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Hold The Unsolicited Ingredient
aka: Least Common Pizza Topping
A gag in which a character orders food, then specifically asks that a certain ingredient be excluded: an ingredient that is not commonly found or ordered in that food to begin with.

A common use of this joke is with pizza and anchovies: Characters will specifically ask for "no anchovies," as if failing to do so would inevitably cause them to appear on the pizza — highly unlikely.

Hatred for certain pizza toppings (or food additions) in general probably falls under Stock Yuck or Does Not Like Spam.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the Pokémon episode "Mystery at the Lighthouse", Brock tells Bill he is going to make hamburgers and asks if Bill wants one. Bill responds by asking Brock whether he "can cook without using tofu." Generally you would assume that if someone intends to make burgers, he is not going to use tofu.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has Michelangelo ordering a pizza near the beginning of the movie as Splinter talks about the "art of invisibility". As Splinter is finishing up his speech, Mikey is just about to finish the order, and he says, "Oh, but no anchovies, and I mean no anchovies. You put anchovies on this thing and you're in big trouble, okay?" right before Splinter throws a book at his head.
  • In Loverboy, teenage Randy takes a job as a pizza delivery boy. Not long after, he stumbles into a job as a gigolo (helped by a couple of his co-workers), and the women use the code "extra anchovies" to signal that the "delivery" is a "house call." The manager can't believe how popular that particular pizza topping has become. (In one humorous scene, this almost backfires when a beautiful woman actually wanted a pizza with extra anchovies and she wanted it for her two young sons, no less. Fortunately, Randy was able to escape what nearly became an embarrassing situation.)
  • Inverted in Nick Danger in the Case of the Missing Yolk:
    Rocky Rococo: Hello, I want to order some anchovies to go, and hold the pizza.
  • Parodied in Super Mario Bros. when President Koopa orders a pizza. "Hold the mammal."

  • In Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon, this is a Running Gag between Amber and Justin. They always ask for a pizza, "hold the anchovies," and then laugh at the mental image of the pizza boy holding an armful of anchovies.
  • Inverted in Michael Connelly novel The Black Echo. Harry Bosch specifically orders a pizza with anchovies in order to unsettle a teenage witness that he is interrogating.

    Live Action TV 
  • 21 Jump Street episode "Gotta Finish the Riff"
    Reginald Brooks: [ordering pizza for his hostages] I want 10 with sausage, 10 with pepperonis. And no anchovies. I see one anchovy and I kill the librarian.
  • Friends episode "The One the Morning After" when Rachel is very pissed off with Ross:
    Rachel: Yes, I'd like to order a large pizza.
    Ross: No anchovies.
    Rachel: With, uh, extra anchovies.
    Ross: That's okay, I'll just pick 'em off.
    Rachel: Yeah, and could you please chop some up and just put it right there in the sauce?
  • The Electric Company: In the original series, this was a common joke of many skits involving pizza, particularly (but not limited to) those with The Short Circus, the show's singing group of kids.
  • On Supernatural, there was a version involving not anchovies, but a vampire who was worried that he may have had unsolicited garlic put on his pizza. It lampshaded the unrealisticness of someone who worries about unsolicited anchovies, garlic, or such toppings with the delivery guy's reaction: He impatiently asked, "Did you order any garlic? Then no, there isn't any."
    • A bit more justified than some cases, though it would be more so if he'd demanded to know if there was garlic in the sauce.
  • An episode of The Big Bang Theory has a nonstandard anchovies joke, when Howard suggests that if their pizza has anchovies, then the group should allot extra bathroom time.
  • In one episode, Roseanne tries to help Jackie get over a recent breakup by ordering pizza. When asked which toppings she wants, Jackie says no man is worth anchovies.
  • ALF once ordered a pizza with everything except beets. He specified clearly that he did not want beets.

  • The J. Geils Band's "No Anchovies, Please" is all about this. Well, sort of.
  • Tom Smith's Domino Death references this with adding "no anchovies, please" to the list of the many offenses that will garner your death at the hands of the psycho narrator.
  • The Firesign Theatre: George Tirebiter tries to order "a pizza to go, and no anchovies" from a place called Nick's. Unfortunately for him, George has the wrong Nick on the line:
    "No anchovies? You've got the wrong man. I spell my name...Danger!"
  • There's a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, called No Anchovies. They have an order which goes, "And, if you must... Anchovies."
  • On Not Always Working, this trope causes trouble for some people who actually want those anchovies.


    Western Animation 
  • Used to hilarious effect in a Disney's House of Mouse episode, in a song Goofy sings about being a waiter. The line "hold the anchovies" is juxtaposed with a shot of Ariel.
  • This What-a-Cartoon cartoon features a pizza boy who delivers a pizza to the Arctic Circle, and is denied a tip when the customer discovers that it contains anchovies.
  • The Oh-Yeah Cartoons! pilot of The Fairly OddParents has this as a gag when Vicki orders Timmy some pizza. His slice contains not only anchovies, but also fishing hooks.

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