Heart String Marionette

Heart String Marionette is an independent feature-length animated film by professional weirdo and self-proclaimed uberector M dot Strange. This is his second feature-length movie, the first one being We Are the Strange. Released on the 16th of june 2012, you are able to get the high quality film as a $5 download or get the lower resolution try before you buy version here.

The plot:A tale about a kid, a samurai mime, and a stripper who all try to defeat a warlord and an evil clown who have successfully turned a countryside into a never-ending nightmare filled with horrible monsters.

When you died inside... the last tears your inner child cried... Heart String Marionette is a 121 minute narrative death poem dedicated to the DEATH and systematic destruction of innocence, art and life in modern society.

An animated cinemusical experience unlike any the world has ever Experiencedů.

M dot Strange and Endika present the HEART STRING MARIONETTE.

You will die... inside.

This Work Contains Examples Of