Heartbeats, also know as Les Amours Imaginaires, is a Canadian film by director Xavier Dolan released in 2010. It was selected in the section Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival 2010. The story unfolds in the midst of art-student easy Montreal. Francis, 20 years old, and Marie, a little older, are two very close friends. At a small dinner with Francis, they both fall for the same boy, Nicolas. Each of the two friends manifest interest towards Nicolas and tries to seduce him. Nicolas, playing the seduction ambiguous with respect to both, shows no real preference. A strange love triangle is formed.Shortly afterwards, Nicolas invites Marie to his birthday party, but also sends an invitation to Francis;soon Francis and Mary compete to find the generous gift that will go straight to Nicolas' heart. At the party Nicolas turns to his two suitors who are each on their own confidence in their chances. They spend the night together platonically in the same bed. Nicolas offers them to extend the festival by visiting his aunt's cottage on the shores of St. Lawrence. However, during this stay in the country, nothing will happen as all three hope. In the aftermath of an evening around a fire, Marie found the cottage deserted: Nicolas and Francis left, without waking her, play and walk by the riverside. Jealous, she pack your bags and leaves, not without causing a fight between her and Francis. The trio then explodes.The weeks pass, winter arrives ... Marie and Francis will do, each in their own way and on their side, their declaration of love for Nicolas. But he rejects them cruelly. Marie invites Francis to tea with her and he learns that Nicolas is spending eight months in China. A year later, the two friends reunited, are at a party when Nicolas is back from China. Marie and Francis stiffen and gaze with disdain supported the object of their past ills. Nicolas sees them in turn and comes to greet them: he is violently rejected.

This film provides examples of:

  • Foreshadowing: Arguably, when we first meet Nicolas. The song playing during the slow-motion sequence is Dalida's Italian version of Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang".
  • Hipster
  • Incompatible Orientation: Played with. Nicolas ultimately turns down Francis telling him he's "not gay", when both the cast and the audience were consistently led to believe that he was probably bisexual.
  • Slow Motion Pass By: When we first meet Nicolas in the café.
  • The Power of Friendship: Francis and Marie, ultimately.