Hates Everyone Equally

aka: Does Not Like People
Of course this would turn into a free-for all.
The Police in Prince George's County [Maryland] are not prejudiced and do not engage in random police brutality. They hate everyone equally and they treat everyone miserably.
Comment about an alleged cop killer who died in PG county police custody under suspicious circumstances

If you treat one person like dirt, you're an asshole. If you treat a group of people like dirt, you're prejudiced and a bigot. If you treat everyone like dirt you are... kind of okay. At very least, it says "Evil? Maybe. But petty? Never!".

The social version of A Million Is a Statistic. May be used as an Anti-Hero trait in cases like Noble Bigot with a Badge.

This can be Truth in Television. The term for this kind of person is 'misanthrope', they usually manage to function within society, and can form normal relationships with other humans. Indeed, it's considered an asset for humorists (H.L. Mencken being the prime example). It's still possible to hate one person slightly less than everybody else and be this. It's also possible to have a particular set of people you hate more than all the others, but for preference that group should also be very general.

Related to: Equal-Opportunity Offender.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Kyoya Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. He hates everyone, and treats them all with contempt. Everyone in series accepts this as just being him. And guess what? He's been consistently voted as the most beloved character in the series.
  • Hiyori of Bleach. She hates humans, she hates shinigami, she hates her fellow vizards, she hates hollows, but most of all she hates Aizen.
  • Parakewl from Tower of God. Everybody is just garbage to him.
    Parakewl: No! It can't end like this! No matter what happens, I have to get to the top of the Tower! For me, unlike trash like you, far more important things are hanging on the line!
  • Genjou Sanzo & his past life Konzen Douji from Saiyuki, who according to Word of God "dislikes women because they're loud & noisy." He also dislikes men, because every guy he encounters either hits on him or tries to kill him. Sanzo dislikes being touched by anyone, including his closest friends, which points to asexuality. He seems to have an exception for the equally asexual gender neutral-acting female Sanzo Sharak, whose personality & mannerisms mirror his.
  • Appropriately, Switzerland of Axis Powers Hetalia is like this, the only exception being his Morality Pet Lichtenstein. Everyone else can talk to his rifle.
  • Saori from Wandering Son has No Social Skills. She had no friends for much of her life as she disliked both the boys and girls. It wasn't until Nitori transferred to her elementary school that she became socializing, and even then throughout the series (which spans late elementary to high school) she only has a small group of friends.
  • Inugami of Gugure! Kokkuri-san hates almost everything in the universe. He has only two exceptions: his enjoyment of the suffering of others, and his yandere affection towards Kohina Ichimatsu.

  • A certain comedian said of his father that, of all the races, the one his dad hated most was human.
  • John Cleese in this interview.

    Comic Books 
  • Captain America's Arch-Enemy the Red Skull started off as a Nazi, but has since expanded his insane sense of hatred to the whole world, including himself. Unlike most others who fall under this trope, there is nothing remotely likable or redeemable about the Skull.
  • One of the reasons J. Jonah Jameson is all for equal rights in Spider-Man.
  • Kim Pine is accused of this in Scott Pilgrim, where she responds to her coworker asking her if that includes her by saying 'you're part of everyone'
  • Superman: Sam Lane seemed less than thrilled to find out that his daughter Lois was going to marry Clark Kent, and seemed to give various reasons to why he didn't like him, ranging from Clark being too mild-mannered to blaming Clark for breaking off the engagement the previous time (Clark promptly pointed out that it was actually Lois who broke it off). Ron Troupe, who was engaged to Lois' sister, Lucy, was worried how he would take Lucy marrying a black man. Lucy replied that Sam was by no means racist. He hated all of his daughters' beaus.

    Fan Works 
  • In Raruto, Cachorrama, the first Big Boss, took advantage of anyone with a wallet, but will do it all without distinction of clan or species, unlike his racist family.
  • In Shadowchasers Ascension, there was this scene where Tiberius and Lorelei were talking to each other in their "host's" commissary:note 
    Lorelei: You don't suppose that Stormbringer has found out that we escaped yet?
    Tiberius: Ah, who cares? I hate that bastard...
    Lorelei: You hate everyone. I'm starting to think you hate yourself.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Higgins from My Fair Lady.
    Higgins: You see, the great secret, Eliza, is not a question of good manners or bad manners, or any particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human souls. The question is not whether I treat you rudely, but whether you've ever heard me treat anyone better.
  • Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket at least claims to be this. If you aren't a Marine, you are nothing. If you are a Marine, you are a god. He makes horrible comments to everybody but he does this to bait his recruits, not out of genuine bigotry. This might be something of a subversion though, since his berating of Joker for not "loving the virgin Mary", on the other hand, smacks of a Catholic bias that goes beyond hating everyone equally, and he expresses genuine contempt for communists (which might be well justified considering the time period) and "heathens". Oddly enough, he does respect Joker for having the balls to say it to his face and not back down in the face of a possible beating a few seconds after.
    Gunnery Sgt. Hartman: There is no racial bigotry here! I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers! Here you are ALL equally worthless!
  • Dirty Harry:
    Di Georgio: Ah that's one thing about our Harry. Doesn't play any favorites! Harry hates everybody. Limeys, Micks, Hebes, Fat Dagos, Niggers, Honkies, Chinks, you name it.
    Gonzales: How does he feel about Mexicans?
    Di Georgio: Ask him.
    Harry Callahan: Especially Spics.
  • Transformers: Bonecrusher hates everything.
  • In The Wild One, Badass Biker Johnny Strabler is asked what he's rebelling against. His reply: "Whaddaya got?"

  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell has Strange's father, who never left any bequests when he died because he simply hated everyone.
  • Discworld
    • While he is a definite case of this, Vimes himself is never quite clear about how he feels about this and is usually trying to justify it to himself; one book features him wrestling with the problem, such as thinking to himself, "It wasn't as if he was speciesist, was he?" Like Vetinari, he too has a special hatred for certain people — usually "kings and the undead." Sometimes assassins, too.
      Vimes: I can't say I like dwarfs much, Littlebottom. But I don't like trolls or humans either, so I suppose that's okay.
    • Similarly, Lord Vetinari is said in Sourcerer to be a cruel and unfair ruler, but he is equally cruel and unfair to everyone. Vetinari does have a special hatred for mimes. (He reserves a scorpion pit just for them, with a large sign on the wall reading "LEARN THE WORDS.") This is, however, seen as one of his good points by most of Ankh-Morpork's citizens.
  • Witchfinder Shadwell from Good Omens. He's described as hating all Southerners, and by inference, is standing on the North Pole.
  • The drill sergeant in Old Man's War has specific reasons why he hates all religions, all races, all sexual orientations, and clog dancers. He's actually a little worried when the main character doesn't conform to any of his hated groups, but cheerfully notes that by the end of standard training he'll certainly do something that gives the sergeant a reason to hate him personally.
  • Police officer Henry "Roscoe" Rules from Joseph Wambaugh's The Choirboys. It's considered to be his one redeeming trait. He expresses a wish for a word as ugly as "nigger" that he can apply to all humanity, and his co-workers eventually come up with "scrotes," which Roscoe gleefully adopts.
  • In Stuart M. Kamisnky's Inspector Rostnikov series, the detective Emil Karpo is cold, detached, and a lot like a monk (and somewhat like Mr. Spock). When Rostnikov's wife meets Karpo, she thinks he's cold and distant towards her because she's Jewish. (As in the Monk example below, Karpo isn't misanthropic.)
  • Kurak in Star Trek: Klingon Empire. She despises her fellow officers on the Gorkon, but has no desire to join the mutiny against them, mostly due to hating the mutineers just as strongly. What she really hates is the Klingon Defense Force as a whole.
  • In the Spiral Arm series, Donovan considers this to be a positive trait of the Jehovans.
    Jehovans did not like Terrans, but Jehovans did not like anyone; and as long as they did not dislike Terrans more than anyone else, Donovan counted that as warm embrace.

    Live-Action TV 
  • House: Gregory House himself. He doesn't like clinic patients ("I'm the only doctor forced to be here against his will..."). He doesn't like the Patient of the Week (likely receives "The Reason You Suck" Speech before treatment is over). He doesn't like his staff ("My staff are idiots."). He doesn't like his boss (insert sexist comment about her body). His Only Friend is more like his personal Butt Monkey.
  • Prison officer Mackay in Porridge:
    Mackay: I am firm but fair. Remember I treat you all with equal contempt.
  • In the Mexico episode of Monk, Sharona explains to the Mexican authorities that Monk isn't racist against Mexicans — he thinks all people are dirty. Same problem happened with Monk wiping his hand after shaking hands with a black man.
  • The West Wing:
    Sam: You know, Toby... You could afford to buy one of those now if you want!
    Toby: There's literally no-one in the world that I don't hate right now.
  • Dr Cox from Scrubs. And Kelso. And the Janitor.
  • Jack O'Neill of Stargate SG-1 is pretty dismissive of those he doesn't trust. Couple this with his love of irritating people he doesn't like and you get a milder version of this trope. Dr. Jackson tries to reassure a Russian soldier in one episode that O'Neill's not picking on him because he's Russian, that he's an "equal opportunity offender". (Of course, in that case it's made pretty clear that O'Neill still has a problem bringing himself to trust Russians.)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Worf. He glares at everyone, hates everything, the only exceptions to this rule seem to be his adoptive parents, his son, Troi and Jadiza.
  • April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation is a jerk, but she makes it clear she feels that way about everyone:
    April: [Dogs] should be rewarded for not being people. I hate people.
  • RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio's main selling point was that she insulted everyone equally. She also had zero patience with her competitors' interpersonal drama and antics, cracking that their poor performances only just made her look good in comparison. When the show aired its recap episode, its top fight was simply "Bianca Del Rio vs. the world."

  • The Kingston Trio, "They're Rioting in Africa":
    The whole world is teeming with unhappy souls:
    The French hate the Germans; the Germans hate the Poles;
    Italians hate Yugoslavs; South Africans hate the Dutch...
    (solo) ...and I don't like anybody very much!
  • Type O Negative
    • "We Hate Everyone"
      Some would say that we're biased, accusations that we are racist.
      Well, shit... shit... shit comes in all hues, now this means you.
      'cause things ain't always like they seem... like they seem. We hate everyone.
  • Marilyn Manson
    • "The Beautiful People":
      There's no time to discriminate
      Hate every motherfucker that's in your way
    • From the same album (Antichrist Superstar), in "1996":
      I can't believe in things that don't believe in me
      Now here's your turn to see misanthropy
  • Go Set Go's "I Hate Everyone" is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The chorus says it all.
    All the people that I know
    I hate you all
    And all the people that I don't
    I hate you all
  • Say Anything's "Hate Everyone" blends this with Humans Are Bastards throughout the whole song.
    Did you know that there are people in the world
    annoyed with all the other people in the world,
    and of all these angry people in the world
    I am the angriest boy.
  • Chimaira — "Pure Hatred":
    The vicious cycle has not changed!
    My times spent rearranged!

    Mother fuck it all!
    I can't stand this!
    Remember when I said
    Everyone makes me sick?!
    Well nothing has changed!

    I hate (I hate) everyone!
    I hate (I hate) everyone!

    The vicious cycle still remains!
    Constant cluster fuck, bloodstains!
    Ignorance, you kill for God!
    Expression not allowed!

    You fucked it up!
    With your mother fuckin' games!
    Remember when I said
    I was so ashamed?!
    Well nothing has changed!

    I hate (I hate) everyone!
    I hate (I hate) everyone!

    (I hate)
    (I hate)
  • Dethklok prove this with Fan Song, which is a song dedicated to all their fans... And how much they hate them and wish they would die. You can tell it solely by the fact that the word "hate" is used a total of 48 times, along with the fact that "die" is used a total of 31 times. Yet, fans still continue to buy their records...
  • Slayer's "Disciple"
    I hate everyone equally
    You can't tear that out of me
    No segregation, separation
    Just me in my world of enemies
  • Skrillex's "Kill EVERYONE"
    I want to kill everybody in the world
    I want to eat your heart

    Pro Wrestling 
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. When he first took on the persona, he was a heel that hated everyone equally - and fans loved him for it. Even after he became a face, it was not uncommon for him to give a Stone Cold Stunner to other faces - and would still get cheered for it. His vests and t-shirts still bore the acronym "DTA," which stands for Don't Trust Anybody.
  • Before Steve Austin, there was Bad News Brown. He hated everyone, would attack opponents before the bell and TWICE walked out on his own team at Survivor Series.
  • Raven hated everyone, including his minions and his love interests.
  • Randy Orton. He was as susceptible to attacking heels as he was to faces. In fact, the only thing about his character after his Heel-Face Turn in 2010 is who he attacked, otherwise he was still the same sadistic psychopath he's always been.
  • During the run of his Jerk Jock Power Stable the Varsity Club, Kevin Sullivan cut a promo where he said, "We don't like ANYONE!"
  • Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman once said of his client, "When Brock Lesnar walked through that curtain last night, nobody gave him a standing ovation. Everybody looked down. You know why? Because nobody respected Brock Lesnar, which is fine for Brock because Brock respects nobody. He barely tolerates me."



    Video Games 
  • Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition adds Dorn Il Khan, a Half-Orc who is the least bigoted character in the games yet. Everybody else seems to have something against a faction or race or even just a profession. Dorn seems to hate everybody equally, regardless of race, alignment or faction, since soon after meeting you he'll accuse everybody in your group of potentially being a traitor, but he'll never turn on anybody in particular.
  • Referenced on a radio talk show in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. "I am not a racist. I hate everybody irrelevant of other issues, but I especially hate Yankees!" ("Yankees", in this context, being anybody from north of the state of Florida, which is also pretty generalised.)
  • Francis hates you, and Doctors and Lawyers and Vampires. But not his vest.
  • Herbert Moon of Red Dead Redemption (the owner of the Armadillo general store) appears to be simply anti-Semitic in the poker game. However, Undead Nightmare reveals that he hates everyone that isn't Herbert Moon. It's just that in the grand conspiracy theory in his head, Jews are in charge of the rest of the bastards.
  • In the trial scene of Neverwinter Nights, one of the jury members tells you that "I guess they thought I'd be unbiased since I hate all races, colors and creeds equally."
  • Subverted with Hazama/Terumi Yuuki in BlazBlue... Yeah, he hates vampires, beastkin, witches, werewolves, men, women, everyone and everything. But the reasons why he hates everyone are so petty and dickish and offensive and personal and politically incorrect that all sense of okay-ness goes flying out the window.
  • Innoruuk the God of hate from EverQuest, He tries to kill even his own worshippers if they enter his plane.
  • Inverted with Sophia Lamb in Bioshock 2. She claims to love everyone equally, which...doesn't make as much difference as you'd expect. Because everyone holds equal value to her, they're as expendable as if she hated the guts of every man, woman, and child in Rapture. Perhaps even more so.
  • The unnamed playable character of Hatred. He's on a genocidal rampage to kill every single person he sees, regardless of race or sex.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • Evil Overlord List Cellblock A #171: "I will be an equal-opportunity despot and make sure that terror and oppression is distributed fairly..."
  • 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Since hating pretty much everything is more-or-less the cornerstone of the board's culture, it's actually somewhat notable when someone or something becomes hated enough to be noticeable over the general flood of hatred the site naturally floats in. Many use the infamous term "Internet Hate Machine" as an affectionate name for the site.
    • Users, particularly of Encyclopedia Dramatica, sometimes treat being unilaterally hateful as a sort of philosophical point. It can get oddly deep.
  • Zach Jamis in Survival of the Fittest hates everyone and everything in the world as much as the next thing he hates... except for his best friend Sammy Franklin.
  • Zero Punctuation's Yahtzee styles himself this way as a self described cynic and misanthrope. A female viewer who called him out for apparent misogyny received the reply that she was technically right in that he did hate women, but only because Yahtzee apparently hates people across the board.
  • SFDebris.
    • As much as he likes to joke that he's this, Chuck really falls more under Equal-Opportunity Offender. After all, he only really displays hatred toward characters that have it coming, though he's willing to make jabs at pretty much anything.
    • In the funhouse mirror Trek universe he shows, Picard is almost this, except that he hates children a bit more than everyone else.
  • The Nostalgia Chick has admitted to being bigoted against every nationality, gender and disability.
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Alucard claims this to be true of himself in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. In practice, he doesn't hate people (unless they break his TV), he just finds it fun/funny to kill them.
  • The Bad Webcomics Wiki had this to say during a negative review of Sinfest:
    Oddguy: Let me start by saying that neither me nor this site have anything against feminism. Although we have criticized festering turds like Gyno-Star for their moronic brow-beating, we have also mocked the call to femicide that is Least I Could Do. We are as fast to insult the religious as we are the atheistic, the left, the right and everyone in between. We don't take sides, we hate you all.

    Western Animation 
  • On Family Guy, Brian ran into a "multiracial TV gang including white guys." One of the thugs exclaimed "Let's beat him up... but not because of his color, because that doesn't matter to us."
  • Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.
  • Grouchy Smurf from The Smurfs. Although, he does like Baby Smurf.
  • Parodied on The Simpsons when Homer offers this trope to Bart as a way to get out of jury duty. The trick is to say that you're "prejudiced against all races."
  • On Futurama, the alien newscaster Morbo hates humans, calling them "puny", "insignificant", and other insults (which his human co-host Linda oddly doesn't seem to mind), but he seems to hate and insult robots, other aliens, and pretty much everyone, even his wife. The only friends he seems to have are Richard Nixon and Linda.
  • Lemongrab of the show Adventure Time doesn't like anybody. His sour personality is the result of a failed science experiment that occurred during his creation in a laboratory. Unless you completely avoid him, don't talk to him, don't look at him, and don't come anywhere NEAR him, then you're okay. But if you do so much as ask "Who are you talking to?" when he goes into one of his near-psychotic screaming rants, then he'll send your ass to the dungeon for the rest of your life. Even if you're his MOTHER. He just doesn't care.
  • G. Gordon Godfrey in Young Justice hates superheroes with a passion. However, when the Reach showed up, he suddenly proclaimed them to be wonderful, to a suspicious amount. Turns out as soon as the Reach screwed up at all, he turned on them as well. Then again, as the series finale revealed, G. Gordon Godfrey is Glorious Godfrey, servant of Darkseid and all this time, he'd been working with the Light.

    Real Life 
  • Saying: "All the world's cracked but me and thee; and I'm not too sure about thee."
  • Some describe Harlan Ellison this way.
  • Former New York mayor Ed Koch invoked this to defend Rudy Giuliani against charges of racism: "Blacks and Hispanics ... would say to me, 'He's a racist!' I said, 'Absolutely not, he's nasty to everybody'."
  • A popular joke/saying that was probably originated from the H. L. Mencken quote above is "I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally." This is often seen on T-shirts, bumper stickers, and on the Internet.
    • Philosopher Slavoj Žižek has been known to make this joke in lectures.
  • After a strange incident where Bret Easton Ellis managed to secure the film rights to Fifty Shades of Grey and called various television shows "gay", he was quick to point out that he wasn't a homophobe — simply a misanthrope.
  • A t-shirt: 'I'm not antisocial, I just think everyone's an idiot'.
  • It has been said by some that George Fitzhugh was not particularly racist by the standards of his time. However, this in no way prevented him from being one of the most extremist fire-eaters of all Antebellum America.note  He was so pro-slavery that he thought that everybody, except for people who shared his opinions, should be enslaved (more specifically, 95% of humanity had a "natural and inalienable right" to be slaves, and the other 5% had a "natural and inalienable right" to be masters) regardless of whether they were black, white, or anything else, and that human rights were a sham. He appears to have honestly believed that this would help people in poverty. If The Draka had been a real country, he would have fit right in. Think about that for a moment.
  • North Korea's national policy is pretty much this in a nutshell, since it openly admits to indoctrinating its people to hating everyone in the world who isn't as "pure" as the North Koreans (aka everyone that isn't from North Korea).
  • Baseball great Ty Cobb. To sum it up in quotes:

    Honey, Ty Cobb didn't hate colored people. Ty Cobb hated people.
    — A now-elderly black baseball player from the 1920s, responding to the beliefs of a female interviewer

    With the possible exception of Adolf Hitler, Ty Cobb must be the most frightening human being I’ve ever encountered in a biography. And some comparisons favor the Fuhrer. ...His victims included his wives, his children, his teammates, opponents, fans, umpires, policemen, and dozens of unfortunate waiters, cab drivers, bartenders, and desk clerks. ...Armed and dangerous, a law unto himself, he was unquestionably insane.
    — Hal Crowther, reviewing Al Stump's Cobb, the definitive biography

    The greatest of all ballplayers—and an absolute shit.
    — Ernst Hemingway
  • Fred Phelps 'enjoyed'' this trope, although he seemed to particularly hate gays, claimed that God hated the whole world and even gave reasons on why every country in the world is hated by God.

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