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Hell Inc
"Try not to think of it as Hell. It's really just an eternity of being eaten."

Hell Inc is a daily webcomic written by Typhoid Marty ("Hell Inc", "My Unlife") and illustrated by Pici ("Hell Inc", "My Unlife", "Failytales").

Hell Inc and Heaven Unlimited are rival power companies intent on gathering as many souls (power sources) through whatever means necessary (but publicly in keeping with their respective images).

The story follows Kevin, a young demon son of a Muzak composer (whose works are now available in elevators in New York and Boston) who gets a job working for his uncle, a demon of moderate means working in middle management for Hell Inc - with an axe to grind.

It isn't long before Kevin finds himself wrapped up in a different power struggle, for Hades - who was bought out long ago - is working as a director for Hell Inc but it seems he wants his old job back. When he offers Kevin and his crew a promotion, Kevin quickly accepts - but is he in over his head?

"Hell Inc" is hosted at and updates daily.
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