->'''Chandler''': I'm married!\\
'''Wendy''': So? I'm married.\\
'''Chandler''': I'm ''happily'' married.\\
'''Wendy''': Oh. What's that like?
-->-- ''Series/{{Friends}}''

Against all the odds, in defiance of the laws of [[RuleOfDrama drama]], spitting in the face of the AwfulWeddedLife, there is...the Happily Married couple.

This is a couple, [[OfficialCouple Alpha]] or {{Beta|Couple}}, who are in love and not {{wangst}}ing it up dysfunctionally all the time. They avoid PoorCommunicationKills, won't jump to conclusions, and treat each other with love and respect. In short, whatever troubles they have are minor and don't lead to the misanthropy of NoAccountingForTaste or TheMasochismTango.

Both inside and outside of Romance ParentalAbandonment, ShippingBedDeath and the CartwrightCurse tend to [[SortingAlgorithmOfMortality kill them off like flies]]. Aiding this is that most drama considers the above ''"boring!"'' (remember, RuleOfDrama) and will usually try to make things ''"interesting!"'' with "plot twists" that [[ToiletSeatDivorce threaten to split them up]], and otherwise fill their path with rocks to make them StarCrossedLovers. (Their safest bet is as the {{Foil}} to a more turbulent couple.)

The net effect of having a Happily Married couple in a series is one of stability. (As a general rule, Happily Married couples with kids will be depicted as [[GoodParents more loving and more stable than those without]].) Just having them around gives viewers and characters in the show an emotional anchor and safety net, as well as someones to root for while the OfficialCouple is deciding WillTheyOrWontThey. (Occasionally, TheyDo!) Needless to say, most viewers will thusly become very protective of said couple and complain when authors needlessly torment them.

These couples benefit from ThePowerOfLove. In addition, any time a sequel is set a generation later than the original, the main couple from the original will probably have this type of relationship to show that they did get a HappyEnding -- and BabiesEverAfter to prove it.

Despite some fiction likening this to a DiscreditedTrope (partly because common knowledge dictates that happy marriages [[TrueLoveIsBoring are ill suited for drama]]. Whether common knowledge is right or not is another matter entirely), a ''lot'' of people out there would call this TruthInTelevision, which is why we won't list all those examples. (Congrats to you!) Apparently the secret is to understand that you will end up arguing at some point and that does not mean you are no longer in love but [[EarnYourHappyEnding keep working at your marriage]], [[PoorCommunicationKills talk to each other]], do little things all the time, and never confuse falling in love and being in love; they feel different. There's absolutely no shame in ''simply getting along well'', if it works for the two of you.

Not to be confused with SickeninglySweethearts, which is basically puppy love. They ''can'' overlap, but it's rare. This trope usually gives viewers [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments warm fuzzy feeling]] instead of [[TastesLikeDiabetes tasting like diabetes]], though the [[SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism cynicism of the viewers]] still has to be taken into account. If and when they have kids, they will often become GoodParents.

When this overlaps with ArrangedMarriage, it's a PerfectlyArrangedMarriage. When this overlaps with the characters being ''unrepentant villains'', it's UnholyMatrimony. When it turns out that [[StepfordSmiler they're not really as happy as they let on]], it's HappyMarriageCharade.


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