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[[caption-width-right:346:[[ComicBook/{{Batgirl}} Barbara Gordon]], [[{{Franchise/Batman}} Bruce Wayne]], the Scarecrow, [[ComicBook/{{Catwoman}} Selina Kyle]], ComicBook/TheJoker, ComicBook/HarleyQuinn, Poison Ivy, Bane, and Mr. Freeze.[[note]]And starring Al Pennyworth as the [[AlmightyJanitor Wise Janitor]].[[/note]]]]

->''"The basic overarching plot is, 'What is the contrived nonsense that drives [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Cthulhu]] to take a human form and go to high school?'"''
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick''' pitches ''Literature/ViridianSaga''

The High School A.U. is an AlternateUniverseFic that may or may not resemble the original universe, but the main premise is that most or all of the characters from whatever universe the story draws from are [[EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether all in an academic setting]] (typically set in the present day). Usually, this happens to be high school, although [[CollegeIsHighSchoolPart2 college is not unheard of]], nor is Jr. High[=/=]Middle School, depending on the ages of the cast.

This type of story may also occasionally [[{{Mundanization}} remove anything and everything unusual in the original premise]], though this is not necessarily a requirement. This especially tends to happen when the cast is already comprised mostly of teenagers in a fantasy or sci-fi world.

This is the most common form of AlternateUniverseFic, for good or ill, mostly because it is an easy setting to write for, probably because [[WriteWhatYouKnow a lot of fanfic writers are high school age themselves]]. Some stories may take a series that never took place in a high school and transplant the characters there. A variant on this is to take a series where a high school was part of the setting, and makes it the primary setting. Another variant is taking a show with characters that were elementary or lower grammar school age and transplanting them to a high school setting. A less common variant are the characters being portrayed as teachers rather than students.

A rarer variation is to also attempt to transplant the ''storyline''. This works better with storylines that are effectively independent of the setting.

This is especially likely to happen when the cast of a series functions as a UniversalAdaptorCast.

A subtrope of TransplantedCharacterFic. Compare SpinoffBabies and CoffeeShopAUFic. Contrast SuperFic.

[[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant Not a high school in]] UsefulNotes/{{Australia}}.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* This happened in an episode of the ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'' TV series. Not content to leave it at that, however, the writers also threw in {{Magical Girl}}s. Unsurprisingly, given the amoeba-like manner in which ''Tenchi Muyo'' split off {{alternate continuit|y}}ies, this world became a series all on its own. Two different series, in fact.
* Some manga have {{Omake}} chapters in this style, often finding humor from the contortions needed to shoehorn the tropes of the series into the cliche High School tropes. Examples:
** ''Manga/BlackLagoon''
** ''Manga/ExcelSaga''
** ''Anime/ElHazardTheMagnificentWorld''
** ''Manga/{{Gintama}}'', which also had animated omake sequences and even a novelisation of their "Ginpachi-sensei" AU.
** ''Manga/FairyTail''. Gets an extended {{Omake}} with a few {{Call Back}}s
** ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' and ''Manga/XxxHolic''. Strangely, ''[=×××HOLiC=]'' should qualify as a HSU anyway; the teenage leads are high school students and we sometimes see them at school, albeit not in classes. It's just not the main focus.
** ''Manga/PandoraHearts''.
** ''Manga/{{Itsuwaribito}}'' Has these at the end at almost every volume. [[spoiler:In the end Utsuho wakes up and turns out that it was the real storyline and the plot was AllJustADream. So the story about the best liar ever... was all just a lie...]]
* The ''Manga/SamuraiDeeperKyo'' manga has a series of audio drama CD set in the alternate 'Samurai High School' setting, stemming from a piece of art drawn by the creator for one of the manga volumes. Strangely enough it is highly propable that said creator is actually female (pseudonyms are funny that way).
* ''Anime/{{K}}'' has one as an OtomeGame, called ''Gakuen Anime/{{K}}''.
* ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'':
** There is an audio drama CD set in a HighSchoolAU where Kamina is basically a misfit failing school, Simon is the sole handyman/janitor, and Nia is the Student Council President...until they kick all that to the ground like everything else and turn the whole thing upside down. [[http://community.livejournal.com/gurren_lagann/157779.html Read the script here.]]
** ''Gurren Lagann'' also has a ''second'' official HighSchoolAU in the form of the manga ''[[http://www.mangafox.com/manga/tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann_guren_gakuenhen/]]''. All the good guys attend Dai Gurren Academy, which is located right next to the menacing and intimidating Teppelin Academy, headed by malicious principal Lord Genome. Note that all of the Beastmen are still Beastmen, and [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight no one finds this odd]]. Highlights include Kamina getting ''very'' confused over the meaning of "{{moe}}", Yoko in a [[{{Joshikousei}} sailor uniform]] inducing MarshmallowHell to Simon for ''three whole pages'' (while continuing to talk), and Viral dressed in a business suit (coinciding with the "ViralMarketing" [[MemeticMutation meme]]). Oh, and Nia wears [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei's]] transfer student uniform (see below) and calls Simon her husband... and ''takes the [[Anime/{{Gunbuster}} Buster Stance]]''. Plus, this manga sheds some insight into how Kamina and Nia [[WhatCouldHaveBeen would fare]] [[spoiler:had Kamina not died before Nia arrived into the plot]]. Leeron is also in a dress and Lord Genome is the overprotective dad of Nia. Nia and Simon pull off a sequence very similar to [[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Love Love TenKyoKen]]
* Parodied in ''Anime/MagicalShoppingArcadeAbenobashi'' as one of the alternate worlds [[spoiler:(created from fragments of Sasshi's mind)]] to which Sasshi and Arumi travel - this one is patterned after dating sims, having Sasshi as a borderline UnluckyEverydude and Arumi as... a cupid of sorts.
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjLdLmn2Kw0 second ending credits sequence]] for ''Manga/{{Naruto}} Shippuden'' is set in a HighSchoolAU, joining and legitimizing the thousands of ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' fanfics that have already used this trope. Ironically, it also went ''against'' lots of clichés that were (and still are) extremely common in Naruto highschool AU fics. It portrayed Naruto as a HotBlooded gang member instead of a normal but waifish outcast. OTOH Hinata remained a shy ShrinkingViolet (albeit one who is assertive enough to directly ask Naruto out), Sakura remained a Type B {{Tsundere}} ready to slap Naruto if needed, Rock Lee was the sports star, Neji was both the ArrogantKungFuGuy AND the StudentCouncilPresident, and Sasuke was the local Bad Boy and Naruto's rival who still aided him during fights. This was expanded upon in a bonus feature, created by the animators, for the seventh Shippuden DVD called ''[[Anime/ShippuKonohaGakuenDen Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den]]'' which consists of narrated still-frames, in which Naruto [[ToBeAMaster seeks to be the leader of all in the yakuza in Japan]] and we see him beating the other fighters in the school, and also features [[ShipTease Naruto and Hinata actually going on a date]] while several others (Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, etc.) [[DatePeepers spy on them]].
* ''Anime/GalaxyAngel X'' has one for one episode, complete with the requisite AnimeThemeSong this type of show would have. The end of said theme song is interrupted by ringing cell phones.
* ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'':
** During Shinji's [[MindScrew weird, freaky head-space thing]] from the last episodes, he imagines putting all the characters into an idealized version of his school -- with twice the High School cliché tropes, and none of the HumongousMecha. There are now ''three'' official tie-in manga series based on that setting, not to mention the {{fanfic}} on both sides of the Pacific.
** The ''Manga/NeonGenesisEvangelionAngelicDays'' spinoff is actually a ''subverted'' HighSchoolAU, as it is quickly revealed that all the HumongousMecha and AncientConspiracy stuff is going on in this universe too, the main difference being that everyone's a whole lot less {{wangst}}y about it.
** The other two HighSchoolAU Evangelion manga are ''Neon Genesis Evangelion: Manga/ShinjiIkariRaisingProject'' and ''Manga/NeonGenesisEvangelionCampusApocalypse'' (which tweaks the formula slightly to age the characters a few years and put them in university).
** There's the SuperDeformed CGI shorts and YonKoma manga of ''Anime/PetitEva'', which is 100% gag-based. Unit 01 is now a {{delinquent|s}} robot in the same class as Shinji, Asuka and the three Rei Ayanami sisters.
* ''Manga/TokyoMewMew'' had a kindergarten AU in the manga, entitled ''Petite Mew Mew''. Interestingly, the characters' natures as magical PettingZooPeople were ''emphasized'' rather than discarded; for example, Lettuce/Retasu is a finless porpoise ''all the time'', and has to be carried around in a fishbowl.
* Later episodes of the ''Manga/DGrayMan'' anime have a High School AU {{Omake}} at the end.
* ''Horitsuba Gakuen'' is a series of HighSchoolAU crossover drama [=CDs=] starring the characters from ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' and ''Manga/XxxHolic''.
* ''LightNovel/GakuenKino'' is a High School ''MagicalGirl'' AU set of spin-off novels for ''LightNovel/KinosJourney''. Thankfully, the writers know and revel in how silly this is.
* Spoofed by Hiromu Arakawa more than once with ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' omakes. They usually involve Edward and Alphonse in a gang (not a very good one at that) or Mustang and the Fuhrer in a girls' school spoofing '70s {{Shoujo}} manga. Don't forget Olivier as a sukeban (member of a Japanese girl gang).
* Similar in the same vein as ''Gurren Lagann'' and especially the second ending credit sequence of ''Naruto'', the third credit ending sequence of ''Anime/EurekaSeven'' skirts this, showing the female cast living out lives normal for (real) women of their ages (given that most of them are High School aged). It's interesting to note that this ending credit sequence was storyboarded by Shinichirō Watanabe. Yeah, ''[[Anime/CowboyBebop that]]'' [[Anime/SamuraiChamploo Shinichiro Watanabe]] ([[CowboyBebopAtHIsComputer but not that one]])
* ''Anime/CodeGeass'':
** Like its [[UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny Internet rival]] ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', ''Anime/CodeGeass'' had a HighSchoolAU as one of its audio dramas. Unlike most examples though, the expected roles were reversed; MagnificentBastard protagonist Lelouch is a teacher, his LadyOfWar sister Cornelia is a ''sukeban'', and BigBad Emperor Charles is the leader of the school's gangs.
** Arguably, the manga adaptation with the same name as the anime also qualifies, since it focuses more on Ashford Academy thanks to the removal of the HumongousMecha. The racist military faction is replaced by a racist group of students, and the Japanese rebels commit acts of petty vandalism rather than actual terrorism.
* Creator/TsutomuNihei's ''[[Manga/{{Blame}} BLAME! Academy]]'' gag manga. You only have to look at the art work to realize this is intensely [[CrackFic crackish]] and completely hilarious. Notable for still having killer cyborgs with portable [=WMDs=] & taking place in an unimaginably massive CyberPunk city, which is basically the whole joke. Also unusual as it actually ages one character up, with murderous cyborg loli Sana-Kan becoming a grown woman as one of the teachers.
* The three-page manga "Red-Hair of Class 3-Sea TIME" takes ''Manga/OnePiece'' characters and sticks them into the clichéd story of an inspirational teacher who turns around a class of delinquents [[spoiler:Specifically, they're all inspired to become pirates]]. With Luffy as the all-out study freak jukensei.
* The {{OVA}} on one of the ''VisualNovel/KoihimeMusou'' [=DVDs=] has all the main characters attend high school, with highly explosive results.
* ''Manga/IkkiTousen'' is itself a HighSchoolAU of ''Literature/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'' (as well as a GenderFlip of most of the characters). [[InvertedTrope Naturally, this means]] there's official art of the ''Ikki Tousen'' characters in ''Three Kingdoms''-era China (or something similar enough to excuse breaking out the {{Breast Plate}}s).
* ''Manga/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaINNOCENT'' is a manga series used to advertise a {{Collectible Card|Game}} MobilePhoneGame for ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha''...and it is unabashedly a Grade School AU. The magic powers have been replaced with virtual card games, and all of the non-human characters are now humans (except the familiars, which are just normal animals). [[FixFic We also have a good Precia and six other canonically dead characters that aren't dead.]][[note]]seven if you include ''[[VideoGame/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAsPortable Gears of Destiny]]'' continuity.[[/note]]
* ''Anime/HeroicAge'''s OST covers feature Dheianeila and Yuti La as highschool students in another shoutout to Sukeban Deka.
* ''VideoGame/{{Utawarerumono}}'' has a drama CD with a highschool setting.
* ''Anime/QueensBlade'' is normally a HighFantasy world. The DVD bonus specials take all the characters and set them at Gainos Academy, with school uniforms and no decrease in fanservice.
* ''Manga/{{NEEDLESS}}'' also has a series of High School AU bonus specials, this time set at St. Lily Academy, with Cruz playing a role he would later go on to play in the post-apocalyptic action series, only in a more traditional setting. That role? Crossdresser.
* ''Anime/MartianSuccessorNadesico'' spoofs this with an "Early 21st Century High School" entertainment program in the titular space battleship's virtual reality recreation room, which is essentially a HighSchoolAU [[Franchise/StarTrek holodeck scenario]].
* Both of the opening credits to ''Anime/TheTowerOfDruaga'' are set in such a setting.
* ''Manga/CrayonShinChan'': ''The High School Years!''
* Not exactly an ''AU'', but ''[[LightNovel/{{Slayers}} Slayers NEXT]]'' and ''Slayers TRY'' feature fun little illustrations that bookend the commercial breaks, like a lot of anime do. Sometimes they actually pertain to the episode, but usually they're just fun illustrations showing what the characters would look like in a more modern setting. Favorites include [[GenkiGirl Amelia]] the sailor-style school girl, Zelgadis the rock star, and Gourry as a daycare attendent.
* ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'' has an anime-based [[AudioAdaptation Drama CD]] set in an HighSchoolAU. The Sinners are in a gang which Chrono is slowly becoming disillusioned with, Rosette is a girl from a Catholic school that Chrono has a romantic interest in, Sister Kate is the principle of Rosette's school while Daffau is the principle of the other school, etc. The cast gets to be {{Large Ham}}s and seem to be having a blast.
* ''Anime/BubblegumCrisis'' was adapted into a High School AU LightNovel, ''Hard Metal Guardians'', in 2012. Sylia is an ElegantGothicLolita, Linna is a rich girl working in a {{Meido}} cafe to understand how ordinary people live, Nene has GirlishPigtails with Leon as her older brother who still works in the A.D. Police, and Priss is still in a rock band.
* ''LightNovel/TheDevilIsAPartTimer'' has a manga adaptation where the main characters are in school instead of the fast food industry.
* ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' plays with the trope--since the original series already takes place (for half of its run anyway) in a junior high school, one of the spinoffs takes place in a '''kindergarten''' instead, with the students aged down and the (originally child prodigy) teacher and his best friend '''aged up''' to adults.
* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' has two examples:
** A gag ending in the original manga has Eren waking up to discover that the entire series was AllJustADream and that he and Miksasa are actually normal Japanese teenagers. Likely a ShoutOut to the ''Evangelion'' fake-out ending mentioned above.
** A SpinOff called ''Manga/AttackOnTitanJuniorHigh'' was later released, though as the name implies, it's technically a Junior High AU.
* ''Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ'', an anime adaptation of ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'', featured the girls as three unrelated typical 12 year-old middle schoolers that were given superpowers. It played like a {{Magical|Girl}}... 'scuse me, [[InsistentTerminology Scientific]] [[MagicalGirl Girl]] series.
* The ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' 20th anniversary film ''Anime/PokemonIChooseYou'' has a DreamSequence where Ash imagines himself going to elementary school. Instead of being late for his first Pokémon, he is late for school. It's implied in the sequence that Pokémon don't exist in that world.
* [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] in the ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia'' anime. The series takes place mostly in a high school (granted, it's a [[AcademyOfAdventure high school for superheroes]], but a high school regardless). The third ending credits sequence features the characters in a Main/HighFantasy setting. [[EmpoweredBadassNormal Deku]] becomes a clumsy traveller in a rather Bilbo-Baggins-esque get-up (with a sword that's apparently possessed by [[BigGood All-Might]]), Todoroki is a prince in a white horse, Uraraka is a mage, Iida a KnightInShiningArmor, and [[HavingABlast Bakugo]] is a DragonRider. We also get to see all of Class 1-A, who are all featured as some [[AnAdventurerIsYou fantasy class or other]]. The beginning implies this is a class play of some sort.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog'': Archie did this to Sonic in one issue. It was not well-received.
* ''ComicBook/TinyTitans'' does this for the ComicBook/TeenTitans and other characters in the DCU in a grade school sense like Titan villains being teachers of the school the main cast goes to.
* ''ComicBook/XMen'':
** ''X-Campus'' is either this or a college AU. Same difference.
** The OELManga ''Manga/XMenMisfits'', which cast a few characters like ComicBook/{{Storm}} and Beast as young teachers, but made the rest of the cast into teenagers.
** ''Pixie Strikes Back'' started out as this, but [[spoiler:it gradually turned out that the whole thing was an illusion brought on by some weird mixture of demons and pixie dust]].
* Featured in ''ComicBook/{{Deadpool}} Corps'', with Kid Deadpool living in one such world.
* ''ComicBook/Switch2015'' is a LighterAndSofter ([[AdaptationalModesty and much more modest]]) ''Comicbook/{{Witchblade}}'' AU in a high school setting.
* ''ComicBook/MystikU'' is a DC AU series featuring various DC magician characters as freshmen at a [[WizardingSchool Wizarding University]].

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8818635/1/ This]] ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' FanFic. As the name implies, he's running for Prom King.
* High School fics are also very popular for ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor''. The better ones focus on the fact that their memories are wiped when they turn 13, and often getting them back.
* Due to the complete and utter impossibility of the [=EdxEnvy=] pairing (''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'') most of the stand-out fanfics for them are High School [=AUs=]. These include [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7986051/1/The_Seven_Names_of_Envy_Angevin The Seven Names of Envy Angevin]], [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3466385/1/Side_by_Side Side by Side]] and [[DeadFic the sadly defunct]] [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4850150/1/Stupid_Cupid Stupid Cupid]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/Ben10'' fanfic series ''Hero High'' by [[http://www.fanfiction.net/~mrevil Mr. Evil]]. Three entire books first taking place in an [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3137871/1/Hero_High Alien School]], then in a [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3875254/1/Hero_High_Earth_style normal one]], and finally a [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4267279/1/Hero_High_Sphinx_Academy school the size of a city]]. He is also currently writing one in a ''WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex'' universe.
* In the ''{{Discworld}}'' of Creator/AAPessimal, the Assassins' Guild School (and to a lesser extent the [[GoodOldBritishComp Thieves' Guild School]] and the [[CatholicSchoolGirlsRule Convent School of Seven-Handed Sek]]) are productive settings for fiction; involving both the pupils and their long-suffering educators.
* There's a ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' High School fic that--wait for it...[[http://www.cyberspace.org/~suz/fanfic.html crosses over with]] ''Franchise/ArchieComics''. (Scroll down; it's in zip format.) However, it's kind of a subversion in that it's not mundane -- using AppliedPhlebotinum, several Transformers go undercover in Riverdale, including several who end up going to Riverdale High.
* There are countless ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaIsland'' fics that place the characters in high school. They are sixteen, but they have never been to school on-screen, and usually just focus on making sure the canon couple Duncan and Courtney have extroardiarily large amounts of "Aww" inducing moments and/or angst, annihilating both of their personalities at the same time, usually aided by OC Sues.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' fanworks almost always age the girls up to high school age. ''FanFic/MoreThanHuman'' is an on-going example.
* About two out of every three ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' fanfics take place when the boys are in high school, and many of the rest take place during middle school or adulthood. This probably has something to do with the fact that 99% of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' fanfics focus on the characters' love lives.
* There are a ridiculous amount of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' high school AU stories. All of them usually will have their civilian names from the comics (Robin may be Dick Grayson or Tim Drake or just Robin). Usually parody fics end up making fun of the extreme amount of High School [=AUs=], and their lack of logic (culminating in a dance)
* Wildly popular author Atomicskull did it brilliantly with ''[[http://atomicskull.livejournal.com/11921.html#cutid1 Never Know Your Story Like I Do]]'', following Kirk and [=McCoy=] from elementary all the way through grad school. Sadly, it is no longer available on Website/LiveJournal.
* There's a bunch of Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon High School AU fics out there, with some being better than others. Creator/DonBluth characters tend to appear as the typical rivals from another high school.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}'' has a ton of High School and College AU fics, more-so than fics taking place during the show.
* Pick a Creator/JaneAusten novel, any one from ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' to ''Literature/{{Persuasion}}''. In the fanfiction archives at least 75% of the stories will take place in a modern day, often American high school.
* Since ''Series/{{Glee}}'' already takes place at a high school, fanfic writers have found ways of twisting this trope to make it interesting. College [=AUs=] are quite common, where characters who according to canon know each other in high school don't meet until college, as are the type of high school [=AUs=] where the characters are still at [=McKinley=] High but the social structure is different (eg. Dave Karofsky is a geek, Kurt the cheerleader rules the school, [[TroubledButCute badboy!Blaine]] etc.).
* ''{{WesternAnimation/Megamind}}'' was subjected to this. The first was [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6496162/1/Fate Fate]] (although its true status as a High School AU is debatable), and [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7116550/1/Heroes soon]] [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7575208/1/Just-Another-School-Year others]] [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7439545/1/Hologram were]] [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6679967/1/Not-Another-High-School-AU-Fic following]] [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6890488/1/Tempting-Fate in]] [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7399413/1/Sadie-Hawkins-Dance its]] [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6637393/1/Challenging-Fate footsteps]]. That's probably not even all of them.
* There's a [[http://stronger-then-you-seem.tumblr.com/post/32628381041/30-day-au-challenge 30 Day AU Challenge on Tumblr]], and High School is the second challenge on the list. [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9477666/2/30-Day-AU-Challenge-Star-Trek Example here]].
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'':
** The fanfic [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/149543/chapters/214229 "Bright Eyes"]], and true to the spirit of a HighSchoolAU, it [[{{Mundanization}} Mundanizes]] the setting by turning the troll characters into humans with ordinary parents, coming from "Alternian High" rather than the planet Alternia.
** Fanfic/{{Promstuck}} is another Homestuck HighSchoolAU and is fairly well regarded in the fandom. Unlike the above there is no {{Mundanization}} of the characters- all the non-humans are kept non-human.
** ''Webcomic/ParadoxSpace'' also has an official/unofficial version called [[http://paradoxspace.com/damara/1 Damara]].
** There's also the infamous ''FanFic/HomestuckHigh'' that starts out as one, and rapidly falls into insanity.
* Although most high school AU stories centre around the students, focus on the teachers isn't unheard of. Memorably, [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7427510/1/The_Greatest_Thing_Youll_Ever_Learn this fanfiction]] focuses on the various adult ninja from the Manga/{{Naruto}} canon, sticking them in a high school setting. Although it's a [=KakaIru=] slashfic, it's refreshing to see the teachers doing, y'know, their job.
* ''Fanfic/KitsuneNoKenFistOfTheFox'' takes the ''Naruto'' cast and puts them in a high school setting...[[DoingInTheWizard with no magical powers, jutsus, bloodline abilities, or tailed beasts]].
* An arc in the fanfic [[FanFic/BondBreaker Bond Breaker]] involves this, with the main character Shade and a bunch of people he'd met on his journey transplanted into an AU highschool setting. A lot of the girls he's met seem to be in love with him, as well...much to his annoyance.
* More than one ''Franchise/{{Star Trek}}'' high school AU has graced the internet, but a noteworthy example is the collaborative roleplay high school AU starting here at [[http://community.livejournal.com/startrek_diary/6267.html Star Trek_Diary]]. It features the crew of the Enterprise (based on their 2009 actors) attending Enterprise Academy, a prep school for Starfleet Academy, with ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' characters as teachers, other adults, and side characters, and occasional mention of ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' characters at the local kindergarten. Text is sometimes {{NSFW}}, full of horny teenagers with issues, and contains everything from pants-stealing aliens to {{evil twin}}s, sex pollen, and {{the mafiya}}. Expect many actor crossover references.
* The WesternAnimation/RiseOfTheGuardians fanfiction FanFic/TheColdestAndTheBoldest has all the protagonists from the film in high school. It's also somewhat of a crossover, as there are characters such as [[Disney/{{Tangled}} Rapunzel]], [[Disney/PeterPan Pan]], [[WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon Hiccup, and Astrid]] who appear as cameos or side characters.
* ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'':
** Fans prefer writing college fanfics as they keep the characters' ages the same, and adult characters have more freedom than teenagers. A large number of them just happen to be [[IncestYayShipping Elsa/Anna]] fics, though usually with them being unrelated instead of sisters. High school [=AUs=] aren't uncommon either.
** A mild example occurs in ''FanFic/ASnowflakeInSpring''. Though Anna and several other characters do attend high school, only a small part of the story is actually set there. Far more of the plot is centered around the Arendelle Institute for the Emotionally Disturbed, where both "Ice Queen" Elsa and Anna's brother Hans are being treated.
** ''Fanfic/CafeLiegeois'' uses Anna and Elsa being college students as a backdrop for the plot. They don't actually spend time in school but there are references to their school work here and there. Anna is an art major while Elsa is an architect major (despite being blind, which surprises people).
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** There is an inordinately large number of ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' and ''Manga/PokemonAdventures'' HighSchoolAU (and Middle School [=AU=]) fics out there. Some are gracious enough to leave the Pokémon in (some are even set in a school ''for'' Pokémon trainers, which have been shown to exist), but just as many dispense with them altogether, rendering the title of the franchise meaningless. It's not even known if traditional schools exist in the series (though adaptations like ''Manga/HowIBecameAPokemonCard'' imply they do).
** ''FanFic/AMiscellaneousTaleOfNightAndDay'' , a ''Manga/PokemonAdventures'' fanfic, takes this to the next level. Instead of being a cheesy romance FanFic, it takes a ''huge'' turn and speeds into a whole new direction. Not wanting another overused school fic, [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2229931/Starran the author]] sets things to a different pace with the oh-so-loved RuleOfFunny, but not without the romance, of course. A RomanticComedy AU, now giving the ''comedy'' the main role other than the romance. Along with dashes of DarkerAndEdgier and mystery along the way.
* Loads and loads of ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'' fics have the cast as normal High School students; despite how canonly, they ''did'' go to High School together, and on Earth even. It's those pesky magic powers and the personalities that come along with them that get in the way.
* Given that ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' is already in a school setting it's easy for fans to remove the more fantastical elements and present them in a normal high school environment (or rarer, college). Some fanworks keep them in the same universe but don't have the characters decide to become Hunters.
* There are High School A.U. works of, believe it or not, ''Film/HighSchoolMusical''. It boggles the mind that anyone, especially a shipper, would take a high-school setting filled to the brim with HoYay, LesYay, FoeYay, and every other kind of yay you can imagine (not to mention all the other shipping tropes HSM is prone to) and think to themselves "Let's change the school, the characters' personalities, and their love-interests".
* ''WebVideo/HorribleTurn'', the fan-prequel to ''WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog''.
* The number of these for ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' is disturbing. Possibly a variation with ''Fanfic/TheOfficialFanfictionUniversityOfMiddleEarth'' and its variants; in these, the canon characters are the ''teachers'', and are teaching normal human students how their universe canonically works.
* ''Literature/WarriorCats'' High School AU. Everyone is horribly out of character. A few manage to pull it off and bring on laughs, but others are just... blah.
* You would think that ''Franchise/HarryPotter'', being set in Hogwarts '''School''' of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and populated almost entirely by teenagers, would be exempt from this. Nope. For some reason, there are a number of fics where Harry and company end up at a (usually) American high school. [[DracoInLeatherPants Expect Draco to be in leather pants,]] [[MarySue and a Mary Sue or two.]] And you can make Snape, Sirius and co into high school students by writing a prequel fanfic.
* The number for ''Literature/MaximumRide'' is disturbingly high. But that's kind of the point of ''School's Out -- Forever''.
* A fairly popular (if unimaginatively named) fic for ''Manga/SamuraiDeeperKyo'' [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2621679/1/Highschooler_Deeper_Kyo is available]]. The story seems to ignore the high school setting in favor of whatever bizarre plot seems funny. Shipping is kept to a minimum, since the story has two authors who don't agree on pairings and therefore wildly sabotage each other's plots, once using an explicit AllJustADream plot.
* Back during its heyday, ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' spawned hundreds of these. The (inner) sailors were almost always in a band, camp counselors, or even just regular high school girls. Mamoru/Darien and the four generals would invariably be a rival band, the male counselors, or in their class--once in a great while, the "civilian" boys such as Urawa/Greg and Motoki/Andrew would be Mamoru/Darien's team. About the only things that would tie the stories to ''Sailor Moon'' would be the names and basic personalities of the characters; otherwise, there would be no real way to tell a story was supposed to be about ''Sailor Moon'' at all. Of course, since the stories were just vehicles for shipping, having the senshi actually ''be senshi'' would probably have just distracted from the romance.
* There is now a fan-parody High School AU for ''Series/GameOfThrones'' titled, appropriately, ''WebVideo/SchoolOfThrones'', complete with a cool opening that mimics the already awesome credits of the TV series (the parody seems more in debt to the show than the books.) Features the Starks as hipsters, the Lannisters as the "cool" gang that runs the school, the Greyjoys as the swim team, Daenerys as the dragon-obsessed foreign exchange student, and Renly as the quarterback and potential prom king candidate (with Loras as his prom queen). Incredibly silly and a bit cringeworthy but still some good fun, can be found at [[http://www.youtube.com/user/schoolofthrones here]].
* [[http://www.ttrarchive.com/thendothatover.html H.G. Wells High School]] is a metafictional ''Series/DoctorWho'' fanfic setting, with ''all'' the Doctors in different years, and the appropriate supporting cast at the appropriate age. Newman Primary is the same thing, but as a primary school (elementary school in the US). There's also a retirement home, with elderly versions of the characters, but it's a bit *too* much for people, so it doesn't get used much. The most popular alternate-age versions of the characters remain the SpinoffBabies of the Look Who's Talking day care centre. All of them co-exist in the wider setting of ''FanFic/ThisTimeRound''.
* ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' has a few HighSchoolAU fics that attempt to transplant the premise of "ordinary people with extraordinary abilities" into high school. Mostly this is done to make [[FanPreferredCouple Peter and Claire]] closer in age and not related.
* ''Series/StargateSG1'':
** There's a popular trend of high school fics which ignore the canon continuity entirely. Generally they place Jack and Daniel as foster brothers, Sam as the girl next door, and Teal'c as the weird new kid from Africa. Never mind that they weren't all in high school at the same time, and Teal'c's an alien.
** Some fanfics have O'Neill's clone end up at the same high school as Sam's adopted ([[HumanAliens alien]]) daughter Cassandra.
* There is one [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7685348/1/Jesus_Goes_to_High_School fanfiction]] of ''Literature/TheBible''. Even the summary says, "Anything can be a High School AU fic. '''ANYTHING.'''" It also has Ebony from ''Fanfic/MyImmortal'' in it. She even has the bad spelling from her original fan fic to go with her.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'':
** There are a few fan fiction pieces floating around with this setting. Almost always, they keep the GRIMDARK GRIMDARK and insanity of the characters, and if done well are a hilarious read.
** The most well-known variation is a body of work by various authors referred to as Warhammer High, which either recasts the Primarchs as teenage girls or centers around their teenage daughters.
* ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' works featuring the Gems as humans in college aren't uncommon. Usually Steven is left out due to the fact the Gems would need to be older than the typical under-30 college student to know him, though occasionally Rose Quartz is their older friend who has a young infant or toddler son.
* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'':
** There are high school AU fics out there, taking away the characters' powers and the like.
** There are actually some that have the PowerTrio (Sora, Riku and Kairi) attending school after the events of the second game, and have them pretty much keep their powers. This may be based on the fact Kairi and Selphie appear in school uniforms near the beginning of the game, suggesting that the two missing will likely have to attend once they return.
** [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4413465/1/Boys Some]] of the straight-up [=AUs=] [[TropesAreNotBad make it]] [[FanficRecs/KingdomHearts work quite]] [[EmotionalTorque well.]]
** {{High School AU}}s are hilariously (albeit scathingly) parodied in the second and third chapters of ''Fanfic/ThoseLackingSpines''.
** ''FanFic/IfIWasYourNazi'' looks like it's not an example... until you realize that for all the WWII Germany trappings, the characters ''act'' like they're in high school.
** There is a popular series of Sora/Riku doujins set in high school.
* There's one ''MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover'' featuring all the Nintendo cast.... it wasn't exactly ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'', but it was close. And then Mario and Luigi became Avatars and there was violence... That would be [[http://koopaprince.tripod.com/fanfics/toasty/mhsd/mhsd1.htm Mario's High School Days]], a DeadFic from 1999-2000.
* ''Roleplay/REMariosHighSchoolDays'' is a high school version of ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros''.
* There's a fanfic in Spanish titled "Creator/{{Nintendo}} School". Guess what it is about.
* While there aren't many fanfics about the game, the number of fanarts of ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' portraying the characters as high school students is really outstanding, both in the eastern and western sides of the fandom.
* The number of ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' fanfics that have this as a basic premise is ''insane''. And very few of them even give a simple explanation of the sudden change, and go about as if nothing was different. Those that do often give the explanation of "[[Anime/SonicX Chaos Control sent them there]]".
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'':
** There are many doujins (of varying quality) that put Marisa and co in highschool. For some reason, Keine and/or Eirin (and/or Eiki!) are almost always put in a position of authority (teacher or principal) while [[LonersAreFreaks Mokou]] is a delinquent. There is also an inversion of this trope: Keine (see a pattern?) set up a school for the kids of Gensokyo.
** One also subverts them: It seems that highschool is the normalcy... until Reimu realizes that it's the working of the resident RealityWarper Yukari Yakumo. Then she returns to being the normal ass-kicking miko, while the world is not yet un-warped.
** Until Sumireko's introduction, Sanae was for a long time the only character in the series who actually ''was'' a high school student. Surprisingly little is done with this, aside from fanart of her in a school uniform.
** For a specific example, there's the SliceOfLife fan comic ''Four Seasons House''[[note]]So named because the season-themed characters -- Letty Whiterock, Lily White, Yuuka Kazami, and the Aki sisters -- are siblings[[/note]]. Unlike many examples, the characters aren't all in the same grade; they range from preschoolers all the way up to adults. Everyone is an ordinary human being and there are no fantastic powers outside of Reimu, Mouko and Youmu being able to [[ISeeDeadPeople See Dead People]]. The strangest part overall is some of the character relations: Kanako is said to be Sanae's father, but she hasn't been {{Gender Flip}}ped or otherwise altered; meanwhile, her mother is Suwako, who's actually '''younger''' than her. And yes, this makes just as little sense to the characters themselves as it does to the readers.
* ''FanFic/SuperRobotWarsHigh'' takes place in a High School with the entire cast of every ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' game ever, both Anime and OriginalGeneration characters. [[WordOfGod Currently discontinued, but was written as an attempt to prove the plot and setting of an SRW universe could be retained with a school setting forming the core of the plot.]]
* As ''VideoGame/{{Splatoon}}'' stars kids who just happen to like playing paint tag, references school, and even has school uniforms as clothing there are more than a few fan-arts about them as middle or high schoolers.
* The ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon'' series has seen an upsurge in High School AU Fanfics, [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3175416/1/ the most extensive of which being this one]], now over fifty chapters. Since then, several have cropped up, such as [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3175416/1/ this]], [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4609077/1/Miss_Popularity this]], and [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5783550/1/Castanet_bHigh_b_bSchool_b this]].
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' has seen its fair share of High School AU. You have everything from a [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4898535/1/bOnly_b_in_bHigh_b_bSchool_b typical boarding school setting with typical students]], to [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5740217/1/bZelda_b_bAdventures_b_in_bHigh_b_bSchool_b a typical boarding high school with students, with an unexplained "Ganon discovers his powers" segment]], to [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3458319/1/bHit_b_bList_b a typical non-boarding high school, with a school shooting.]]
* ''Webcomic/PowerpuffGirlsDoujinshi'' can be summarized by this trope, but for nearly every Creator/CartoonNetwork original series created (except with elementary schoolers). Aside from the titular [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerPuffGirls Powerpuff Girls]], major characters include [[WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory Dexter]], [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Tootie]], and WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack (as a teacher). [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters That's merely scratching the surface, though;]] there are plenty more {{ShoutOut}}s as background or side characters.
* "Webcomic/OldSchoolNewRevolution" takes the cast of ''WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand'' and places them in high school in the 1980s.
* ''[[http://youtu.be/4BjTsjgk3Lg Gotham High]]''. Not unlike the un produced cartoon series (and page art at the top), the video reimagines Batman (mainly ''Film/TheDarkKnightSaga'') as a Teen Comedy in the vein of another HighSchoolAU, ''Film/TenThingsIHateAboutYou'' (the main source of the video).
* ''Very'' popular for ''Manga/DeathNote'' fanfics, although just as often, it's a ''college'' A.U. Either way, it qualifies as a FandomSpecificPlot.
* There is a significant amount of ''Franchise/SherlockHolmes'' high school AU stories, both as professional novels and as traditional fanfiction. [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/719689/1/ The Irregulars]] is one of the better examples.
* [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/5472599/chapters/12646544 leading by example]] by serenfyrr is one for Film/TheForceAwakens, with student council members Rey, Finn, and Poe competing in a talent show against the First Order kids. HilarityEnsues.
* The existence of the ''official'' HighSchoolAU ''AttackOnTitanJuniorHigh'' may be a reference to the extreme popularity of this in the ''Franchise/AttackOnTitan'' fanbase. This is likely due to the fact that ''Attack On Titan'' has a sort of school camaraderie dynamic in the early chapters when the characters are all still part of the 104th Trainees, but it gets quickly broken as soon as they're official members of the Survey Corps, and the brutal world they live in starts killing them and/or pitting them against each other. High school [=AUs=] are a way to preserve that earlier dynamic and keep things fluffy.
* ''Fanfic/SkyholdAcademyYearbook'' takes the cast of ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'' and drops them into a modern boarding school scenario which the authors describe as "non-magical Hogwarts with random musical numbers." However, most of the Inquisition members are teachers, not students.
* ''Fanfic/FatesCollide'' is set in the ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' universe, but adds characters from ''VideoGame/FateGrandOrder'' and sets them up as students, teachers, and staff for Chaldea Academy. It's a school that teaches them to slay Grimm, but still a school.
* A large portion of ''WesternAnimation/TheBoondocks'' fanfics take place a few years in the future when the main characters are in high school.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls'' and its sequels, which take the main cast and a handful of supporting characters from ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', reimagine them as [[AmazingTechnicolorPopulation technicolor humans]], and place them in a high school setting (mostly as students, but characters with a profession of some sort get a job that's somewhat related to what they do in their home series; Cheerilee as a high school teacher, Granny Smith as a lunchlady, Princesses Celestia and Luna as co-principals, etc.). Interestingly, even besides the magical finales, {{Mundanization}} is completely averted: the first movie establishes this as being a literal alternate universe from mainline Equestria.
* ''WesternAnimation/MonstersUniversity'' features multiple of the original film's major characters actually attending college and studying for their future profession as Scarers.
* This seems to be one of the main premises of ''WesternAnimation/TheLEGONinjagoMovie'', the spinoff of ''WesternAnimation/{{Ninjago}}'' set in the universe of ''WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie''.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Hollywood seems to enjoy giving Creator/WilliamShakespeare the High School AU treatment, with notable examples including ''O'' (''Theatre/{{Othello}}''), ''Film/TenThingsIHateAboutYou'' (''Theatre/TheTamingOfTheShrew'') and ''Film/ShesTheMan'' (''Theatre/TwelfthNight''). The thriller ''The Glass House'' is vaguely ''{{Hamlet}}'' (with the obligatory shout-outs), and vaguely High School (everyone stays the same ''relative'' ages, so most characters are adults.)
* One of the better results was ''Film/{{Clueless}}'', which recast Creator/JaneAusten's ''Literature/{{Emma}}'' in a Beverly Hills high school.
* ''Film/DragonBallEvolution'' is essentially a High School A.U. fanfic of ''Manga/DragonBallZ'' with CGI.
* Some people have claimed that the 2009 ''Film/StarTrek'' film is an attempt to do something similar to this with the established characters from [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries the original series]]. The [[NeverLiveItDown popular fan misconception]] is that all the main characters are cadets, when in fact only Kirk, Uhura, and [=McCoy=] are students (and [=McCoy=] is already a fully qualified doctor). The captain's chair is traded around quite a bit as well, although it's made very clear that Kirk's promotion is for the duration of the current crisis only. Of course, then he goes and saves the Federation and makes the jump from Cadet to Captain in one fell swoop...
** This may be something to do with a supposed pitch for a ''Star Trek'' prequel film set when the original ''[=TOS=]'' cast were either Starfleet Academy cadets or [[EnsignNewbie newly-commissioned ensigns]], which was rumoured to be under consideration some time around the turn of the millennium and may or may not have partly influenced the direction the reboot eventually took.
* ''Film/EasyA'' set Creator/NathanielHawthorne's ''Literature/TheScarletLetter'' in a high school at Ojai, California.
* ''Film/{{Brick}}'' isn't an AU of any specific noir story, but it still fits here. The movie takes every noir trope imaginable and transplants them into a high school setting. The results are surprisingly good.
* ''Film/AssassinationOfAHighSchoolPresident'' translates conspiracy and thriller-feely tropes to a high school setting. It also features the journalist protagonist, in this case writing for the high school newspaper.
* ''Film/CruelIntentions'' gives this treatment to ''DangerousLiaisons''.
* ''Film/ShesAllThat'' does a very loose version of this for George Bernard Shaw's ''Pygmalion''.

* There's a very bad recast of ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' in high school out there.
* The Creator/MegCabot Novel ''Literature/AvalonHigh'' is pretty much a published version of this. It's KingArthur... in a HighSchool!
* The children's book series ''Literature/GoddessGirls'' is basically this trope for Myth/GreekMythology.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* For ''Series/{{Lost}}'', we have [[spoiler: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Linus an actual canon episode]] that takes place in a high school in an alternate universe, with Ben Linus, John Locke, and Arzt as teachers, and Alex as a student.]]
* ''Series/LawAndOrderTrialByJury''. Given that these series don't provide much in the way of personality for their characters, except as relates to their investigation and prosecution of crime, the fic was essentially a regular, boring high school experience [[TransplantedCharacterFic using the names]] of ''Series/LawAndOrder'' characters.
* A case of canonical high school having its slate wiped clean is one high school AU for ''Series/PowerRangersInSpace''. The teens never had any powers, and the Red and Silver Rangers, ([[HumanAliens human]]) aliens in the show, were normal school-attending Earthlings here. Though the high school stopped appearing in the show for good around episode 8, which is probably the only reason the fic author could get away with it.
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' is an official version of this trope applied to Superman.
* Also ''Series/{{Gotham}}'' but applied to Batman.
* ''Series/TheAdventuresOfSuperboy'' stars a high school version of Superman.
* ''Series/{{Merlin}}'' has been described as "The HighSchoolAU of the KingArthur legend". Certain changes, including making Merlin and Arthur the same age (late teens, early twenties) and a [[AnachronismStew loose interpretation of history]] definitely fit the trope.
* ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'', in its distortion of past series, changes ''Series/KamenRiderFaiz'' into a high school AU. Former QuirkyMinibossSquad Lucky Clover is reimagined as a clique of the cool kids and Tsukasa becomes a student for his duration in this world.
* The Taiwanese series [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdFL7QxCFPI K.O.3anguo (read as Zhongji Sanguo)]] does this for ''RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms''. Among other anachronisms, the love triangle involving Lu Bu, Diao Chan and Guan Yu seems to be a primary plotline.
* ''Series/StargateSG1'':
** They took this and made it canon by introducing a teenage clone version of Jack O'Neill, who promptly returns to high school. Although he's [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse never seen]] or mentioned again, countless fanfictions try to explain what happened next. Some inexplicably decide to give the rest of the team mini-clones as well.
** In the 200th episode, there was a scene featuring teenage versions of the team, in direct reference to this trope. [[WordOfGod Joe Mallozzi]] said in his blog that O'Neill's clone, after graduating high school, rejoined the Air Force and was promptly enlisted in the Stargate Program (now Homeworld Security) because he has all of Jack's experiences.
* ''Series/BecomingHuman'' can be seen as the High School AU of ''Series/{{Being Human|UK}}''.
* ''Series/{{Club}}'' is a miniseries based on ''TabletopGame/{{Clue}}'' that essentially took the characters from the game and made them teens.

* "When I Kissed The Teacher" by Music/{{Abba}}, from ''Music/{{Arrival}}'' describes how the singer kissed the teacher at school, obviously years after she actually attended school.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* One of the magazines not directly affiliated with any fed ran a feature that was short comic strips of the wrestlers of the day in high school. One was Steve Austin standing up on a chair flipping the bird into the air saying "If you hate algebra, give me a Hell Yeah!" while the teacher said "Steven, sit down.", and one with Kane shooting flames out of the stove in Home Ec. It happened for a few issues and then had a fan contest on who could write the best one, then published the contest winners in the magazine.
* ''[[http://www.younganimal.com/magazine/list/?id=shinnichi Shin-Nichi!]]'' serves as this for the cast of Wrestling/NewJapanProWrestling, with Wrestling/HiroshiTanahashi as its lead.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* SJ Games' ''Pyramid Magazine'' once had a ''TabletopGame/{{TOON}}''/''TabletopGame/InNomine'' crossover set at Heavenly Heights High School. Laurence ([[IncorruptiblePurePureness incorruptible]] leader of Heaven's armies) was the captain of the football team, Kobal (Demon Prince of [[ComedicSociopathy Dark Humour]]) was the class clown, and so on.
* ''TabletopGame/ChuubosMarvelousWishGrantingEngine'':
** This is pretty much a High School AU version of ''TabletopGame/{{Nobilis}}'', complete with Lord Entropy (who's soul-fragments became members of the AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil), Iolithae Septimian [[spoiler:(possibly sealed under the Titov family shrine)]], and the Excrucians (represented by the Bleak Academy).
** The first official mega-campaign for it, ''The Glass-Maker's Dragon'', is by the author's own statements a high-school version of the ''Literature/EnumaElish''.

* ''Lysistrata Jones'' is a musical High School AU of ''Theatre/{{Lysistrata}}''.

* A large number of ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'' "comedies", as they are known on Website/BZPower, have this as the premise.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The [[VisualNovel Sim-Dating game]] for ''Anime/{{Hakuouki}}'' has a sequel that places all the characters in a modern high school setting.
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'': Note that while these examples don't usually have recurring characters in highschool (the series stars a new cast of characters with every game). They're still a high school spinoff in an AlternateContinuity/[[AlternateUniverse Universe]] of the main series.
** In ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIf'' Atlus asks "what if we took the post-apocalyptic themes and demons in our main series, and had them overrun a highschool?". You play as an OrdinaryHighschoolStudent who on his way home realizes his school isn't on Earth anymore, and that demons are taking over the school.
** ''Shin Megami Tensei If'' inspired Atlus to create the very successful ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona Franchise'' to appeal to the casual gamer market, essentially ''spinning off the spin-off''. It deals with {{Ordinary High school Student}}s, going through their school life, while summoning aspects [[UsefulNotes/CarlJung of their personalities]] as they fight against demonic {{Eldritch Abomination}}s [[ItMakesSenseInContext called shadows]].
* Re/Visioned made a ''Franchise/{{Tomb Raider}}'' animated series named Pre-Teen Raider with the description "Lara Croft wasn't always one of the world's most successful Tomb Raiders. See how a twelve year old Lara honed her craft during her early years at the Croft Academy." Essentially, the Tomb Raider creators licensed a High School AU of their own game. It is seemingly impossible to find said series, but it is mentioned on the Croft Generation website [[http://http://www.croftgeneration.com/eng/index.php?sec=revisioned here]]
* The ''Private Franchise/{{BEMANI}} Academy'' event features [[Music/{{BEMANI}} BEMANI musicians]] as students in a private academy, with a comically-middle-aged-looking dj TAKA acting as the principal. The event has you playing (platonic) matchmaker by getting pairs of artists to build up friendship with each other; filling a pair's [[RelationshipValues Friendship gauge]] by playing their "home" game causes the graphic of the pair to change from the pair being distant to becoming best friends. When the pair's gauge reaches 100%, you unlock their respective collaboration song for play in all participating BEMANI games.
* ''VideoGame/CardCityNights'' is a MassiveMultiplayerCrossover where characters from ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'', ''VideoGame/IttleDew'', ''VideoGame/HyperPrincessPitch'' (among others) play card games.
* In ''VideoGame/GranblueFantasy'', Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi come up with one in the "L.E.T'S. H.A.N.G." event where the former two are students and the latter an instructor at Albion Military Academy. It's noted that due to it being a fantasy of theirs and not having the full details from Katalina, there are discrepancies from reality. The "Table for Six" event adds Sutera and Korwa as students and Isabella and Jin as faculty members.
* ''VisualNovel/{{Sunrider}}'' released an official AlternateUniverse HighSchool DatingSim called ''Sunrider Academy''.
* The creators of ''VideoGame/ShovelKnight'' jokingly proposed a "Shovel Knight High" series as a goal for their kickstarter. It never came to fruition, but fans still play around with the idea from time to time.
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword'' isn't so much an [=AU=] of ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'', but it starts off in a boarding school and centers around the students (namely Link, Zelda, and Groose) before TheDragon shows up.
* ''VideoGame/RivieraThePromisedLand'' has this in its Epilogue Disc.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''WebAnimation/DCSuperheroGirls'' stars younger versions of characters like Franchise/WonderWoman and ComicBook/HarleyQuinn as teenagers in high school. Unlike other works it isn't set in a traditional school, instead being in a SuperHeroSchool.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'', of all things, has the DatingSim / VisualNovel ''Gakuen Hetalia'', penned and illustrated by the author himself and later adaptated into a PSP game (not by Himaruya, though). Because what everybody needs is an AU where [[MoeAnthropomorphism Moe Anthropomorphisms]] of countries who normally make up a CastFullOfPrettyBoys have friendly and/or romantic hijinks with a newcomer country, er, girl in the [[BoardingSchool Boarding School of World]]. (Bad thing is that it made Seychelles, said newcomer country, [[DieForOurShip horribly unpopular among the rabid and jealous fangirls]] who falsely accused her of either being a MarySue, "stealing all the bishonen for herself", or standing in between their favorite yaoi couples.) The ''Gakuen'' universe has been expanded in manga strips, and it eventually debuted in the AnimatedAdaptation. Among other things, it has France hanging with China and Turkey in the [[SupremeChef Gourmet Club]], Estonia and Ukraine in the music club, Seychelles peeking into other people's clubs too, etc. It's specially "famous" for introducing Romania, who is a member of the Magic Club with England.
* ''Webcomic/BrawlInTheFamily'' [[http://brawlinthefamily.keenspot.com/2011/02/15/311-cocoon-academy-part-1/ tries its hand at this in the Cocoon Academy story arc.]] Although, technically, its more of a flashback-to-grade-school than it is an unrelated alternate universe with the characters in high school.
* This is canon for ''Webcomic/DubiousCompany''. The cast gets flung into an alternate dimension and needs to [[Series/QuantumLeap dimension hop]] to get back home. One of the dimensions puts them in an [[BroughtDownToNormal ordinary high school]]. Walter and Tiren lose their [[LittleBitBeastly animal appendages]], Mary and Sue lose their superiority, and Elly gets his [[CurseEscapeClause manly hair back]]. The creators take the opportunity for a [[{{Shoujo}} genre shift]] and ShipTease the cast.
* ''Webcomic/DumbingOfAge'' takes the alien fighters and toy store employees from the Webcomic/WalkyVerse and sets them as college students.
* ''[[http://thendu.com/ The NDU]]'' is basically ''Dumbing of Age'' staring the casts of ''Webcomic/NamirDeiter'' and ''Webcomic/YouSayItFirst''.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/WatchmenTheHighSchoolYears'' turns the cast of ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'' into teenagers. HilarityEnsues.
* WebVideo/LoadingReadyRun once did a sketch where desperate Hollywood producers listen to increasingly ridiculous High School [=AUs=] of various monsters (including, yes, Cthulhu) to use as the {{Twilight}} phase dies out. Eventually they green-light one involving a burrito.
* ''Nothing Much to Do'', a Vlog SettingUpdate of ''Theatre/MuchAdoAboutNothing''.
* ''WebVideo/CarmillaTheSeries'' is ''Literature/{{Carmilla}}'' in a modern-day college.
* ''Podcast/TheAdventureZoneBalance'' has an extremely rare canon example! The ''Live in Austin!'' show takes Tres Horny Boys into a collective DreamLand where they and their friends are students at Neverwinter High.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AllGrownUp'' is actually a television example of the latter, taking the ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'' cast, aging them by ten years, and putting them in a fairly standard ''middle''-school sitcom. Which, in the show, is still [[MostWritersAreAdults pretty much like High School]] in every other respect.
* Many Superhero Blockbuster Summer Action movies throughout the 2000s would have an animated series released at or around the same time to ride the wave of renewed interest and popularity of the character. Usually taking the core cast and if not being explicitly in highschool, then at at least explicitly younger than they are usually interpreted (although some of these, such as the X-Men and Spider-Man, did actually start their career during their teenage years in the comics).
** ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution'' premiered the same year as ''Film/XMen1''. It justified this with the concept that mutants (and super-powered beings in general) were thought by the general public to be nothing more than rumor, hoax, and legend for the first couple of seasons, and Xavier wanted his students to have as normal a life as possible.
** Back in the '80s, there were plans for an ''X-Men'' cartoon that would've featured ComicBook/{{Cyclops}}, ComicBook/{{Storm}}, ComicBook/KittyPryde, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird and ComicBook/MsMarvel as teenagers attending a public high school. It never got off the ground, though.
** ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman'', a year before ''Film/BatmanBegins''. Not in highschool but featuring younger interpretations of Batman and his RoguesGallery.
** ''WesternAnimation/IronManArmoredAdventures'' premiered a year after ''Film/IronMan1'', with Tony Stark as a genius teenager with a suit of armor, his buddies, and the CorruptCorporateExecutive who kicked everything off by having his dad killed. It's about as much like the IronMan comics or movies as the high-school [[Series/{{CSI}} C.S.I.]] fanfics are like the actual Series/{{CSI}} series, but it gets away with it by [[TropesAreNotBad being totally awesome in its own right]].
** ''WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan'' for ''Film/SpiderMan3''. After a rights dispute caused by Disney buying Marvel, the show was canceled...
** ... and replaced with ''WesternAnimation/{{Ultimate Spider-Man}}'' just in time for ''Film/TheAmazingSpiderMan''. ''USM'' has ComicBook/{{Luke Cage|HeroForHire}}, [[ComicBook/ImmortalIronFist Iron Fist]], ComicBook/WhiteTiger and ComicBook/{{Nova}} attending the same high school as Peter Parker. While White Tiger and Nova are [[CanonImmigrant Canon Immigrants]] created for the show (albeit as {{Legacy Character}}s of existing heroes - the original Nova was originally a teen, the original White Tiger was an adult when he got his powers), Luke Cage (who uses his old Power Man alias in the cartoon) and Iron Fist are always depicted as adults in the comic books, with Cage in particular being much older than Spider-Man and Iron Fist not finishing his training until adulthood.
** ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' for ''Film/{{Transformers}}'' - the main cast are an inexperienced RagtagBunchOfMisfits rather than war veterans, and the human sidekick is a kid rather than a high-school student.
** ComicBook/TheMightyThor was scheduled to have one after his first [[Film/{{Thor}} movie]], but it was canceled before it ever aired. It would've been about his adventures in Asgard before ever coming to Earth. There is a direct-to-home-video movie called ''WesternAnimation/ThorTalesOfAsgard'' that is based on a similar idea.
** The [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012 Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles reboot]] comes one year before the Michael Bay film reboot. The Turtles are teenagers by default, but Splinter is noticeably younger than he is usually interpreted, and April is 16 instead of being a working woman, though in contrast to the Thor example, the show began well before the movie began shooting, and was already on its second season before a single trailer for the film was out.
** ''WesternAnimation/LegionOfSuperHeroes'' does fall into this, by adapting the pre-Crisis ComicBook/{{Superboy}}'s adventures with the titular team, as its first season came out in the fall of 2006, the same year ''Film/SupermanReturns'' was released.
** ''WesternAnimation/MarvelsSpiderMan'' was released at least a month after ''Film/SpiderManHomecoming''. It goes back to ''Spectacular Spider-Man's'' roots of a High School focused show. Peter Parker gets accepted into Horizon High (a high school version of Horizon Labs) and some of its top students (Anya Corazon, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy), who are known spider-heroes, are as old and smart as Peter Parker.
*** Interestingly, a majority of characters have been [[AgeLift aged down a bit]] and [[AdaptationalIntelligence their brains boosted up]]. Otto Octavius is around Peter's age and already he got his doctarate and works for Horizon High. Alistair Smythe is a student a Midtown High where his father, Spencer Smythe is a science teacher.
*** Keeping in mind with the high school element, after Harry's wrongful sunspension from Horizon High, Norman Osborn created a new school for him, the Osborn Academy for Geniuses. John Jameson applied for it, a young man who is an ace in astrophysics, enforced by the fact NASA adopted two of his ideas. Herman Schultz (Shocker) and Clayton Cole (Clash) also applied whilst demonstrating prototypes of their trademark weapons.
* Even the ''creators'' of ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' have gotten into the act, with their [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuSshdGE1Lo "School Time Shipping"]] video, though the bending is still all there.
** The episode "The Headband" may also be a nod to this trope, as it places Aang in the middle of a Fire Nation School for little more than some ShipTease and [[ALittleSomethingWeCallRockAndRoll teaching the Fire Nation kids to loosen up]].
* ''WesternAnimation/CloneHigh'' is basically the High School Alternate Universe version of all of history.
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond's'' existence is owed to [[ExecutiveMeddling a bunch of higher ups]] going "Let's do a show about Batman in high school." And so it was done and everyone lived HappilyEverAfter, mostly due to it turning out a lot DarkerAndEdgier than the execs had in mind.
* There nearly was a [[http://jeffandceleste.blogspot.com/2011/01/gotham-high.html Gotham High]] television series. Sure it never developed beyond concept images (see page art at top) but makes you wonder what Bruce Wayne's life was like in High School. Even several comic fans wanted this show released.
* Inverted in ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures'', which is not simply ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' in school, but brand new toons in training who are being taught by the Looney Tunes.
* The ''Mork and Mindy'' segments in the ''Mork and Mindy/Laverne and Shirley with Fonz'' [[AnimatedAdaptation animated series]] is a HighSchoolAU for the [[Series/MorkAndMindy series proper]].
* Craig Mc Cracken mocked the concept in ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'', where the girls are ditzy morons more interested in shopping and boys rather than saving the town from destruction.
* ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' gives several established DC superheroes cameos as non-powered high school students. Karen Beecher ([[Comicbook/DoomPatrol Bumblebee]]) and Mal Duncan ([[Comicbook/TeenTitans Herald]]) appear as classmates of Superboy and Miss Martian, while Barbara Gordon (Comicbook/{{Batgirl}}) and Bette Kane ([[ComicBook/{{Batwoman}} Flamebird]]) attend the same school as Artemis and Dick. Most notably, ComicBook/{{Zatanna}} (who is almost always depicted as an adult in the comics and other adaptations) is made the same age as Dick Grayson. Most of these characters received their powers / superhero personas sometime during the five year timeskip between seasons 1 and 2. They are now in their late teens and early twenties and affiliated with either the League or the Team.
* Much like Gotham High, there was almost a ''[[http://www.cracked.com/article_19049_6-insane-versions-famous-cartoons-they-almost-made_p2.html Muppets High]]''. It would have been set in the 1950s, with Kermit as a [[Series/HappyDays Fonzie]]-style greaser, Gonzo as a nerd, Fozzie Bear a soda jerk, and Rowlf a varsity football player. The show was never made, but plenty of merchandise was.
* ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' has a meta example: Hilary Florido's promotional art for episodes she has storyboarded depict the characters, including the [[TheAgeless Gems]] as high school students (specifically, wearing Japanese school uniforms) and ''[[CheerfulChild Steven]]'' is their teacher. [[BadassBookworm Connie]] also seems to be the school librarian despite being twelve. These promos are only superficially related to the episodes they promote; for example, "[[Recap/StevenUniverseS1E38TheTest The Test]]" has the student characters taking an exam, when it's actually about Steven going through an obstacle course. Canonically Steven doesn't even go to school; he didn't even ''know'' what it was until Connie mentioned it.
* ''[[WesternAnimation/CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series]]'' takes place during Flint's high school days and, through some slight retconning, Sam goes to the same school.
* ''WesternAnimation/ExtremeGhostbusters'' is about a second generation of [[WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters ghostbusters]] made of college students.
* ''Toys/MonsterHigh'' has the daughters of the classic [[Franchise/UniversalHorror Universal Monsters]] attending high school.
* ''WesternAnimation/MegaMan2017'' takes this approach to the [[VideoGame/MegaManClassic classic Mega Man series]]. Instead of being a janitorial robot turned fighting robot after one of his co-creators goes rogue, this incarnation of the Blue Bomber is a robot high school student named Aki Light, with Mega Man being his evil-fighting alter ego.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'':
** ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls'' takes place in an alternate universe where the characters are all human high schoolers. This means most characters have been aged-down, but some such as the Cutie Mark Crusaders have been aged-up.
** Season 8 of the main series has a school GenreShift. In this case, however, the main characters are teachers, not students.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* ''Democratic White House High School AU'', with the difference being that the various politicians (and [[Series/TheDailyShow Jon Stewart]] and [[Series/TheColbertReport Stephen Colbert]]) are the educators, not the students. Obama is the Principal. Rahm Emanuel is the VP. It's... it's actually not that bad, [[http://community.livejournal.com/rahmbamarama/88159.html see?]]
* ''WesternAnimation/LilBush'' has the major players of the UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush administration as kids. It's set in the present, but UsefulNotes/GeorgeHWBush is president. That doesn't stop Lil' Bush from nearly causing nuclear incidents, though.
* One of the premier fics of the small Figure Skating RPS fandom is the High School AU [[http://archiveofourown.org/series/5043 Along the Invisible Curve]]. It actually sets things chronologically so that the skater who's the central character is depicted in his senior year of high school the year he actually was, and it does include some skating. Of course, now the author's continued the story into the college.
* High school [=AUs=] are ridiculously popular in bandom RPF, possibly because the band members were all actually in high school at some point, so canon details like Pete Wentz's soccer-playing or Gerard Way's basement can be included. However, they probably weren't all in high school together. Another reason is that some bands tend to have a music video that is set in a high school.
* Sue Townsend (author of ''Literature/AdrianMole'') wrote a satirical column for the ''Today'' newspaper called ''The Secret Diary of [[UsefulNotes/MargaretThatcher Margaret Hilda Roberts]] Aged 13 3/4''. Margaret was the Head Girl at Grantham Grammar School, and all the main figures in 1980s UK politics were thinly disguised as Margaret's peers - for example, "Ginger" Skinnock, whose father ran the Working Men's Club; Edwina Slurrie, who Margaret despised for being more popular than her; and Cecil Parkhurst, the equally snobby Head Boy who Margaret had a secret crush on, but who left school in mysterious circumstances after his family's au pair quit to have a baby.
* ''Series/AmericanIdol'' has a few of these with the various casts as students and the The judges [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and Ryan]] as teachers. Sometimes they take place in a PerformingArtsSchool
* [[http://daftcraft.deviantart.com/gallery/28189547 This suprisingly well-done series]] which revolves not only around Music/DaftPunk, but [[Music/{{Deadmau5}} many]] [[Music/{{Skrillex}} other]] [[Music/{{Justice}} musicians]].