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He Said, She Said
Goodson/Todman Game Show hosted by Joe Garagiola, sponsored entirely by Holiday Inn and most remembered as being the precursor to the Bert Convy-hosted Tattletales.

The format was a bit different to its successor, in that four celebrity couples played for pre-selected couples in the audience and were given 100 points at the outset. One half of each team would be asked the questions, with Garagiola talking to their partner through an onstage speaker phone.

Much like early episodes of Tattletales, Garagiola read a statement and each contestant had to raise his/her hand and give a story plus a one- or two-word "summary". The answers were then read over the phone, with the offstage partner ringing in if they thought their partner had said it; a correct identification and subsequent explanation earned 25 points, while a wrong answer deducted 10 points from that couple and the one which actually gave the answer.

After four questions like this (two men, two women), a final question was played with only two of the couples. The team with the most points after this won the grand prize of $250 and a full week's stay at any Holiday Inn.

Later in the run, several elements were changed, probably at the same time: the starting point was removed, the theme song changed, and Garagiola now entered from the back of an audience (passing an NBC camera on his way down).

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  • Pilot: Existing as a monochrome kinescope, with one celebrity couple (Gene Rayburn and his wife Helen) playing for a pre-selected couple in the audience against three civilian couples. Also, the rule about the offstage partner having to give the same story was not in use.

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