoo, as [[ArtisticLicenseReligion Hollywood isn't always clear on the difference]].



[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* ''SazanEyes'' has Pai captured by a cult of self-proclaimed Satanists in Wales, of all things, looking for a human sacrifice. The Grand Priest downright tells her about their worship of Satan, though not all the members wear hoods, capes and goat masks (only the head priest is in full regalia). However, since Pai is actually an immortal Triclop and her Wu Yakumo soon comes to her rescue, they are harmless villains at most, and not taken very seriously, as they're just {{Muggles}} compared to Pai and Yakumo's usual opponents.

[[folder: ComicBooks]]
* ''ComicBook/GhostRider'' frequently [[https://d1466nnw0ex81e.cloudfront.net/n_iv/600/1297437.jpg fights]] these kind of Satanists.
* ''ComicBook/MsTree'' had a story in the DC period where Tree investigated a murdered girl who joined a satanic church and was found dead with a inverted pentagram on her body. She was predisposed to suspect the church of course, but her findings with a freelance reporter who met up with her about this case showed her how many allegations about satanists causing trouble are often overblown. In the end, Tree discovered the girl's murderer was actually an insane Christian fanatic who was posing as a local anti-Satanist activist to cover-up his crimes.
* Several ComicBook/ChickTracts have this theme, especially the ones pertaining to Halloween.
** From [[http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0058/0058_01.asp Boo!]] (which also claims that October 31 is "Satan's birthday")
---> '''Teenager''': Carrie will sacrifice a cat to Satan at midnight.
---> '''Other Teenager''': What a way to end a party! Haw haw!
---> '''Moralizing Adult''' (later): [[AndThatsTerrible Satanic human sacrifices are a slap in God's face]].
* Averted in ''ComicBook/GrantMorrisonsBatman'', which shows Dr. Hurt performing a Satanic ritual to summon Barbatos[[spoiler: actually one of Darkseid's weapons]]. All the components for a satanic ritual are present (nude woman, black robes, star of Baphomet etc.) The only Hollywood aspect is when Dr. Hurt eats the heart of a bat, but then again, Hurt is portrayed as pretty extreme even by satanic standards.
* ''ComicBook/RequiemVampireKnight'': Several of the people who ended up becoming vampires in Resurrection were satanists in their human lives, including Claudia Demona and [[spoiler:Thurim]]. Of course, they loved HumanSacrifice.
* The horror anthology series ''Nightmare World'' had a story about a death metal fanboy who fit this trope, and sacrificed his artist friend to the Devil in hopes of being given metal fame and fortune like his idol, a Music/MarilynManson Expy. However, the demon that shows up in response to the sacrifice tells him that Hell no longer fulfills wishes that stands to corrupt enough souls, and the market for death metal is way too small to justify the effort. When the fanboy begs and promises to do whatever it takes, the demon grants him his request by transforming him into a star that's guaranteed to reach a massive fanbase; a member of a BoyBand.

[[folder: FanFic]]
* ''FanFic/MyImmortal'' is probably the most confusing case of Hollywood [[RougeAnglesOfSatin Stanism]]... er, Satanism that ever existed. The characters worship Satan (Satan, not Voldemort, whose nickname in high school was Satan), but we never really see them do anything beyond getting high and yelling at people. One implication is that they worship Satan by insulting preps and getting high on "crak".
* "[[FanFic/TwilaTheGirlWhoWazInLuvWithAVampyre a/n I DONT BELEVE IN GOD I AM N ATHEIST. i thnk saten created dis universe god bles u satan u r alwayz in mi heart]]".

[[folder: {{Film}}]]
* ''Film/TheBlackCat'' (1934) features Creator/BorisKarloff as a Satanic high priest with a fondness for human sacrifice.
* In ''Film/{{Spawn}}'', a trio of "weekend Satanists" bump into Spawn and Clown (a.k.a. Violator) and completely freak out when faced with Spawn's transformation, much to Clown's disgust.
-->'''Clown:''' How come God hogs up all the good followers, and we get all the retards?
* ''Film/FaustLoveOfTheDamned'': The Hand. Orgies, human sacrifices, wishing for the death of all humanity, led by the Devil himself, it's all there.
* ''Film/RosemarysBaby''. See Literature below for details.
* ''Film/{{Race with the Devil}}'': Two ordinary couples on an RV trip witness a Satanic human sacrifice and are pursued by the cultists, who wish to silence them.
* ''Film/JennifersBody'': A band sacrifices AlphaBitch Jennifer to Satan so they can be huge rockstars.
%%* ''Film/TheOmen'' and its sequels.
* The main villains in ''Film/DriveAngry'' are this. Oddly enough, though, [[spoiler: the actual minion of Satan, who is there to take the protagonist back to Hell, isn't really shown to be all that bad in this movie, and says that the devil does not approve of the cult.]]
%%* ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seventh_Victim The Seventh Victim]]''
* The plot of the B-movie ''Film/DevilsPrey'' features a cast chased around by masked practitioners of Satan.
* ''Demonic Toys'' does this to an extent. A demon in the form of a child (a la ''Rosemary's Baby'') dies shortly after being born and is buried near a toy factory. Blood is spilled and he comes back to life. He has a baby doll draw a pentacle on a floor in the warehouse, complete with candles, since he plans on having sex with a pregnant cop in the circle so he can possess the fetus. Oh yeah, and this is on Halloween.
* Satanists who lure a babysitter for a ritual appear in ''Film/TheHouseOfTheDevil''.
* The villains of the Film/HammerHorror film ''Film/TheDevilRidesOut'' attempt to do a HumanSacrifice. Main characters arrive to investigate.
* In ''Film/TheLegacy'', a group of modern practitioners of the black arts are invited to hear the will of a dying powerful warlock. Soon, one of them starts to bump off the competition.
* In ''Film/IBoughtAVampireMotorcycle'', the trouble starts when a bunch of Hollywood Satanist outlaw bikers are attacked and killed by non-religious rival bikers during a demon-summoning ritual, freeing the demon to cause havoc.
* ''Film/TwelveTwelveTwelve'' has a Mayan death cult who nonetheless hit every point of Hollywood Satanism right down to symbols of Baphomet painted on the walls of their temple.
* ''Film/EyeOfTheDevil'' is a pretty standard instance of this trope, with a SecretCircleOfSecrets, evil magic, and HumanSacrifice. It turns out that the ''entire town'' (a small French village) is full of Satanists, who meet in black mass and occasionally perform human sacrifices when the town vineyard fails.
* The main antagonists of ''Film/HackOLantern'' are every Satanism stereotype imaginable, in that they are dark wizards who will murder anybody who gets in their way of corrupting the children. They also try to do the "Devil Horn" symbol, but due to errors in the filmmaking process, end up doing "I Love You" in American Sign Language.

[[folder: {{Literature}}]]
* Creator/DennisWheatley, a British thriller writer who was very popular in his day, wrote a series of novels about Satanism (beginning with ''The Devil Rides Out'' in 1934) which may have helped to codify this trope - especially when ''The Devil Rides Out'' was filmed in 1968, forming a double-whammy with the film of ''Rosemary's Baby'' the same year. To be fair, Wheatley at least did some research, basing his villains around real (but [[HistoricalVillainUpgrade much less evil]]) figures such as Aleister Crowley and Montague Summers. However, he is no longer considered the occult expert that he was at the height of his popularity.
* In ''Literature/GoodOmens'', the demon Crowley identifies two kinds of Satanist. Most are [[PunchClockVillain ordinary people]] who only partake in Satanism because they were raised in the faith and don't think about religion much except when they go to Black Mass, akin to your ordinary less-than-devout Christian. But others, like the ones you sometimes hear about on the news, [[EvenEvilHasStandards give even Crowley the creeps]].
* Russ Martin's series about an evil Satanic organization, including ''The Possession of Jessica Young'', ''The Obsession of Sally Wing'' and ''The Education of Jennifer Parrish''.
* In ''[[Literature/RepairmanJack Conspiracies]]'', one of the conventioneers had been brainwashed into accusing her father of molestation and Satanism, by a shrink her mother hired to ensure she'd get custody in the divorce settlement. Years later, she's plagued by nightmares of terrible encounters with Hollywood Satanism that never happened. [[spoiler: The fact that ''genuine'' evil forces are exacerbating these baseless dreams for their own purposes only makes it worse.]]
* ''Ape and Essence'' by Aldous Huxley has literal Hollywood Satanism, with the worship of Belial in a [[AfterTheEnd post-apocalytic]] CrapsackWorld Southern California presented in the framing story as the unfilmable opus of a Hollywood screenwriter. Sex orgies, HumanSacrifice and intense misogyny are involved.
* ''Film/RosemarysBaby'', in which not-so-friendly neighborhood Satanists see to the impregnation of the titular Rosemary with the spawn of Satan and the AntiChrist.
* ''Literature/BabylonRising'' features a shadowy and secretive group of Satanists that have existed since Satan made contact with a Babylonian priest during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar and started up a cult.
* ''Hotel Transylvania'', the first book in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Saint-Germain series, is MADE of this trope. Devoted Satanists centuries before Satanism existed? Check. Inverted crosses to shock and horrify Christians? Check. Raping and sacrificing virgins to get power from Satan? Double check.
* One of the most famous books in the ''Literature/FightingFantasy'' series was ''House of Hell'', where the antagonists were a cult like this. (And a ''very'' unsubtle one at that.)
* The First Reformed Church of the Antichrist in ''Literature/MrBlank'' is evil to the point of self parody. Just don't tell them that.
** [[Literature/GetBlank The sequel]] introduces even more Satanist groups, though the Order of the Morning Star appears to be an inversion of the trope.
* ''Literature/TheScream'' : Discussed. The book is set during TheEighties, when metal was at its height of popularity. The book centers around two rock bands, one of which uses heavy Satanic imagery. The leader of the other band, Jake, points out that most of the time, Satanic imagery and lyrics in music are just part of the act. Not so with The Scream.

[[folder: {{Live Action TV}}]]
* In the ''Series/TheXFiles'' episode "[[Recap/TheXFilesS02E14DieHandDieVerletzt Die Hand Die Verletzt]]", the agents encountered a group of "real" Satanists who were accused of being the Hollywood Satanist type. That they were all school teachers didn't help. It ends up being a parodic subversion, in that the Satanists are ''far'' from the Hollywood Satanism stereotype; they never do human sacrifices or molest children or anything like what the moral panic suggests, they're just normal, everyday people who happen to worship Satan (their rituals don't involve killing anyone). Unfortunately, one of their now-teenage kids has gotten some hazy childhood memories confused with the sensationalist stuff she's seen in the media, thus prompting an hysterical panic.
** Even ''more'' unfortunately, someone did a ritual and actually summoned the Devil, who was less than pleased at their lack of faith (they're ''lapsed'' Satanists, it transpires).
-->"[[EvilIsNotAToy Did you really think you could summon up the devil and then expect him to behave?]]"
* ''Series/StarskyAndHutch'' episode "Satan's Witches": While on vacation, the title characters run into a town being threatened by a cult of devil-worshipping Satanists.
* The "Hail Satan Network" on ''Series/MrShow''. It's essentially like a real gospel show, only its hosts and audience are Satanists who worship the devil, encourage the seven deadly sins and chant "Hail Satan!"
* ''Series/AdamAdamantLives'': In "The Last Sacrifice", Adam battles a British lord who is running a satanist cult complete with hooded robes, orgies and human sacrifice. He is mostly using it as a source of blackmail, but Adam mentions that his family has a history of satanism cropping up every third generation.
* ''Series/MissionImpossible'': In "The Devils", the team investigates a member of the English gentry who involves foreign and domestic officials in Satanic rituals and human sacrifice for blackmail purposes.
* On ''Series/{{Misfits}}'', the local Boy Scout troop is revealed to be a cover for {{Satan}}'s agents, who manage to turn Finn and Abby into agents as well. They have rituals involving chicken blood and Satanic literature.
* ''Series/DeadOfSummer'' has a gang of Satanist bikers running around causing trouble, led by a guy calling himself [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Damon Crowley]]. Deputy Garrett believes that they're behind the mysterious occurrences at Camp Stillwater, though their exact role in the story remains a mystery so far.
* Defied by ''Series/CriminalMinds''; in one episode that dealt with a murder that looked like Hollywood Satanism, the agents specify that Satanic ritual murder hasn't taken place to their knowledge (that's not to say crazy people didn't associate Satan with their crimes, but that there was no proven instance of organized human sacrifice). In the end, the "satanists" in the town are mostly just edgy punk kids who don't hurt anyone, and [[spoiler: the killer was one of the popular kids who pinned the murder on the satanists as a ploy to get away with it.]]
* ''Series/{{Lucifer 2016}}''. The focus of the episode "[=TeamLucifer=]". Lucifer himself finds it a disgusting and insulting perversion of what he stands for. He doesn't want people worshiping him -- that's God's schtick. When he barges into a Satanic ritual and starts complaining, the coven like what he's saying and start chanting his words, causing Lucifer to complain that they're missing the whole point of being a rebel. In the end, the coven is portrayed as just a group of harmless kids, so when someone starts murdering them in 'human sacrifices', Lucifer is genuinely angry, as he regards them as misguided idiots, not evildoers who deserved to be punished, especially not in his name. Oh, and the whole Satanic obsession with goats? Turns out it's a centuries-old prank by Lucifer's brother Amenadiel, and Lucifer still hasn't figured out where it came from.[[note]]In real life it's speculated to come from the Greek Pan, portrayed as a horned, goat-legged wild man, whose image was used by Christians for Satan.[[/note]]
* ''Series/InspectorMorse''. In "The Day of the Devil", a rapist who is a committed satanist escapes from prison. In this case satanism is just something the criminal uses to justify his sociopathic view of the world. He is a true believer though, which eventually causes his downfall.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''. Lucifer is [[NotQuiteDead accidentally resurrected]] by this type in Season 12 and is not impressed by the quality of his followers on Earth, quickly deciding to NeckSnap them as petty annoyances.

[[folder: {{Music}}]]
* The song "The Number of the Beast" by Music/{{Iron Maiden}} tells of a man witnessing Satanic rituals that horrify him.
* Murdoc Niccals of the Music/{{Gorillaz}} is openly satanist, is never seen without the inverted cross on his neck and has apparently made a DealWithTheDevil.
* Music/MarilynManson was honored with the title of "Reverend" by Anton [=LaVey=] himself in 1994 and has played to this stereotype on occasion (particularly during the ''Antichrist Superstar'' era).
* Music/AliceCooper is an interesting subversion: he's often been accused of being the Hollywood Satanist, and his stage shows may very well give the impression to some that he is... when he's actually a Christian.
* Music/KatyPerry played with this in her performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Unfortunately, many people [[PoesLaw took it as an indication of her being a real life Satanist.]] A matter not helped by the fact that, around this time, her "turbulent" relationship with her parents (who are both fundamentalist Christians) was getting extensive media coverage (Perry had once been a Gospel singer herself).

[[folder: ProfessionalWrestling]]
* Wrestling/KevinSullivan's big {{Heel}} run in Florida in the 1980s, complete with [[FacialMarkings face paint]], bizarre rituals ({{Summoning|Ritual}} [[Wrestling/MarkLewin the Purple Haze ["Maniac" Mark Lewin]]] from under the sea) and apparent hypnotism (turning "Maniac" Mike Davis into "Wrestling/DustyRhodes.")
* Wrestling/KaijuBigBattel lists Hell Monkey's height AND weight as "[[NumberOfTheBeast 666]] bananas stacked end to end."
* Wrestling/TheUndertaker's Wrestling/MinistryOfDarkness in Wrestling/{{WWE}} in 1999. The group officially debuted on the January 11, 1999 ''[[Wrestling/{{WWERaw}} WWF Raw is War]]'', as the Undertaker, with manager Wrestling/PaulBearer and [[Wrestling/RonSimmons the]] [[Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield Acolytes]] standing by, [[{{Kayfabe}} cut into]] [[Characters/WWEAttitude Dennis Knight]]'s chest, causing "blood" to come out, and renamed him "Mideon." Another time, the group abducted Wrestling/KenShamrock's [[UnrelatedBrothers "sister"]] [[Characters/WWEDivas Ryan Shamrock]] and strapped her to the Undertaker's symbol in a sort-of crucifixion.
* Wrestling/JamesMitchell has done this gimmick a few times. He arrived in Wrestling/{{ECW}} in late 1999 as [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin the Sinister Minister]], a name he would reuse in Wrestling/{{MLW}} in 2003. He arrived in Wrestling/{{TNA}} in 2002 as "Father" James Mitchell, the leader of the New Church, and described himself as a Satanist. Earlier in his career, he had an abbreviated run in Wrestling/{{SMW}} as CollectorOfTheStrange Daryl Van Horne, which was the name used by Satan in ''Franchise/TheWitchesOfEastwick.''

[[folder: TabletopGames]]
* Crops up, as you'd imagine, more than a few times in both versions of ''TabletopGame/TheWorldOfDarkness'':
** ''TabletopGame/MageTheAscension'' has the Nephandi, fallen mages who want to corrupt/annihilate all of reality in the name of their dark masters. The Infernalists are one faction of them, whose tendencies most often involve tempting others into wickedness and selling their souls to dark entities.
** Belial's Brood from ''TabletopGame/VampireTheRequiem'' plays ''credit'' to [=LaVeyan=] Satanism while still invoking a number of ReligionOfEvil tropes. A number of members of the Brood don't worship Satan as an actual entity, but regard him as an ideological construct that represents the Beast that screams in the souls of all vampires. However, as the Beast is a representation of all that's savage and terrible about the vampiric condition and grows stronger the more detached one becomes from [[KarmaMeter Humanity]], they do the usual black mass/virgin sacrifice/dark pact stuff in an effort to reach true divinity.
* Used in ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'': it's mentioned that many cultists don't actually know what they're doing, merely enacting rituals from what they've seen in [[HoldYourHippogriffs scary holos]] and [[RuleOfCool whatever sounds cool]], and thus totally fail to summon daemons. On occasion, however, some of them succeed... [[GoneHorriblyRight if they're very unlucky.]]
* Humanoid cultists of Baphomet in ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'' have this sort of flavor, more so than the actual church of Asmodeus, the setting's SatanicArchetype, does.
* This is the plot of the ''FightingFantasy'' gamebook ''House Of Hell'', with the protagonist becoming stranded near an old mansion belonging to the Earl Of Drumer (and it's implied that he was deliberately lured there by being given false directions in the town). While the Earl puts on the image of a gracious host, he's in fact the leader of a local Satanic cult, which includes high-ranking political and social members of the nearby town, and they kidnap wayward travellers and out-of-towners to sacrifice to their dark masters. [[spoiler: However, the Earl is not the Big Bad, it's his butler Franklin, who is in reality a Hell Demon in disguise]]

[[folder: VideoGames]]
* The Blood Raiders in ''VideoGame/EVEOnline'' play this absolutely straight, except that instead of being Satanists, they're a heretical sect of the mainstream Amarrian religion. The equivalent for our society would be a ''Christian'' sect that engaged in blood rituals and human sacrifices.
** Of course, the Amarrian religion itself has some uncomfortable tenets, particularly its endorsement of slavery.
** Theistic Satanism kind of ''is'' a Christian sect.
* Blaze Stalker, the BigBad of the old 90s game ''VideoGame/BlackstarAgentOfJustice''. He's very much an individual version of this trope, runs a SnuffFilm ring that targets hookers, and was responsible for the murder of both of Blackstar's parents, his father to get at his mother, and his mother to fulfill some sick lust and desire for power.
* The first ''VideoGame/{{Manhunt}}'' title has the Innocentz, a group of Latin American hoodlums who has a couple of members that combine the worst aspects of HolierThanThou and EvilerThanThou with their GrimReaper motifs and worship of Satan.
* A lot of websites in ''Videogame/WelcomeToTheGame'' are not so subtle about their Satan-worshiping.
* The optional "Lucifer's Own" secret society in ''VideoGame/CrusaderKings'' [[CardCarryingVillain gleefully]] serves Satan, granting its members [[BlackMagic unmatched dark powers]] in exchange for plentiful HumanSacrifice.

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* Parodied in the "KITTEN II" storyline of ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance''. Two of the minor characters in the SlasherMovie parody turn out to be Satan-worshippers who betray the group. Behold the proud majesty and sheer classiness of their [[http://www.sluggy.com/comics/archives/daily/021202 '80s Headbanger Satanic Rituals!]]
* Ellen of ''Webcomic/LeftoverSoup'' [[http://leftoversoup.com/archive.php?num=14 actually was]] one of these for a few years of her childhood, after her mother died of thyroid cancer and she got mad at God for not existing.

[[folder: Web Originals]]
* The PlayByPost game ''Roleplay/WhatTimeIsItMrWolf'' features a boy who seems to practice this; possibly justified by the fact that he's thirteen, likely has no clue how Satanism works, [[spoiler:and may or may not have [[GodOfEvil a demon - or possibly the devil, himself]] in his head.]]
* Inverted in the {{creepypasta}} story "The Satanist with Christian Friends", wherein the young protagonist is a Satanist and sees it as just as normal as being Christian or Jewish or Buddhist or whatever--but the reason his family has to keep moving every so often is that the MoralGuardians tend to find out and flip out with a vengeance. The story itself culminates with a "good Christian" trying to make the narrator (who is in grade school) repent of Satanism by any means possible--including invoking the Salem Witch Trials.
* The creepypasta story "From Hell I Write" centers around a family of HollywoodSatanist|s that worship an ill-defined, goatlike demon that requires blood sacrifices, preferring the children of the neighborhood. The narrator's friend is a reluctant participant of these bizarre ceremonies, which eventually culminate in the narrator's entire family, including himself, being possessed by demons and condemned to Hell.

[[folder: WesternAnimation]]
* Parodied in ''WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}}'', when Murderface joins the Church of Satan and goes to Black Mass. They come across as rather timid, cowardly people that can't stand up for themselves. Then played straight in TheStinger, when the Church of Satan actually does summon a demon. (although considering DETHKLOK was there it could've unknowingly been their doing).
* Subverted on ''WesternAnimation/MoralOrel''. Coach Stopframe worships Satan, believing him to be some powerful being that can help him win over Clay's heart and help the school's team. When he joins actual satanists, they turn out to be a bunch of sloppy hedonists, [[WouldntHurtAChild and are utterly horrified that Stopframe]] brought Orel to be a VirginSacrifice (they said to bring a virgin, they meant an ''adult'' virgin to join their orgy) and don't bother Orel at all (in fact, he gets along rather well with them). Coach Stopframe ''does'' wind up disgusted with them, but it's more because they're uncouth and unattractive than any religious reason.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' has the Woodland Critters, a group of cute talking animals who are also Satan worshipers that frequently participate in horrifying rituals such as sacrifices and blood orgies.

[[folder: Other]]
* The [[UsefulNotes/ConspiracyTheories conspiracy theories]] associated with the [[WitchHunt Satanic Panic]], full stop.
* [[http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2986101/The-blood-pumped-beating-heart-purest-form-energy-Inside-horrific-Mexican-satanist-Black-Mass-shocked-disgusted-tourists-witnessing-dark-deals-devil.html This article]] proves that at the very least, a few (keyword being a few) Satanist branches do adhere to some of the Hollywood stereotypes.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilles_de_Rais Gilles de Rais]] was infamously accused of killing children for satanic rituals. Whether or not these charges are true is debatable.