Hold My Glasses

Hold my glasses. I'm gonna fight this guy.

Contrast You Wouldn't Hit a Guy with Glasses?.


Anime and Manga
  • In One Piece, whenever Monkey D. Luffy gets really, really pissed off, he'll sometimes hand his prized straw hat to Nami before going off to battle.

  • When Justice League: A New Beginning sees the neverending battle of wills between Guy Gardner and Batman finally come to blows, Guy takes off his power ring and hands it to the Blue Beetle. Beetle promptly tosses it over his shoulder, as he's routing for Batman (and gets his wish).

  • Played with in Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Blart comes into a women's clothing store to help with an altercation between two women. He makes some... unflattering remarks to one of the ladies, and she takes off her earrings, asks him to hold them... then beats him up.
  • Free Jimmy had Hudma Specs, an ill-tempered dude with a Scottish accent. His Catch Phrase? "Hud ma specs!", before beating someone up.
  • The character Mike in SLC Punk! does this before walking through a mosh pit to keep a friend of his from being beaten by two bouncers.
  • In Jackie Chan's Who Am I?, Jackie eventually gets into a fight with Those Two Bad Guys on a rooftop. As Jackie takes advantage of how one of them is wearing a jacket, tie, earrings, etc., the other guy immediately starts removing them.
  • Used in Scary Movie with the Ambiguously Gay character:
    Ray: what, you wanna get butt naked and wrestle?! (turns to girlfriend) Here, Brenda, hold my earrings.
    • Also, from the sequel:
    Shorty: Hold my tooth!
  • Inverted in The Man With the Golden Arm, when a man asks someone else to take off his glasses so that he could punch the other guy in the face.

  • Don't Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea's Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life

Live-Action TV
  • In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, One of Marshall's female coworkers admits to Lily that she kissed Marshall. Lily seems to take it well as she has a calm, pleasant conversation with the woman. It isn't until she takes off her earrings that there is any warning of her knocking the woman out.
    • Also, When a bartender goads Ted and Barney into joining him in a back-alley rumble, Barney sheds his suit jacket and gives it to Robin to hold (he is trying to impress her with his willingness to fight). He asks her to find a wooden hanger for it.
  • Shows up in the Glee episode titled "Silly Love Songs", Lauren hands her glasses to Puck before beating up Santana.
  • A variation of this occurs in the Victorious episode "A film by Dave Squires". Andre's cousin removes her earrings and simply drops them on the floor before fighting with the eponymous Dave Squires.
  • Played for laughs in an episode of Six Feet Under, when Vanessa and her sister are spying on Rico's stripper girlfriend. Eventually Vanessa snaps and takes off her earrings (and puts Vaseline on her face like a catfight veteran) before going to pick a fight with her.
  • The 'AIDS Burger' scene in season one of True Blood, where Lafayette removes his earrings before giving a group of homophobic redneck diners a beatdown.

Web Comics
  • In Shadowgirls, a super-powered Charon hands her glasses to her daughter before taking a giant sea beast out with a Shoryuken.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Owen on Gargoyles didn't have anyone to hand his glasses to, but when the gargoyles dared him to stop them from taking the Grimorum Arcanorum from Xanatos' possession he calmly took them off, put them in his breast pocket and tried to do just that. It didn't work, yet he still managed to firmly establish himself as a Badass Normal.