Grand Theft Auto Escanaba

Grand Theft Auto: Escanaba is a 2005 web original film made in 3D Movie Maker by Clinton Moore and Carl Daisy (AKA Party Toast Productions), being a little over half an hour (in the case of the full version). It stars Canadian illegal immigrant Jean-Luc LeMans joining two regular characters in Party Toast's other works, Jose Maria McKenny and Johnny Cash. Whether or not its the same Johnny Cash that died in 2003 isn't exactly clear.

Shortly after joining and doing a few missions from the two, Jean leads the trio over to Roger Wilco, where they then take care of Rambo Star and a rival gang led by Lance. While Rambo was stated to be a killer trying to take over Escanaba, it's not exactly clear what Lance's intentions are.

Youtube has a shortened version from the creator: Part one, part two, part three. Bewarned that the movie is NSFW in terms in swearing and violence. A quick Google search shows that the full version is somewhere around Myspace. See also the Nickelodeon series.

This provides examples of:

  • Author Avatar: The two creators show up as 3DMM models near the end for a party, along with who might be Carl's siblings, and some guy named Rubin.
  • Buffy Speak: A certain type of bomb is only reffered to as a "gradually lighting up bomb".
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Very frequent.
  • Defictionalization: A fake PS3 was used to trick Lance. A mere one year later, the actual PS3 was announced. Kind of creepy.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Explosions are used rather freqently, Jose even reccomends that Jean throws out his gun in favor of using bombs.
  • Theme Naming: It may or may not be intentional that all three names of the trio start with a "J".